yl.beam #46 may 2017

  • Ruth Willet, KM4LAO at 2017 Dayton Hamvention DX Dinner  
  • AWA - Antique Wireless Assoc. (SA)
  • Hello from Japan! [JLRS]
  • World Telecommunication Day - 17 May
  • Dxpedition J5B & J5W AF-020 - Rubane Island (Bijagos Arch), Guinea-Bissau  Africa
  • Sunspots & Flares   
  • IZØUDF- Samantha Cristoforetti, Italian astronaut    EU
  • Austrian YL Newsletter April 2017   [pic from letter]
  • QRZ & Calendar

Ruth Willet, KM4LAO - Speaker at 2017 Dayton Hamvention DX Dinner
The SouthWest Ohio DX Association has announced that Ruth Willet, KM4LAO, will keynote its 32nd annual DX Dinner, held in conjunction with the 2017 Dayton Hamvention®. Her topic will be "Experiencing the Hobby of a Lifetime." 
RUTH is a freshman at Kettering University in Michigan, majoring in mechanical engineering and engineering physics.
As a member of the 2016 Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX adventure, she travelled to the island of Saba. The callsign PJ6Ywas  on the air from August 2-9, 2016. ( team website is http://www.qsl.net/n6jrl/ ) There were nine in the group and they lived on the island for about a week.  It was a lot of fun, getting the experience of travelling there and operating from the island.  They operated on satellites which most had not experienced before, as well as HF.  Getting to put Saba on the air was quite the adventure.
Ruth is looking forward to sharing her adventures with everyone at the DX dinner on Friday, May 19, at the Dayton Marriott, 
 Amateur Radio Newsline, Neil Rapp, WB9VPG. Report 2055, March 17, 2017

AWA (Antique Wireless Assoc.) 14th Anniversary
On the 22nd March 2003, seven founding members got together on air and the AWA of Southern Africa was breathed into life. Since then, there have been 10 presidents from around the country and membership has grown to 274, with members from 10 different countries around the world.
Saturday morning SSB nets, CW and AM nets,  Newsletters, CW open days, Valve QSO parties have all become part and parcel of the organization and has made quite a mark in the Amateur Radio development and heritage of radio in Southern Africa.
The best of all and one of the trade marks of the AWA is that Membership is free and by association. This was the cornerstone of the founding. Thanks to the members who have donated radios , money and time to raise money, we have not only survived, but thrived. Whether you are a new member or a founding member, we salute you and thank you for wanting to be part of this organization.
It is an honour and a privilege to be associated with so many like minded people.   Andy ZS6ADY
Source: # 129 AWA News April, 2017 - The AWA Committee


AM QSO Party     13:00 to 17:00 UTC Saturday 13 May 
NB: Date changed due to SARL- AGM
SSB QSO Party    13:00 to 17:00 UTC Sunday    14 May  

NB: Date changed due to SARL- AGM
Frequencies: 40 metres; 80 metres:Power 100 w
Exchange: Call sign, RS, consecutive serial numbers, plus type of radio used, e.g. HT37 TX.
Scoring:  valve radio 3 points;   Hybrid radio 2 points ;  Solid State Radio 1 point
Send log sheets by 22 May 2017 to:  andyzs6ady@vodamail.co.za.Party    13:00 to 17:00 UTC Sunday    14 May  NB: Date changed due to SARL- AGM

Hello from Japan!
I am Yukiko Maki 7K4TKB in Tokyo, Japan, the DX Chairperson of Japan Ladies Radio Society (JLRS). I would like to make an announcement that our club JLRS celebrates the 60th anniversary of foundation (1957) of the club this year. To celebrate our anniversary year, we launched the special station 8N60JLRS on April 1 2017 and will operate it until March 31, 2018 (for one full year).  We take turns operating each month from different call areas in Japan starting from 6 call area, Kushu islands, in April, and operate in any bands and any modes. 
We hope to make as many QSOs as possible during this special anniversary year.
Thank you very much.  Have a nice day!  33, Yukiko Maki, 7K4TKB   Tokyo, Japan

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (WTISD 2017)
 Celebrated annually on 17 May, marking the founding anniversary of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) which was initiated in 1865 and first celebrated in 1969.
The Power of Data
​ "Big Data for Big Impact," the theme for WTISD-17, focuses on the power of Big Data for development and aims to explore how to turn imperfect, complex, often unstructured data into actionable information in a development context
World Telecommunications Day is celebrated to increase awareness of communication technology among the public. It aims to make information and communication more accessible to people in remote, rural areas. The day is celebrated with a different theme every year.
http://www.itu.int/en/wtisd/2017.     http://www.festivalsofindia.in/worldtelecommunication


Guinea-Bissau - Rubane Island (Bijagos Arch), Dxpedition J5B & J5W AF-020 - Nuria Font Soler (YL station EA3WL) has been on another exotic dxpedition, go to her Facebook page to see some great photographs of Bubaque, Bolama and Rubane island in Bijagos Archipelago and their people.
(yl news featured their Dxpedition to São Tomé and Príncipe  #39 Oct. 2016)

After 7 days of operating in the Bijagos Archipelago, 7 to 15 April 2017,  J5B (Josep EA3BT) & J5W (Nuria EA3WL - YL) have  19,500 QSO's in the log!  The last operation from this reference was in 2010, more than 7 years ago. They are very happy except they no longer have any voices  and have returned home to ponder their next dxpedition.
Radio Equipment: 2 full stations: Equipments: Icom IC-7300 / Icom IC-7000
Linear Amplifier: Expert 1.3K-FA with ATU / Ameritron AL-600 (600 w)
Antennas: 2 EAxbeam (6-20 m) & wire dipole (30 & 40 & 80m)
Bands: 6-40, 80 m? Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY

The  Bijagós Arquipélago, (11°14’N - 16°02’W) are a group of about 88 islands and islets located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the African nation of Guinea-Bissau. The archipelago was formed from an ancient delta. Only some 20 islands are populated year-round.  Lack of infrastructure and communication links prevent the development of the islands' unique tourism potential.
Bubaque is one of the Bijagós Islands and is also the name of its main town.   13.6 km long and 8 km wide,the island has an airstrip and is linked by ferry to Bissau.
The forested island is known for its wildlife. The archipelago was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1996—Boloma Bijagós Biosphere Reserve, known for animals including marine turtles, and hippopotamus.
Guinea-Bissau has named the large Archipel Bolama-Bijagós as its second Ramsar Site.  The inter-tidal mudflats host one of the largest populations of migratory shorebirds in the world. The influence of coastal upwelling and estuaries and the large areas of mangrove support  large number of fish species. The site hosts the largest colony of green turtles.
Sources: QRZ.com, wikipedia, http://www.ramsar.org/news/guinea-bissau-

