yl.beam #60 July 2018

YL's in Bhutan "A52YL Group." April-May 2018
Museum Ships Weekend 2018 - Maren Lorenz DK9MOS (YL) Submarine U-995
QRZ Contacts & Calendar

YL's active in Bhutan as "A52YL Group." April & May 2018

On April 29, 2018, Kyoko "Mio" Miyoshi, JR3MVF (Osaka, Japan), and Kay, WA0WOF (Kansas, USA), joined Junichi Tojo, JH3AEF, and Jusei Kitai, JA3IVU (both also from Osaka), on their 7th trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan.
 Mio and Kay have been issued A52YL as a group license, and the two OMs will be using their calls, A52AEF and A52IVU, respectively. In addition, Mio and Kay have been issued individual licenses.
 Mio's is A52YLM and Kay's A52YLE.
Kay (WA0WOF) will answer QSL requests for A52YL, A52YLM, and A52YLE; they will also use LoTW. No bureau cards and Internet not available.
They will have three radios and will be operating at an altitude of around 10,000' (ft) at Dochula Eco Retreat, described as the most scenic spot in Bhutan.
To see pictures of the team, operating site and antennas see QRZ.com page of WA0WOF

 From. Mio A52YL (JR3MVF) 4 June, 2018 :
Hello, Kay (WA0WOF) and me Mio (JR3MVF), were on the air in Bhutan as A52YL From 29 April to 5 May. We enjoyed very much and had many QSO with SSB, CW and FT8.
I attach photos on this e-mail. 33 Mio (JR3MVF/A52YL)

Dochula Eco Retreat is located about 30 km away from Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. The Dochula pass between Thimphu, and the ancient capital of Punaka, has panoramic views of the snow-clad Himalayan mountain range. Dochula is at an altitude of 3150m above sea level, with less oxygen, which can cause altitude dizziness; but the location is excellent for radio operations.
The climate in Sept. Oct, April, May is favourable during the day, although it is cooler at night it is rarely too windy.

Amateur Radio Background Bhutan
AC5PN, N.Chhawna was the first Bhutanese to go on the air in 1955. He was followed 7 years later in April 1962 , by a group VU2US/AC5, sponsored by the "Amateur Radio Society of India".
AC5PN was also instrumental in helping Gus Browning W4BPD (Sk) get operating permission for his Bhutan Dxpeditions. Gus Browning W4BPD was the first western operator to operate from Bhutan 1965 - a legendary Ham from USA, (Dx Hall of Fame 1967).
F6HWU Denise Le Cleach, was the first YL to transmit from Bhutan during September 2000. She was also the oldest Ham to operate from Bhutan. A French national, she was born in 1924 and operated from Bhutan in 2000; she was then over 76 years old!! She operated under the group Callsign: A52FH. 'September 2000 Clipperton Dx Club Expedition'
In January 2001, Glenn Johnson W0GJ and family were operational as A52GJ, his wife Vivien KL7YL as A52VJ, daughter Melissa N0MAJ as A52YL, son. Mark N0MJ/ A52MJ, second son Paul W0PJ/ A52PJ. Paul was the youngest ham to operate from Bhutan – he was 13 years of age in 2000-2001.
Sources: QRZ.com & Wikipedia:

Giro Rosa – Background to Cycle Race
The Giro d’Italia is the prestigious annual multiple-stage bicycle race in which riders from all over the world compete, through some of the most breath taking scenery in Italy.
The 29th running of the women's Giro d'Italia, or Giro Rosa, is scheduled to be held from 6 to 15 July 2018.

Raced over ten stages, it is considered the most prestigious cycle race of the women's calendar and was first held in 1988
Below is the Cycle Stage schedule 2018 – this will enable radio operators to follow Contest stations.
Stage Date Course Distance Type
1 6 July Fri Verbania to Verbania (along Lake Maggiore) 15.5 km (9.6 mi) time trial
2 7 July Sat Ovada to Ovada 120.4 km (74.8 mi) Hilly stage
3 8 July Sun Corbetta to Corbetta 132 km (82.0 mi) Flat stage
4 9 July Mon Piacenza to Piacenza 109 km (67.7 mi) Flat stage
5 10 July Tues Omegna to Omegna (Lake Orta) 117.7 km (73.1 mi) Hilly stage
6 11 July Wed Sovico to Gerola Alta 114.1 km (70.9 mi) Mountain stage
7 12 July Thurs Lanzada to Lanzada 15 km (9.3 mi) time trial
8 13 July Fri San Giorgio to Breganze 121.6 km (75.6 mi) Plain stage
9 14 July Sat Tricesimo to Monte Zoncolan 104.7 km (65.1 mi) Mountain stage
10 15 July Sun Cividale del Friuli - Cividale del Friuli (Carnia mountains) 120.3 km (74.8 mi) Hilly

 Anna Van der Breggen from Holland, the Olympic and European Champion 2016, was the overall winner of the 2017 edition http://www.girorosa.it/

Our Italian radio sister IZ0EIK – Erica has asked for support for this radio event, held for the 2nd time, which follows the cyclists through each stage.:

LA RADIO IN ROSA - RADIO IN PINK 6-15 July Giro Rosa 2018.
Each day On-Air with Woman’s Italian Cycle Tour.
Awarded by URI (Union Radioamatori Italiani) this event was established in honour of the Tour of Italy in Pink. A very simple Award which is issued for each Stage of the cycle race, through the single contact with an on-the-air station, on the day; and at the end of the cycling event, with the presentation of the Tour Jerseys (Maglie del Giro).
La Radio in Rosa is a diploma awarded by The Italian Amateur Assoc. and each stage has its own pretty QSL card.

STAGE stations - There will be a URI station active on each stage of the race. The station for each Stage can be on site or even located somewhere in Italy. The station who makes the contact with the nominated ON AIR station will receive a Special Stage Diploma/ Certificate.

There are 10 stages to the race and after the 15th July the Jerseys/Sweater/Shirts will be presented:
PINK JERSEY prove to have connected to stations in all 10 Stages / Tappa
CYAN JERSEY prove to have connected to stations in 8 Stages
GREEN JERSEY prove to have connected to stations in 6 Stages
WHITE JERSEY prove to have connected to stations in 3 Stages
BLUE JERSEY prove to have connected to stations 1 (single) stage

All YL and IQ URIs can be active during the course of the day.
We could expect the participation of many Italian YL’s or even foreign participants from other associations. Those participants will be awarded a Diploma/certificate for the event.

