yl.beam #66 jan 2019

Editorial: Ja-Well-No-Fine
Special YL-event OK5Z, Brno, Czech Republic.
SYLRA meeting Norway 2019 cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes, September 9th to 15t.
Laurel Clark, KC5ZSU (SK) ) NASA astronaut, CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
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Editorial: Ja-Well-No-Fine
We finish 2018 with the 2yls in the Hall of fame and hope the quote below will inspire us to fly into 2019?
My editor (the OM) complained that this issue“ reads like a calendar - no lady news!" so please share your news & views before he goes on strike (hihi) 73 from the OM & 33 from Eda ZS5YH.

Soar into 2019
A.R.I. SALERNO IQ8BB Our hobby allows us to " fly " our voice in the ether.... Radio amateurs are " Knights of ether " and know the intoxication of " flying " above borders, races and religions... we are special people we learned to fly high. And High Flying Eagles only meet with other eagles. The ducks wallow in the marshes.....    Autilia, iz8ffq (Italian YL)

WCA (World Castles on Air) 10th Birthday
19-20 Jan 2019 foundation World Castles Award program – on the 14th of January 2009. become a tradition and every year on the third weekend of January we work on the air from castles and fortresses.
Quartzfest     (USA) January 20 to 26, 2019
Quartzfest is a week long ARRL Specialty Operating Convention held FREE in the desert just south of Quartzsite Arizona the last full week of January every year. Quartzfest is an RV "Boondocking" (dry camping) event which features 8 seminars each day on a variety of topics including Amatur Radio, RV'ing and Alternative Energy.

During February the 11th annual South Americas Lighthouse weekend will be held.
This year there will be a YL team for us to support!
 Elizabeth "Ely" Muñoz CA2MEM will be the leader of a female team that will activate the FARO HUASCO CHI-081. It is the GROUP YL NORTH ZONE that will be in the air on Saturday 16 and Sunday February 17; from 13 hs. at 8:00 p.m. UTC, both days, preferably in the 40 meter SSB band. Individual call-signs will be used
Coordinates:    28 ° 27'43 "S - 71 ° 13'01" W
The Monumental Lighthouse of Huasco, is located in Punta Escorial, locally known as Puntilla, in the city of Huasco, in the Chilean region of Atacama. Its octagonal concrete structure of 22 meters, equivalent to 5 floors., together with the Parochial Church San Pedro Apóstol, it is a recognized symbol of the city, and Huasco district.

9 Dec. 2018 - Eva Thiemann, HB9FPM/OK3QE shared news of YL event
Special YL-event Czech Republic. 2nd to 9th August 2019
 after the successful YL activity 2018 on IOTA EU-064 (Ile de Noirmoutier) - we look forward seeing you at the next event in the Czech Republic.
We use the first class contest station OK5Z for one week.
The callsign OL88YL will also used to some SOTA (summits on the air) activities.
The facility is located near Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.
The costs (without travel expenses) are per participant about 650 EUR (full board) for the week.
The 4* hotel is about 12 km from the radio station.
There is also a lot of emphasis on a comfortable and social get-together.
There will be visits to cultural sites such as Prague during the radio activity week.
On the further development of the event, we will update everyone through suitable media.
I accept registrations with pleasure at hb9fpm@uska.ch (Eva Thiemann, HB9FPM / OK3QE).
Feel free to contact Eva Thiemann, HB9FPM/OK3QE for any questions.
(French & German details on QRZ page)
Brno is located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic. Iin a beautiful natural environment between South Moravian vineyards and the Moravian Karst, and is an easy drive to the nearby Austrian border. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and often competes with Prague in prestige. Founded around the year 1000, the city has many historical attractions and is also a university city.
Brno is an important stop on the Prague–Vienna and Prague–Bratislava–Budapest railway lines.
Vienna is easily accessible as a day trip by train or bus and Bratislava is only two hours away
- -=-=-=-=
Nearby events:
11-17 Aug    2019 YOTA Somer Kamp, Sofia, Bulgaria;
17 Aug     USKA (Swiss Radio Amateurs) celebrates 90th anniversary in 2019
      at Hamfest in Zug, Switerland ( 09:00 bis 23:00)
17-18Aug    Internasionale Vuurtoring en Ligskip Naweek / ILLW

MS Trollfjord
SYLRA came together in Copenhagen 15th August 2003 to found the first joint YL organization.
The SYLRA board is populated by one member from each of the five Nordic countries.
SYLRA membership is open to ALL YLs.
The countries that host the meetings are in this order:
OZ – Denmark; TF – Iceland; SM – Sweden; LA – Norway; OH – Finland
SYLRA has meetings every other year; the last in 2017 was in Kungsbacka, Sweden

SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies RadioAmateurs) meeting Norway 2019
MS Trollfjord (above), from Bergen to Kirkenes (map below), September 9th to 15th, 2019.
 Sail the beautiful coastline of Norway and cross the Arctic circle;, see the fjords and towns along this special “coastal road”. For registration and more information go to website: https://www.sylra.is/
PS - SYLRA conference in Oslo just before the Hurtigruten trip, 5-8th of September, 2019.

NB: Please respond by January 20th, 2019 (see below)
Anna Henriksdóttir    Wed, 12 Dec, 2018 Final prices SYLRA meeting 2019 in Norway
We have now the final prices for the above meeting on Hurtigruten’s, MS Trollfjord, from Bergen to Kirkenes, September 9th to 15th, 2019.
The prices include:    6 breakfast;    5 lunch,    5x 3-courses dinner    Gala dinner.
OBS! All beverages are self-paid!
Prices for the tour are;
Double, inside cabin: NOK 13. 410, - per person   
Double, outside cabin: NOK 15.515,- per person
Single, inside cabin: NOK 19.755,- per person
Single, outside cabin: NOK 22.813,- per person
Double, outside cabin, upgraded to upper deck: NOK 19.338,- per person
We are sending you this e-mail now, because we need your feedback as soon as possible regarding your participation or not. This is due to limited inside and outside cabins.
When we have received the feedback from you, a list of suggestions and prices for activities on this tour, will be sent you.
NB: We need to hear from you within January 20th, 2019.
33 de
LA8FOA Ingrid LA6RHA Unni
lullen55@gmail.com la6rha@online.no
+47 458 16 614 +47 915 57 887
Link to Hurtigruten: https://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/
Link to MS Trollfjord: https://www.hurtigruten.no/skip/ms-trollfjord/

The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame added 11 new members for 2018 - 2 yls amongst them
Carole Perry, WB2MGP: Long-time advocate for youth in Amateur Radio; moderator of the Hamvention® Youth Forum for more than 30 years (We met Carole Perry, WB2MGP, in yl.beam #36-July 2016)
Laurel Clark, KC5ZSU (SK): NASA astronaut killed in 2003 Columbia disaster

