yl.beam # 80 march 2020

  • Indian YL Net
  • yl on DX holiday in Nicaragua
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine Quartzfest report (attachment) Kristyn Weed – KR1SS & Lyn – KJ7DSE, & Women's Day
  • Japan Ladies Radio Society celebrate Hina or Doll Festival
  • International Women's Day
  • Italian Ladies International Women's Day Diploma
  • South African YL Sprint
  • DARC- German YL group celebrate 7th International Women’s Day
  • South American YL groups
  • MAFC Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub (Austria yl Group)
  • Dutch Young Ladies Club - Proud 2B PI4YLC - 8th participation in RDXC
  • Top Florida YL - Dawn M Drury (K2WLS)
  • Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician dies.
  • Silent Keys: VK3FKDW Kaye Wright ; G4HES Shirley Hesketh ; NJ6T - Ti-Michelle Connelly ;
  • AF4DH DIANNE G HARRIS ; KB0ZSG Connie Ballantyne
  • Contact & Calendar

Indian YLs Net
Devulapalli Bharathi VU2RBI 5 feb 2020
I would like to inform to our radio hams that I have started aYL/XYL net between 600 pm to 630 pm IST in India (1200 - 1300 UTC), conference on EchoLink. Go to Asia - India VU2LHR-R .
It is only for ladies. I request hams please inform your YLs/xyl s about YL net. Pse encourage them to operate EchoLink. Once they start operating EchoLink I am sure they will be active on hf and vhf too. Please tell them on my behalf. Please announce on the regular nets. They can use their mobile phones wherever they are. We hope to see more activity by YL hams. Please join hands with me. I need your cooperation.

Nicaragua DX
Cristina WD8KUR and husband John KB8RJ from Michigan (USA) are enjoying 2 months, during February and March of 2020, in the small town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 10 miles north of the Costa Rica border on the Pacific ocean. This is Holiday style Dxpedition. A few hours of ham radio each day then they play "Tourist" in this Central American location.
They are using an end-fed long wire, covering 40-10 meters. 100w + paper logging.
Listen for Christine as YN5CS & John as YN5J.

Kristyn Weed – KR1SS & Lyn – KJ7DSE, Quartzfest Organizers have sent me a write up with pictures, on Quartzfest 2020, a Ham Camping event. Please find as an attachment at the end of this letter.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did and look forward to more articles.
If opening or downloading attachments is a problem please send feedback.
Several Amateur Radio women's groups get-on-the-air during March in celebration of Womens Day.
Its an opportunity for us to support each other and our hobby Amateur Radio.
It has several non-technical advantages: no travel expenses, traffic jams, immigration or quarantine queues. No language problems – we use Q-codes or CW! No jet-lag across time zones – we use UTC and grey-line (LOL). Our radio licenses provide us with a passport which allows us to make friends across-borders while racking up 'frequent-flyer' contacts.
So here's trusting that the only 'corona' we worry about has to do with 'sun-spots' as we spark the bands.
Happy International Womens Day – hoping you make lots of contacts. . 33 / 88 Editor Eda ZS5YH
Hina Contest" Japan Ladies Radio Society
March 3rd , 2020 (Tues) "JLRS 3.3 chick Contest"
HF band; modes telegraph and telephone .(CW & SSB)
Some of the contest rules have been changed, so please check the following rules page for details: http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/test/hina.pdf
Licensed Amateur radio Women from all over Japan (& foreign countries) are welcome.
please visit the homepage for communication . http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/

Hina Matsuri, or Doll Festival, is celebrated on March 3 in Japan. Parents celebrate their daughters' happiness, growth, and good health on this day. A set of dolls in ancient costumes are displayed in a girl’s house. This festival had its origin about 1,000 years ago

International Women's Day
International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.
International Women's Day has been occurring for well over a century and continues going from strength to strength.
The day is not country, group or organization specific – but belongs to all women's groups collectively everywhere.
Unione Radioamatori Italiani – 
Italian Ladies celebrate International Women's Day
International Women's Day March 8th. A diploma will be issued in free PDF format to all those who connect to at least 2 of the activating stations.
Activators - Thanks to Maria IU8CFS, Carla IU3BZW, Erica IZ0EIK
Request Award at this link:
South African Radio League (SARL) YL Sprint - International Women's Day
A fun activity to celebrate ‘Womens Day on March 8th between amateurs in South Africa.
From 1200 – 1400 UTC, Call YL Sprint; exchange RS(T) report and YL or OM.
Mode & Frequency: CW and phone sprint on the 40-metre band
1 Contacts between YL- YL stations are worth 5 points.
2 Contacts between YL and OM stations are worth 3 points
3 Contacts between OM - OM stations are worth 1 point.
Logs Sunday 15th March 2020 by e-mail to: zs4bfn@mweb.co.za .
Full rules: 2020 SARL Contest Manual Blue Book p56
DARC’s YL group - World Women’s Day 2020
7th international YL-Activity celebrating International Women’s Day
Organized by the DARC’s YL group (Deutsche Amateur Radio Club, Germany)
When: Sunday, March 8th, 2020 from 15:00 until 19:00 UTC (16:00 until 20:00 MEZ)
Where: on 20m, 40m and 80m SSB & CW
Who: We would like to encourage a large number of YLs to be active and on the air during the 4 hours of activity. Points awarded per QSO:
YL OM 1 point; YL YL 3 points; OM OM 0 points
ALL Participants send their log to Karin DL2LBK (karin@wraase.com)
The logs shall be in chronological order and must contain QSO date, -time (in UTC), band, mode, call
of QSO partner, name of the YL, RST and the points claimed.
Submission deadline is: April 8, 2020
The awards will be mailed after evaluation of the submitted logs.
The award ranking list will be published in the CQ DL and on www.darc.de/yl .
We wish all participants good luck and many successful contacts!
33 + 73 + 55 de Karin DL2LBK & Heike DL3HD

South America International Women's Day
March 7-8, 2020 -- Actividad *DIA DE LA MUJER*
Organized by: Latin American Operating Team (E.O.L.) Equipo de Operadoras Latino americanas
Associates: Grupo Grali (BA), Radio Club YL Chile (CE4YLC); YL Argentina Group; YL Uruguay Group, and guests from Paraguay and Panamá
Start: Saturday 7 from 00:00 a.m.LU (03:00 UTC)
UntillSunday 8 at 10:59 p.m. LU (01:59 UTC - Monday 9)
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 MTS. Modes: SSB
Logs & Info G.R.A.LI Mail: grali2011@yahoo.com
Questions, WHATSAPP : (+54 9) 3487-54983.

Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF) Argentina
LAS MUJERES,(yls) will be the main particpants, from different provinces of Argentina.
between March 4-11, 2020
From 00:00 LUT (Argentine time) on March 4, 2020
Until 23:59 LUT (Argentine time) on March 11, 2020
- Contact 10 of the authorized stations recognized by the Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF).
- Authorized stations will be published on the www.lu1sf.com.ar and www.logdeargentina.com.ar
Bands: All Modes: All Contact exchange (RS / T).
LOGs: (1) Argentina stations can upload to: (LdA) www.logdeargentina.com.ar
(2) Stations not registered in Log de Argentina (LdA) may confirm contacts via eQSL, QRZ.com, LoTW, or by the established system iuaed by each operator in QRZ.
It is the responsibility of each operator to ensure confirmations
The deadline for receiving email-logs March 31, 2020

MAFC Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub
Invitation to MAFC 18th. round of Austrian YLs
When: March 21., 2020 17.00 LT
Where: 3740 khz +/- 80 m band
Call: MAFC OE3XMC club sign
Location. HQ of the OEVSV in 2351 Wr. Neuda village
All YL's, are cordially invited to participate.
After the round, all Oms are allowed to confirm!
I would look forward to your involvement. OE3YTA, Tina MAFC YL speaker

Dutch Young Ladies Club - Proud 2B PI4YLC - 8th participation in RDXC
The Dutch Young Ladies Club during the Russian DX contest (March 21 and 22) organizes a YL meeting of the contest team PI4YLC. You can watch the Dutch YLs or participate.
This is your chance to get to know other Yls and if you feel like it get behind the microphone for a few contacts!
The Russian DX contest is similar to the PACC. In 24 hours we make as many contacts as possible in CW and SSB, with the Russian regions (provinces) providing the most points.
Thanks to Bas PD7BDN we can use this Russian DX contest of his QTH. The location is: DIRA-Group, Dekkershoek 5a, 2552 DA The Hague. You can walk in from Saturday 21 March at 1 pm to Sunday 22 March at 1 pm. Are you coming? http://pi4ylc.nl/nl/
Top Florida (USA) YL Dawn M Drury (K2WLS) 9 feb 2020 (Facebook):
Attended Hamcation this weekend. Went to the Florida Contest Group luncheon where they awarded plaques from the 2019 Florida QSO Party. I was awarded Top Florida YL which I knew I was going to get BUT the shocker was I was also awarded Top Florida SSB. I am the first YL to receive that award.

Katherine Johnson, one of the mathematicians who helped put Apollo 11 into orbit, died on Monday 24 February, 2020, said NASA, the American space agency where she worked for 33 years....
Unknown to the general public for years, until the arrival of the movie "Stars Beyond Time" (2016)....
Silent Key
VK3FKDW Kaye Wright of Braybrook VIC (Aus.) (SK) died 23 / 01 / 2020
She was Editor of ALARA and had been an active and dedicated member of the WIA Publications team and sadly passed away after her battle with motor neuron disease.

G4HES Shirley Hesketh, of Chesham, Bucks, (UK) became silent key on 25 January, 2020, aged 84. Many amateurs will remember her from her involvement with RAIBC, and getting many through the RAE together with her late husband Ron Ray, G3NCL. (RAIBC - Radio Amateurs and Short-wave Listeners with disabilities.)

NJ6T - Ti-Michelle Connelly (ex KC6TYB),– SK
Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T, of Yuma, Arizona, who served as ARRL East Bay Section Manager from 2003 until 2007, died last week (beginning of February 2020 ?). An ARRL Life Member, she was 72.
The California native also held other Field Organization appointments, including Net Manager, Affiliated Club Coordinator, Assistant Section Manager, and Official Emergency Station. Connelly was also an ARRL VEC and W5YI Volunteer Examiner.
"Even after relocating to Yuma, Arizona, Ti-Michelle continued to encourage and help hams and support ham radio," said Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, who kept in touch with her via TalkNet on EchoLink.
"Her spirit and fun will be sorely missed by many of us this year."

AF4DH DIANNE G HARRIS of Hoschton, GA (USA) SK February 1, 2020
January 24, 1944 – 1 February, 2020
Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Mathematics at Mercer University in Macon. She was hired by the Scientific Programming Division of Lockheed Corporation as a computer programmer on the C-5A production program. She married her husband Ron, shortly after her graduation. When he graduated and entered the United States Air Force, she left Lockheed to go with him. After retiring from the Air Force, Dianne and Ron moved to Suwanee and she continued working in her career, her last position being Project Manager for Computer Sciences Corporation. After moving to the Village at Deaton Creek near Hoschton, Dianne joined her husband as a ham radio operator, earning an Amateur Extra class license, call sign AF4DH. She served as President of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club and participated in many emergency communications exercises as a member of the Hall County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

KB0ZSG Connie Ballantyne, of Kingswood, Texas (USA) Silent Key February 21st, 2020
December 10th, 1955 - February 21st, 2020 "The Queen Of D-Star"
Facebook: Grady L. Evans February 22, 2020
Connie started the International D-Star Net. One of the oldest nets, if not THE OLDEST net on D-Star.
The International D-Star Net receives about 100-150 check-ins every Sunday.
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Calendar March 2020
Marconi event -March - II4MCY Foundaon of the first "Marconi Company" (1897)
3 March "JLRS 3.3 Hina Contest" Japan Ladies Radio Society
3 March AGCW YL-CW Party 1900Z-2100Z, (Activity Group CW - DL)
4-11 March Argentina "Women's Day" Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF)
6 March "Sculptor's Day" Special event Yl Group – Argentina
7-8 March ARRL DX SSB contest
8 March YL CQ Day SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09 JLRS (Japan)
8 March SARL YL Sprint International Women's Day
8 March Sydney AR Ferry Contest, (Aus.)
13-15 March Kelatedx 2020, D'geting Beach Resort, Tumpat, KELANTAN. (Malaysia)
30 minutes drive from Kota Bharu and 5 minutes drive to the Thai border.
14,15 March SARL VHF/UHF Analogue contest and the RSGB Commonwealth contest
14–16 March St Patrick Day On Air
17-18 March CLARA Chatter Party 1700Z, to 1700Z, https://clarayl.ca/chatter-party/
18 March SARL Wednesday 80 m Club Sprint
21-22 March Dutch Young Ladies Club - Proud 2B PI4YLC 8th participation Russian DX contest
21-22 March CLARA Chatter Party 1700Z to 1700Z https://clarayl.ca/chatter-party/
28-29 March CQ WPX SSB contest
29 March 34th International Ham and Radio Communication Fair in Diest (Belgium

March 2020. in Cape Town, South Africa
The Portuguese Navy Tall Ship Sagres will be carrying out a Circumnavigation tour in 2020.
Designed to commemorate the 5th centenary of the ‘round-the-world’ voyage of legendary Portuguese discoverer Fernão de Magalhães (Magellan)


yl.beam # 79 feb 2020

  • YLRL  YL-OM Contest
  • Brazilian YL "Lucy",PU3LYB Receives Award
  • " The Day of YLs " 24 & 25 May 2020 – In  memory of Silent Key (F5ISY ) Carine Dubois
  • Low Head Lighthouse - Tasmania – Australian Yls ILLW 2019
  • YLs in 12th Annual  South America Lighthouse weekend Activation (2020)
  • Contacts & Calendar

