yl.beam   #38   sept    2016 


Results of the SARL YL Sprint; Local-is-Lekker; Love-your-Mic
Africa All Mode International DX Contest ; ZU license – South Africa;
DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest Ja-Well-No-Fine;
BYLARA & RSGB Conventions 2016 Railways on the air (ROTA)
British Railways Amateur Radio Society (BRARS) & FIRAC
Thomas the Tank Engine' the 'Railway Series'
QRZ; Calendar; Sources
Results of the SARL YL Sprint
received 8 logs, 1 check log. Six Yls, 3 OMs submitted logs.
1st Colette Rundle, ZS2CR, 190 points
2nd Heather Holland, ZS5YH, 124 points
3rd Judy Pretorius, ZS6JDY, 108 points
4th Jocelyn Hallendorff, ZS6JKL, 102 points
5th Pam Momberg, ZS6APT, 59 points
Marjoke, ZS5V submitted a check log
6th Romeo Nardini, ZS6ARQ, 28 points
7th Barry Nugent, ZS2NF, 22 points
8th Theuns Potgieter, ZS2EC, 11 points
Congratulations to you all for taking part and a special Thank-you to our supportive OM friends.
(ZS5YH log: 36 contacts, 8 yls, 28 OMs)Local-is-Lekker
This has not been a good week. We live in a gated village and someone did not like the 80m loop antenna so the OM had to dismantle it! (The air was blue with cussing.)
On the up-side we met a local yl Wendy (ZS5WZ) and OM Mike ZS5MAB.
Mike is handling the “Youth & YL” portfolio for the Highway Club KZN ( ZS5HAM) and is looking for ideas? He would like to be your “go-to-guy” if you need help with putting up an antenna, sourcing equipment, anything radio related you want to know. Phone +27 829415488
Extract from Mike's letter:
there must be a way to get YL’s even more interested and excited about the hobby”,
“is there anything more that can be done to make it more relevant for them”,
“why did they go to much trouble to get a licence in the 1st place”,
“is it the basic current format of the Ham activities that excludes YL’s from activity”
"what would they like from the hobby”
“is it all about confidence”
“is the hobby perceived to be male dominated domain, and this status quo actively maintained by various means? – why?”
“at what level of the hobby are YL specific interests catered for”
“what are the specific YL interests that can be built on”
I have many more questions and no, none, nothing answers. But am determined to find some.
Ed: Ladies - we need your input, send your thoughts and pics, share your stories with us (please).


How to get ladies on the air? You HAVE to use the mic.
Most of us were mic-shy but with practise it does get easier.
Call into your local bulletins or nets – usually you only need to give your call-sign (that’s easy) and say”thanks for the bulletin”.
Contests (no don't throw your hands up) are easier than you think.
Just answer those operators calling. They want the points and will do most of the work.
They need your call-sign, signal report (you will notice they are all 59!) and will tell you what else they need. They don't have time to chat.
It allows you to practise, with no stress and you will gain exposure and credibility.
Try it – isn't this why you got your license?
Editor: See you down the log. 88 Heather, ZS6YE/ZS5YH
PS: Annette ZR6D will be reading the SARL Sunday bulletin in Afrikaans, 18 September, listen out for her.
Africa All Mode International DX Contest 17 and 18 September 2016
The contest runs from 12:00 UTC on Saturday to 12:00 UTC on Sunday.
Single and multi-operator stations may operate for the entire 24-hour period.
There are no mandated breaks in operating time required. All bands, all modes.
Entries must be submitted in Cabrillo format only and be received by Monday 3 October 2016. Entries must be sent to contest@sarl.org.za
Rookie Award -You are eligible to mark your log as a rookie entry if you were licensed for the first time on, or less than two years prior to, the contest date.
Every Saturday afternoon 14UTC 14.260Mhz - with V51MA, MIKE in Namibia; ZS6MHK, THINUS in South Africa and A25SL, LEON in Botswana. DXNET Controllers operate from 3 different countries as conditions allow Although not too far apart - its something special for international DX as well local participants. Africa DXNET is NOT related to ANY Organization. It is purely for loads of fun.
NB: SARL National Field Day September 10-11, 2016, the ONLY e-mail address to use for your log is: zs4bfn@mweb.co.za 