Laurel Clark, KC5ZSU (SK) (March 10, 1961 – February 1, 2003) CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
Laurel Blair Salton Clark, Mission Specialist NASA astronaut killed in 2003 Columbia disaster
Laurel Clark, 41, was a commander (captain-select) in the U.S. Navy and a naval flight surgeon. Selected by NASA in April 1996, Clark was making her first spaceflight.
 Clark died along with her six fellow crew members in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. She was posthumously awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor
 STS-107 Columbia (January 16 to February 1, 2003). The 16-day flight was a dedicated science and research mission. Working 24 hours a day, in two alternating shifts, the crew successfully conducted approximately 80 experiments. The STS-107 mission ended abruptly on February 1, 2003 when Space Shuttle Columbia and the crew perished during entry, 16 minutes before scheduled landing.
 She held a Technician Class amateur radio license KC5ZSU
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Calendar January 2019
01 Jan    CQ Marathon Starts / Canadian National Parks on the air
1 Jan Straight Key Night    ARRL
5 Jan Kids Day    ARRL 1800Z-2359Z,
5 Jan Pretoria Flea market (1000 CAT)
5-6 Jan RTTY /FT8 Roundup ARRL
4–14 Jan AJ2019 - 25th Australian Scout Jamboree, Tailem Bend, South Australia
18-20 Jan PEARS VHF/UHF Contest
19-20 Jan WCA (World Castles on Air) 10th Birthday
19-21 Jan VHF    ARRL
20-26 Jan Quartzfest - 2019 (USA)
26 Jan     Summer QRP
Febuary 2019
2– 3 Feb BSCC (Black Sea Contest Club), 12:00Z, Feb 2 to 11:59Z, Feb 3, 2019
2 Feb East Rand Radio Club Flea Market
3 Feb     AWASA CW Activity Day (Antique Wireless Assoc. S Africa)
8-10 Feb YLRL - YL-OM Contest SSB/CW/Digital    1400 UTC-0200 UTC
9 Feb     SARL NARS - BHF/UHF Werkswinkel, Saterdag (Johannesburg, RSA)
15-17 Feb XI° edición del "Fin de Semana de los Faros Americanos" / Americas Lighthouse Weekend
8 March     International Women’s Day Friday


yl.beam #65 dec 2018

  • Silent Key
  • YL Chile 
  • International Naval Contest (INC) 2018
  • Indian YL Forum; 2018 Silver Jubilee Year for Indian Hams ; Bangalore, India - Background
  • Christmas Greetings (editorial)
  • Background to Christmas 
  • Advent & The 2nd Advent Calendar Award
  • OH9S: Santa goes on Air
  • SYLRA meeting Norway 2019  
  • Contacts & Calendar 

Silent Key
Amateur Radio Marketing and Advertising Executive Melissa Reinhardt, KD6BIT, SK
Melissa S. Reinhardt, KD6BIT, of Agoura Hills, California, died on November 9. An ARRL member, she was 66. Reinhardt was a marketing and advertising executive with close ties to the Amateur Radio industry and was a familiar face at Hamvention and other regional hamfests. Over the years, she created promotional programs for AOR, Alinco, Kantronics, US Tower, and more, and she won several national and regional awards for advertising excellence.
A native of Buffalo, New York, Reinhardt was a graduate of the State University of New York-Buffalo. She was active on the air, volunteered as an emergency communicator with the Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service, and was a county hunter. Survivors include her husband Jeff Reinhardt, AA6JR, and their children Jessica Reinhardt, KD6ARA, and Steven Reinhardt, K6SJR. The family has suggested memorial contributions to the American Cancer Society designated for inflammatory breast cancer research.
‎James Pastorfield‎ to Amateur Radio Newsline  Admin · November 21

YL Chile -  Special Activation in memory of Gabriela Mistral - 1 Dec 2018 
 Gabriela Mistral  (7 April 1889 – 10 January 1957), was a Chilean poet-diplomat, educator and humanist. In 1945 she became the first Latin American author, and fifth woman, to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature.

International  Naval  Contest  (INC)  2018 
The Portuguese Navy Hamradio Club – NRA, has the honour of inviting amateurs from all over the world in general and in particular all members of International Naval Hamradio Clubs to take part in the International Naval Contest (INC) 2018 which take place every year on the second weekend of December.
This year: 8th December 2018 16:00 UTC to 9th December 2018 15:59 UTC
Bands: 3.5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz
Preferred frequencies:  CW: 3,565 - 7,020 - 14,055 - 21,160 - 28,350 MHz
                                      SSB: 3,625 - 7,060 - 14,303 - 21,175 - 28,993 MHz
Mode: CW - SSB - Mixed  
Participating Naval Clubs:
ARMI Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani: MI
BMARS Belgian Maritime Amateur Radio Society: BM
FNARS Finnish Naval Amateur Radio Society: FN
INORC Italian Naval "Old Rhythmers" Club": IN
MARAC Marine Amateur Radio Club Netherlands: MA
MF Marinefunker-Runde e.V.: MF
MFCA Marine Funker Club Austria: CA
NRA Núcleo de Radio Amadores da Armada Portugal: PN
RNARS Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society: RN
YO-MARC Romanian Marine Radio Amateur Club: YO
 any question please contact David, CT1DRB, contest manager, through e-mail: inc2018@nra.pt

Christmas Greetings  
Our radio ladies hail from all around the globe, we speak different languages, enjoy different cultures, follow different religions but we share an interest in radio. 
So whether you are gathered around hearth and family in the wintery north, or splashing around cool pools in the summery south,  thank you for sharing your friendship with the YL group. 
It is a pleasure to be in contact with so many of you and to share your news and experiences through our newsletter.
Hope you will be active on the bands (radio, marching or rock) and hope you will enjoy this special time of year and look forward to re-newing contacts in the New Year. 
Eda ZS5YH  (Editor) 
Background to Christmas 
A number of figures are associated with Christmas and the seasonal giving of gifts name Santa Claus, which means Saint Nicholas, was a 4th-century Greek bishop of Myra, a city in the Roman province of Lycia, in southwest Turkey. Among other saintly attributes, he was noted for the care of children, generosity, and the giving of gifts. His feast day, December 6, came to be celebrated in many countries with the giving of gifts.
December 25 was the date of the winter solstice on the Roman calendar. Yule is a midwinter festival celebrated by various Northern European countries; and "Noel" entered English in the late 14th century from the Old French noël, from Latin. 
Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in countries around the world, including many non-Christian ones. Countries such as Japan have adopted many of the secular aspects of Christmas, such as gift-giving, decorations, and Christmas trees. 
Some popular holiday plants include holly, mistletoe, red amaryllis, Christmas cactus and  Christmas trees.  The pointsettia, a native plant from Mexico, has been associated with Christmas since the 16th century.
Carols were originally communal folk songs sung during celebrations such as "harvest tide" as well as Christmas. 
The exchanging of gifts is one of the core aspects of the modern Christmas celebration, making it the most profitable time of year for retailers and businesses throughout the world. 

 In many countries, the first day of Advent often heralds the start of the Christmas season, with
 many people opting to erect their Christmas trees and Christmas decorations on or immediately before Advent Sunday. Advent 2018 will begin on Sunday, 2 December and ends on Monday, 24 December.  Advent means a time of waiting and expectation, in preparation for the celebration of Christmas.  The most common observance of Advent outside church circles has been the keeping of an advent calendar or advent candle.
An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas; many Advent calendars take the form of a large rectangular card with "windows", one for each day of December leading up to and including Christmas Eve (December 24). Consecutive doors are opened every day leading up to Christmas, (or) windows open to reveal an image, a poem, a story, or a small gift, such as a toy or a chocolate item. 
They come in a multitude of  forms, from a simple paper calendar  to painted wooden boxes with cubby holes for small items.