Low Head Lighthouse - Tasmania   pic aboveYLRL (Young Ladies Radio League) USA
YL-OM Contest SSB/CW/Digital     8-10 Feb., 2020
TIME 1400 UTC February 8,  - 0200 UTC February 10, 2020
ELIGIBILITY All licensed men and women operators throughout the world are invited to participate.
PROCEDURE OMs call "CQ-YL" and YLs call "CQ-OM."
OPERATION All bands may be used except WARC bands. Net contacts and repeater contacts do not count. Participants may work only 24 hours of the 36 hours in each contest. Operating breaks should be indicated in the log
EXCHANGE Station worked, QSO number, RS(T), ARRL section, VE province, or country. Entries in log should also show time, band, and date. https://ylrl.org/wp/yl-om-contest/
(source - ylrl-district-5-january-news)

Brazilian YL Receives Award
Luciana De Oliveira Blaskiewiski, "Lucy",PU3LYB  received the diploma from the dx century club of ARRL, after having confirmed 156 countries, achievement achieved in the mixed category, with 56 countries in phone, 25 In Digital mode and 139 on CW.
Lucy has become part of a select group of dx's as the first female amateur in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
Lucy, whose initial call-sign  was ZZ3LY lives in Viamão, a small town near Porto Alegre.
Currently active in the 6 Meters Band (she loves 50 Mhz) on SSB AND CW,
You can also find her in the low bands, especially in 40 meters on cw and digital modes.
Thes station consists of IC-756 pro and IC-7100, boom-set plus by Heil (Hc4 E-), 40-Meter Antennas,  1-element loop and 6 elements for 50 Mhz  and Dipole for the 10 meters band.   (PY2ZJ CW HAM BLOG 3 January, 2020)

" The Day of YLs " 
24 & 25 May 2020 – In  memory of Silent Key (F5ISY ) Carine Dubois
Niece - KA1ULN (USA) and Jenni Jones - M0HZT (UK) are organizing a contest Group  in memory of F5ISY - Carine DUBOIS who went Silent Key  3 November  2019.
Carine developed this YL contest but did not see it through to the end.- WE are now going to make this happen in her memory.
" The Day of YLs " 24 & 25 May 2020 - HF/VHF CONTEST - THE DAY OF YLs 2020 RULES
Aim of this day : To promote YLs activity around the world.
Time : 2020-05-24 00h01 UTC to 2020-05-25 23:59h00 UTC
Bands : 3,5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz & for the first time VHF (no repeaters)
To help competitors to find each other we propose to use frequencies +/- 10 kHz
from the following activity centre frequencies:
CW: 3.533, 7.033, 14.033, 21.033 and 28.033 MHz
RTTY: 3.588, 7.044, 14.088, 21.088 and 28.088 MHz
SSB: 3.733, 7.133, 14.213, 14.240, 14.300, 21.233, 21.400 and 28.433 MHz
Modes : CW, SSB, RTTY
The same station may be worked once on each band and mode.
Exchanges : RS(T) + YL/OM (e.g. 59(9)+ YL/OM)
For OM / YL 2 points For YL/ YL 3 points For YL / OM 1 point
Log software :   N1MM, qrz, lotw, eqsl.cc
more info on facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/746304389193363/

Low Head Lighthouse - Tasmania   pic above
Anne, VK7BYL, and Shirl, VK7HSC, were active for the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. August 2019.
 Here is Anne’s report  “A heckling of hams” or “An astonishment of amateurs” Both could describe the gathering at Low Head in Tasmania for the ILLW weekend which this year coincided with the RD contest.
Shirley and I set out on Saturday morning for what was for both of us the unknown (as neither of us had been out for some years); a weekend at Low Head in the company of several others. We were promised a warm house, good food and great company and all we had to do was to take a dessert or two and ourselves.
Despite a forecast of snow and cold both days turned out to be out of the box, particularly Saturday, with blue skies, very little wind, several whale sightings and penguins at the gate. The radio gear was in a sun-room at the rear of the house and gear supplied by Ross VK7ALH was everywhere. Mostly we used a Kenwood 950 or something similar. The antenna setup was impressive with a heavy-duty H-frame mast in 3 extendable sections mounted permanently on a trailer and cranked up to carry a trap dipole from 160 through to I don’t know what. I think I need to get back to study and wake up the brain which has suffered a bit through illness.
Conditions I thought were disappointing with not many contacts on either RD or ILLW. The bands seemed very quiet and the furthest DX was West Australia which we also worked on VK7RAA on our way home anyway.
However the weekend was great fun, the scallop pies were out of this world with a full feed of Tassie scallops in each one. The company was great. The tall tales bouncing around the room had to be heard to be believed. The weather held up and only started breaking up late Sunday. All round it was a great weekend.
Present were Geoffrey VK7GW and xyl Jenny, Leigh VK7FLAR, Roger VK2RO, Gavin VK7VTX, Andrew VK7DW, Roscoe VK7ALH, Peter VK7KPC and xyl Kay visited and a couple of tourists dropped in.
On Sunday at noon volunteers fired up the foghorn and for 15 minutes at regular intervals we were deafened and entertained by a very loud noise. All radio was abandoned and conversation limited to the gaps as foghorn blasts, which can be heard for 20 miles or so out to sea, overrode everything. Sound in decibels? LOUD! 33 Anne VK7BYL
(from: alara.org.au ▪ ALARA Newsletter Issue 171 OCTOBER 2019)

Low Head Lighthouse    AU0048     Location Lat: 41° 03.3355' S Long: 146° 47.3652' E
A signal station was set up at Low Head in 1805.  The  first light was known as the ‘Georgetown Station’. The light-station, established in 1833, about 7 km (4.3 mi) north of George Town on the east side of the mouth of the Tamar River. It was the third lighthouse to be constructed in Australia, and it is also Australia's oldest continuously used pilot station. This light is now unmanned and automated.
Tasmania's only foghorn, installed in April 1929,  was electrified in 1940 and discontinued in 1973 due to improvements in navigational equipment. Today, the foghorn at Low Head Lighthouse is one of only two functioning Type G diaphones in the world, and it is sounded every Sunday at noon
In 1940, electricity replaced the old vaporized oil system and mantle, and the clockwork rotating mechanism was replaced by an electric motor.          https://lighthouses.org.au/tas/low-head-lighthouse/

From the above report you will realize that the weather in August in the Southern hemisphere is not pleasant! It may go some way to explaining why the South American Lighthouse Weekend in February, the southern summer, has become so popular.
Started in 2009, it is important to recognize the effort and commitment of the expeditionaries who make the event possible. 
But the key to success has been  the combination of the activators and the supporters (Hunters) of the lighthouses, both parties are essential.
Several YLs  from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay have confirmed their participation in the 2020 event.
Thank you to Carlos Almirón (LU7DSY) of Radio Club Grupo DX Bahía Blanca, for updates, information and his on going commitment to this event.        (Editor: Heather ZS5YH)

South Americas Lighthouse weekend "Fin de Semana de los Faros Americanos"
12th Annual Activation -  14-16 Feb , 2020
BALIZA GORRO FRIGIO ARG-091 Beacon  Phrygian Cap (42 ° 35 'S - 064 ° 18' W)
Laura Fanelli LU1WL  who has participated  in all the activation's to date, will be accompanied among others by Rita Mabel García LU7DAC.
The light is a 5m high iron tower active since 1944 whose lamp has a range of 6.2 nautical miles. It is located a few meters from the New Gulf in the vicinity of Puerto Pirámides, access by gravel road.