Categories: YL, OM, SWL, QRP, CW, DIGITAL.
All the Diplomas/Certificates will be presented free of charge and in PDF format.
The LOG's must be submitted in Word or excel format, or enter directly through the links in the body of the email list as the www.iq0ru.net site, dedicated to the Radio in pink page, will be entered into the log's online so you can search for milestones achieved.
To claim your Award, write to : girorosa2018@unionradio.it
[Thanks to OM ZS6ARQ Romeo who corrected the Italian translation, any errors are those of the Editor.]


Submarine U-995, Laboe Naval Memorial, Germany - Background
Kiel lies approximately 90 kilometres (56 mi) north of Hamburg. A major maritime centre located on the Kiel Fjord and the Kiel Canal (Nord-Ostsee-Kanal), Kiel has also been one of the traditional homes of the German Navy's Baltic fleet.
The Laboe Naval Memorial on the Baltic Sea coast, approximately 10 km northeast of Kiel, is where the submarine museum U-995 rests.
 U-995 built in 1942 and commissioned 1943, with a length of 67.10 m (220 ft 2 in), was capable of operating at depths of up to 230 metres (750 ft).
At the end of the war on 8 May 1945 she was stricken at Trondheim, Norway. She was surrendered to the British then transferred to Norway in1948.
In 1952 U-995 became the Norwegian submarine Kaura and was taken out of service in 1965.
 U-995 became a museum ship at the Laboe Naval Memorial in October 1971.

 U-995 Submarine DL0DMB
At the International Museum Ship Weekend (IMWE) members of the "U995 friendship crew" were active from the submarine’s original radio room, in modes of morse code and voice trying to catch other museum ships on air worldwide. The annual IMWE gives visitors to the submarine U995 the chance to get an idea of how radio contacts are made. Of course, they will also learn a lot here about submarines and the DMB.

YL Maren Lorenz (DK9MOS) 9 June, 2018 - tells us about operating aboard a museum:
Now the International Museum Ship Weekend (2018) is over and we are all back in our home countries. It was a lot of fun again. A total of 108 museum ships took part.
 U 995 (Call sign DL0DMB) is a museum ship of the German Naval Association (Deutscher Marinebund DMB) and is located in Laboe/Kiel Bight.
The Museum Ships Weekend is organized by the museum ship Battleship USS NEW JERSEY,
Bob (N4XAT), a member of the Battleship USS NEW JERSEY and the "U995 friendship crew" was in Laboe.
 During the event I received the Certificate of Merit (Crew member and radio operator U 995)
from Angela 2E1GDC, who did not operate the radio (picture Angela 2E1GDC and Maren DK9MOS). We worked from the original radio room of U 995 with our own equipment. We have made over 80 QSOs on the two days - mainly Europe from OH Finland to YO Romania- and reached 4 museum ships of the 108, but it is a fun event and the propagation was not good!
While one ham is on the radio, the others tell the visitors about our hobby and of course something about U 995.
I have attached a picture of the radio crew; showing from left to right:
Jack DK9OS (my OM), Bob M0BZZ, Jonny DL4HJ, Bob N4XAT, Maren DK9MOS, Bill G0ELZ and Harry DL6LV.

We will receive a certificate like that one from 2017 in spring 2019.
Of course friends of ours joined us the whole time - among others Harald DL5XI (callsign DL0DMB). He took care of the YLs Angela 2E1GDC, Kathy (sister of Bob N4XAT) and Tanja (Ukraine) and showed them U 995 and the surroundings.
 Next year we will return and think we will have fun again.
 Hope you enjoy this little report. Now you know the origin of part of the pics on my QSL card.
 73/33 de Maren

Congratulations to Magda Swart, ZS6MMS, who has become the second YL in South Africa to achieve 100 points for activating summits. Magda got her 100 points after activating ZS/KN-345 Hluku and ZS/KN-204 Klipspruit on Thursday 28 June 2018. Adele, ZS5APT was the 1st yl with 100 SOTA points. (Summits On The Air)
SARL weekly news in English 2018-6-30

OOPS! Apologies for Error in yl.beam #59 June 2018
x Anette Jacobs ZR6 D on receiving the Willy Wilson Gold Badge x This was incorrect.

Facebook ‘HAM Yl’ ; SARLNuus met Anette Jacobs ZR6D jhjacobsza@gmail.com
 yl.beam newsletters Eda zs6ye.yl@gmail.com Archived at WEST RAND ARC
 wrarc-anode.blogspot.com & https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. – La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar July 2018
July 6 - 15 LA RADIO IN ROSA ,2018; URI Italy
July 7 SARL Newbie QSO Party (RSA)
July 7-8 Marconi Memorial HF Contest (Since 1996) 1400Z Jul 7 to 1400Z, Jul 8
July12- 16 WRTC 2018 - 8th World Radiosport Team Championship, Germany's 1st time host
July 15-16 IARU HF Championship event 2018
July 14 RaDAR Challenge (RSA)
July 18 Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday
July 21 Naval Radio Party –CS5NRA NRA (Naval Radio Armada) 3rd Sat
July 21 SARL Winter QRP (RSA)
July 22 ZS2 Sprint (EC - RSA)
July 28- 29 RSGB IOTA Contest, always takes place over the last weekend of July 

August 2018
Aug 2-5 YLRL 2018 Convention in Oklahoma City, OK. District 5 hosting (USA)
Aug 4 European HF Championship 2018, 1200Z-2359Z, first Saturday in August
Aug 8 -15 YOTA Somerkamp 2018 South Afrika.
Aug 9 YL Sprint 12:00 to 14:00 UTC Womens Day (SA) Thurs
Aug 25-31 French YL Dxpedition L' Île de Noirmoutier, (IOTA EU 064)


yl.beam #59 june 2018

S African Awards to yls
RAE May 2018  Congratulations & Welcome
Editorial Chit-Chat
The ANZA Net
Dot Bishop VK2DB & the Sydney Harbour Ferry Contest.
Radio Club of America's Young Achiever Award -  KM4LAO Ruth Willet 
T88YL  Palau, Micronesia.