A group of Italian Amateur Radio operators who are passionate about the Christmas atmosphere, have created an Advent Calendar composed of a beautiful image that recalls Christmas, hidden under 25 small windows (black boxes), each of which will "open" only when contacted. 
Dates:  From the 1st to the 25th of December
Bands:  SSB
QSO - What to do? to complete the advent calendar, or find as many credits as possible, by contacting accredited activators, who will exchange details of the 'box of the day' 
1 point for each connection made that will be used for the final diploma..
The Advent Calendar Award will be awarded once the hidden image  is revealed. 
For rules and details of additional awards, please see website. 
accredited activators will call "CQ CQ ADVENT CALENDAR AWARD" and will provide the box number corresponding to the day and ...... share on the cluster! 
email : IU0FBK  Marco  marco@iu0fbk.it 
OH9S: Santa goes on Air
The Annual Special Club event of the Santa Radio Club from 200 km north of the arctic circle is broadcast as OH9S  ("OH9Santa") from 1-  8. December. 
The activity will be carried out on shortwave in the range of 160 to 6 M in all modes including ft8. Contacts are automatically confirmed. It is also possible to deal with club (preferred) or lotw.
 OH9S will work from Finnish Lapland and does not use remote stations. 
" Yes, we know it won't be easy to get in touch with us while we're mainly operating north of the arctic circle.This is the northern most Santa station in Finland. Several stations will be on-air. 
Due to the conditions expected, OH9S will focus on ft8. 

Indian YL Forum
From:  VU2RBI  Bharathi Prasad 7/11/2018 
We have Hamfest with Indian YL forum on 29 th dec at bangalore south India . 
We are inviting Dx hams to participate.  More info www. Hamfest india 2018.com 
I request you to participate along with other YL's & OM’s  Otherwise spread the world . 
They can do new year 2019 in India with Indian YL's.   Best regards. Bharathi.

2018 Silver Jubilee Year for Indian Hams 
Indian Institute of Hams in association with REVA University, Bengaluru is jointly hosting Hamfest India 2018 on 29th and 30th December 2018.  'HAMFEST' is a festival of HAMs, the largest gathering of Indian HAMs in one place, held every year in different cities of India since 1991. The main objective is to bring all amateur radio operators under one roof to further and exchange ideas and new technological skills in the field of communication. The event also seeks to raise amateur radio awareness in the host city.
Established 1993 for the promotinn of  Amateur Radio in India,  Indian Institute of Hams (IIH) celebrate their Silver Jubilee Year, 25 years of continuous service in 2018.
1335 Registered delegates. 

Bangalore, India - Background
Bangalore is a megacity, and the third most populous city in India and the 18th most populous city in the world. It is a major economic & cultural hub and one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities of the world. Bengalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Also known as the "Garden City of India” and as India's most vegan-friendly city.
Located at 12.97°N 77.56°E  in southern India on the Deccan Plateau at an elevation of over 900 m (3,000 ft) above sea level, the highest among India's major cities.. Due to its high elevation, Bangalore  enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year;tThe coolest month is January and the hottest month is April. 
Bangalore is a multilingual city. The official language in Bangalore is Kannada. 
 However, English  is extensively spoken and is the principal language of  professional and business people. 

SYLRA  (Scandinavian Young Ladies RadioAmateurs)  
MEETING IN NORWAY 2019, Sept 9 - 15
Dear Yls,       The dates for the meeting are now confirmed. 
Along our beautiful coastline we have a “ferry” which has won the admiration of people, both locals and tourists.  Hurtigruten’s ship, «Trollfjord», sails from Bergen, Monday evening; September 9th. The ship will follow the coast line of Norway north to Kirkenes,  (not far from the Russian border) which is the final stop. We will arrive in Kirkenes on Sunday morning, September 15th.
The ship will stop underway on its trip from Bergen to Kirkenes. For more information please, click on this link: https://www.hurtigruten.co.uk/
More details about SYLRA program, prices for the trip etc., will be published on the SYLRA web page, very soon. We hope as many as possible of our members will be able to participate in this SYLRA meeting. 
33 de 
LA8FOA Ingrid            LA6RHA Unni
+47 458 16 614           +47 915 57 887
16 Nov 2018, Hi, we just wanted to point out that there is an ongoing survey on the SYLRA web site.
Please take a look and tell us if you want to participate in SYLRA meeting in Norway in 2019.
Please click on the Survey button and participate.
Please note that this is not a registration, but just a survey to make it easier to plan the event.
88 from the SYLRA team
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Calendar  December 2018
November 26 to December 6, 2018. Russian YL Elena RC5A Dxpedition to 
YN4RRC – Big Corn Island,  Nicaragua NA-013 
1       Dec   Start of YOTA Month (International)
1-  8. Dec  OH9S  Santa Claus Land
2-10  Dec   Hanukkah  (aka Festival of Lights)
8 -9   Dec ARRL 10 m Contest
8 -9   Dec International Naval Contest (INC) 2018  annually 2nd  weekend of December.
16     Dec   Day of Reconciliation (RSA)
15  Dec - January 4th, 2019 - Lighthouse Christmas Lights QSO PARTY
24-25 Dec  Christmas Eve / Day
26      Dec  Family Day 
29-30 Dec. HFI (Ham Fest India) 2018  Silicon city of Bengaluru  Reva university
31      Dec   End of 2017 CQ Marathon; and YOTA month


yl.beam #64 nov 2018

  • Silent Keys
  • RAE Results Oct  2018   
  • Witches Around the World
  • French YL Christine/F4GDI at Route du Rhum 2018
  • YL Susan Meckley W7KFI on Malawi Dxpedition
  • Hedy  Lamarr  Inventor of  "frequency-hopping” & Amateur Radio Event
  • YLs activated WW2SUB, the USS Batfish
  • Contacts & Calendar
S/k -  KD8SQD - Leota Strobel, passed away, she was a long-standing member of the Ladies Tea Time Net.  Condolences       January 17, 1943 - September 3, 2018  Age 75.

S/K    Elizabeth Wilson – K4GHT   Oct 10 1953 -  Sept 29, 2018.
It is with sorrow that I must inform the women of our international radio community across the globe that we have lost Elizabeth Wilson - K4GHT after a battle with health issues.
Dani Hensley    September 29, 2018

S/k  KE5AKW.  Peggy Sue Gerron-Rackham  died early Monday 1 Oct, 2018  in Lubbock. She was 78.
She  will be forever remembered in association with the Buddy Holly  song bearing her name.