FARO CABO BLANCO  ARG-001     Lighthouse Cape White  (47 12 S- 066 44' W)
Included in the team from Radio Club Commodoro Rivadavia, will be Anabel Alvarez LU2WWA and Gabriela Sinski LU9WZM.  Using the Club call-sign  LU2WA  they will be active on all bands and modes.
The Lighthouse Cape Blanco, is located at the southern end of the Gulf San Jorge, on a rocky promontory about 90 km north of Puerto Desired, Santa Cruz, Patagonia.
Slightly higher than 40 meters, to reach the lighthouse you have to climb a spiral staircase of 100  stone steps. 
An important reserve of marine birds and  sea lions.

CAPE SAN PABLO BEAM,  ARG-074, Cape San Pablo Arg.
The Radio Club Ushuaia will have a double activation from Tierra del Fuego by two of its members, Miriam Cami LU2XWL and Walter Heredia,LU1XP
 Miriam Cami LU2XWL, (wife of Walter), will activate the beacon Cabo San Pablo, Arg-074, using her own callsign. This beacon is situated a few meters from the original, now historic lighthouse.
 CABO SAN PABLO LIGHTHOUSE (historic), ARG-031  (54 ° 17.0 'S - 066 ° 41.0´ W)
Walter Heredia LU1XP, will activate using his personal callsign  The lighthouse has been inactive since the earthquake of December 17, 1949, After more than 70 years, it remains in the same position, located, about 60 km. southeast of Río Grande, and 116 km. from the city of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego.
 In the photo you can see in the foreground the historic lighthouse and further back the beacon of the same name.

FARO RIO NEGRO ARG-012    Lighthouse Black River       (41º 3.0´ S - 062º 48.0´ W)
Marina Diaz LU1VYL, with team members  Alex Rocca LU8VCC and Jorge Gandini LU1YJG,
using  LT5V  will activate  SSB, CW and digital modes, with 2 simultaneous stations.
This is the oldest lighthouse in Argentina and the first one built on the coast of Patagonia; located on the west side of the mouth of the Río Negro,  near Viedma, capital of the Rìo Negro province.

FARO QUERANDI  ARG 007 Lighthouse  Querandi  ( 37 ° 27 ′ 52 ″ S, 57 ° 06 ′ 51 ″ W)
 Alejandrfa Calla LU8DN, joins the team of the Radio Club Pinamar,
Erected 1922  it is an active lighthouse located 30 km from the town of Villa Gesell, in the Province of Buenos Aires. The area around the lighthouse was set aside in 1996 as the Reserva Dunícola Faro Querandí. Located atop a forested dune complex about 15 km (10 mi) south of the Mar Azul beach resort; accessible by 4WD vehicles on the beach.  The light station is staffed.

FAROL DA BARRA RIO GRANDE BRA 245 Lighthouse of Rio Grande  (32 ° 07 ′ 10 ″ S, 52 ° 04 ′ 37 "W),
yl Andy Becker PU3SEA and om  Adriano Becker PY3AK will activate with the prefix PV3SEA .
It is located near the town of Povoação da Barra. 15 km south of the city of São José do Norte, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
It is the oldest cast iron lighthouse in South America and one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere.

FARO PUNTA CALDERA CHI-065  Lighthouse Pt Caldera (crater) (27 03.1'S - 070 51.1 ' W)
Maritza Fredes CE1RFI and Delcy Maldonado CE1RFN, from  the Chilean YL Radioamateur Group, will participate using their own call-signs.
It is located on a promontory about 5 km NW  of Caldera city, in the Atacama Region of northern Chile. It is the only lighthouse built in wood in Chile and was restored in 1987. 
FARO ISLA PEREZ MEX-085   Lighthouse Island Perez (22 24.0 'N - 089 º 42.' W) iota na-153
Paty Mohedano XE1SPM,  will be team leader of the expedition to Perez Island in the Gulf of Mexico. For a week, 11-17 February, a team of the radio club Puebla Dx with the prefix 6F3a will activate the dx-pedition to the Island Perez IOTA NA-153, which also includes the Lighthouse Island Perez Mex-085.  Since 2015 it will be the 6th consecutive participation of the radio club Puebla Dx in this event. They will also be active in the CW ARL Contest as  6F3a.
 Patricia "Patty" Mohedano XE1SPM  will accompany Ismael Martínez Vizcarra XE1LAY, King David Ramirez XE1SRD  and Ricardo Orozco Campos XE1SY (qsl manager).
They are planning to work all the bands (6,10,12,15,17,20,40 and 80 meters, as well as satellite) with 3 simultaneous stations, powered by portable generators and deep cycle batteries. They will have three teams of 100 watts of output power, two antennas antennas of 6 Bands, a rotary dipole for the bands of 12 and 17 meters, as well as 2 dipoles, one for 40 meters and one more for 80 meters.
Pérez Island is a Mexican island in the Gulf of Mexico, facing the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and belongs to the Arrecife Alacranes National Park, being the main island of the reef. It is only 1 km long by 500 meters wide, with very little vegetation, inhospitable for human life, it is an important refuge of maritime fauna.
Lighthouse Montevideo  (34º 53,18'S - 056º 14.34 ' W). (GRID SQUARE: GF15UC)
Margarita Gentile Berberich CX1AZ and Alicia Gomez CX4DW will accompany the team of the Uruguayan Radio Club, event callsign  CW1C
Lighthouse is located on the top of a hill in the Fortress of Montevideo, Uruguay. This is the oldest lighthouse in that country, built by Spain before Uruguay became independent. It was inaugurated and illuminated for the first time on April 4, 1802. After restoration, the fortress was reopened in 1939 as the military museum Fortaleza General Artigas.
Online registration form and the official list of participants on the front page of the RC GDXBB website http://www.grupodxbb.com.ar
YL´s in Deutschland - German YL´s      

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Calendar  February 2020
Feb 7 -9    HAMCATION in Orlando Florida, USA
Feb 8 - 9   SARL National Field Day and CQ WPX RTTY
Feb 8-10   YLRL  YL-OM Contest SSB/CW/Digital   
Feb 9         YL CQ Day  SUN, FEB 9,  9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09  JLRS (Japan)
Feb 9         AMRS Frauenreferat –  OE - YL Runde Sonntag,  16:30 Uhr LT  (Austria)
Feb 13       World Radio Day,  UN
Feb 14-16  12th Annual  South America Lighthouse weekend
Feb 10-17  17th Antarctic Activity Week, 2020
Feb 15-16  ARRL DX CW
Feb 19       AMRS Frauenreferat – YL round, 20:00 pm lt., on the DMR Reflector 4185
Feb 22       Scouts & Guides celebrate Founder's Day, birthday of Lord Robert Baden-Powell,
Feb 22-23  TDOTA (Thinking Day On The Air) Saturday
Feb 23       SARL Digital contest
Feb 29       SARL 95 40 m Club Sprint