     Sunspots are dark, irregularly shaped areas which can sometimes be observed on the surface of the sun. They appear dark because they are about 2000° C cooler than the surrounding sun's surface .
    Sunspots can be seen with the naked eye under favorable conditions and have been observed for thousands of years. Galileo was the first European that we know of to observe the sun using a telescope. He recorded observations of sunspots in the seventeenth century..
    Sunspots often appear in pairs in which one is like the north pole of a magnet and the other like the south pole of a magnet. The two poles (sunspots) are linked by loops of magnetic field which arch through the sun's corona. Their strong magnetic field inhibits convection of heat to the surface.
    Soon after the sunspot cycle was discovered, more than a century ago, a strong relationship was noted between the number of spots on the Sun and the number of auroras that were seen in the northern (and later the southern) skies. A similar relationship was soon established between the number of sunspots and the state of Earth's magnetic field: When the Sun showed more spots, Earth's magnetic field was more frequently disturbed by violent "magnetic storms."
    Sunspot activity goes up (from minimum to maximum) and down (from maximum to minimum) in an eleven year cycle. Communication systems on earth and satellites are affected by sunspot activity. In addition, it has been known for many years that the state of Earth's ionosphere - the ionized layer of the high atmosphere that makes possible long-distance radio communication - is affected very critically by solar activity, in step with the number of sunspots.
    It is not the spots themselves that bring about the terrestrial changes, but other, less frequent and more dynamic events such as solar flares and eruptions in the chromosphere and corona.
    Flares are sudden brightenings of limited regions of the chromosphere. By almost every measure they are th
Calendar May 2017e Sun's most catastrophic and energetic events. They have special importance to man, for they are known to produce effects that race through millions of kilometres of inter-planetary space to rattle the upper atmosphere and magnetic field of Earth, altering the ionosphere and producing auroras and magnetic storms.  Solar flares are now believed to result from the sudden conversion of magnetic energy to the energy of heat, light, and motion. Flares have little effect on the sunspots themselves.
    Because sunspots are the most easily observed of all solar features, they have traditionally served as the storm warnings of the solar system.
history/nasa - http://jjw47.blog.com/

 Astronauts such as  IZØUDF Samantha Cristoforetti, are able to see sun-spots better than most of us. I am indebted to the Italian Radio Amateurs Union (U.R.I.) monthly magazine  QTC which featured this famous YL. Even if you dont understand Italian, its worth looking at the pictures.
Thanks to our Italian Amateur sister  IZ0EIK – Erica for sharing QTC and adding a copy of yl,beam at the end of the publication. (Editor  Eda ZS5YH)

Samantha Cristoforetti, IZØUDF    QTC Anno 2° - N. 6 - Aprile 2017 Pag. 46 -49
(born April 26, 1977 in Milan, Italy) Samantha Cristoforetti is a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut of Italian nationality. Between November 2014 and June 2015 she spent 199 days on board the International Space Station as a Flight Engineer for Expedition 42 and 43. During ASI's Futura Mission, Samantha conducted experiments in the Station's laboratories. Samantha is a Captain in the Italian Air Force. On 16 July 2015 she was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, the highest ranking honour of the Republic.
(ANSA) - Bolzano, January 3 - Italy's first female astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gave birth to a daughter, Kelsey Amal in Cologne, Germany, at the end of November 2016.
great site, lots of video clips:    http://www.wired.co.uk/article/cristoforetti-memorable-moments 

Austrian YL Newsletter April 2017 
Invitation to the 6th YL round of the MAFC [Mödling Amateurfunkclub]
The 6th .YL round of the MAFC will take place on 6 May 2017, led by (OE3YTA Tina) with OE3XMC the club-call of the Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub at 17.30 LT,  on 3740 Khz + - QRM.
All YLs and OMs, also from other ADLs or clubs are also gladly included in the log.
After the round, all the listeners are invited to the confirmation.
 With best 73 de OE3YTA, Tina MAFC YL-Operator

 Under the MAFC's (Moenlinger Amateurfunkclub) flag on the 5th of May,  we are organizing an amateurs' presentation at the 'New Mittelschule Brunn am Gebirge' for the 4th time, and at the same time taking part in the European Day of Schools.
We will start with a Power-point introductory presentation for about 100 students and teachers with OE1PYA, Peter. Afterwards, the kids can get in contact with other school stations on- air at a short wave station, managed by OE3YTA, Tina and OE4SLC, Sandra.
We hope to make many QSOs via Repeaters operated by OE3VET Emil,  OE4ENU Ewald and OE4NAU Norbert.
OE3OPA, Peter will demonstrate Morse-code to the pupils and OE3TDW, Thomas will show the young people emergency radio activities, and of course the kids - as with any presentation - can marvel at the great funkobil of OE3MSU, our Max.
Special callsign OE3KIDS from 9:00 -13.00 LT 
HF: 40m: 7175MHz 20m: 14275MHz and 15m: 21275MHz
Analogue relay 438.950 MHz Kahlenberg and 439.025 MHz
Digital DMR Local 2/9 and 1/9 and 438.3625 MHz C4FM Wienerwaldrelais
The Mödling Amateurfunkclub says thanks in anticipation of the QSO partners and school stations at home and abroad.  On behalf of the MAFC - 73 de OE3CFC, Chris  (OE3YTA, Tina's OM)
[Europe Week  5 to 14 May 2017; the 18th European Day of the school stations will take place on Friday, 5 May 2017, 10:00 am to 16:00 UTC ]
Austria Time (Central European Standard Time ( CET ) UTC +1 hr; Summer UTC + 2)
OE17ATOM - Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf
The ÖVSV / Landesverband OE3 - Niederösterreich as organizer - in cooperation with the ICOM - Radioclub, the disaster relief service of the Johanniter accident assistance / area communication, the ADL 350 and the ADL 303 (district of Mödling) hosted a special event for radio amateurs on 22 April 2017 at the atomic power station Zwentendorf. Information booth occupied by OE4SLC Sandra, OE4ENU Ewald, OE3CFC Chris and OE3YTA Tina.
QRV on all frequencies! KW, VHF, Dstar, C4fm, Dmr and relays
 e-mail:  Oe3yta@oevsv.at
[Editor: lots of pics on QRZ.COM page] 