S/k   DL1SYL  Edeltraud ' Traudel ' Wilck, from  Plau, Germany became a silent key 16 Oct 2018

S/k : Dawn Snyders, ZS5ME,  SARL news: It is with deep regret that we must announce that the key of Dawn Snyders, ZS5ME, went silent on Friday 19 October 2018. She was the wife of Jo, ZS5PO and mother of Warren, ZS5WOZ. Dawn was a member of the SARL and the Zululand Amateur Radio Club and she served as Club secretary for many years. We extend our sincere condolences to Jo, Warren, family and friends.

S/k : Paula Seiber AD5VL / KD5WFF, She passed early morning 1 Nov 2018
Paula  was awarded  A-1 Operator at the Ham Holiday 2018 Banquet. This award is presented to operators based on ‘On-Air’ performance  a group of about 6,000 operators world-wide).
She was Licensed 04/13/2003 and held an Extra License.
Her husband Joe KE5MGP put on the Wouff Hong ceremony after the banquet at Ham Holiday 2018

RAE (Radio Amateur Exam) Results Oct  2018     79 Passed    10 XYL
Welcome to our new radio ladies.
Cummings, Kelly    Port Elizabeth    Pass    ZS2KC
Delport, Petra Jacoba    Cape Town    Pass    ZS1XXX
Kruger, Olivia    Vanderbiljpark Pass    ZS6OK
Le Roux, Jeandre    Honeydew    Pass    ZR6JLR
Nkome, Katleho    Bellville    Pass    ZU1KAT. dad Chris ZS1CDG
Oberholzer, Juanita Cornia    Saldanha    Pass    ZS2YO   
Polly, Kim    Mosselbaai    Pass    ZS1KIM
Smit, Cornelia    Pretoria    Pass    ZS6CHS
Smit, Nicola Jane    Honeydew    Pass    ZS6NSJ
Spencer-Wilson, Erika    Honeydew    Pass    ZS6ESW

CS2WAW * Witches Around the World – Halloween     oct  2018
Happy Halloween -  October 31 was the only day that I was able to participate as I have to return to work (night shift).
I logged 179 - "Witches Around the World" - QSOs, mostly with stations in North America, but also with a number of Europeans /DX (30). I had QSOs with several YLs, but, unfortunately, not with any of the "Official Witches."
Was I the only one in the US that participated?
 I was operating on 40, 20 and 17 meters, but also locally on the 2m calling frequency.
I posted a photo of myself at the station (attached) on QRZ.COM and on my Facebook page.
Thank you for organizing this event. It was a lot of fun for me.
73 and best wishes for the Holiday Season, Ingrid W7ISG

 The Route du Rhum Yacht Race
The Route du Rhum is a transatlantic single-handed yacht race, which takes place every 4 years in November. The course is between Saint Malo, Brittany, France and the Caribbean French island of
Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe. Distance: 3,542 milles
 Created in 1978,  2018 marks its 40th Anniversary.
 "Village of the Route du Rhum” opens  October 24, 2018;  race start on November 4 2018.  

French YL Christine/F4GDI at Route du Rhum 2018
TM4RUM    France - Special event  
Between October 25th to November 5th, 2018, look for Christine/F4GDI and Association des radioamateurs de la Côte d'Emeraude (ARACE) team to be active from Saint Malo as TM4RUM, for the starting of the Route du Rhum 2018.
HF bands in CW/SSB/Digit + 2m SSB/FM.
QSL via Mickael JAMET, F4AVX.
http://tm4rum.arace.fr/index.php?lng=en    https://www.routedurhum.com/en

YL Susan Meckley W7KFI on Malawi Dxpedition
Don Jones K6ZO and YL Susan Meckley W7KFI will be in Malawi  as 7Q6M and 7Q7M.
 Nov 22-30 , 2018  qrv from MALAWI
All bands 10-160,  mainly CW.;  hopefully 6 ele 20 yagi with kw....so should have good signal....
Susan is now 83 yrs old so this is a last big Hurrah !

October 2018 members of HacDC Amateur Radio Club participated in the CQ World Wide SSB Contest in Northern Malawi (Africa). - 7Q6M  Don Jones,    Embangweni Mission Hospital
Loudon Mission (formerly called Embangweni Mission is located in the Mzimba district in the Northern Region of Malawi. Travel throughout region can be difficult, especially during the rainy months, November to April. Embangweni is situated at an altitude of 4,000 feet, in an area of flat brachystegia woodland.

HEDY LAMARR "frequency-hopping” Inventor  (9 November, 1914 – 19 January, 2000 )
Few know Hedwig Kiesler – aka Hedy Lamarr- was one of the great pioneers of wireless communications.
 By the 1940’s, both the Nazis and the Allied forces were using single-frequency radio-controlled technology  The draw back was if you tried to control your torpedo with a signal, eventually the enemy will find  the frequency you are using. Once this is known they were able to jam and  control the signal by putting out a strong noise signal on the given frequency.
  In 1942 at the height of her fame as a Hollywood movie actress, Hedy Lamarr  developed a new kind of communications system that couldn't be “jammed”; a system that would allow torpedoes and guided bombs to reach their targets.  It was a way of encoding a message across a broad area of the wireless spectrum. If one part of the spectrum was jammed, the message would still get through on one of the other frequencies being used. The transmitter on a ship and receiver in the torpedo would synchronously hop from one frequency to another; "frequency-hopping."   through 88 random frequencies. The jammer could try to jam all frequencies, but this would require  too much equipment and power.
 Lamarr’s brilliant idea is used today in wireless communication and is how other people can be on cell phone networks without interrupting each other. Lamarr eventually got the recognition she deserved as an inventor - in addition to being known as a beautiful and a famous movie actress.
 She and her co-inventor Antheil won the 1997 Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award  as well as the BULBIE Gnass Spirit of Achievement Bronze Award. (The BULBIE is considered the Oscar of the inventing world; the  award is shaped like a lightbulb to evoke the spirit of Thomas Edison.)
HedyLamarr is the first woman to have won it. She died three years later at 86 years old, at her home near Orlando, Florida.
( Hedy Lamarr was featured in #19 YL News  March 2014, and  in YL#29 News Dec 2015  when Google doodle (9 Nov 2015) celebrated the 101 birthday of Hedy Lamarr – Inventor & Movie Star.)

HEDY  LAMARR  DAY 9th November  -  Amateur Radio Event
WORLD RADIO NETWORK was founded in 2014 by KT7JOE and WH6DWF.  On November 9, 2016 they held the 1st  Hedy Lamarr Day. The following year on November 9, 2017 they held the  2nd Hedy Lamarr Day, with 104 checkins, 40 QSL cards and 3 international stations
2018  will be their 3rd year of celebrating Hedy Lamarr Day.
W2JLD  John, special event coordinator for the world conference server,  feels its  important to recognize her accomplishments - We felt that a lot of yl's contributed to the success of amateur radio and Hedy Lamarr is no exception to the rule. She contributed to the ham radio world with her invention of the spread spectrum technology which we use each and every day. She was also a wonderful screen actress with many films to her name.
So we celebrate her accomplishments on her birthday every year, with a special event and this year we secured a special event callsign N9H - November - niner - hedy lamarr;  again we will offer a special event QSL card for this event.
We will run a 4 hour net with at least 2 yl's to be net controller and we will have several conferences
Held on the *WORLD* Conference server, ECHOLINK NODE #479886/IRLP 9251.  Hosted by THE WORLD RADIO NETWORK  We use the DODROPIN, STARLINK, WORLD, UK HUB, FRIENDS conferences and more.