Congratulations  to YL award recipients at the South African Radio League AGM April 2018.  
The Jack Twine Awards were awarded to Aletta Gaybba, ZR3PA; Anette Jacobs, ZR6D;  Chané Greeff, ZS4CG;  Elna Botha, ZS6EB; Celia Roodt, ZS6JC; Judy Pretorius, ZS6JDY;  Jocelyn Hallendorff, ZS6JKL; Linda Lessing, ZS6LML;  Magda Swart, ZS6MMS;
A new award, ZS SOTA, was handed to husband and wife team Sid, ZS5AYC and Adele Tyler, ZS5APT for  promoting SOTA and the many activations made.   (Source: May/Mei 2018 Radio ZS)
Yls at SARL AGM 2018

South African RAE (Radio Amateur Exam) May 2018 
Congratulations & Welcome to our new ladies – hope to hear you on-air soon.
ZS2BD    de Lange, Bernice    Port Elizabeth
ZS2PAG    Greig, Patricia Anne    Port Elizabeth   
ZS5CVH    Schutte, Charmaine Celeste    Vryheid   
ZS6MMA    Andrew, Karin    Roodepoort   
ZS6CBB    Boshoff, Charlene    Roodepoort   
ZS6ETB    Byleveldt, Erika Theresa    Potchefstroom   
ZS6LIN    Eales, Linda Cornelia    Roodepoort   
ZR6TK    Kotze, Tanya    Pretoria   
ZS6GJF    Maritz, Glynis Joan    Roodepoort   
ZU6NAC    Conradie, Nadia    Roodepoort   
ZU6C    Schnetler, Chanté    Honeydew   
ZU6MAR    Schnetler, Marli    Honeydew   
ZU6TIF    Taljaard, Tiffany    Secunda
ZU4SJ    Myburgh, Joane    Welkom   
 99 passed, 14 yls  (10 from  Div 6)

Editorial Chit-Chat
2018 is the 66th Anniversary SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club) founded June 2,  1952  #1 yl.beam news-letter was emailed June 2011, 7 years later number # 59, will be sent globally to more than a thousand amateur  radio ladies. Of course I can't be sure how many will survive spam and other filters or how many will be read, especially by non-English readers.
 BUT judging from the added activity on various Facebook pages and letters received, I believe we AR ladies are spreading our wings and constructing a  global network.  HURRAH  for us as we celebrate 7 years of friendship and  a big thank-you!
International Women's Day showed the ladies networking on-air and more recently the North American ladies met up at Dayton. We look forward to reports and pics (lots of please, with call-signs) from Ham Fair Friedrichshafen (Germany). Not forgetting that our New Zealand sisters have an annual meeting during June. 
Remember ladies its all about you, so share your news, events and woes.
 I received a request to re-send some of last months letters; let me know if you have problems,. suggestions are welcomed.
33 & 88 (Editor)  Eda ZS5YH

Facts & Figures-
yl.beam   #5     Jan     2012      emails sent     126     (S Africa 122 + DX 4)
yl.beam   #35 June    2016     emails sent     519     (S Africa 335 + DX 184)
yl.beam   #50     Sept     2017     emails sent     900
yl.beam   #59     June  2018     emails sent     1169   across 6 continents:
Africa    258             Asia     96
Australasia    108             Europe    385
North America             210             South America    112​

The ANZA Net (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa net) operates on 14.183 at 0515UTC every day with an additional net on 21.205 at 0415 on Saturdays.  We do accept any check-ins from around the world and usually get quite a few from the Pacific Islands and the US.  South Africa was particularly active today.
Lyn (VK4SWE) is the usual net control on a Monday, with me filling in if she is not able to make it.  She runs the resort on Sweers Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and sometimes is too busy to attend to the radio.  The guys who outnumber us two, have called Mondays 'Ladies Day' on the net and we have loads of fun.  We also have a ROTA section at approx 0615 on the same frequency, depending on conditions.  ROTA means 'recipe on the air', where we swap recipes.
Enough for now,    33  Shirley VK5YL

On March 11th, 2018  for the third consecutive year, the Waverley Amateur Radio Society (WARS) held their  floating field day and contest, which aims to bring amateurs together on Sydney’s world-famous harbour and its historic ferry service. With WARS head-quartered at Rose Bay, only metres from the harbour, it is well positioned to host this event. The contest  permits not only the chasing of points by radio contact but also by moving along the ferry system. ​

Below we follow contester  Dot Bishop VK2DB
OM John and I took part in the Sydney Harbour Ferry Contest. It was a glorious day with, it seemed, all of the rest of Sydney taking ferry rides. I only tried once to talk from the ferry, it was far too crowded and noisy. We started the contest rather late, boarding our first ferry at Milsons Point around midday and we made our way to Rose Bay Wharf to talk to the ferry contest organisers ( a
group of members of the Waverley ARS) and get ‘wharf points’.
The photo shows the group sitting under their shady gazebo near the Rose Bay wharf. To get points for an eyeball contact you had to shake hands and log the contact. We did that with the group at Rose Bay and then it was off to Manly, where we had a late, late lunch at the beach. Whilst our contest activity seemed minimal (the photo shows a reflection in a ferry window of me trying to use my radio — I did try), we just simply enjoyed being on the harbour on such a beautiful day, sitting back and watching all the harbour traffic — sailing boats, big boats and little boats; it was rather crowded both on the water as well as on the ferries.
Deciding it was time to leave for home, we caught the slow ferry back to Circular Quay where, with about 5 minutes to spare before the contest closed we saw a Hand-Held and clipboard and quickly exchanged numbers. While we talked to him, and with about 90 seconds before the deadline, 4 more Hand-Helds and clipboards rushed off a ferry. We all shook hands and exchanged numbers, scribbling as fast as we could while laughing and looking at our watches.
We had a fun day, each made 11 eyeball contacts and think we’ll try again next year with a headset and clipboard. We found it was far too noisy on the ferry decks to hear a Hand-Held’s speaker and we just didn’t have enough hands to hold everything you needed. Next year, maybe we might even start a bit earlier.
Source: ALARA Newsletter Issue 165 APRIL 2018