March 8    International Women's Day


yl.beam #78 jan 2020

  • 1st Women-On-The-Radio-Award  (WOTRA) 2019 Report back:
  • Siggi Becker, DK2YL, awarded the Golden Badge of Honor
  • Philippines YL - Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ
  • QuartzFest Arizona, USA
  • Ja-Well- No-Fine
  • 2020 YEAR for Amateur Radio Mentoring 
  • Have  Radio. What Now?
  • YLs are not contesters? 
  • Getting started in Contests
  • Contests for the listening amateur
  • Contacts & Calendar

1st Women-On-The-Radio-Award  (WOTRA) 2019
Report back: :    After the activity of the WOTRA  Award, and checking all the LOGS of the participating Operators, we have achieved a total of  5980 contacts, as the final result for  the entire month of November 2019. Considering the terrible propagation conditions we have had, we are satisfied with the results.
 Thank you to  all the Operators for the effort and work, for ensuring that this event was on the air every day;  and especially for the collaboration and work of my dear colleague and friend Erica IZ0EIK, who has been supportive from the beginning of  this project.
Sincere congratulations to all who took part and I hope, that for the next WOTRA 2020, we will be able to surpass the results of  this our first year.    33 - EC1YL Angeles.  ·3/12/2019
Siggi Becker, DK2YL, awarded the Golden Badge of Honor
4/12/2019   Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. Bundesverband für Amateurfunk
 Siggi Becker, DK2YL, has served  as the  YL representative in the district of Saar (region in Germany) for  more than ten years,  The Christmas party of  the local association of  Völklingen on December 1st 2019, was the perfect setting to thank her for working in the district and for the DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club) in the past years. The district chairman Eugen Düpre, DK8VR, congratulated her with a presentation of a  DARC's certificate and Golden Badge of Honour. He  praised her work and activities with a short speech.  "Thanks to her helpful, friendly nature, she is an ambassador for amateur radio," said DK8VR.
 In addition to the numerous exhibitions and fairs Siggi has attended or organized in recent years, she has also been an active operator in the YL expeditions and activations under call-signs TM57YL, HB88YL, TM64YL and OM88YL.

Philippines YL - Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ
Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ, is a DXer trying to connect with the world. From her station in the Philippines, she takes part in contests, strives for DX awards, and forms friendships. Those who have heard her on the air may know her as “Threeza,” and would probably recognize her signature sign off — “Mabuhay!” — a Filipino greeting, meaning “Live!” or sometimes “Long live!”
Return to Radio Theresa and her siblings grew up in Malolos, Bulacan, not far from Old Clark Air Base in Pampanga. Their mother, Marietta de la Cruz, was a poet, and their father, Bayani “Ani” Aniceto, was a mechanic for the military. Theresa became aware of ham radio on the periphery, but her interest truly sparked when she saw friends using radio to assist during public service events and disasters, particularly typhoons. Theresa and her sister, Maribay, initially passed their Technician-class license tests in 1994. Theresa enjoyed operating VHF on 2 meters. However, she didn’t own her own HF rig and quickly became busy with studying, sports, and work. Her license eventually expired, and she set ham radio aside until a friend lent her his HF radio and antenna in 2014. She dove back in and earned her new call sign — DW3TRZ. She said, “That time, I really had my first taste of  DX, and it was fun!”
Theresa also discovered a love of contesting (especially DX contests), as it gives her small station a chance to reach more people. Her first DX contest was the Japanese Amateur Radio League’s September 2015  All Asian DX Contest, where she earned her first certificate. “Contests are my opportunity to be copied and heard,” she said. “During contests, stations are all eager and patient to pick up each and every station available for points.”
She’s worked 101 countries with 81 confirmed on Logbook of The World.
She was eager to return to the bands and explore these aspects of radio.
“You don’t need to be a techie person, or have branded antennas, high-end rigs, and powerful amps to enjoy the hobby,” she explained. “You just need a little creativity, a little research, and a little experimentation — with lots of ham radio spirit.”
Embroidering New Connections  - A few years after getting re-licensed, Theresa was added to the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) Facebook group (https://www.facebook. com/www.ylrl.org) by Niece Haynes, KA1ULN. This group helped her feel welcomed and engaged in the community.  It was through this group that she was introduced to her mentor, Anne Dirkman, KC9YL. Theresa wanted to do something to show her appreciation to the new mentors and friends she’d found. She decided to make cross-stitched designs of their call signs for them to display in their stations — sort of an embroidered QSL card.
“Having experienced the feeling of a stranger becoming a friend and being treated like part of a family through ham radio is such a wonderful thing,” she said. “As a token of my appreciation, I stitched their calls. I used a ‘Mabuhay’ theme, so they know it’s from the Philippines.
It took a while to come up with the wave design for the borders, as a representation of radio signals or air waves.” Cross-stitching also gives Theresa something to do while listening to nets or waiting for bands to open. “Crossstitching call signs has become a hobby within a hobby,” she said.
She’s currently working on reaching her 100th Mabuhay cross-stitch project. Mabuhay!
As a member of over 10 amateur radio clubs and groups, Theresa seeks to stay involved in ham radio and to establish connections with other dynamic operators. She’s grateful for her many mentors, on-air friends, and YL inspirations around the world. She hopes to give something back through her cross-stitched QSLs, which she has sent to Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, the US, and more. Her projects take a lot of  time and effort, but as she said, “Promoting friendship around the world through ham radio is worth the work.”
To see more of Theresa’s cross-stitch projects and radio achievements, visit her QRZ page (www.qrz.com/db/ DW3TRZ) and her YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/ DW3TRZsMabuhayDXstitch AmateurRadio).
Member Spotlight Ma. Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ   www.arrl.org  QST  January 2020 p13
Author: Jen Glifort, KC1KNL, jglifort@arrl.org 

[Pampanga is a province in the Central Luzon region, on the northern shore of Manila Bay.
Current QTH Malolos city is 45 kilometres (28 mi) north of Manila, capital of the Philippine, on  island of Luzon    Coordinates: 14°50′36″N 120°48′41″E ]

2020  Jan 19-25 QuartzFest Arizona  - an ARRL Convention.
Quartzfest is a week long ARRL Specialty Operating Convention held FREE in the desert just south of Quartzsite Arizona (USA) the last full week of January every year.
Quartzfest is an RV "Boondocking" (dry camping) event which features 8 seminars each day on a variety of topics including Amatur Radio, RV'ing and Alternative Energy.
QuartzFest is special in part because it comes to life each year, rising from nothing in a remote area of the Sonoran desert in the southwestern USA. Hundreds of Hams and their families and friends choose to unplug from their daily lives, travel to and setup this desert community, and immerse themselves in this week-long one-of-a-kind ham radio, camping, learning and living event.
Ja-Well- No-Fine
Welcome to 2020 – may it be filled with QSOs and multiple sun-spots.
You have probably seen/heard stuff about “Amateur Radio” shrinking and ageing and I'm not going to mention what a small niche group we Yls are. But it has me wondering – are we doing enough to encourage our YLs? What would you like to know about, see more or less of? Below you will find some YL viewpoints, share yours with us. 33 / 88  Editor: Heather  ZS5YH

2020 YEAR for Amateur Radio Mentoring - KA1ULN  Niece Kaoneuln
Check her out:    ka1uln.blogspot.com      (for all amateurs but focused for yls)

Have  Radio. What Now?
Now you are ready to go 'on the air'. How?
Possibly the easiest way to start is to check into your local amateur radio club's net.
Make an 'appointment' with a ham friend and have a chat. Remember that a hand-held radio is not a private telephone. Nothing is private when transmitting on amateur radio frequencies. It is important for operators to always conduct themselves in such a way as to not bring any disrepute on the Amateur Radio Service.