USA YLs  The weekend operation (below) was held  under the auspices of the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL), Michelle Carey W5MQC  is District 5 representative; article, plus lots of pictures, on website of SCARS (South Canadian Amateur Radio Society) https://w5nor.org/batfish/?fbclid=
Mary Calkins  AE6Q posted some great pics on her Facebook.

YLs activated WW2SUB on the USS Batfish
The USS Batfish is a Balao-class submarine and  is named for the fish that is found off the coast of Peru. During WW2, the Batfish sunk three Japanese Navy submarines in a 76-hour time-frame. As a tribute to the 52 submarines and 3,505 US sailors that were lost during the war, Albert Kelly and a group of submarine veterans worked to bring the Batfish to the Muskogee War Memorial Park, at the port of Muskogee, OK in the early 1970’s.
On October 12th through the 14th of 2018, some of the YLs (Young Ladies) from Kansas, Texas, and Oklahoma were guests of the USS Batfish Radio Club and participated in honoring the memory of 75th anniversary of the lost 52 submarines event. Four of the YLs were from the South Canadian Amateur Radio Society (SCARS).
During this activation, there were two submarines that were honored. The USS Wahoo was sunk in October 1943 with 80 men on board in the Sea of Japan.. The USS Dorado was also sunk in October 1943 and had 77 men on board, near Panama in the Atlantic Ocean.
The YLs made a total of more than 350 contacts during the 3-day event. QSL information is available on the WW2SUB club website. They called CQ on board the Batfish from one of the three radios systems on board. They used the WW2SUB club gear that is located in the original radio room. And, with the assistance of their USS Batfish Club host Wade Harris KF5IF,  built temporary stations in the crew’s mess and in the operation area. They hung wire antennas and deployed the club’s portable tower in the rain. Many of the YLs slept overnight in the original crew quarters on the ship. They even got to experience a power outage on the sub. Propagation was short over the weekend, so many members of SCARS were able to make a contact!
Everyone was able to get some radio time over the three-day event.  It was the first time on HF for some of the YLs. After they set up antennas, radios, setup satellite systems, and mentored each other, they explored the nooks and crannies of the entire submarine.
To top the weekend off, Virginia NV5F gave a personal performance, playing her bagpipes.
The group wishes to thank USS Batfish Club host Wade Harris KF5IF and the Muskogee War Memorial Museum for hosting the event. On the way out the door, the YLs said: “let’s do this again next year”. So, October 5-6, 2019 is on the calendar and is coming soon.

YLs in attendance on the October 13th, 2018 weekend were:
Leah Ohse W3LEO    Patricia Liesenfeld W5UBI
Barbara Schlueter KD0WAU    Eva Knapple N5EVA
Vonnie Merritt KE5RKC    Beth Pearce KC5RWW
Donna Wohler N5DEE    Lynda Tuma KF5JUO
Virginia Smith NV5F    Mary Calkins AE6Q
Judi Voeller N5KUO    Annie Zhi KG5VGA
Christina Liu KG5VGB    Michelle Carey W5MQC
The South Canadian Amateur Radio Society is an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Special Services Club. We serve the amateur radio operators in the Cleveland County, Oklahoma area.

The USS BATFISH SS-310  (United States Ship)
This submaranine vessel began life in1942 at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, (New Hampshire, USA) and was launched  1943.  The Batfish made seven wartime patrols, sinking 14 ships (including 3 submarines in 76 hours). After WW2 the USS BATFISH served during the  Korean War & the Cuban Missile Crisis,  and later decommissioned .
In 1972  she was given to the city of Muskogee, Oklahoma (USA) to be used as a memorial to members of the silent service. It was slung between 2 barges to make its trip up the Mississippi River and then up the Arkansas river (thru 16 locks) to the port of Muskogee. A slit was cut in the bank and the boat was nudged in and closed off from the Arkansas River. The water was drained from the slit and the boat rested on the ground, kept in position by heavy cables

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Calendar November 2018

1     Nov      Silent Key Memorial Contest to the memory of our late radio amateur friends   
0600 UTC to 0859 UTC November 01 every year., Mode: CW only    .
02-04  Nov     2º Encuentro Radial Anual de Parques Nacionales (Argentina)
3     Nov      The Netherlands. 58th Ham Radio Convention
3     Nov    RaDAR Challenge    (RSA)
5          Nov      Brasil –  Dia Nacional do Radioamador (Day of Radio Amateurs).
9          Nov     Hedy  Lamarr  Day
9-11     Nov.     RCA Railway Stations 10th Edition   Jornada Radial Ferroviaria Argentina,
10     Nov     Gold Coast ARC HAMFEST (Saturday) Aus.
10     Nov    AWA- AGM (Antique Wireless Assoc.) SAIEE, Observatory, Johannesburg, SA
10-11     Nov      SARL VHF/UHF Analogue Contest
11        Nov     Remembrance Sunday
16.    Nov      UFT-YL-CW Contest 1900 - 2100 UTC, 80m  (Union Francaise des Telegraphistes)
17       Nov     UFT-YL-CW Contest 0800 - 1000 UTC, 40m  (Union Francaise des Telegraphistes)
16-18    Nov    7th Asia Pacific DX Convention (APDXC)
24    Nov     Newbie Sprint    08:00 to 20:00 UTC    (RSA)
24-25     Nov    CQ WW DX CW  Starts: 0000 UTC Saturday   Ends: 2359 UTC Sunday
24      Nov    West Rand Flea Market (RSA)
7th Asia Pacific DX Convention (APDXC)
will be held at Osaka International House in Osaka, Japan on November 16 through 18, 2018.
 (APDXC) is the only amateur radio event in Japan where all the programs  are conducted in English!  APDXC website at:  https://www.apdxc.org/



yl.beam   #63  Oct 2018

Local-is-Lekker: Local Award;  SARL YL Sprint results
VK 100 MARCONI   22nd September 2018, centenary celebrations
 Results of International womens day March 2018
Feedback - YL expedition  TM64 YL Island of NOIRMOUTIER, 25-31 August 2018
YL shares with RNARS Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society
10th Annual Celebration  Ada Lovelace Day, Tuesday 9 October., 2018 
Ada  Language: In Flight on  Lunar IceCube
QRZ & Calendar

Awards   Charmaine Schutte, ZS5CVH – in 25th position, with 20 points was  awarded 'The SAWRC Trophy'  in the combined results of the SARL HF Phone, Digital and CW contests 2018

Results of the SARL YL Sprint -  9 August, 2018
1st Alta Gaybba, ZR3PA and Sonet de Wet, ZS3SW – 113 points each
3rd Judy Pretorius, ZS6JDY – 104 points
4th Jocelyn Hallendorff, ZS6JKL – 97 points
5th Karin Andrew, ZS6MMA – 96 points
6th Woody Collet, ZS3WL – 72 points
7th Amorita de Wit, ZR5ADW – 48 points
8th Johan van Zijl, ZS4DZ – 22 points
9th Roy Walsh, ZS3RW – 17 point

