We don't want 'Out of Date' News

The Anode was always 'out of date' by at least a month. As the articles were gotten from other amateur radio web sites or scanned/ocr'ed from old magazines. 

So the members and others would 'send' the latest interesting news to 'the club' via the Club Magazine. I don't think I will stop 'processing' old 73/QST/HR magazines. As they always provide 'food for thought', at least to those of us who are dedicated 'experimenters'.
The appeal was for 'articles of interest' to the Amateur Radio members. So if you come across anything of interest to you as a radio amateur, please email it to the club's email address.

Committee members can access and post 'blog's'. So you can send it to your 'favourite' committee member, if you like.

The picture used in the talk on Practical Baluns caused quite a stir. A spray on aerial? Wow! 'Wearable Technology' is starting to get more interesting. However I don't think we are going to be working somebody on 40m at full legal power just yet... Wearable Technology 

Perhaps it is because I was brought up before the advent of 'spell checkers' but this email from QRZCQ.com, got to me:

"Your profile page was viewed 131 times, please check you profile to ensure other hams can look up the right data about you!" --- YOU PROFILE !!! 

Take a look at this site... Ham Hacking
It might interest you.

John ZS6WL



More "input" needed!

Last night's committee meeting was fun. Lots of subjects for discussion. But one thing is still outstanding...

MORE INPUT for the ANODE Please!

Whilst researching for the upcoming presentation, I have come across some interesting facts, figures and pictures.

 Well of course it advertises Pringles. I am sure that the designers of the cardboard 'can' had no idea it could be used to collect WiFi signals from far away. However this one shook me...

This is an aerial! Almost spray on type...

My First HF Beam http://www.qsl.net/ke6d/my_first_hf_beam.htm

How do we make an HF station work more effectively? :: HFRadio.org

And remember, "Marconi spins in his grave every time a ham buys an aerial instead of building it !  ( W1GFH )"

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