ZU license – South Africa
If you hold a ZU license and are older than 25, your license will expire on 31 March 2017 and will not be renewable. ICASA recommends that the affected persons enrol for a Class A license course and write the next RAE in October 2016.
The revised regulation stipulates that persons under 20 years old can write the Class B examination and if successful, can hold a ZU or Class B license until 25 years old after which, if they would like to continue with Amateur Radio, they have to sit the Class A examination to qualify for a Class A license. On 31 March 2017, the grace period that the SARL negotiated with ICASA expires.
If you are over 25 and still hold a ZU license do not lose out. Write the October examination. Tutorial material is available free of charge. Download it from www.sarl.org.za
DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest September 3Øth- October 2nd http://www.ylrl.org/ 1400 UTC-0200 UTC SSB/CW/Digital
ELIGIBILITY: All licensed women operators throughout the world are invited to participate.
YL groups/clubs may also may also participate provided the YLs operating are listed at the end of the log. Only YLRL members are eligible for the Corcoran and Hager awards.
PROCEDURE: DX YLs call "CQ North American YL". North American YLs call "CQ DX YL."
OPERATION: All bands may be used except WARC bands. Contacts with OMs do not count.
Net contacts and repeater contacts do not count. Participants may work only 24 hours of the 36 hours in each contest. Operating breaks should be shown in the log.
This letter has a whimsical touch. After you have attended the several up-coming conventions, you might like to relax by exploring the era of steam – take the children and introduce them to the two R's – Radio & Rail.
BYLARA Convention 2016 (British YL Amateur Radio Association)
Itinerary: Oct. 3rd — Arrival ; Oct. 4th — Free; Oct. 5th — Bletchley Park;Oct. 6th — Woburn Abbey; Oct. 7th — Free ; Oct. 8th Saturday— RSGB Convention & Gala Dinner ; Oct. 9th Sunday — RSGB Convention ; Oct. 10th — Farewell Breakfast
RSGB 2016 Convention 7-9 October, Kents Hill Conference Centre in Milton KeynesRSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) Convention Lectures:
Hear about ARDF, Auroras or 23cm; restore Old Radio Sets ; go on a DXpedition to the remote South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands; learn about Contesting from Prince Edward Island; the 5 MHz Experiment; and how to assess HF antennas. Learn about ARDuino, SDR, transverters, Raspberry pi, datamodes and oscillators and MORE!. For those who prefer Hands-on, there will be a Buildathon & workshops.

Railways on the air (ROTA)
This weekend event usually takes place every year on the weekend closest to the 27th September. This date celebrates the anniversary of the first steam powered passenger railway which took place on 27th September 1825 - the first passenger train ran on a line in the North East of England from Darlington to Stockton. (191 years ago!)
Started in 2008, this will be the 8th ROTA event. The Bishop Auckland Amateur Radio Club co-ordinates the event. ROTA 2016 will be held over the weekend of 24th - 25th September.
Suggested radio frequencies for the event: 3.65, 7.12, 14.12.

British Railways Amateur Radio Society (BRARS) – celebrates its Golden Anniversary in 2016
The Society was formed in 1966 (50 years ago) by a few railwaymen with a common interest in amateur radio and has continued to grow with the present membership currently around 70.
It is part of a much larger organisation called FIRAC (Federation International Radio Amateur Cheminot) cheminot is French for railways. The aim of both organisations is to promote friendship amongst people who have a common interest in both railways and radio.
The International FIRAC Congress of 2016 will be held in Derby, UK on 15th-19th September.
The programme is being organaised by Geoff Sims Email: g4gnq@hotmail.co.uk
FIRAC „Fédération Internationale des Radio Amateurs Cheminots“
was formed after a meeting of radio amateurs from Switzerland, Germany, France and Denmark in Geneva on the 18th Sept 1960. In 1964 the German Railway Radio Amateurs organised the first official congress in Hamburg on the 20th September. It was a bold move and the final outcome of was the formation of FIRAC. The organisation promotes radio activity between other railway radio amateurs worldwide and continues to grow. Currently the membership is around 2500 from 23 countries.