From Dot Bishop (VK2DB)  14 Sep  2018:
In Sydney we are celebrating the first direct radio message from England to Australia on 22nd September, 2018 .
We call it 'Wales to Wahroonga'.
We will activate a special callsign on that day VK 100 MARCONI  and will have it for one month.
I am hoping to set up a small ALARA table in the display room.
33 Dot VK2DB   ALARA VK1/2 Representative

“WALES TO WAHROONGA”   22nd September 2018
In the Northern Welsh town of Waunfawr on a cool and overcast night, the Australian Prime Minister William Morris Hughes outlined a message for Senatore Guglielmo Marconi to send to Australia by wireless. It was Sunday 22nd September 1918 and the Prime Minister had just returned from the battlefields in Europe.
This was to be the first direct wireless message sent from the United Kingdom to Australia and the recipient was Mr Ernest Thomas Fisk who had an experimental wireless station in the attic of “Lucania“; his residence  in Wahroonga. (northern suburbs of Sydney)  Since that historic day, a monument has been erected, unveiled in December 1935, when the former Prime Minister, Mr ‘Billy’ Hughes, addressed the assembly and Marchese Marconi also spoke by wireless from Paris in France.
On Saturday 22nd September 2018, there will be centenary celebrations at the monument.  ‘The Ku-ring-gai Male Choir’ will sing the Welsh and Australian anthems and  the original Morse code message will be heard by all present and a Morsecodian will decipher the message which will then be read to the gathering,


Mrs Jo Harris VK2KAA at the Wahroonga Fisk Anniversary 22 September 2005

The Marconi-Fisk achievement is commemorated by a monument located outside the original receiving site in Wahroonga (Australia), which is still a private residence. Every five years the Hornsby Amateur Radio Club (HADARC) and the Ku-ring-gai Historical Society have commemorated the event by the exchange of wireless messages with the Dragon Amateur Radio Club in Wales (UK).
The Dragon Radio Club will also be operating an HF station from the Welsh site of the Marconi transmitter using the special event amateur call sign GB2VK, and it is proposed that Fiskville, located in Victoria (Australia) and named after Ernest Fisk (where early transmitters were located), will be activated from Werribee Gorge State Park (VKFF-0775).

14 Sep 2018    F4DHQ – Sophie wrote: I put the results of International womens day :

Editor - Results of first 10 positions only below; for all results please see link address above)
International Women's Day 2018
Position     Pts    Callsign            Name    Country
1       361    OE8YXK      Michaela             Austria
2       325    F4HJC/ TM2BZ       Sylvie     France
3      294     OE1LZA /HZ1HZ /     Laila     Austria
4       292    DL4VCV       Christel             Germany
5       272   DO3ST              Steffie     Germany
6       245    DL2LBK              Karin     Germany
7       244    OE3YSC      Marion             Austria
8       213    DJ9YL              Barbara             Germany
9      205    DM4EZ              Evelin     Germany
10     202    DF6QP            Ulla            Germany

51   YL     Logs
Germany    33;    Austria     5;    France    5   
Hungary    2;    Swizerland    2;   
Scotland    1;    Croatia    1;    Netherlands    1;    USA    1
42  OM  logs - Big thank you to the OMs for their support

Groupe YL: Chantal HB9FRC Dora HB9EPE Gabriela HB9GNP Eva OK3QE/HB9FPM
Siggi DK2YL Johanna DJ5YL Rosel DK3KWR Michaela DL1TM
Claudine F5JER Évelyne F5RPB Mado F1EOY Marie-Jo
Anna TF3VB Vala TF3VD Christine F4GDI Micheline
Feedback - YL expedition TM64YL Island of Noirmoutier
F5RPB Evelyne Terrail, wrote  10 Sep 2018:
"YLs de France" is the new association of french YLs
Some details of our YL expedition     TM64 YL
From 25-31 August activation of EU-64 Island of NOIRMOUTIER with the spécial call  TM64 YL.
5 nations were présent:
  - Germany with Siggi DK2YL, Johanna DJ5YL, Rosel DL3KWR and Michaela DL1TM
  - Switzerland with Dora HB9 EPE, Chantal HB9FRC, Gabriela HB9GNP
      And Eva with her 2 calls: HB9FPM and OK3QE
  - Iceland with Vala TF3VD and Anna TF3VB
   - France with Christine F4GDI, Mado F1EOY, Claudine F5JER and Evelyne F5RPB

Equipment:  4 HF stations and 1 VHF
The antennas were 1 Flex-6300, 1 R6000, 1 Folding 5 bands and 2 Dipôles 40/80m and 2 vertical 3 bands

 NUMBER of QSOs:  4.599
 CW:     30,42%     PHONE:     61,84%     DATA:     7,74%
  DXCC:     76 countries
Best 33 Evelyne  F5RPB

Editor: lots of pictures of the operators and the island on the Facebook pages of:
Christine Carreau &  Chantal Perin, also SYLRA (Scandanavian YL Radio Amateurs)
see also  Íslenskir Radíóamatörar (IRA)      https://tinyurl.com/IcelandIRA

 Thanks to Maren (DK9MOS) for sharing  yl.beam news – see below:
Maren wrote 12 Sep 2018 - enclosed you will find the RNARS Newsletter. Please have a look on page 11-15. I did not know how Joe G3ZDF would put the information in the newsletter.
But I think there will be no problem for all of you to read this.     88/73 de Maren
RNARS Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society   Newsletter | Autumn 2018   Page 11,12,13,14
-Maren Lorentz (DK9MOS) tells us about various activities by Yls and is herself attached to U99 (DL0DMB) Museum Group where they keep the radio room active.
p12 - Koko Myoshi "Mio" (JR3MVF), YL's active in Bhutan as "A52YL Group.
P 13 -Giro Rosa Cycle Race – July:
p 14 -Museum Ships Weekend - June:: Maren Lorentz (DK9MOS)

10th Annual Celebration  Ada Lovelace Day, Tuesday 9 October., 2018 
Augusta Ada King, (10 Dec. 1815 - 27 Nov. 1852) born Augusta  Ada Byron, the only legitimate child of the poet Lord Byron; the Countess of Lovelace now commonly known as Ada Lovelace.
An English mathematician and writer she was one of the world’s first computer programmers, and one of the first people to see computers as more than just a machine for doing sums. In 1842 she wrote what is now recognized as the first computer programmes. The programme was written to calculate Bernoulli Numbers for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, a general-purpose computing machine - that was never built! Lovelace was way ahead of the time; she not only understood how Babbage’s machine could carry out complex computations, she also imagined that, given the right inputs it could make music or graphics.
Ada Lovelace's work went widely unrecognized until the 1950s, when her papers were republished, and their significance and her contributions to the fields of computer science and mathematics were finally acknowledged. In the 1980s, to honor the contributions of Lovelace, the Department of Defense (US) named its newly created computer language ‘‘Ada’’ after her.
In 2018 the US Senate  designated October 9,  as ‘‘National Ada Lovelace Day’’