Ruth Willet (age 21), a student at Kettering University in Michigan., has been able to learn more about the field of wireless communications from professionals  thanks to a scholarship she recently received. The Radio Club of America’s Young Achiever Award  allowed her to attend the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Orlando, Fla.,(USA) March 5-9.
“It was an eye-opening experience for me to be exposed to the field of wireless communications and to be introduced to the discussions taking place among first responders and the government regarding emergency situation preparedness,” said Willet, who is double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics at Kettering.
“As an amateur radio operator, I’ve mostly only experienced the hobby side of radio. This conference allowed me to see a broad range of applications for radio and technology in a thriving industry that impacts both the workplace and our communities. It was very energizing to attend all sorts of workshops and seminars, and learn how much our daily lives are touched by the field of wireless communications.”
Some of Willet’s favourite forums that she attended discussed in-building wireless coverage, smart maps for in-building awareness, radar, and radio interference. One of the highlights of the week was attending a Women in Wireless workshop.
 Ruth passed her Extra in May 2016 and  as the president of the newly restarted amateur radio club at Kettering University works at recruiting student members and helping them get licensed.
On her QRZ.com page she says:“There are so many things I love about Ham Radio —  the community, the constant learning and the excitement of making a contact. I love having a new and different experience every time I get on the air!  I love my voice privileges on HF, it is such fun to talk to hams around the world! I enjoy the benefits of being a YL and having a younger voice when seeking out contacts.
Ruth enjoys participating in special events and contests and participated in both chasing and activating National Parks on the Air (NPOTA).

One of Ruth's favourite ways to give back to the community is by writing articles and giving presentations about Amateur radio.  The winning article for the August 2017 QST Cover Plaque award was  “Youth DX Adventure on the Caribbean Island of Saba” by Ruth Willet, KM4LA (page 70). She was a member of the 2016 Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure to the island of Saba, callsign PJ6Y and on the air from August 2-9, 2016.  team website is http://www.qsl.net/n6jrl/
At the 2017 Dayton Hamvention she was the keynote speaker at the annual DX Dinner and at the 30th Hamvention Youth Forum in 2017.
After seeing how much fun Ruth was having in Amateur Radio, her mother Sharon  KM4TVU, became a ham in May 2016
See great pics  Youth DX Adventure, Caribbean Island of Saba   
Sources: QRZ.com
YL.beam #46 May 2017:  Amateur Radio Newsline, Neil Rapp, WB9VPG. Report 2055, March 17, 2017

Dxpedition - T88YL  Palau, Micronesia.
YL - Tatsuko, JJ1BDT will be active from Koror, Palau as T88YL during June 22-27, 2018. She is new to HF bands so asks for patience. QRV holiday-style on 40-17-15m, SSB/ QSL via JR1FKR.

Palau is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. The country contains approximately 340 islands, forming the western chain of the Caroline Islands in Micronesia Palau shares maritime boundaries with the Philippines, Indonesia, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

2009, Palau announced that it would create the world's first shark sanctuary. Protecting about 600,000 square kilometres (230,000 sq mi) of ocean, a similar size to France.

Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only);
SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D  jhjacobsza@gmail.com   
 yl.beam newsletters  Eda    zs6ye.yl@gmail.com        
Archived at WEST RAND ARC
 wrarc-anode.blogspot.com   &   https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/   
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar - June 2018
1 - 3,  · Messe/  Ham Fair Friedrichshafen (Germany)
7 Anniversary of 1st yl.beam newsletter June 2011;
2-3     WARO (Women's Amateur Radio Organ. New Zealand) celebrates 56 years
2-3    RSGB Field Day CW    /     SEANET (South East Asia Net)
2-3     Museum Ships Weekend
10     Hammies Sprint    14:00 to 15:00 UTC  (RSA)
10      Green Party 2018 event, 0600z  June 9th, to 0559z, June 10th
 ARER (The Romanian Association of Environmentalists Radio-amateurs)
16      Youth Day    RSA
17      World QRP Day / Father’s Day (RSA)
16-17 International Museums Weekends 2018  3rd weekend in June primary weekend
16-17 World Castles Weekend  (WCW-2018). castles and  fortresses of the World on air
21- 25 SARL Top Band  (RSA)
23-24  King of Spain Contest, SSB    1200Z, Jun 23 to 1200Z, Jun 24
23-24  ARRL Field Day 1800Z, Jun 23 to 2100Z, Jun 24 (USA) Field Day:  June 23-25 is ARRL 
23-24  International Museums Weekends 2018     4th weekend
July 1    ZS5 Sprint    14:00 to 15:00 UTC  (KZN - RSA)
1 Alexanderson Day 2018-Varberg Radio, Swedan (Sunday end June/ begin July


yl.beam # 58 may 2018

Silent Keys (YLs) 
 Oops &   Local-is-lekker
Morse Code- CW (92 Code; Q-Code; Distress Signals SOS; The RST Code)
First Danish women telegraph operator  HISTORY 
Three generations of  Yls in the family
Events:Belgian Amateur Radio Union 70th birthday; "CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend;  
           DAYTON HAMVENTION 2018 ;  Portuguese Navy Day Contest,    
          MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND;    Russian YL Elena RC5A Dxpedition
QRZ CONTACTS&  Calendar 
Silent Key:  (YL) P43E  Emily Thiel  (27/09/1968 - 12/04/2018) 
Emily Thiel, P43E, of Oranjestad, Aruba, died on April 12 after suffering an apparent stroke while hiking in Aruba National Park. She was 49. Thiel was a competitor at WRTC 2006 (held in Brazil), a member of the Aruba Amateur Radio Club, and she managed the Aruba QSL Bureau.
Licensed in 1997, she attended various conventions and hamfests around the world. She was part of the A61AJ multi-operator team for the 2003 CQ World Wide SSB Contest. Thiel was a member of the FISTS Club and of the YLRL.

Silent Key:  (YL) Sandra Heyn  WA6WZN ( 27/09/1968 – 28/04/2018) 
Of Costa Mesa, California, died at home on April 28th following a three year battle with cancer.  She was 75.
Sandi was a member of the Orange County Amateur Radio Club, the Palomar Amateur Radio Club, the Quarter Century Wireless Association, the Southern California DX Club, the Young Ladies Radio C lub of Los Angeles, she was a past officer of the Young Ladies Radio League, a life member of the American Radio Relay League, a member of the Western Country Cousins, the Bishop Amateur Radio Club, and many other amateur radio groups.
Married to  Fried Heyn WA6WZO for the past 57 years

Condolences to the families, friends and Amateur Radio communities that both these ladies were such a big  part of.