YL on Facebook M6HMK Helen Melhuish April 22, 2017  at 6:21pm ·
After some effort fighting through the pile-up of stronger stations, I have just worked OE17ATOM - a station set up at a very interesting location - a nuclear power plant in Austria that was never put into operation due to the results of a referendum in 1978, but now produces 100% solar power. The attached picture is from a live video stream at the precise moment I was working the station :)

Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only); SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D    zr6d@ymail.com
 yl.beam newsletters     zs6ye.yl@gmail.com        Archived @
WEST RAND ARC       wrarc-anode.blogspot.com        https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/   
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar May 2017   
5         May      OE3KIDS -  European Day of Schools, MAFC's (Moenlinger Amateurfunkclub)
6    May     SARL- AGM Convention
6          May       2017, 6th round of .YL 80m contest of the MAFC (Austria)
13-14     May       AWA - AM and SSB Contest 
13-14     May,     2017  CQ's Twentieth Annual Foxhunting Weekend [Sat-Sun]
13- 14 May    Mills on the Air
14     May     Mother’s Day     [Sun]
14-15     May     Portuguese Navy Day Contest [Mode: CW, SSB; Time: 15:00 - 15:00 UTC
15      May     International Family Day
18     May     International Museum Day
19-21     May     2017 Australia (WIA) AGM 
19 – 21 May     Dayton Hamvention, USA    [Fri-Sun]
20     May     RAE     [Sat]
21      May     ZS3 Sprint         [Sun]
27- 28 May CQ WW DX WPX CW Contest
28     May SARL Digital Contest [Sun]
3–4    June    NZ - WARO will be 55 years old at the  Rotoura 2017 Conference


yl.beam #45 April 2017

  • French YL Award - Marie Curie  Nobel Prize Winner
  • Vimy Ridge - Centenary Commemorative Special Event (TM100VIMY)
  • Social Media...We Were First!
  • 15th – CQ World Scouts – HF
  • 18 April World Amateur Radio Day 
  • CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest 
  • Raspberry Pi
  • ALARA Meet 2017   
Marie (Sklodowska) Curie  150th Birthday
To commemorate  the 150 anniversary of the birth of Marie Curie (born Maria Sklodowska)
The association of the “YLS of France” have created an award in honour of the first woman scientist who obtained two Nobel prizes.
The award rewards all contacts with the list of YLs below.
Each contact is worth 10 points and all contacts with MARIA F6BAT are worth 20 points.
Each YL can be contacted only once on a band with the same mode.
Authorised modes SSB, CW, DIGI.
The award is attributed once 100 points have been attained.
The award is free (electronic version only).
The logs with the Date, Time UTC, Band, Mode, call sign and the Christian name of the YL operating the station are to be sent to F5JER@ ref-union.org
 This file can be used : 
Contacts : from January 1th to  December 31th 2017
 List of Yls :        Maria F6BAT;        Mado F1EOY        Alexandra F1UBA   
Christine F4GDI    Danielle F4GLR    Aline F4GPA        Cécilia F4GQW   
Maryse F4HBC    Nicole F4HFX        Claudine F5JER    Lydie F5MSS       
Marie-Jeanne F5MYL    Evelyne F5RPB    Marie F5UAY       
Joana DJ5YL        Tina DL5YL        Dora HB9EPE

Maria (Sklodowska) Curie Nobel Prize in Physics 114 ago (1903-2017)
BIRTH     November 7, 1867  Warsaw, Poland    
DEATH     July 4, 1934    Passy, France
EDUCATION    Sorbonne                
Marie and husband Pierre Curie were awarded half the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 for their research on the radiation phenomena discovered by Henri Becquerel, the other half recipient.
In 1911 Marie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discoveries and studies of the elements radium and polonium. She is the only woman so far, who has been awarded the Nobel Prize twice. She was also the first woman to become a professor at the University of Paris, and in 1995 became the first woman to be entombed on her own merits in the Panthéon in Paris.
In 1898 the Curies discovered two new radioactive elements: radium (named after the Latin word for ray) and polonium (named after Marie's home country, Poland). In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the existence of X-rays. In 1896, Henri Becquerel discovered that uranium salts emitted rays that resembled X-rays in their penetrating power.
Marie Curie not only made huge contributions to the fields of physics and chemistry, but also to the world of medicine. Curie had studied x-rays and x-ray machines and  her newly discovered element radium, as the gamma ray source on x-ray machines allowed for more accurate and stronger x-rays. She created smaller and portable x-ray machines that could be used by medics in the field during World War I in 1914, saving many lives.
Because of their levels of radioactive contamination, her papers from the 1890s are considered too dangerous to handle. Even her cookbook is highly radioactive. Marie Curie's papers are kept in lead-lined boxes, and those who wish to consult them must wear protective clothing.
Sources: Wikipedia

Vimy Ridge  Centenary
Vimy Ridge, a WWI battle site, is an escarpment 7 km in length in the north of France, part of the “Western Front” of WWI. Occupied by German forces after 1914, attempts by the French and British forces to take the Ridge had repeatedly failed with  heavy casualties. In April of 1917, four Canadian Divisions, captured Vimy Ridge, which remained in Allied hands for the rest of the war and served as the base for the wireless operations of the Canadian Corps of Signals.
In 1922 France ceded to Canada 100 hectares at the summit of Vimy Ridge to be used as a park for a monument.  Every year, thousands of Canadians make the journey to view the monument, inscribed with  the names of the Canadian soldiers who were lost or missing and who have no known graves.
The centenary of the Battle will be marked in April, 2017 by  formal ceremonies to be held at the base of the monument which will be attended by Heads of State.