Ada The Language: Alive And In Flight  
In Tech by Paul Boutin - October 10, 2016,  Ada Lovelace Day -
Ada is still in use today. The language spec has been updated and modernized several times, most recently in 2012. It’s deemed a must in many defense-related systems where reliability and safety are critical, or where thousands of programmers may work on a single code base.
NASA’s CubeSat project launched a dozen satellites built at universities into orbit in 2013. Carl Brandon, a physics professor at Vermont Tech, says, “The Vermont CubeSat is the only university CubeSat that successfully completed its mission: eight were never heard from, one fried its batteries the first day (software error), one worked a little for less than a week, and one for four months.” Vermont Tech had used SPARK, a language based on the Ada spec, for their flight software. Their Lunar IceCube, scheduled for launch in 2019 to search for ice on the Moon, is likewise being programmed in SPARK.
Ada is not as widely used as languages such as C, C++ or Java, and it’s not a language intended for home hacking. Then again, Ada Lovelace’s own algorithm was never run, because Charles Babbage never built a Difference Engine on which to run it. Sometimes, a concept itself can be world-changing.    https://hackbrightacademy.com/blog/ada-language-links

Editorial Comment:
Since October 2013 Ham YL has supported Ada  Lovelace Day, which is about sharing stories of women in STEM (Scientists, Technologists Engineers, Mathematicians).
We have featured her in newsletters (#16 & #27) and introduced you to yl-maker Adafruit AC2SN
Limor Fried.  Hope that featuring prominent female thinkers will inspire you, especially as the US Senate is acknowleding Ada Lovelace in 2018. Please enjoy, Heather ZS5YH (Editor)

“Get Your Park On”
What is hoped will be the first annual “Get Your Park ON” operating event, will take place October 14 – 20, in celebration of Earth Science Week. The event is open to Amateur Radio operators around the world and is sponsored by the national affiliates of World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF), which encourages radio amateurs to operate outdoors in protected nature parks.
Amateurs can participate in one of two ways. They can opt to be Activators, setting up and operating in geological and nature centers such as national and state parks and forests, national monuments, and protected nature habitats. They may also decide to be Hunters, operating from home and searching out and making contact with the Activators.
The American Geosciences Institute in October 1998 organized Earth Science Week, a national and international event to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth sciences and to encourage stewardship of the Earth, a common goal shared by WWFF.
Both programs encourage participants to get outside and enjoy nature.
Earth Science Week 2018 theme of “Earth as Inspiration” promotes public understanding and stewardship of the planet.
"Get Your Park ON" begins at 00:00 UTC on Sunday 14 October and continues to 23:59 UTC on Saturday 20 October. Visit the "Get Your Park ON" Facebook page for more information.

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Calendar October 2018

4      Oct            SARL 80 m QSO
04.-08 Oct      57. FIRAC- Congress at Tapolca, Hungary
              Fédération Internationale des RadioAmateurs Cheminots“ (Railways)
5-7   Oct         DX NA YL DX
6 - 7 Oct             AWA Valve QSO (RSA)
7      Oct             RSGB DX Contest (UK)
9      Oct            Ada Lovelace Day  2nd Tuesday
12–14 Oct        USS Batfish Radio Club, Muskogee, OK. YLRL-District 5- YL activation, Oct 12,1900 CDT - Oct 14, 1700 CDT
12-14 Oct     RSGB Convention, Milton Keynes
13    Oct     RAE (RSA)  &  SARL Spring QRP (RSA)
14–20 Oct     “Get Your Park ON” WWFF celebration of Earth Science Week
15    Oct      International White Cane Day (for the Blind)
19-21 Oct     JOTA    57h JOTA/18th JOTI (3rd weekend) 21st Jamboree on the Internet/WW
20    Oct             CQ Hou Koers (RSA)
22.-23Oct      SYLRA Contest      10-10 UTC  CW, SSB, RTT    Ausschreibung    SYLRA
26    Oct            S African Maritime Mobile Net, 39th Anniversary (Started 1979)
27-28 Oct      CQ WW DX SSB   Starts: 0000 UTC Saturday   Ends: 2359 UTC Sunday
28   Oct             PEARS HF Contest (Port Elizabeth, RSA)
31   Oct             Witches On The Air / Halloween
                    (hopefully hosted again by YLs-Amateur Radio Ladies-Portugal ?)


yl.beam #62 sept 2018

Dutch and German radio amateurs 50th meet-up
Ja-Well-No-Fine / Comment
How do you hear me?  The RST System of Signal Reporting
Canadian YL  Jeanne Wilson  (VA7QLT) & Delta ARS & Vimy Ridge 
Golden Globe Race -  non-stop … alone … no outside assistance.... except for Ham radio
QRZ Contacts & Calendar

(Bad Bentheim on the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands)
Dutch and German radio amateurs 50th meet-up
Dutch Young Ladies at DNAT in Bad Bentheim    Posted 26/08/2018by PA1ENG
Every last full weekend of August Dutch and German radio amateurs meet each other in Bad Bentheim. This weekend it is already 50 years ago that the Deutsch Niederländische Amateurfunker Tage (DNAT) was held for the first time. The Dutch Young Ladies Club was there.
. Mariëtte PA1ENG, Claudia PA5CT and Heather PD3GVQ  visited one of the radio amateur campsites and the radio market in the sports hall of a school.
On the other side of the castle (Burg Bentheim, the town’s emblem).was the annual flea market and in the middle of the park members of the Ammerland section of the Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) had placed a number of high antennas for demonstration. This was very interesting to see.
At the radio fair we spoke to many acquaintances, met Dieuwertje PD4JUF / DO4JUF who recently obtained her radio amateur license. Perhaps she will join our (contest) team in the future. Welcome!

From left to right: Heather PD3GVQ, Dieuwertje PD4JUF / DO4JUF, Claudia PA5CT and Mariëtte PA1ENG

Hello, I thank you for publishing our activities, as of June 19, 2018 we are Radio Club YL CHILE, CE4YLC
I think we are the first women's radio club in Chile, I know that there are no more women's radio clubs in the world.
 I'll thank you if you have any information. From Chile -  I send you a big hug.

Ja-Well-No-Fine / Comment
September is 'Ham Yl's  7th anniversary on Facebook – THANK YOU to all our friends and we hope others will join us in the future. It is particularly helpful to be able to 'share'  YL events & Dxpeditions.
A question posted on a forum from a  YL  new to the hobby, about how to interpret "RST"... and her comment “There's so much I still need to learn and understand.”  prompted the article below, hope it  proves helpful.     33 Editor ZS5YH Heather

How do you hear me?
The RST System of Signal Reporting was established roughly in 1934 as a quick method of reporting Readability, Signal Strength and the Tone of CW.
For voice contacts only the "R" and "S" are used.
The RST is also reported on QSL Cards and must be filled in correctly.