Another Railways on the Air event will be held on Saturday 12 November, 2016: 8º Jornada Radial Ferroviaria Argentina.

'Thomas the Tank Engine' originally the 'Railway Series'
The Rev Wilbert Awdry (1911-1997) - the clergyman who created 'Thomas the Tank Engine' invoked an affection for railways among millions of children - died March 21, 1997 age 85.
The war against Hitler was still in full spate on the day in 1943 when Wilbert Awdry settled down at the bedside of his ill two-year-old son Christopher to tell him a story, and drew from his imagination the tales of three steam engines which hailed from his fantasy 'Island of Sodor'.
In 1945, The Three Railway Engines was published, becoming a huge success and resulting in a further 26 Railway books being published. Between 1943 and 1972, Wilbert Awdry wrote 26 books in the 'Railway Series' - diversifying away from the engines of Sodor to pick up on aspects of the railway preservation world in which he had a particular interest.
No-one - and certainly not Wilbert Awdry himself - could ever have dreamed then of the impact that his imaginary 'engines with faces' would one day have on the wider world, leading in the 1980s to the purchase of the 'Thomas' franchising rights from the publishers and the subsequent creation of an animated children's television series. Translated into many of the world's languages, “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends” has become an international pop culture icon.
' Day Out With Thomas' events provides opportunities for kids to take a ride in their favourite tank engine and meet the railway controller Sir Topham Hat. Such 'special' days are not restricted to the original home country of Great Britain, but are spread across the United States, are hugely popular in Japan, Europe and elsewhere.
60 Km south west of Auckland, New Zealand , The Glenbrook Vintage Railway, a heritage steam railway, is closed from regular running until October, the end of winter weather. Their next Thomas weekend planned is November 12th 2016
CONTACTS: zs6ye.yl@gmail.com zr6d@ymail.com
Facebook ‘HAM Yl’ one of our Facebook friends? (YLs only)
find yl.beam newsletters : ARNETHA HAYNES http://ka1uln.blogspot.co.za/

27-28 Aug ALARA CONTEST (Australian Ladies.) last FULL weekend of August.
10-11 Sept SARL National Field Day
15-19 Sept FIRAC 55th Congress , 2016
17-18 Sept All Africa Contest & SARL VHF/UHF/Microwave Contest
24 Sept Heritage Day aka Braai Day (bbq)
24-25 Sept. CQ WW RTTY Contest 0000Z, Sep 24 to 2400Z, Sep 25
24-25 Sept 8th ROTA (Railways on the Air)
Sept 3Ø- Oct 2 DX/NA YL Anniversary Contest
1 Oct East Rand Flea-market / SARL Spring QRP Sprint
Oct 7-9 RSGB 2016 Convention


yl.beam #37 aug 2016

  • Women's Day
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine
  • SARL YL Sprint;   YL's – HB88YL;    YL Chile ; A.L.A.R.A. CONTEST
  • QSL patchwork 
  • IOTA (Islands On The Air) 
  • Robben Island – Radio Activation; Lighthouse; History
  • ILLW (Lighthouse Weekend) 
  • Maine USA - Open Lighthouse Day  
  • QRZ ; Calendar ; Sources

Women's Day   2016 celebrates the 105th  IWD (International Women's Day)
The first IWD to be officially recognised happened in 1911, the centenary was celebrated in 2011.

An annual "international women's day" was first organised by the German socialist and theorist Klara Zetkin along with 100 delegates from 17 countries in March 1911. On March 19, socialists from Germany, Austria, Denmark and other European countries held strikes and marches
The original aim of the day – to achieve full gender equality for the world's women – has still not been realised. On IWD, women across the world come together to force the world to recognise these inequalities – whilst celebrating the achievements of women who have overcome these barriers.