TM100VIMY, Vimy Ridge
, will operate from  April 1 to April 9, 2017.
A Centenary Commemorative Amateur Radio Special Event
Organized by the Vimy Commemorative Station Society, British Columbia.
 2 stations on Vimy Ridge plan to cover 160-10 meters using CW, RTTY and SSB.
For security reasons the shack will not be open to the public nor to visiting amateurs.
Contact will have to be made the hard way – on HF.
Operators have been recruited from across Canada and France.
For more info. Contacted:  ve100vimy@rac.ca.    Or    http://ve100vimy.ca/    (Eng./Francais)

Buckeye Burr     - Social Media...We Were First!        
As Social Media…Twitter, Snap Chat, Texting…continues to grow the analysis of its impact is becoming more challenged. Just how effective are these new forms of communication & do they do more harm than good.
Well, when it comes to new methods of communicating it’s important to remember that Amateur Radio is, & always has been, first…in every way…creating & improving just how we talk to each other.
We have the high bands, the low bands, microwave, satellite, code, sideband, RTTY, EME, SSTV, Packet & now DMR. We have repeaters, a technology known today & Cell Phones! Nearly a dozen or more ways to effectively communicate…& consistently communicate…without interruption & without damaging reputations & world order.
What we do as Amateur Radio operators is all for the good…& all good…& we keep doing it & improving every day. When it comes to the real Social Media…WE WERE FIRST!
I suppose this all seems a little esoteric but I think about it every time I see new headline quoting social media as the source of a major story. It makes me cringe & appreciate what we as hams do & the way we do it. We report & educate our stories responsibly using reliable technology with ethics & professionalism.
One final word from the soapbox…. We have one other form of communication that works…the newsletters our clubs send every month. Well written papers without hidden agendas from editors & writers who care about their readers & the hobby they write about.
WOW! What a great movement with which to associate!! 73, John Ross KD8IDJ OH Public Info Coord
Buckeye Burr OH (USA) Section Journal March-April 2017 pg3/4      [Susie Scott N8CGM Ye Ed.]

15th  CQ World Scouts – HF
8-9 April, 2017  (2nd full weekend of April), from 16h00 UTC Sat. - 16h00 UTC Sun. 
CQ World Scouts is an annual activity organized by União dos Escoteiros do Brasil - UEB (Scouting Brazil) recognized by WOSM (World Organization for Scouting Movements).
Main objective of this weekend world event is to promote activity between Amateur radio and Scouts.

The Dutch scout group PI4SBR Scouting Bolstergroep Riel participates because contesting and operating opportunities are limited mainly to JOTA. Our involvement has taught us much and given us great pleasure.  As the National Coordinator every station that works with us gets extra points. Because the contest begins at 1600 UTC (1700 local time in Netherlands) we are looking forward to using most of Saturday working on antennas. Our website www.pi4sbr.com has photos of antennas used and lots of information relating to our group. You are welcome to contact us pi4sbr@gmail.com
The more groups that join us the better our chance of  picking up the Brasilian signals.
During Jota-Joti 2016  positive reaction were expressed about this event.
Everyone is encouraged to work one of the stations, if only to give points.
On behalf of Brazilian Scouts you are invited to come and participate in the CQ World Scouts contest. We hope that many scouts and amateurs meet in this contest!  Even though you may not have the entire 24 hours available,  please join us!
On the website: www.pi4sbr.com is a big part of that information in Dutch!
 Escoteiros do Brasil – Organiserend Comité CQWS    http://www.radioescotismo.com.br
PI9TP Thomas More groep Prinsenbeek    Edwin Janssen PE5ENJ
PI4SBR Scouting Bolstergroep Riel        Bart van Hoek PA1BVH
www.pi4sbr.com    www.facebook.com/pi4sbr

18 April World Amateur Radio Day
From the 25 countries that formed the IARU in 1925, the IARU has grown to include 160 member-societies in three regions. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recognized the IARU as representing the interests of Amateur Radio. Today, Amateur Radio is more popular than ever, with over 3,000,000 licensed operators!
          Editor's Note: The Manchester Mineira DX Contest  (details below) will provide an early opportunity to celebrate    our special day and  practise for 27 April Int. Morse Code Day

 CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest 
Supported by the Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissão (LABRE)
OBJECTIVE: Promote international unity and integration of all hams, particularly using CW; and  2 CWJF Brasil Awards;
DATE: April, 15-16  ‘2017 (annually on 3rd full weekend of April.)
PERIOD Start: 1200 UTC, Saturday; End: 2359 UTC, Sunday.
Mode: Only CW (A1A);    http://www.cqmmdx.com/rules/

The competition was initially limited to Brazil (1993-1996),  expanded to South America (1997-2006) and finally extended to the Americas (2007-2010). >From 2011, it became an international competition held among all continents and the biggest CW Competition in South America
The city of Juiz de Fora is so-called “Manchester Mineira” (The Manchester of the State of Minas Gerais) for being one of the most industrialized cities in Latin America.
 Everyone around the world can work everyone and multipliers are for each DX country, in addition all South American prefixes are also multipliers. It’s a good contest to try if you don’t normally work a lot of South American stations.

Raspberry Pi    (SOMETHING TO NIBBLE ON?)    
By JOANNA STERN    Feb. 17, 2015
Our computers have become too easy to use. Right out of the box, they’re ready to go.
No installing operating systems, no typing into a command-line prompt like in the old days.
We don’t even have to hit save any more.
Most weeks, I’m the first to celebrate this and to say I miss nothing about the way it used to be. But not this week. This week I’ve been using the $35 Raspberry Pi 2, a bare-bones Linux computer no bigger than a juice box. And I’ve rediscovered something I had forgotten: the thrill of tinkering with a machine and its software.  Of course, that thrill is accompanied, from time to time, with the urge to take a baseball bat to an inanimate object.
After using the Pi 2, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s a great way for children and teenagers to learn about computer hardware and software. It’s also great for us curious adults who are interested in knowing more about the worlds of open-source and software coding, and don’t mind typing arcane commands into a DOS-looking interface to get there.
    But don’t let that scare you. I challenged myself to see what I could do with the little thing and it put my problem-solving skills and patience to the test. Even if you’re someone like me, with little to no computer coding knowledge, you’ll be amazed by the number of things you can do with a $35 computer.