An RST report is a report from a receiving station on the quality and strength of the transmitted signal. Using shorthand in the form of numbers to represent the quality of a CW signal, or voice transmission, of a transmitting station's signal at the receiving station's location (QTH). Here is what it means:
R -  Readability - Understanding what is said and how well.
On a scale of 1 to 5, the readability of your signal with a "5" being perfect with no difficulty.
In other words the ability of the other operator to understand what you are saying.
A "1" is unreadable....a "5" is perfectly readable.
S -  Strength- On a scale of 1 to 9, indicates how strong your stations signal is.
A "1" is a very faint signal.  A "9" is an extremely strong signal.
T - Tone   Used for Morse code signal reports. Indicates on a scale of 1 to 9 the quality of the tone of the Morse code "dits and dahs".  From a "60 cycle harsh tone" a (1).... To a "very pure tone", a (9)

1 -- Unreadable
2 -- Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable
3 -- Readable with considerable difficulty
4 -- Readable with practically no difficulty
5 -- Perfectly readable

1 -- Faint signals, barely perceptible
2 -- Very weak signals
3 -- Weak signals
4 -- Fair signals
5 -- Fairly good signals
6 -- Good signals
7 -- Moderately strong signals
8 -- Strong signals
9 -- Extremely strong signals

1 -- Sixty cycle a.c. or less, very rough and broad
2 -- Very rough a.c. , very harsh and broad
3 -- Rough a.c. tone, rectified but not filtered
4 -- Rough note, some trace of filtering
5 -- Filtered rectified a.c. but strongly ripple-modulated
6 -- Filtered tone, definite trace of ripple modulation
7 -- Near pure tone, trace of ripple modulation
8 -- Near perfect tone, slight trace of modulation
9 -- Perfect tone, no trace of ripple or modulation of any kind

If you get a 5 5 (sometimes said 5 by 5)....Your signal is perfectly readable with a fairly good signal strength.
In some cases people may tell you: your signal is five nine plus twenty dB...
In this case the twenty db part indicates that your signal is so strong that it goes off the standard 1 through 9 signal strength S meter dial by twenty decibels as indicated on the meter readout. This would mean that you are putting out a REALLY strong signal!
Sources:    http://www.hamuniverse.com/rst.htm
Delta Amateur Radio Society  (BC, Canada) has something for everyone
From technical prowess to emergency operations,      GRACE KENNEDY Aug. 11, 2018

Canadian YL  Jeanne Wilson  (VA7QLT) & Delta Amateur Radio Society
The call sign was faint over the radio in the North Delta Public Safety Building. Jeanne Wilson and a group of other new hams struggled to make it out.
Bauer was teaching the group how to use a high-frequency radio — something a little more complex than the hand-held radios often used by beginning hams and emergency operators. But he had a trick in mind.
Unbeknownst to his class, Bauer had turned the dial to a caller from Malpelo Island, an islet 500 km west of the Colombian mainland, uninhabited except for a small military post. A radio operator had made their way out there as part of a DX Pedition (pronounced “dee expedition,” it’s a play on dx, the radio shorthand for long distance), and hams around the world were trying to make contact.
 VA7QLT Jeanne Wilson continued to struggle. Then she made out the call sign. Then, at Bauer’s urging, she got on the mic and made contact and remembers the smile that came across Bauer’s face.
“Congratulations girl, you just talked to a DX Pedition … You just talked to Malpelo Island,” she remembered him saying.
“And I’m like, ‘Well where the hell is that?” - The moment changed Wilson’s focus in amateur radio. Although she started at age 55 with a drive for emergency operations, she soon switched her focus to long distance competitions.
Over the years — Wilson is 63 now — she has made contacts in more than 100 countries, getting nearly a third of the available DX Pedition locations.
 Jeanne Wilson was part of a group of 17 amateur radio operators who went to Vimy Ridge in 2017 to operate radio during the 100 anniversary of the battle.
“I can tell you, it felt really good to be chased on the air,” she said. “It was probably one of the highlights of my life.”
Vimy Ridge
 April 9, 1917, is commonly highlighted as a turning point in Canadian history, where the four Canadian divisions fought together as a unified fighting force for the first time.
 France granted Canada  land at Vimy to build and maintain a memorial.  A First World War monumen and certainly Canada’s most important war memorial.
 Approximately 10 km north of Arras, 15 km south of Lens, 135 km southeast of Calais and 175 km north of Paris. GPS Coordinates: N50.379444, E2.773611

 non-stop … alone … no outside assistance ... except for Ham radio
Golden Globe Race  2018   
Marking the 50th anniversary of the first Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, Competitors may  only use equipment that was available  in 1968/9 to navigate and contact the outside world. That means using SSB and Ham radios for long-range communications, and VHF for short range (up to 30 miles) – no satellites.. Navigation means using the stars, sun, paper charts and a sextant – no GPS or smart-phone allowed.
The 2018 race keeps to the rules and the spirit of the original 1969  non-stop, solo, round the world yacht race.
The  race started  July 1st, 2018 fron France,  through the Atlantic, then east  through the Southern Ocean, past Australia, towards South America before returning home.
Contestants are using HF radio for safety and weather reports.  Amateur Radio is as important now as it was 50 years ago for these sailors. If you are able, please keep a listening watch as they sail across the lonely and dangerous Southern Oceans.
There have been problems with equipment and weather. Norwegian skipper Are Wiig capsized and was dis-masted 400 miles SSW of Cape Town, Monday 27/08/2018 and is currently heading for Cape Town.
Susie Goodall, a 27 year-old Englishwoman is the only female contestant in the 2018 Golden Globe Race 

ARTICLES WANTED     – both technical and non-technical. Please email to address below.
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Calendar  September 2018
01       Sept     Ham Yl Facebook 7th birthday (started 2011)
01       Sept     West Rand Flea Market  (RSA)
1 - 2   Sept    Region 1- SSB Field Day  1300-1300 UTC
02-08 Sept     2018 - 19th World ARDF Championships, Sokcho, Korea,
8 - 9       Sept    SARL National Field Day    (RSA)
9 - 11  Sept    Rosh Hashanah
8-16    Sept     Route 66 On The Air!  http://w6jbt.org/  (USA)
15       Sept    AJV    Magalies Radio Amateur Klub    SAT, 1630 CAT
15       Sept    SCOPEX -  Telescope & Astronomy Expo.Johannesburg - 9am to 9pm 
15-16  Sept    All Africa Contest &     SARL VHF/UHF Digital Contest
15-16  Sept    Concurso Farroupilha;  festival in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil - gaucho culture.
18 -19 Sept    Yom Kippur
22       Sept     Centenary of the First Wireless Message received from the UK in Australia
                  (22 September 1918). Special Event Station VK100MARCONI *
22-23  Sept     ROTA 2018 (Railways On The Air)  revised frequencies : 3.65, 7.15, 14.25.
24        Sept    Heritage Day;(aka Braai Day)
28-29  Sept     UK National Hamfest (10th year)
29- 30  Sept    CQ WW RTTY
29 Sept - 1 Oct  Annual Nancy Kott Memorial KN0WCW Event (00:01UTC Sat - 06:00UTC Mon)
                FISTS Nancy Kott Memorial KN0WCW Event 2018 from 00:01 UTC Saturday September 29 to 06:00 UTC on Monday October 1st. Operation will be on all Amateur bands; a friendly celebration of Nancy work.
9     Oct    Ada Lovelace Day, on Tuesday  10th Annual Celebration  2018
31   Oct    Witches On The Air /    Halloween