IWD is now a recognized holiday in 27 countries, among them Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. Google's homepage continues to honour IWD each year on March 8, with a themed doodle.

In 1975  International Women's Day was celebrated for the first time by the United Nations. Then in December 1977, the General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day of the year by Member States, in accordance with their historical and national traditions.

South Africa's Women's Day
August 9, 2016 commemorates the 60th anniversary of the great women's march of 1956, when women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the carrying of pass books.
SARL YL Sprint - 9 August, 2016.
This is a fun activity to celebrate National Women’s Day and to encourage YL's to meet and greet 'on-air'.

All contacts are valuable - please join us.  Call: “YL Sprint!”
Hours: 11:00 to 12:00 CAT (local)     09:00 to 10:00 UTC.
Mode/Band:  phone sprint on the 40-metre band (7 063-7 100;  7 130 - 7 200 kHz).
The exchange is a RS report and YL or OM.
Scoring - Contacts between YL stations are worth 5 points; contacts between YL and OM stations are worth 3 points, and contacts between OM stations are worth 1 point.
Submit Logs,  labelled “call sign YL Sprint,” in ADIF, Cabrillo or MS Excel format by 16 August 2016  to:  contest@netactive.co.za

August is a busy month for YL's.  The South African YL Sprint begins the month with a fun event;
our European sisters extend radio-friendships across borders and the Australian ladies finish the month.

Contesting is an excellent way for new amateur radio operators or those returning to the hobby, to gain some operating experiencing without the fear of finding something to talk about. In a contest, contact between stations are very structured with exchange of callsign, signal reports and usually a serial number.

Give away contest-points to those calling CQ by responding to them. Make new friends, we're in this together. 
88 see you down the log.

Swiss, French, German YL's - HB88YL
After the success of LX9YL (German, Swiss, French YL's) August 2015, in Eisenborn, Luxembourg, Dora HB9EPE proposed to organise HB88YL- 2016 in Hedingen, Switzerland.
YLs from Switzerland, France and Germany will be active between August 19-21st as HB88YL.
They plan to have 3 or 4 stations on the air, all bands, using CW, SSB and the Digital modes.
Operators: Dora/ HB9EPE, Mado /F1EOY, Christine /F4GDI, Evelyne /F5RPB, Joana /DL5YL and Siggi /DK2YL.    
https://qrz.com/db/HB88YL QSL-Manager: HB9EPE Dora  

ANIVERSARIO GRUPO YLC” 2016 (YL’s chilenas)
Concurso Aniversario 2016, en donde ya cumplimos 2 años  el último fin de semana de Agosto.
Desde el sábado 27 de agosto de 2016, a las 00:00  Hrs, UTC ( 21 Hrs. CE viernes 26 de agosto).
Hasta  el domingo 28 de agosto 2016, a las 23:59 Hrs. UTC  ( 21 Hrs. CE domingo 28 de agosto).
YL's of Chile celebrate their 2nd aniversary over the last weekend in August, Sat 27 – Sun 28

 Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August
 All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate.
OBJECT:  To encourage YLs in the use of amateur radio. YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs only.
CONTEST:  Combined phone and CW run over 24 hours:
TIME: Saturday 27th August 2016,  0600 hours UTC to Sunday 28th August, 2016 0559 hours UTC 
 FREQUENCIES: All HF Bands except  160m & WARC Bands 
Contacts made on ECHOLINK and TWO METRES will also be accepted. (Separate logs for these would be preferred)
OPERATION:  Single operator only (1 operator per call sign).
Logs must be received by the Contest Manager by: 30th September, 2016
CONTEST MANAGER:    Mrs Diane Main  VK4DI   alaracontest@wia.org.au

QSL patchwork  KK4AGN Margaret K Spangenberg, 
As a sentimental keepsake, many ladies like to work on a patchwork quilt, but for me I prefer working towards a patchwork of QSL cards. My goal to complete my QSL card quilt is to work one station from each US state and request the station's QSL card.