ALARA MEET 2017    (Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Assoc.) 
Friday 8th - Monday 11th September
Sign on for one of the breakout sessions by Diane VK4DI on how to use Logging Programs, SDR Radio and Echolink. Bring your laptop or smart phone and learn how to install and use the software.
 TREASURE HUNT! Form a Team and take part in a Foxhunt among the tropical gardens.
 TRAIN OR SKYRAIL TO KURANDA Meet at Cairns Station for Kuranda Scenic Train departure which takes 2 hours to ascend the winding Range, passing through tunnels, with stunning views of the gorges as you ascend to the scenic, cooler-climate Atherton Tablelands. Or from the Skyrail Base at nearby Caravonica ascend in Gondolas, skimming treetops with views of the rainforest and the Barrier Reef.
An ptional  full day tour of Great Barrier from Cairns. (Special 20%  discount for ALARAMEET)
NZ  - Women Amateur Radio Operators - BULLETIN    March 2017


 The more we “Talk Radio”, the stronger our sport/hobby will be, so enjoy this issue and please share it with your friends.
SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D    zr6d@ymail.com
Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only)
  yl.beam newsletters     zs6ye.yl@gmail.com        
Archived @ WEST RAND ARC The ANODE  
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: 
QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar April 2017
1st / 2nd April  NZ – WARO Thelma Souper Memorial Contest
1     April RaDAR Challenge;
1      April  Portugal's National Summits on the Air Day (SOTA)
1 -9    April  TM100VIMY, Vimy Ridge, Special Event
6     April SARL 80 m QSO party [Thus]
8     April SARL Autumn QRP Sprint [Sat]
8 - 9 April CQ World Scouts Contest
11-17 April Pesach
14      April Good Friday
14-15 April     2017    MARITIME RADIO DAY (MRD)— CW — International Naval Frequencies,
15-16 Apr l     CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest 2017,  1200 Sat – 1200 Sun;          
16     April     Easter Sunday
17     April     Family Day (RSA)    [Easter Monday]
18     April     World Amateur Radio Day [Tues]
20     April     Closing date for May RAE registration
22    April IMD (International Marconi Day) Saturday close to Marconi’s birthday 25
23     April     ZS4 Sprint     [Sun]
27    April    Int. Morse Code Day [Thurs] / Freedom Day (RSA)   
May 2017
1     May Workers Day [Monday]
6      May K.A.R.T.S flea Market-open day
6    May     SARL Convention
6-7   May AWA - AM & SSB Contest   [Sat-Sun]


yl.beam #44 march 2017

  • DARC’s YL Germany         March 5th, 2017
  • CS2YLS   Ladies-Portugal    March 4 -10, 2017
  • YLC (Chile)                                March 11–12  weekend
  • BULGARIAN YLS AWARD  03.01.2017 to 31.03.2017.
  • Womens Day  - YL Thursday Net  - March  9 Friday pm to 10 March am
  • St Patricks Day on the Air 17-18 March
  • Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLs at HAM radio Friedrichshafen 2016
  • QRZ Contacts & Calendar

This month is all about Womens Day and this newsletter about the friendships and contacts made by Amateur Radio ladies. Our European sisters seem most active and the Dutch ladies enthusiasm is infectious. Please share events you're involved with, send feed-back and pictures, or post on Facebook.

Wishing everyone many QSOs for 2017 and a Happy Women's Day,  33 (YL>YL), 73 (Best regards) 88 (Love and kisses)

International YL-Activity to mark the World Women’s Day 2017
For the fourth time, the DARC’s (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club) YL group and Sophie F4DHQ are organizing an international YL-Activity at the International Women’s Day on:  Sunday, March 5th, 2017 from 08:00 until 12:00 MET (07:00 until 11:00 UTC) on 40m and 80m in SSB & CW 

The scope of this activity is to make as many as possible contacts with YLs.
The points per QSO are allocated acccording to the scheme below.
All participants who submit their log will receive a participant’s award in .pdf format free of charge.
There are two participant categories: OM and YL    Points  per QSO:
YL  to    YL    3 points    YL    to    OM    1 point
OM to    YL    2 points    OM    to    OM    0 point
We would like to encourage a large number of YLs to be active and on the air during the 4 hours of this activity.
Participants from Germany should send their log to Heike, DL3HD (dl3hd@darc.de) while participants from other countries should send their log to Sophie, F4DHQ (f4dhq@orange.fr).
The logs should be in chronological order and must contain QSO date, time (in UTC), band, mode, call of QSO partner, name of the YL, RST and the points claimed. Submission deadline is: May 1st, 2017
The requests for award must be sent before May 1st 2017.
The log may be emailed as an excel file under following form (use your callsign as filename):
Name:        Callsign :    Email :
QSO        DATE    Time UTC  Band,     Mode    Callsign    Name    Report        Points
The awards will be mailed by Sophie, F4DHQ after the evaluation of the submitted logs.
The award ranking list will be published in the CQ DL and on www.darc.de/yl as well as in the respective amateur radio media in France. We wish all participants good luck and many successful contacts!
33 + 73 + 55 (lots of success)     de Sophie, F4DHQ, and Christiane, DL4CR

Yls-Amateurs Radio Ladies-Portugal will be active as CS2YLS'P from March 4 -10, 2017 this special event honours all the Women who have fought since the 19th century to today, for equal rights 
1)  March 4th - 10am to 6pm at the "Real Fábrica da Cordoaria da Junqueira"  Rua Da Junqueira,  Lisboa.
2)  March 8th - 10am to 5pm at the "Fragata D.Fernando II e Glória", Largo Alfredo Dinis, Almada.
We will be on the 2m, 20m, 40m, and 80m, hoping to reach YL's all over the world.
We invite all the YL's, Radio Amateurs,  Associations and all those who want to join us in this event.
Our thanks go to the "Real Fabrica de Cordoaria da Junqueira" and the NRA (Naval Radio Amateurs) for their support  for an event that we hope will be positive for all the female radio amateurs. 