Recommend your first conversations be on Simplex - then you progress to the use of repeater stations available in your area. Repeater frequency information is available from club members or from your countries league site. It is best to use simplex whenever possible, as this frees the repeater for other uses.

Repeater Operating Procedure
Monitor the repeater to become familiar with any peculiarities in its operation and to make sure no one is using it.
To initiate contact simply indicate that you are on frequency. "This is VE7(???) monitoring" will suffice.
Legal identification requires an operator to identify at the beginning and end of a contact and at least once every 30 minutes of operation. However, it is recommended that identification occur more frequently, at least every 10 minutes or less.
Pause between transmissions.
Keep transmissions short.
Don't break into an ongoing QSO unless you have something to add. If one must break, that operator must identify first and then wait to be acknowledged. It is considered impolite and malicious interference to break in without identifying first.
Remember to use the minimum of power necessary to key up the repeater and not to kerchunk.
During high traffic rush hours, base stations should relinquish the repeaters to facilitate mobile and portable operation.
All repeaters are assembled and maintained at considerable expense. Therefore, all regular users should financially support the person or club responsible for keeping the repeater on the air.
https://www.qsl.net/ylradio/index.html   WEBMASTER:  Elizabeth VE7TLK/VA7TK

 YLs are not contesters?
VK4DI ‎Diane Main‎  10 Oct 2019  to ALARA  · (Australian Ladies AR Assoc.)
Pretty Surprised that not many YLs are contesters. I have only ever worked VK4GH (Now VK7GH) Leonie, and VK7QP. Linda. What Stops YL's Getting involved? It's an awesome way to get contacts etc. I Did the OCDX  (OCEANIA  Contest DX) SSB on the weekend (5-6 Oct ) and despite taking 7 hours to sleep I got 495 Contacts: Many DX contacts and quite a few YL's . : Ladies you have the License, the Skills etc so why not participate? Don't let the OM have all the fun!

Getting started in Contests     
YL from Philippines - DW3TRZ Threeza Aniceto  · 23/10/2019
To fellow Pinoy DU (Philippines) Hams (Newbies/HF OP Class C & UP ),
#CQWW is a Big DX Contest Event included in the World Radiosport Team Championship WRTC Qualifying Scores. WRTC is the equivalent of The OLYMPICS in Ham Radio http://wrtc2022.it/en/
If you have time this weekend try to participate and make a few contacts/QSOs. Join in a Club/multi OP category if you don't have a rig & antenna yet. Not for the ranking, not for the scores, but for the experience and fun. Also WRTC will put your CALLSIGN in the record/in the log/web.
CQ World Wide DX Contest is a work anyone, anywhere contest so no matter how simple your rig and antennas are, you can make a contact. In addition, a lovely certificate for even a SIngle (1) valid QSO. CHeers 73 Mabuhay See rules @ https://www.cqww.com/                              https://www.cqww.com/rules.htm

Contests for the listening amateur

11/10/2019/ in Other news / by PA3DTX - Webmaster
The NL (Netherlands) committee (NLC) of the VERON organizes a number of contests for listening amateurs throughout the year. These are accessible to every radio enthusiast. They are, of course, primarily intended for the active listening amateur, but radio amateur broadcasters may also simply participate, for example if circumstances do not allow them to transmit. You also do not necessarily have to be a member of the VERON to be allowed to participate. For example, it has been apparent for years that more than half of the participants come from abroad. But we would like to see a large Dutch participation.
Our listening contests have different levels of difficulty, although none is really difficult.

(5 Jan. 2020) The "New Year Contest" is on the first Sunday of the year. In addition to beginners, more experienced contesters participate every year. The contest costs you a maximum of three hours and you can only make connections in speech. A trophy is available for the winner and every participant who has logged at least ten connections will receive a certificate of participation.

Then there is the series "Short Listening Period" contests (SLP).
These are held 8 times a year and are planned in such a way that they coincide with large contests for radio amateurs, so that sufficient pressure on the amateur bands is guaranteed. It is the intention that during an SLP weekend you log three hours of radio amateur connections that you choose yourself in speech. Choosing the most favorable hours makes the contest more suitable for the experienced contester. But also beginners are encouraged to participate, as they learn by doing. There are also prizes attached to the SLP and anyone who participated in at least 3 SLPs in one year will receive the SLP certificate.

In the second full weekend of December, the NLC organizes a 48-hour contest on the 10-meter band, the “28MHz SWL Contest”. This coincides with a large international contest on the 10 meter band.
In this contest we have two participation categories: speech (SSB, FM) and morse (CW).
Prizes and certificates are also made available for this.

The complete information, such as regulations, results and information about a special logging program for listening contests can be found https://a03.veron.nl/contesten-voor-de-luisteramateur/?fbclid
Source: VERON.nl.   (Association for Experimental Radio Research in the Netherlands)

The Newshound!
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Anette Jacobs ZR6D  jhjacobsza@gmail.com  SARL news contributer & reader
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also @ https://www.darc.de/en/der-club/referate/yl/
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26 Dec – 6 Jan WAB Christmas Party 00:01 UTC 26th December to 23:59 UTC 6th January
2020  January
Jan 1    CQ Marathon Starts
Jan 4     Kids Day Contest, ARRL Saturday 18:00 - 23:59 UTC
Jan 4 -5 ARRL RTTY contest ARRL
Jan 7 - 3 Feb  GB200FN  bi-centenary Florence Nightingale's birth Special Event Station
                        UK RSGB.  1000Z-0900Z, 14.200 MHz 7.95 MHz. QSL. M0XIG
Jan 10-17   8T2G  Ganga Sagar Mela 2020, Sagar Island IOTA AS-153, West Bengal Radio Club, India
Jan 11-12   WCA (World Castles on Air) 11th  BirthDay
Jan 12        YL CQ Day  SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09  JLRS
Jan 15        SARL Wednesday 80 m Club Sprint
Jan 17-19   PEARS VHF/UHF contest  (S Africa)
Jan 19-25   QuartzFest Arizona  - an ARRL Convention.
Jan 25        SARL Summer  QRP contest
Jan 25-26   Winter Field Day
Jan 25        2020 Chinese New Year (year of Rat). New Moon Saturday.


yl.beam #77 dec 2019

      yl.beam   #77   Dec 2019

  • Congratulations & Welcome to SA new yls
  • Dutch Young Ladies Club -  59th Day for the Radio Amateur PI4YLC
  • Rita “Bobbie” Habermann, NH6RH – Hands on
  • USS Batfish   2nd YL Activation event (2019)    
  • Pre-Christmas Net Austrian YLs
  • PA19XMAS - Santa – Netherlands
  • YP-XMAS Christmas cheer for the 4th year from ROMANIA.
  • Holy-land Christmas Event 2019
  • Silent Keys
  • Contacts & Calendar