Islands On The Air (IOTA) 
In 1964 a British short wave listener (SWL), Geoff Watts started an activity programme based on contacting island groups around the world. Geoff managed the “Islands on the Air”  (IOTA) lists and records until 1985 when he handed over to the RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain).  From 2016 a  new entity — the IOTA Foundation — will assume management of the RSGB's Islands on the Air Program. They are developing a new online credit system, to be completed in 2017.

The IOTA Program is an Amateur Radio HF/VHF band activity,  promoting radio contacts with stations located on islands around the world to encourage greater use of the amateur bands. Since 1964, over more than 50 years, the program has grown to 2500 active island chasers and approximately 15,000 casual participants,  one of the most popular award programs in amateur radio. Many of the islands counting for IOTA also qualify as islands for the DXCC program . 

An annual contest, whose aim is to promote contacts between stations in IOTA island groups and the rest of the world, and to encourage expeditions to IOTA islands; always takes place over the last weekend of July on 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz bands, using  CW and SSB modes.

ROBBEN  ISLAND  – Radio Activation;  Lighthouse;  History

Robben Island Radio Activation
 AF-064. (IOTA No.) Look for ZS9V to be active during the International
Lighthouse Lightship Weekend [ILLW] 19 to 21 August, 2016. There will be two stations on the air
with 500W linear amps using a Inverted "V" and TH3 antennas. QSL via LoTW. (Logbook of the World)
Permission has been secured from all the required authorities. 
Provisional operators: Jan ZS1VDV Bani ZS1BM Bruce ZS1FX Paul ZS1V
HF Happenings  week of 25 July 2016 / 14/07/2016 :  PaulZS1V  SARL forum
Years activated: 1998 - ZS1ACH;  2000- ZS1ESC;  2001- ZS1ESC; 2003 - ZS1ESC - AF-064PO ; 
2005 ZS1RBI ;  2006 ZS1RBI /AF-064; 2007 ZS1RBI /lh  AF-064; 2008 ZS1RBI / ZA0008
No activation 1999;  2002; 2004 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 ; 2014 canc.; 2015

[IOTA info] AF-064 Group Name: Western Cape Province South West Group
Claimed by: 30.5% of participants.   Main prefix: ZS DXCC: SOUTH AFRICA
Location: 33S - 34.92S / 17.87E - 20.00E
Group Contains: Dassen, Dyer, Jutten, Robben, Seal (in False Bay,) Vondeling
Group Excludes: Duiker, Penguin

Table Bay/ Robben Island Lighthouse  Lat/Long Location: 33° 49.0' S 018° 22.0' E   Grid square:   JF96ee;
ARLHS  (Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society) SAF-023;   
Admiralty D5870 ;     NGA 113-25968. (Nat. Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) 
Commissioned in 1865, this historically important lighthouse is a well-known landmark on an island that has become world-renowned for its most famous “resident”, Nelson Mandela. 

Situated in the middle of the notorious Table Bay at the Cape of Storms, the lighthouse is still very active, with a focal plane of 47 m and an 18-m round white brick tower with a red lantern and gallery. Stone for the tower was quarried locally.

Converted to electricity in 1938, the white light flashes around Table Bay, and a red light is pointed to the south south-east to warn ships leaving Cape Town away from the island. It is the only South African lighthouse to utilise a flashing light instead of a revolving light. The light is visible for 24 nautical miles.

The lighthouse is manned but not open to the public; the island is part of the Robben Island Museum and a World Heritage Site.

Batolomeu Dias, the Portuguese explorer, 'discovered' the island in 1488 when he anchored his ship in Table Bay. Before 1652,  most visiting ships to Table Bay preferred to land on Robben Island to replenish their supplies of fresh water and meat instead of dealing with the indigenous residents on the mainland. 