Oops     Errors yl.beam#57-April,2018 : 
Apologies to Ngaire ZL2UJT whose call-sign was incorrectly shown as  ZXL2UJT  (no x) 
and The Thelma Souper contest (NZ – WARO) was cancelled this year.
My apologies ladies, Editor Heather, ZS5YH
Congratulations to ZS5KIM Kimmy and OM Justin, ZS5JW on their marriage 27/04/2018. 
Wishing you both much joy and many QSO's.

Ed: Anyone know the appropriate greeting for hams getting married? 
Thought a few movie quotes might work (hihi)

"You make me want to be a better Dxer..."
" I think this is the beginning of a beautiful net."
"Here's beaming at you, kid."
My mama always said, life was like a DX pileup. You never know what you gonna get."
SARL Forum 24/08/2016 ---- "MOVIE QUOTATIONS" 

In this issue Morse code seemed appropriate in celebrating Samuel Morse's original telegraphic transmission 24 May, 1844. Morse code which proved so useful aboard ships provided a link to the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Ins) SOS month, the Portuese Navy and Musuem ships.
 Before the voice call "mayday", SOS in Morse code was used. Mayday is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal in voice-procedure radio communications.
From the French m'aidez ('help me'), it is unrelated to the holiday May Day!
From the first Danish telegraphic lady to modern days moms, ladies have used Morse code. 
Hope you enjoy, 33 & 88 
Editor – Heather, ZS5YH
Morse Code- CW  (92 Code; Q-Code; Distress Signals SOS; The RST Code)
24 May  anniversary of Samuel Morse's first coded telegraph message.
 Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872), contributed to the invention of a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs. He was a co-developer of the Morse code, and helped to develop the commercial use of telegraphy.
  Telegraphy used long wires stretched between cities and depended on "Morse code", which is a way to spell with long and short pulses. Usually, those pulses were the result of a "code key", a kind of switch which caused an electromagnet on the other end go the wire to attract an arm on a device called a "sounder" which makes a click. The operator learns to understand the meaning of the clicks, and can "copy" the code.
Essentially CW refers to a Morse transmission using a radio signal - the abbreviation coming from the fact that it uses a Carrier Wave, or Continuous Wave that is interrupted. 
The 92 Code (Deliver Promptly) was first adopted by Western Union in 1859. The reason for this adoption was to reduce bandwidth usage over the telegraph lines and speed transmissions by utilizing a numerical code system for various frequently used phrases. 
 Today, amateur radio operators still use codes 73 and 88 profusely. Radio-amateurs also occasionally use the code 99 for "Go to Hell"[? ], though this may be their own addition to the code-table. The Young Ladies Radio League uses the code 33, which means "love sealed with friendship and mutual respect between one YL [young lady] and another YL." The other codes have mostly fallen into disuse.
Q-Code  The Q-code was originally instituted at the Radiotelegraph Convention held in London, 1912 and was intended for marine radiotelegraph use. Today they are still used as shorthand between radio operators. Although originally developed to shorten transmission times when using CW, they are frequently used in voice transmission; eg. QTH (station location), QRP (low or reduced power), and QSL (confirm).
Distress Signals
When wireless radiotelegraph machines first made their way onto ships around the turn of the 20th century, seamen in danger needed a way to attract attention,. At first, different organizations and countries had their own distress signals. The U.S. Navy used “NC,” (the maritime flag signal for distress).. The Marconi Company, used “CQD.”  German operators used “…---…”.
Having  multiple distress signals was confusing and potentially dangerous. 

SOS is the International Morse code distress signal. 
First adopted by the German government  April 1905, it became effective worldwide on 1 July 1908 under the second International Radiotelegraphic Convention.  SOS remained the maritime radio distress signal until 1999, when it was replaced by the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System. (GMDSS)  
Among the last military personnel to use Morse code were signallers on ships, who used it with signal lamps to communicate over short distancess.. Merchant shipping replaced the Morse-based service in 1999  with satellites.
SOS is still recognized as a visual distress signal using flashing lights or reflections.  Used as an audio signal, Morse code can be transmitted via a radio signal  or even the sound of a car horn.  In survival situations, Morse code can be produced via the banging of pots and pans or knocking loudly on a hollow object. Morse code can be transmitted using touch or pressure.  For instance,  tugs on a rope as a means to transmit Morse code to an injured miner.
The RST Code: R - Readability S - Strength T - Tone
A system  of Signal Reporting was established about 1934 as a quick method of reporting Readability, Signal Strength and the Tone of CW. On SSB (voice contacts) , the final digit (tone) is normally omitted.
It is a system by which a received signal quality is graded, and a signal report is given.  "Readability" is judged on a scale from 1 to 5, and "Strength" and "Tone" are judged on a scale from 1 to 9.   "Tone" does not apply to a "phone" (voice) signal.  A very high quality CW signal is "599" (pronounced "five nine nine"), and such a phone signal is "59" (pronounced "five nine"). 
The RST is also reported on QSL Cards and must be filled in correctly. Although many DX operations and contest stations merely report "599" as a convenience to avoid having to log each of the real reports. 
 The use of a large number of abbreviations and the formalised formats for ham radio contacts means that Morse or CW can be used by people from around the globe even with a poor command of languages like English. 
The only Morse users left are licensed amateur radio enthusiasts, hams. Morse  Code had long been a requirement for an amateur radio licence, so that hams could understand distress and other important traffic, and as the means of last resort when voice was not possible  Although in 2003 the  requirement  was dropped,  large numbers of hams around the world still choose to use ‘CW’, and there is no sign of that dying out for a while yet.

First Danish women telegraph operator  HISTORY 
Mathilde Fibiger (13 December 1830 – 17 June 1872) died age 41 was a Danish feminist, novelist, and telegraphist.  In 1866, she completed her training at the Helsingør telegraph station, and became the first woman to be employed as a telegraph operator in Denmark.
The Mathilde Prize (named after Mathilde Fibiger) is awarded for contributions towards equality between women and men in academia.  