Historial Background to station locations:
1)    Real Fábrica da Cordoaria da Junqueira,  Lisboa, formerly the Royal Rope Factory manufactured cables, sisal ropes, sails and flags for the Portuguese ships.
The building's facilities extend along the river for almost four hundred meters, with a width of only about fifty meters. These dimensions relate to the needs of the production process. Its location on the river also facilitated the supply of products to ship owners. Production ceased in 1998 and today the building, dating from 1779. is a national monument
2) Dom Fernando II e Glória is a wooden-hulled, 50 gun frigate of the Portuguese Navy.  Built in Goa, India, launched in 1843 she made her maiden voyage in 1845. The last sailing warship built by Portugal and also the last ship that undertook the India Run.
 Named as a tribute to the king consort of Portugal Ferdinand II, and to Our Lady of Glory, a figure of special devotion among the catholic population of Goa, the ship remained in active service until 1878, when she made her last sea voyage.
After being gutted by fire  the frigate was towed to an area of mud-flats  on the river Tagus,  remaining abandoned and half buried for the next 29 years.  In 1990 the Portuguese Navy decided to restore her.
Part of the Naval Museum display, she was a major attraction during the  Expo '98 which marked the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the sea route to India by Vasco da Gama..
The International Register of Historic Ships considers the Dom Fernando II e Glória as the fourth oldest armed frigate, and the eight oldest sailing warship in the world.
Celebrated by YLC (Chile)  over the weekend 11–12 March on 40m,  SSB phone.
The objective is to encourage participation and friendship between All Radio Amateurs, particularly the Ladies. 
Starts: Saturday 11 March 2017, at 13 Hrs UTC (10:00 hrs. Chile).
Ends:  Sunday 12 March 2017, at 22 Hrs UTC (19:00 hrs. Chile).
Participantes: All licensed Radio Amateurs – local Chilian, DX, Radio Clubs
Scoring points:
 Radioaficionadas YL (CD, CA, CE, XQ  DX) 5 puntos
 Radioaficionados CD 5 points
 Radioaficionados CA & DX 3 points
 Radioaficionados CE & XQ 2 points
 Instituciones & Radio Clubes 2 points
In addition, contacts with YL count as a multiplier 
Logs must be received by 31 March, 2017,  e-mail  Leticia San Martin Corrial contactos@ylc.cl
 For more information visit  www.ylc.cl,  which will be updated each week with received logs.

BULGARIAN  YLS  AWARD   27/02/2017 Shared by  F4DHQ – Sophie  
 Award “MARCH WOMANS MONTH- 2017" is established by amateur radio club of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), and is dedicated to female hams of the World.
To obtain the award it is necessary to conduct 10 QSOs with women hams of the world,
During the period from 03.01.2017 to 31.03.2017.
All modes, all Bands. Multiple contacts allowed.
Communication via the repeaters do not count.
The award is issued free of charge in electronic form.
Applications in Word format, cbr., Txt. Excel, send to the manager lz1cy@abv.bg
Applications will be accepted until 20.04.2017.     73 88  Sophie - F4DHQ

International Womens Day YL Net
  - Thursday evening Friday 9 - early morning 10 March
Every Thursday evening at 20:00 (8pm) USA Eastern (0000 UTC Summer and 0100 UTC Winter).
We invite all YLs from around the world to join in, so please tell your YL friends and club members to join us each and every Thursday! Connect to the net on Echolink through the ALARA Conference Server, Node 286905.  Join us in the Do-Drop-In Chat Room during the net - all you need is a web browser and you're in!
Sign in using your callsign-name in the first field (ignore the second one) and click Login!
Thanks to the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA) for the use of their Echolink Conference Node; and to the North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL) for the use of their chat room and linked repeaters so many others can enjoy the net.
OMs are always welcome to listen, but we kindly ask that only YLs check into the net.
See you on the net! - 33 de Net Controllers   Catherine AC4YL or Melanie AG4YL. http://weeklynet.org/ylntx/
List of Thursdays March 2017: 02, 09, 16, 23, 30

St Patricks Day & Radio Award

St Patricks Day Celebrating On Air: The event runs over the full 48 hour period over the 17th March worldwide (12 noon on the 16th March to 12 noon on the 18th March UTC) As each timezone starts and ends the day at different times, the event runs for 48Hrs to give each area of the world a chance to make contacts.
The St Patrick Day Award is  fun non competitive on air celebration of St Patricks Day. 
Anyone worldwide either licenced or as a SWL can take part in this fun celebration

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival, on 17 March the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461) Patrick was a 5th-century Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. The foremost patron saint of Ireland; Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. It is also widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora around the world, especially in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.
Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day. Perhaps because of this, drinking alcohol – particularly Irish whiskey, beer or cider – has become an integral part of the celebrations. On St Patrick's Day it is customary to wear shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories (the "wearing of the green")

Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLs at HAM radio Friedrichshafen 2016     http://pi4ylc.nl/en/
Posted on 24/06/2016: Today the biggest European fair for Hamradio started happening. Five members of PI4YLC, the contes tteam of the Dutch Young Ladies Club, are in  Friedrichshafen-Germany visiting the fair: Mariëtte PA1ENG, Lisa PA2LS, Chantal PA5YL, Ineke PD2CWM and Claudia PD5AX. It’s a great opportunity to meet Hams from all over Europe.
We talked to several YL’s from the DARC-YL-referat and some top-grade contesters like Irina DL8DYL and Sandy DL1QQ (WRTC 2018). We also visited the French YL’s and met Christine F4GDI and were able to catch up with Andreja S56B and Klara HA5BA. Tomorrow we will attend the YL-meeting, organised by the DARC YL’s.
Posted on 30/06/2016: HAM Radio 2016 is over and we look back on a fantastic weekend filled with meeting old and new contacts. There were very good foodcondx with cake, homemade cappuccino, ice cream and dinners in restaurants. This combined with the warm weather and the Bodensee (lake next to Friedrichshafen) turned the long weekend into a small holiday.
In addition to meeting various YLs (see previous post: ‘Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLS at HAM radio 2016’) we have met international contest groups such as D4C at the fair and IR4M at the Bavarian Contest Dinner. This might give us the oppurtunity in future for contest ‘DXpeditions’ to contest stations abroad.
Besides the PI4YLC team members there were other contest team members of the Netherlands as well at the fair: PA6Y from IJmuiden (see: www.pi4rck.net) and of course PI4TUE (sk) from Eindhoven who had traveled along with YLs of the Dutch Young Ladies club.
After a lot of years not visiting the HAM radio fair Chantal PA5YL ‘met herself’ at the booth of the radio scouts. In this booth there was a poster with a picture of her.
We very much enjoyed the several useful contacts and ideas for (contest) activities and had a lot of fun. We thank everyone who has contributed to our very positive experience. We managed to take a picture in front of the HAM radio 2016 QSL wall with the YLs of PI4YLC and our future team member.

SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D    zr6d@ymail.com
zs6ye.yl@gmail.com        Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only)
Find yl.beam newsletters :   
WEST RAND ARC       wrarc-anode.blogspot.com        https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/   
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar March 2017
4      March     Cape Town ARC Annual Bumper Flea Market
4 - 5     March ARRL International DX Phone Contest
4 + 8    March    Yls--Portugal CS2YLS'P
5    March  DARC’s YL (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club) International Women’s Day
5     March     SARL Hamnet 40 Metre Contest
08     March    International Woman’s Day [Wed]
    March 8, 2014 - A.R.S.-YL Amateur Radio Society  Contest
8 - 14     March Scifest Africa, Grahamstown
9  - 10  March  YL Thursday Net  (pm/am)
11     maart     zaterdag, 42ste, jaarlijkse Dutch National Radio Flea market 2017
11–12  March   YLC (Chile)  weekend
12    March     Sydney Harbour Ferry VHF/UHF Contest
12     March    Cape Town Cycle Tour [Sun] /     Purim
11 - 12 March SARL VHF/UHF/Microwave Contest 1
11-12  March     South America 10 Meter Contest, 2017 [12:00 UTC Sat -12:00 UTC Sun
11 - 12 March RSGB Commonwealth Contest
17     March     St Patrick’s Day [Friday]
21     March     Human Rights Day, S Africa
25     March SDR workshop in Cape Town.
25 - 26 March CQ WW DX WPX Phone Contest
31     March     Amateur License pay / schools close
1-2 April  NZ – WARO Thelma Souper Memorial Contest  2017
        80m,½ hour periods, 19.00 hrs until 21.00 hrs. (4 periods per night)
1 April RaDAR Challenge [Sat]


yl.beam #43 feb 2017

  • Silent Keys: VE5TAW;  K3ATY;  W1GSC,
  • Ja-No-Well-Fine
  • TDOTA (Thinking Day on the Air)  2017 
  • Helen Archbald, VA1YL (Early days, Guides, nets, Dxpeditions)
  • YLs activate Museum Ship
  • 9th Annual South American Lighthouses on the air Weekend
  • Australian : Sydney Ferry; Central Coast ARC Annual Hamfest
  • QRZ & Calendar

Silent Key: VE5TAW  Joan Ann Paulson passed away Tuesday, January 24, 2017. Joan was a long time member of CLARA (Canadian Ladies ARC)

Silent Key: K3ATY  Kathy A Krajewski of Newark, DE It is with a heavy heart that I email you with the passing of my friend, K3ATY. Kathy recently suffered an aneurysm after a routine surgery. The complications were too much for her to overcome. Please keep her husband and daughter in your prayers as they are devastated by this loss.  Her lovely voice from Delaware will be missed.  
Sincerely, Carrie W9FML OMISS President
QRZ extract:  an active member of 3905 Century Club nets and was currently the third area director. Kathy used to be a very active NCS for the club, having "called" more than 200 nets on 40 meters.  she could be found most evenings on 7.267.5  often as primary relay station.
She was a member of OMISS, (Old Man International Sideband Society) now approaching 10,000  members,  www.omiss.net
She changed her callsign, was kb3ntj, because it was  much easier for the dx stations to understand and the European stations love to call her Katy, thus k3aty.

Silent Key: Mary Cousins, ex-W1GSC, died on January 28, 2017. She was 108.
Retired librarian Mary Sibyl Wallace Cousins, a resident of a care facility in the coastal fishing village of  Deer Isle, Maine, (USA) celebrated her 108th birthday on September 20, 2016
In 1933 she became the first woman in Maine to obtain an Amateur Radio license; issued to Mary Wallace (her maiden name), age 24  -- by the old Federal Radio Commission, the FCC came into being the following year. Cousins' old call sign has been reissued at least once.
In the 1930s ham radio “was something that the girls did not do, and the boys were all doing it at the time, and I said, ‘I can do it too.’ And I did.” She operated Morse, to relay weather information.
Photo of Mary Cousins  celebrating her 108th birthday shared by Young Ladies' Radio League, Inc.  (YLRL) September 27, 2016 ; [shared on HamYl facebook]
Sources: Posted: 29 Sep 2016 01:28 PM PDT  

As 8 March is only a month away be sure to share any up-coming events concerning  International Womens Day, either by email or on our Facebook page...
Helen Archbald, VA1YL  tells us about Girl Guides and Dxpeditions; hope you find her frankness about how she  learnt 'on-the-air', helpful. Sometimes we forget to pass on information, assuming others already know! She provides a link for TDOTA which starts in NZ before moving west across the globe; and indirectly onto the lighthouse event on the same weekend.   

TDOTA (Thinking Day on the Air)  
2017 will be the 3rd full weekend in February 18 & 19 
On this day each year members of WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) remember the founders of the movement and take part in various activities to think about their sisters throughout the world and celebrate their Founders. On the nearest weekend to World Thinking Day,  some are involved with Thinking Day on the Air (TDOTA) using amateur radio.
Mona Burgin, a founder member of GirlGuiding New Zealand and every year on 22 February, Rangers from Mona Burgin's Unit in Auckland, New Zealand set off before dawn,  climb to the top of Maungawhau / Mount Eden. There they set up their little campfire and a flag-staff, and as the sun rises over the sea they raise the Guide World Flag, sing the World Song, and they speak of some of the people and the countries they are Thinking about - and so they start "The Big Think" which then travels all the way round the world.  Wiki