Radio Amateur Exam   19 October 2019
Baie geluk en welkom / Congratulations & Welcome to the 14 new yls below:
Constant, Deborah Louise ZS5DC De Beer, Ella ZS4ED
Jones, Tessa Marie ZS6TM Jooste, Michelle ZS6MJ
Kotze, Veronica ZR6TVK Scheepers, Lizette ZS6ZET
Schnetler, Maria Gloudina ZS6DNI Scholtz , Debbie ZR6DEB
van der Merwe, Catrina ZS1KAT Van Niekerk, Annelie ZS6AVN PARC
Van Rooyen, Lizette ZS6GOU van Vuuren, Denise ZS1DS
Vorster, Emmarencia Petronella  ZU6BLF Zeevaart, Petria ZU6PEZ

PI4YLC Dutch Young Ladies Club
the 59th Day for the Radio Amateur took place at the IJsselhallen  convention center in Zwolle, Netherlands on 2 Novembe 2019. Organized by  VERON (Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland) for everyone interested in (amateur) radio and experimenting with related technologies. There were   lectures, presenttions, demonstrations, representations by working groups and associations,  exhibitions and a market for new and 'used' goods.There was a Youth area  set up in collaboration with Youth groups such as  the Fox Hunters,  JOTA (scouts) and YOTA (Youth on the air).
A number of Young Ladies supported the event at Zwolle and the  black-pink colours of the Proud 2B PI4YLC  group were well represented  [VERON = Association for Experimental Radio Research in the Netherlands]

From left to right: Dieuwertje PD4JUF, Heather PD3GVQ, Lisa PA2LS, Claudia PA5CT, Suzan PD3SZN, Hella PD0HWE, Sonja PD4SON, Ria PA1MHF and her daughter Ilse (photo made by Lennart PA2LEN).

Hands on Ham
Rita “Bobbie” Habermann, NH6RH, who lives in Hawaii and  Luxembourg, exhibited her most recent sculptures at a winery on the Moselle river on the border between Germany and Luxembourg.  Bobbie, originally from Winterbach, near Stuttgart, has exhibited across the world.
Now her sculptures are being used in a Hollywood movie, INFERNUM. She created a special sculpture just for Infernum; coming to theaters December, 2019.
[Thanks to Bobbie's OM  Peter  Vekinis  (LX1QF / KH6VP)  for sharing the above news.]

2nd YL Activation of  USS Batfish
Wow!  What a great time we had at the meet up at the USS Batfish! 
From October  4-6, 2019 Yls from YLRL-District 5  got together at the War Memorial Museum, home of the USS Batfish.  We were originally going to call CQ, in memory of the USS Sea Wolf, which sunk 75 years ago calling CQ for the “Lost 52”
In the Spring of this year (2019), Muskogee Oklahoma, much like a lot of the US Midwest, suffered major flooding along the Arkansas River; causing the USS Batfish to break from her moorings and float from her dry-docked position in the memorial grounds.  In fact, there was a lot of concern that she would head down river towards the Webber Falls Dam.   With a lot of help from several agencies, the USS Batfish was secured and prevented from moving any further.
 Since the YL group  could not sleep in the submarine, some of the ladies stayed in hotels, some in their RV's and some  in tents.  We set up the sleep/live in  tents and the radio tent on Friday evening, then we all went out to dinner.
Saturday morning, we set up 3 stations; one in a tent down by the submarine and the Radio Wavz hex beam antenna;  one in the RV with an end fed dipole;  and one in the museum using a Mosley antenna on a trailer.
In setting up the radio station in the tent, we raised the hex beam antenna to about 67 feet and the controls started smoking! We left it at 67 feet.  The antenna had been under water with debris in the tower for about 3 weeks during the floods. 
Next, we set up the Mosley Antenna, while Barb got the antenna on the RV going.  I should mention that the mosquitoes were the size of humming birds and it seemed like there were millions of them.
We experienced difficulty trying to call CQ from the museum and  thinking it was an antenna problem, the Mosley came down and the Scout went up.  The problem continued?  We soon discovered we had a bad cable.
We called CQ for the “all YL weekend” with the call sign WW2SUB until well after dark on Saturday.  Lightening storms had been dancing all around us, but fortunately not coming in our direction.  We knew that they were supposed to hit us on Sunday morning.  We thought we would have time to take things down before the rain came.   Nope, about 5:30 am  in the morning, the winds started whipping up.  We tried to get the tents down before the rain hit, so we could keep them dry. but that did not happen.  We all got soaked. The things that make memories!
In total we made 96 contacts in 24 different states and Mexico. 
We had 9 YLs, Virginia NV5F-Texas,  Barbara KD0WAU- Kansas, Vonnie KE5RKC-Oklahoma, Leah W3LEO-Oklahoma, Mary AE6Q-Texas, Andi KG5YUJ-Oklahoma, Amy K5AME-Oklahoma, Kelsee KF5RRG-Okahoma and myself Michelle W5MQC-Oklahoma.
We all voted to do it again next year!  So if you missed it this year, no worries, joi us for  the first weekend in Oct, 2020.   (YLRL District 5 Oct-Nov 2019 News)

Hello Ladies the year end is with us again! And quite a year it's been. 
Sadly some of our ladies became silent keys;  happily new operators have joined our ranks and we applaud those  recognized with awards. What kept the YLs busy in 2019?
In February a  YL team from Chile took part for the first time in the South American Lighthouses on the Air Weekend,  and  Laura Fanelli LU1WL from Argentina was active for her 11 successive year.
March 8 celebrates International Women's Day The French and German YL groups held their 5th joint-annual special event. YLs from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, South African, Netherlands and Japan also held special events  to commemorate the day.
 In April the British ladies celebrated BYLARA's 40th birthday with a special award and call-sign GB40BYL 
In July, German and Austrian YLs held a Friendship meeting in Austria, OE88YL
In August, 13 YLs (and OM's) from 6 different countries joined the OL88YL event at the contest station OK5Z in central Czechia. They made  9289 qsos, over 592 downloads and some SOTA activation's.
During September SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs)  met in Oslo, Norway  and operated the special  amateur radio station in Morokulien.
Yls from the USA  activated the USS Batfish submarine for the 2nd time in October.
November saw the inauguration of the 1st annual WOTRA (Women On The Radio Award)
WOW! Well done everyone who participated and Thank you for allowing others to make some wonderful contacts.
BIG HUG to you all.
Only managed to  find a few Christmas events (below) so hoping you make many radio contacts while enjoying the Festive Season. Wishing you all Happy  Holidays and  those who celebrate Christmas  or Hanukkah a Peaceful time, and wishing all a Prosperous 2020.  88-33   Editor Heather (ZS5YH)

Santa Net, USA
held every evening between Thanksgiving and Christmas on 3.916 MHz at 7:15PM Central Time.(USA)   https://www.cqsanta.com/?   NEW website for CHECK INS