In reply to an article (yl #51,  4 Oct,2017) OM Larry  AG5Z wrote:   I still have the converter my dad built to allow us to listen to the beep beep beep of Sputnik.
 And  shared :Three generations of  Yls in the family
 My mother and father were both hams (W5DRI and W5DQK) since around 1951, so I grew up around ham radio. They would sometime communicate across the supper table using morse code. My brother, sister and I would not know what they were saying so we learned the code out of self defense.
I remember as my mother was working to up-grade to General, she had to learn to draw various circuits especially those of oscillators, such as Armstrong, Hartley, Colpits, Pierce, etc. She learned how to draw the circuits by sewing a blue skirt and embroidering the schematics in white thread around the skirt in a similar fashion to the popular poodle-skirt.
My Mom's W5DRI callsign transfered to my daughter, Natalie. Natalie passed away in April of 2014. My XYL, Sylvia, now holds W5DRI. Three generations of family YLs, in an incorrect order, have held the W5DRI call. I think this is kind of special.

Upcoming Events
UBA  The Royal Belgian Amateur Radio Union Celebration its 70th birthday.
 Founded in 1948 the Belgian IARU society  celebrate its 70th birthday with 59 special event stations , which will be active during the month of May 2018. These club stations will all use the OT70 prefix

  "CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend" (CQ WW FW)  May 12-13, 2018
A "foxhunt" is one of several names for radio direction finding (RDF), a competition to locate a hidden radio transmitter. Participation is not limited to licensed hams, as there is no license requirement to receive, so everyone can participate. 

The Dayton Hamvention is an amateur radio convention (or hamfest), generally considered to be the world's largest hamfest. Held each May, the first Dayton Hamvention occurred on March 22, 1952  (QST March 1952).
In 2017, it was held at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, Ohio near Dayton
46 Miles to Cincinnati, OH;  53 Miles to Columbus, OH;  138 Miles to Toledo, OH
116 Miles to Lexington-Fayette, KY;  139 Miles to Louisville, KY
119 Miles to Fort Wayne, IN;   119 Miles to Indianapolis, IN

Portuguese Navy Day Contest, 18-20  May, 2018 
 Portuguese Navy Day celebrations celebrate the arrival of the Armada of Vasco da Gama in India. The contest is open to all radio amateurs and SWL according to the rules. 
DATES. The Contest takes place on 18th May 9.00 UTC 2018 to 20th May 17.00 UTC 2018. BANDS. 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, 
June  9 – June 14, 2018  – The Portuguese Navy’s Tall Ship NRP Sagres will be docked in Boston Harbror and will be open for public viewing. 

 MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND  0000Z June 2 - 2359Z June 3, 2018  FUN Event!
Ladies of the Net will activate Museum Ships Weekend aboard the USS Lucid in Stockton, CA Saturday June 2! Ship call sign N6MSO. 

Later this year:
Russian YL Elena RC5A Dxpedition to YN4RRC – Big Corn Island,  Nicaragua
Russian Robinson Club members Yuri RM0F, Sergey R4WAA, Sergey RZ3FW, Yuri N3QQ and Elena RC5A plan to be active from Big Corn Island, NA-013 Nicaragua during November 26 to December 6, 2018. QRV on 160-10m, CW/SSB.
Callsigns to be used: H7/RM0F, H7/R4WAA, YN4RRC, H7/RC5A

Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only); 
SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D  jhjacobsza@gmail.com    
 yl.beam newsletters  Eda zs6ye.yl@gmail.com     Archived at WEST RAND ARC
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar May 2018
1-31   SOS Day aka Mayday month RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).  UK
5 - 6   AWA Valve QSO Party  (RSA)
7    ALARA   AGM 2018  (Australian ladies) On-Line Echolink & 80M 1030 UTC
12-13 CQ's 21st Annual Foxhunting Weekend, 2018       also Mills on the Air 
13   Sunday, Mother's Day, South Africa
15      International Family Day
17      WTISD (World Telecommunication and Information Society Day)  
18-20 Portuguese Navy Day Contest [CW, SSB; Time: 0900 - 1700 UTC
18-20 The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) AGM 2018, Gold Coast
18-20 May, Dayton Hamvention. 2018  (USA)
19   RAE and AMSATSA Space Symposium (RSA)
19-20 His Maj. King of Spain Contest, CW 1200Z, May 19 to 1200Z, May 20
20    ZS3 Sprint  (NC - RSA)
24       anniversary of Samuel Morse's first coded telegraph message.
26-27  CQ WPX CW
June 2018
1- 3 Messe Friedrichsha (EU)
 2 66 Aniversary SAWRC (South African Womens Radio Club) Founded  1952
    7 years since YL Group newsletter  #1 June 2011
 2 West Rand Flea Market (RSA)
2-3   NZART  92th Anniversary Dunedin, (S Island, NZ) Otago Branch, ZL4AA
NZ - WARO (the laadies) will be 56 years old (Queens Birthday Weekend  2018)
2-3   RSGB Field Day CW FD (NFD) 2018     1500-1500 UTC
2-3   SEANET (South East Asia Net) Contest (24 hours). Starts Sat. 1200UTC
2-3   MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND  0000Z June 2 - 2359Z June 3, 2018  FUN Event!


yl.beam #56 march 2018

  • World Women’s Day 2018
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine
  • Dutch Yls Celebrate Womens Month
  • SYLRA – Promotes YL of the Month
  • German Newsletter DL YL Februar 2018.    Heike DL3HD
  • Laura- the youngest German YL with A-license  DL2JJ
  • VOTA Diploma - Volunteers On The Air
  • Danica Flyte KC9W - ARRL  Sweepstakes 
  • An Irish Greeting to our Yls
  • QRZ Contacts & Calendar
  • Condolences

World Women’s Day 2018
For the fifth time, the DARC’s YL group and Sophie F4DHQ are organizing an international YL-Activity at the International Women’s Day on:
Thursday, March 8th, 2018 from 19:00 until 23:00 MET (18:00 until 22:00 UTC)
on 20m, 40m and 80m in SSB & CW
Participants from Germany shall send their log to Heike, DL3HD (dl3hd@darc.de) while participants from other countries shall send their log to Sophie, F4DHQ (f4dhq@orange.fr).