In about 1671 the Dutch began to transfer convicted criminals to the island; later political prisoners and other "undesirables" were banished and transferred to the Cape from Dutch colonies in the East Indies. In 1843 a plan was put forward to use the island for lepers, paupers, the mentally unfit and the chronically ill. The penal colony was removed to the mainland. As a place of quarantine and detention it was only closed down in 1931. Used as a military outpost during WW II, in 1961 it started being used as a prison again.

The main centre of Robben Island is located in a small village and most things – from food to building materials - have to be ferried from Cape Town Harbour, about 12 kilometres away. Robben Island generates it's own electricity and obtains its water from nine boreholes.
Its name "robben" is derived from the Dutch, meaning a seals. In 1991 Robben Island was included in the SA natural heritage program and the northern parts of the island was declared a bird sanctuary. It is an important breeding locality for sea birds and is home to 8 500 breeding pairs of African Penguins.

International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend 
The oldest and original International Amateur Radio Lighthouse Weekend event, the next event is 20 and 21 August 2016. You will find all the information at www.illw.net. The event is NOT a contest. There are no prizes, certificates or other enticements to participate and therefore, participation is free. Each station's operators decide how they will operate their station regards modes and bands. Participants are not committed to being on the air during the entire period - only as much as they can. There are no restrictions on aerials or power. We wish operators to enjoy themselves and have fun whilst making contact with as many amateur radio stations as possible. We request that stations take time to work other lighthouses or lightships as well as the slow operator, the newly licensed or QRP stations.

HF Happenings, 20 June 2016 Page 3; 
download HF Happenings from www.sarl.org.za/hf_happenings.as
 http://lighthouse-weekend.international  for mobile phone/tablet use
 http://wllw.org   lighthouse list.
SSB: 1.970, 3.970, 7.270, 14.270, 18.145, 21.370, 28.370 MHz
CW: 1.830, 3.530, 7.030, 14.030, 18.073, 21.030, 28.030 MHz

Maine USA - Open Lighthouse Day September 10, 2016
This popular annual event, which is sponsored by the United States Coast Guard, the Maine Office of Tourism and the American Lighthouse Foundation, attracts between 15,000 to 18,000 visitors each year. http://www.lighthousefoundation.org/maine-open-lighthouse-day/ 

QRZ CONTACTS:   zs6ye.yl@gmail.com   zr6d@ymail.com
Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  Hope you are one of our Facebook friends? (YLs only)

5-21  Aug Rio 2016 Olympics 
Aug European HF Championship 1200Z-2359Z, 
Aug SARL HF Phone Contest 1300Z-1630Z
Aug SARL YL Sprint  S.A. Womens Day
13  Aug  Space Agency Open Day - Nat. Science Week, Hermanus, WC 1000-1400 SAST
13-14 Aug WIA - Remembrance Day Contest  commemorates the Amateurs who died during 
                 World War II; held on the weekend closest to the 15th August.
19-21 Aug HB88YL- Swiss-French-German YL's
20-21 Aug Lighthouse Weekend (ILLW) 48 hours from 0001 UTC- 20 Aug 2016
21  Aug SARL HF Digital Contest  /  Rio 2016 Olympics - Close
28  Aug SARL HF CW Contest 1400Z-1600Z, Aug 28
27-28 Aug ALARA CONTEST (Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Assoc. Inc.)  
27- 28 de agosto  YLC aniversary contest



SARL YL Sprint - 9 August, 2016.

This is a fun activity to celebrate National Women’s Day and to encourage YL's to meet and greet 'on-air'.

All contacts are valuable - please join us.

Call: “YL Sprint!”

Hours: 11:00 to 12:00 CAT (local)     09:00 to 10:00 UTC.
Mode/Band:  phone sprint on the 40-metre band (7 063-7 100;  7 130 - 7 200 kHz).

The exchange is a RS report and YL or OM.

Scoring - Contacts between YL stations are worth 5 points; contacts between YL and OM stations are worth 3 points, and contacts between OM stations are worth 1 point.