 Pre-Christmas OE- Austrian YL net
Net controller Marion, OE3YSC  is looking forward to hearing from YL's from Germany and abroad!
Date:  Sunday, 15th December at 16:30 pm (local time) 
Band:  80 m band.,  3,740 Mhz +/-
After the net all listeners and om's are invited to  confirm traffic with Julia OE3YJM
Hosted by the club station OE3XRC of  AMRS Waldviertel. (Austrian Military Radio Society)

PA19XMAS - Santa – Netherlands
Every year during December Santa travels around the world listening to children's wishes.
Sometimes he stops and rests in the Netherands where he uses the special callsign PA19XMAS..
He can usually be found on-air, from 6th – until 27th December on all HF Bands, mode SSB.
If you talk to Santa you can download a special QSL card on his QRZ page

YP-XMAS spreading Christmas cheer for the 4th year from ROMANIA.
Dec 1-Dec 31, 0000Z-2359Z,
Santa Claus and his Ham Radio elves will be operating from YO again in 2019 for the 4th consecutive year.  In Romania hams from every call sign district will be on the air the entire month of December. They will be using special event call signs: YP2XMAS - YP9XMAS. Look for them on all bands, SSB, CW, FM (UHF/VHF) and FT8. Those who make a QSO with at least three different YP-XMAS callsigns will get their own Christmas present — upon submitting a log extract, they will receive a special event certificate sent to them electronically at no charge. And, of course, everyone is entitled to a hardcopy QSL upon request.   www.qrz.com/db/YP2XMAS

Holy land Christmas  26-29 Dec 2019

Israel Amateur Radio Club (IARC) presents the 4th year of the Program,  Holyland Christianity on the Air – HCOTA
Eligibility for an award is working 2 QSO`s with two different stations (call signs) out of the 5 active, multi operators XMAS stations below.
4X2XMAS 1.KFAR NACHUM - (Capernaum)  Church of the Holy Apostles
4X3XMAS 2. Caesarea National Park, Caesarea, Israel
4X9XMAS 4. LATRUN, Israel
4X7XMAS 5. Stella Maris Monastery. Israel
Background to station sites:
1.  Capernaum first started to be inhabited during the 3rd Millennium BC in the early Bronze period.  The village prospered in the Roman and Byzantine periods, and its citizens were mainly fishermen, farmers, and people that provided services to the Roman road and caravans.
Capernaum was partially destroyed in the Persian conquest in the 7th century AD. The synagogue and church were destroyed in the Arab period (7th- 12 century AD).
2/3 of The area was purchased by the Franciscans in 1894;  the other third was purchased by the Greek Orthodox.

 2. CAESAREA - Crusader fortress.
Caesarea Maritima was built during c. 20–10 BCE near the ruins of a small naval station known as Stratonos pyrgos (Straton's Tower),  dominated by the Romans in 63 BCE, The city underwent vast changes under Herod the Great, who renamed it Caesarea in honor of the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus.  It is located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa.
All but abandoned in 1800. It was re-developed into a modern town after 1940.
The ruins of the ancient city, on the coast about 2 km south of modern Caesarea, were excavated in the 1950s and 1960s and the site was incorporated into the new Caesarea National Park in 2011. Within the park is the Caesarea Amphitheater, also restored,

 is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is considered holy to the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
In 1538, the city walls were rebuilt for a last time around Jerusalem. Today those walls define the Old City, which  became a World Heritage Site in 1981.

Located  at the southeastern tip of the Ayalon Valley, it overlooks the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, 25 kilometers west of Jerusalem and 14  kilometers southeast of Ramla.  It is  home to an ancient fortress built by the Crusaders in the early 12th century, little remains of the castle.
 French Trappist monks founded the site in 1890, cultivating the land. They left during WWI but returned in 1926 to build the sandstone monastery complex that stands today.
The Monastery of the Seven Sorrows, better known as the Latrun Monastery or the Monastery of the Silence, is a Benedictine-Sistressian-Trappist monastery
Visitors to the  Monastery and church also buy the local olive oil and wine.

5.STELLA MARIS  HAIFA  Stella Maris Monastery & Lighthouse.
Perched at the western edge of Mount Carmel, high above the Mediteranean and the coastal city of Haifa, is Stella Maris Monastery and church. Also known as “Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel”it  is the world headquarters of a Catholic religious order, the Carmelites.
Completed  in the 18th century, its stout walls and small openings reflect the need for defence  during its establishment.
Later the Stella Maris lighthouse (which means Star of the Sea) was built. Because of its commanding position, the lighthouse has been used as a military establishment.

 Thursday 12 and Sunday 15 December 2019 with the organization of the WWFF (World Wide Flora & Fauna)
Activation of Aparados da Serra National Park PYFF-0003 -  will include  Amateur Radio ladies represented by Andreia PU3SEA and Gissele PU5GAT  as well as the integration between operators from the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
Great pics of all activated  parks plus park ref numbers at:

Silent Keys   (QSY higher frequency)
KB8HAM   Bertha L. Bacheller, SK November 1, 2019  Age 96.  860 Sternberg Rd., Muskegon, MI She was born on July 15, 1923 . Member of Muskegon Ham Radio Club

WD8BBP   Betty J. Lee, SK September 8, 2019 Age 78. She was born December 3, 1940, in Cincinnati, Ohio, She was a Ham Radio Operator and held a General Class License WD8BBP. She was a founding member of the Xenia Weather Amateur Radio Net (XWARN). XWARN was founded as a direct result of the Xenia Tornado of 1974. XWARN was officially part of the National Weather Service Skywarn Weather Spotter network.

F5ISY Carine Dubois  of  Argeliers, France became silent key  November 3, 2019
An active operator she was responible for " The Day of YLs " held May 2014

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Calendar - December 2019

1-31   Dec  Youngsters On The Air  YOTA Month (International)
1- 25  Dec   3rd ADVENT   CALENDAR   AWARD 2019 Bands:  SSB
7         Dec  YL Net  Essex Ham,  2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
7-8      Dec  International Naval Contest (INC) 2019  organized by the MF-Runde e.V. (MF)
                          16:00 UTC - 15:59 UTC; All Bands Mode: CW - SSB - Mixed
12 -15 Dec  Weekend of parks in Brazil- 2019.    www.radioexpedicao.com
14-15  Dec   International Naval Contest (INC) 2019   annually 2nd  weekend of December.
14-15 Dec    Saturday, 12:00am – Sunday, 11:59pm OK RTTY contest
15       Dec    AMRS Frauenreferat  at 16:30 pm (local time), a pre-Christmas OE-YL net
21       Dec   Padang DX Contest (West Sumatra)
21 Dec-3 Jan   Lighthouse Christmas Lights QSO PARTY – Worldwide lighthouse activation
                          0001Z Saturday Dec 21st, 2019 to 2359Z Jan 3rd, 2020
23-30  Dec   Hanukkah  (aka Festival of Lights)
25       Dec   Kers Dag / Christmas Day
26       Dec   DARC XMAS-Contest  (08:30-10:59 UTC) Modes  SSB, CW;    Band - 80m
                                2.5 hours sprint contest, QSY rule.
31       Dec   CQ DX Marathon  yearlong activity, ending at 2359 UTC December 31.
2020   4th January - Kids Day.
Jan 19-25    QuartzFest - an ARRL Convention.celebrating 25th anniversary