YLC Group (YL's of Chile)
Will Celebrate International Womens Day on Saturday 10h March – Sunday 11th March
Commencing: Saturday from 1300 UTC (1000Chile)
Finishing:     Sunday  at 2200 UTC (1900 Chile)
For info regarding rules, logs, multpliers etc contact:
Leticia San Martin Corrial  XQ4NUA  Event Organizor      www.YLC.cl

Radio CLUB La Rioja, Argentina  LU1SFL
Will be awarding a special certificate in celebration of   International Womenns Day – March 8, 2018 –  for contacts during the week.
From March 05,  00:00 UTC (21:00 hs. LU)until March 11, 03:00 UTC (00:00 hs LU)
All bands   For more info see  their Facebook page.
 logs to: diadelamujer@lu1sf.com.ar


Hello Ladies – March is OUR month! International Womens Day is celebrated every March 8 and for our Radio yls there will be lots of opportunites to make contacts (Hopefully the sun will also be with us?) Please join the French and German ladies, or the South American ladies – maybe both!
And if you unable to make contact, then the Dutch ladies will be available for the rest of the month. YAY!  And there is CLARA's Chatter Party . So even if it is not Womens Day in your country, reach out to our women-on-the-air during March!.
Be inspired by Danica Flyte (KC9W) from the USA, who shares her contesting experience. Listen for the "Volunteers On The Air”  and remember to share your thoughts, news and pics with us. Enjoy – 33 & 88     Editor - Eda. ZS5YH 


Dutch Ladies celebrate the month of March
March 2018 will be our month… with an YL-award!   Posted on 23/02/2018 by PA1ENG
womens-dayThursday 8th of March is International Women’s day, many countries in the world celebrate the achievement of women in society. YLs in countries around us therefore organize contests and special awards. As on March 17th and 18th we will participate in the Russian DX contest we decided to call this March our month. We did some quiet preparations and can finally tell that after more than twenty years the Dutch Young Ladies Club will have an YL-award again!

From the 1st up until the 31st of March nine (!) YLs of the PI4YLC contest team will activate their calls. When a QSO is made with (a minimum) of three of these YLs a special YL-award has been earned. It will be downloadable from our website. Unfortunately the call PI4YLC itself cannot count for the award because of partcipation in the Russian DX contest.
YLs participating:    
Mariëtte PA1ENG    Lisa PA2LS    Claudia PA5CT   
Anneke PB8YL    Ineke PD2CWM    Heather PD3GVQ   
Suzan PD3SZN    Sonja PD4SON    Ramona PD9YL
More information on what the YL-award will look like and where it will be downloadable will follow in near future. We hope for many nice QSOs with radioamateurs all over the world!

SYLRA (Scandanavian YL Rdio Assoc) – Promotes YL of the Month
During 2018 there will be featured a YL of the month. This is an idea that was brought up at the SYLRA Kungsbacka meeting in 2017.
We have been asking several YL to answer several questions about them selves as radio amateurs, including a photo. If you are a SYLRA member and would like to participate (this is nothing serious, just fun, hi) please contact the webmaster Anna at tf3vb@sylra.is for further information.
Next SYLRA meeting will be in Norway 2019

Newsletter DL YL Februar 2018.    Heike DL3HD
Laura- the youngest German YL with A-license  DL2JJ
VOTA Diploma - Volunteers On The Air
Dear YL and interested OM,

YL relay diploma
On 31.01.2018 the last QSOs were worked. This great relay activity was completed ln 1 year, which no one had expected. In the CQ DL 04/2018 we will publish a detailed report  about the  more than 40,000 QSOs ! Many thanks to all YL s who participated in this campaign and the numerous calling stations.
YL  DL-F Women's Day Contest 2018
I am already looking forward to many participants and wish you all fun and good luck!
(Applications can be found on the YL page)

Laura- the youngest German YL (DL2JJ) with A-license

Laura Bergmann is only 11 years old (2018) and on January 30, 2018 she passed her Extra Class exam (Class A) at the BNetzA in Eschborn  [Frankfurt area] . She may be the youngest radio amateur in Germany and one of the youngest in Europe.  Congratulations on this extremely remarkable achievement!
Laura got her first call sign on October 24, 2017 - During the first week of her school holidays  she went to an intensive course to get her call sign. During the second week of her vacation she began to study and practiced a lot. On October 24, she obtained  DO9JJ, class E. On January 30, 2018 she received her new call-sign  DL2JJ
Now, there is nothing to stop Laura  supporting her parents in contests and competitions, as well as in the SOTA and YOTA expeditions. The "JJs" now always appear together (Papa Emil, DL8JJ and Mama Verji, DL9JJ)... one thing Laura is missing: CW. This will probably be Laura's next goal, to make her QSOs (almost) as fast and as good in CW as Dad. :-)
Her dad proudly said, "We learned and practiced diligently, it was not easy, but with a lot of fun, mutual motivation and purposefulness we made it and we are happy to hear Laura on the air with her new call sign DL2JJ."
The whole district of Hesse congratulates her on this achievement and wishes Laura, DL2JJ, good luck  in her hobby amateur radio. Now, however, it is time for Laura to dedicate herself  to her school activities .... Congratulations to all "Jjs"!    Heinz, DL3AH     DV Hesse

 WRTC - World Radiosport Team Championship, is an amateur radio contest.  An invitation-only event in which the world's elite contesters compete against one another using amateur radio stations that are in one geographic area of the world and are equipped with similar antennas and operating restrictions.
2018 will mark Germany's first time hosting WRTC, which takes place in conjunction with the IARU HF Championship event on 15 and 16 July 2018