Helen Archbald, VA1YL  Helen's original incentive to become licensed was to be able to talk to husband Fred VE1FA when he was away on DXpeditions, but it didn't quite work that way.  Since 1994 Helen has participated in many Dxpeditions,  but she has one condition for going on a DXpedition - she goes as a radio amateur, not as a household slave!  And she loves a 20 meter pile up!
How I Got Started in Ham Radio and where I went.
Husband Fred VE2SEI got his ticket in 1988 and son Andrew VE2WHO in 1990. In the summer of 1990, a gang of young hams planned a Dxpedition at our dining room table. In the winter of 1991, I learned about something called Guides on the Air . I persuaded Fred to put on a  station for a few of the Guides I worked with. It was fun, but my hands itched to take control of the radio.
In 1991, the West Island ARC  planned another DXpedition at our dining room table; destination St Paul Island (CY9). I worried about half my family being on a desert island, so Fred set up the Collins S-line receiver so I could listen for them.  I learned very quickly: 28,495 21,295 14,195 & have never forgotten!
I listened whenever I could. One day I heard Jan VE2OL calling CQ from CY9CWI & no one was answering! I phoned Jean, VE2OC, & asked him if he could call them; he did, & phone patched me through.  But the infection had set in, I decided I wanted to be able to talk to them the next time they went.
After the dxpedition I started trying to match the QRZ cards the dxpedition had received. I did not even know that 20 meters and 14 mHz were the same thing! I didn’t know what rst meant! None of the guys knew about the search feature on CT, if it existed, or if they did, no one told me!
 1992 was the beginning of the no-code licence and the local repeaters were bustling. I kept a Kenwood 02AT in the kitchen and got to know lots of the VHFers. I went to my first hamfest & found out that they didn’t necessarily look like they sounded!
When GOTA (Guides On The Air) came along just a few weeks after I got my ticket, I had girls in & got on the air. I knew nothing at all about where to look for GOTA stations. I lucked out & worked VE3BAO who talked to all of the girls. He also told me about CLARA (Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Assoc.).
Summer of 1992 the West Island ARC  went to Charlton Island in James Bay. Again, our IC 735 was part of the DXpedition gear. I wanted to be able to talk to the guys so Fred set up the S-line Receiver & Transmitter & gave me a lesson on how to tune up. I was part of the Montreal team keeping in touch with VE8CWI. I got to relay  greetings to Hank's, (VE2HN) wife on their 49th anniversary; and to assure her he was fine but he wished he had taken his parka. Conditions were horrible – they had a solar storm – and I struggled with the tuning on the S-line.
The next year, our daughter Margaret, just 12 years old, took the ham course and got the call VE2ZOO. For GOTA, she took an HT to Guide camp & they were able to talk to the Guides I had at our home station.
Summer of 1993, the guys went back to St Paul Island. Margaret & I went out in the boat with them, then camped around Cape Breton, armed with Fred’s 5 Watt Argonaut & a dipole we strung in the trees at the camp sites. We contacted them several times.  But somehow, the infection got worse.
When the guys started talking about a 1994 DXpedition to St Paul, I decided I’d like to go But on one condition: I wanted to go as a ham operator, not chief cook & bottle washer. This was a challenge, with my whole family along! Then I got a new infection. I loved working pile-ups. I felt like a movie star with crowds of people trying to get a contact. Since then, there have been 14 Dxpeditions planned at our dining room table and they haven’t been able to get away without me.  In 1995, when we went to Pictou Island, I continued to insist that I go as an operator, not as cook. We have continued Dxpeditions although more of the planning is done by email these days, but the dining room table still gets some use.
CLARA sponsors  GOTA (Guides on the Air) annually on the 3rd Weekend in February. I have continued to welcome Guides to the station each February. In 2013 we had 65 girls & women come through in shifts.
When VE3BAO introduced me to CLARA ), I found out something about ham radio I didn’t know existed – Nets! My first CLARA net is in my log on Feb 23 1992.  There are 3 CLARA nets – on 80m, 40 m, & 20 m.  During 1993 the Net controller couldn’t run the net and I ended up with that job. In 2001, I was nominated as Vice President of CLARA and I did 3 terms as President. 
See great pics & article by Helen VA1YL about dxpedition to:
Bon Portage (Outer) Island  Nova Scotia, Canada (IOTA NA-126),  N.  Lat. 43°10' W.Long. 65°45'  
2 miles off the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia,  reached by a small boat and has no permanent residents. The southern end of Bon Portage has an old lighthouse and two habitable lightkeepers’ houses.
All the food and water must be transported to the island as well as the radio equipment, antennas, towers, generator and gas. It really does add up to a ton or more.

YL Event
Members of the Ladies of the Net Radio Club KM6CIR will activate the amateur radio station NB6GC aboard the USS Hornet Museum Ship,  Pier 3, Alameda, California  on Saturday, February 18 starting at 11:00 am Pacific Time (1900 UTC). Carol Milazzo  KP4MD.
The USS Hornet a Naval aircraft carrier, originally named USS Kearsarge, was renamed in honour of the USS Hornet (CV-8), which was lost in October 1942, becoming the eighth ship to bear the name.  Hornet recovered the astronauts from the first moon landing mission, Apollo 11, on 24 July 1969. Decommissioned in 1970,  in 1998 she opened to the public as the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, California.

17-19 Feb.2017 - 9th Annual South American Lighthouses on the air Weekend
Organised through GRUPO DX BAHIA BLANCA, under the official auspices of ARLHS
facebook  Carlos  Almirón   LU7DSY – has lots of pictures of Lighthouses, with up-to-date lists of those who are participating. 

Australian Events
SYDNEY AMATEUR RADIO FERRY CONTEST  March 12th, 2017  10:00am – 4:00pm local time  VK2BV - Waverley ARS hosts the second Ferry Contest.
This is a VHF / UHF contest which encourages participants to make contacts from Sydney Ferries or any of the 36 wharves around Sydney Harbour. Operation is open to any mode, either simplex or through repeater, using hand-held transceivers.

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club Inc. NSW. (Aus.) 26 Feb 2017 
On the last Sunday of February each year, CCARC hosts a Field Day at Wyong Race Course.
The largest gathering of radio amateurs in the southern hemisphere. – Amateur radio’s BIG DAY OUT”
Located just north of Sydney the club is also celebrating its 60th the anniversary in 2017,

SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D    
zs6ye.yl@gmail.com Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only)
Find yl.beam newsletters:
WEST RAND ARC       wrarc-anode.blogspot.com  
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: 
QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani
Calendar - February 2017
11- 12 Feb  National Field Day (South African Radio League)
13 Feb  Mon 2017 World Radio Day United Nations observance
17-19  Feb. 9th annual Sourh American Lighthouses on the air Weekend
18  Feb  Ladies Radio Club KM6CIR activate  Hornet Museum Ship,  CA, USA
18  Feb   AMSAT SA - SDR workshop NARC 
18  Feb  Youth Contest (South African Radio League)
18-19  Feb  ARRL International DX CW Contest 
18 -19 Feb CLARA GOTA  3rd full weekend in February (Canadian Guides)
22  Feb  Guides – Thinking Day: 2017 theme is “Grow.”
25  Feb  West Rand ARC Flea-market 
26  Feb  SARL Digital Contest (South African Radio League)
26  Feb    Central Coast ARC NSW. (Aus.) Field Day 
March 2017
4   March  Cape Town ARC Annual Flea Market
4 - 5 March ARRL International DX Phone Contest 
March  SARL Hamnet 40 Metre Contest 
5 March  2017 Sunday,  DARC’s YL Activity on International Women’s Day
March International Woman’s Day [Wed]