VOTA-Award - The "Volunteers On The Air "
VOTA-Award" Can be obtained by all radio amateurs and SWLs via the DARC-Community-Logbook (DCL). The award aims at working WRTC 2018 volunteers to collect VOTA Numbers. VOTA Numbers will be distributed by registered volunteers of the WRTC 2018 from January 1st until December 31st 2018.
Volunteers-On-The-Air -- VOTA  Award for 2018. This award recognises that the volunteers are at the core of the radio world team championship in Germany without whom it would not be possible. Volunteers, set up antennas and tents, look after the competition sites and participants and work in the event office.
Each registered volunteer has an exclusive VOTA number for 2018 and can give it out though his or her amateur radio activities. The volunteer thus represents the WRTC on the air.
The VOTA Award can be applied for via the DCL (DARC Community Logbook https://dcl.darc.de).  (diploma conditions on the web page). The diploma application is generated automatically and the VOTA numbers list stored in the DCL.
So far,(Jan 2018) over 125 VOTA numbers have been issued. Among the list is exotic number DP-001, which will hopefully be activated soon by DP1POL (DL5XL).
A first activity hour is scheduled for Sunday 14th. January from 8 to 9 UTC on 80 m. Many volunteers want to be QRV and distribute their VOTA number. Activity hour contacts added to QSOs in the subsequent 10-m contest may make it possible for the first VOTA Award (number 1) to be awarded.    http://www.wrtc2018.de/index.php/en/activities/wwqr-award-me

VOTA Diploma – YL Volunteers On The Air
Among the helpers there are quite a few Yls , be sure to look for them.-  list below.
CT9 / DL3KWR CT3-001 Rosel ;    DB8RH DL-033 Renate   
DC2CT DL-115 Heike;    DG0EQ DL-065 Rita   
DK9MEL DL-076 Melanie;    DL1TM DL-025 Ela   
DL3ABL DL-101 Andrea;    DL3KWR DL-067 Rosel   
DM4EZ DL-085 Evelin;    DO2ROA DL-107 Beate   
DO5HO DL-104 Hava   

Danica Flyte KC9W - ARRL  Sweepstakes  November 20, 2017 

Well, I participated in my first ARRL November Sweepstakes this weekend, and had been preparing the week before by getting familiar with the Icom IC-765, the Win-Test logging software, and figuring out which of the multitude of antennas to use with the many different bands from which to choose. I was overwhelmed to say the least!
Initially, I thought there’d be a half-dozen other operators at W0AIH's ham shack at "the Farm" as in the other two contests I’d been in, but what a shock to learn I'd be operating all by myself! It seemed impossible that I’d even be able to turn everything on, let alone operate all weekend!
With a break overnight to go home and sleep, I wound up operating 21 hours, getting 38,106 points from 261 contacts in 73 different sections. Had SO MUCH FUN though as I finally got the hang of reciting the long "exchange" to each contact as we'd somewhat mimic an ARRL Radiogram format, "126 A KC9NZZ 08 WI" using my phonetic alphabet. The hardest part was getting the hang of immediately typing it into the computer, as I'd always written everything in my notebook first. Once I dumped that bad habit, it really picked up! I learned a lot of things for my next contest and can't wait to see how it goes in the future! I sure got the contesting bug!
Paul stopped in several times to check on my progress, fix a few things when I couldn’t transmit, and encourage me. I received prior tips and hours of assistance online and even on the phone from fellow club members and Facebook group friends (ALL of whom are hams) I don’t think I could have ever managed to do this weekend without everyone’s help! Thank you!
Danica Flyte 21 hours of operation and 261 QSOs for a total score of 38,106. I got 73 different sections.


[Originally in YL#12-May 2013, reprinted here both for St Patrick's Day 17 March, 2018 and for  all Yls at this our special time of year.]
 The Day of the YL’s:
May the ionosphere rise to meet you.
May the QRM be always in the background.
May the sunspots shine warmly on your log.
May the rain fall softly on your beam,
and until we meet again,
may you always hold your mike in the palm of your hand!

Shillelagh O'Sparky         by: Hamtestonline Amateur Radio Club, N1HTO


Tony Coleman, ZS5ACB, went silent on Friday 9 February 2018. We extend our sincere condolences to Sheila, ZS5SC, Peter, ZS6PLC, Louisa, ZS6LU, Harry and John, ZS6JON, other family and friends.
Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club (PEARS) regrets to announce the passing of Trevor Scarr ZS2AE, at the age of 85.  Sincere condolences to Chris, ZS2AAW, Vanessa, ZS2VS, family and friends.

QRZ CONTACTS:   Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only);

SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D  jhjacobsza@gmail.com   
 yl.beam newsletters  Eda    zs6ye.yl@gmail.com        Archived at WEST RAND ARC
 wrarc-anode.blogspot.com   &   https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/   
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar March 2018
2-3    Japan Ladies Radio Society (JLRS) 15:00UTC March 2 - 15:00UTC March 3, 2018
3 - 4   ARRL DX SSB
4      SARL Hamnet 40 m Simulated Emerg Contest    1200Z-1400Z,
6      AGCW YL-CW Party    1900Z-2100Z, (Activity Group CW)
08    International Women’s Day
10- 11     YLC Group (YL's of Chile)  Celebrate International Womens Day
10-11     SARL VHF/UHF Analogue / Digital Contest 1000Z, Mar 10 -1000Z, Mar 11
10-11     RSGB Commonwealth Contest 82nd
10-11    South America 10 Meter Contest    1200Z, Mar 10 to 1200Z, Mar 11
11             Sydney Amateur Radio Ferry Contest, Sunday  2018 10:00 – 16:00. Waverley ARS.(Aus.)
13-17    CLARA Chatter Party  Mar 13 1700,-1700Z, Mar 14; & 1700Z, Mar 17 to 1700Z, Mar 18
17            43ste, jaarlijkse Dutch National Radio Flea market 2018  (NL)
22             AWA (Antique Wireless Ass.) 15th Anniversary (2018) RSA
24- 25      CQ WPX SSB CQ   24    World Lights out Hour 2030 Local Time
30            Good Friday/ 31 Pesach
31             Amateur License pay South Africa
April 2018
April 01 2018     Easter Monday
1          Portugal's National Summits on the Air Day (SOTA)  started in 2011.
5        80 m QSO Party (RSA)
6 – 8    PARA (Philippine Amateur Radio Assoc) Convention 2018· Cebu City, Philippines. UTC+08
7        RaDAR Challenge  (RSA)
7 - 8     SARL VHF/UHF Digital Contest  (RSA)
7-8         Assembly National U.R.I. 2018. (Union Radio Italy) Santa Maria degli Angeli (Assisi)
13–15  SARL National Convention, AGM and Awards Dinner hosted by Pretoria ARC