Submit Logs,  labelled “call sign YL Sprint,” in ADIF, Cabrillo or MS Excel format by 16 August 2016  

Good luck, hope to hear you!  33; 88; 73


yl.beam #36 july 2016

 yl.beam      #36       july 2016 

Events:Night of Nights ;  DM88YLF;  TM88YL ;  IOTA
Yasme Excellence Award - Carole Perry, WB2MGP,

Night of Nights 2016 - MRHS (Maritime Radio Historical Society)
The Historic RCA Coast Station KPH, located north of San Francisco, returns to the air for commemorative broadcasts every year on July 12 at 5:01 pm PDT (13 July at 0001 GMT).
The broadcast commemorates the closing of commercial Morse operation in 1999.


DM88YLF - French-German-Friendship YL Aktivitäten vom 1.Juli – 31.Juli 2016 
organised by Johanna DJ5YL & Tina DL5YL;  f
Operators :  DL5YL, Tina (CW);  DJ5YL, Joana (SSB);  DL/F4DHQ, Sophie (SSB); 
DK2YL, Siggi (SSB, Digi-modes)
QSL manager : Johanna DJ5YL dj5yl@darc.de    


TM88YL - YL DE FRANCE are celebrating by activating TM88YL.
Duration: 15 days - 14 to 31 juillet 2016    https://qrz.com/db/TM88YL
QSL manager : Claudine F5JER    f5jer@radioamateurardennais.org

RSGB Islands on the Air (IOTA) Contest

The aim of the contest is to promote contacts between stations in IOTA island groups and the rest of the world, and to encourage expeditions to IOTA islands.
2. The contest always takes place over the last FULL weekend of July.
     12:00 UTC Saturday 30th July to 12:00 UTC Sunday 31st July 2016.
3. BANDS AND MODES    3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28MHz, CW and SSB.


Local is Lekker
Recently our local club, the Hibiscus Coast Amateur Radio Club, held another of its  'open shack' days and it was the turn of our 2-shack village to be the hosts.  Our 'shack' is minimalist and the OM is very proud of his 80m stealth loop which is pretending to be an abandoned telephone wire!  The 2nd shack demonstrated 'home-brew' projects and digital modes – more importantly, refreshments! We've enjoyed these opportunities to share ideas, view other rigs, antennas, power set-ups etc. and see how others have solved problems. An opportunity to mentor and, whether you've been a Ham for years or are just starting, there is always something to learn.- ZS5YH
We welcome the following ladies to our community  and congratulate them on successfully passing the RAE in May, 2016: ZS2DG Denise Gray, ZS2SD  Sheena Dippenaar,  ZS5BH Hester Joubert, ZS6IEA Irene Myburgh, ZS6 RJB Rachel van den Berg,  ZS6VJ Vironica Jansen, ZU6DV Dunnè Duveen.  Congratulations also to ZU5MAM Mary Ann Meyer, on her upgrade to ZS5MAM.

    Our thanks to Web-mistress Val VE5AQ who posted last month's article on the SAWRC to YLRL, CLARA and BYLARA sites, be sure to visit them. On the subject of past YL's please share information about yourselves and others, its easier and more fun to capture their and your exploits before becoming Silent Key.

A reminder about the Women's Day YL Sprint held annually on 9th August in South Africa – its only a month away! Now I realize that its usually difficult wrestling the rig away from the OM but hopefully the family will be watching the Olympics and you can make some YL contacts. Its only an hour. Do not be deterred when you don't hear anyone – keep calling cq.

I mention this because during a recently held 40m sprint, I did not hear any local stations and without knowing it, some of us were operating on the same frequencies! Propagation has been odder than usual and several nets have been forced to move from 40m to 80m.

    South African 'Hammies' (young Hams) celebrated 'Youth Day'  with a 'sprint' on June 12. The article below is about YL Carole Perry (WB2MGP) who has spent many years teaching and mentoring youth, its both topical and inspirational.

33 & 88 Editor,     Heather, ZS5YH      zs6ye.yl@gmail.com
Facebook: Ham Yl – All yls welcome, please join us.

Yasme Excellence Award
 “The Yasme Excellence Award is made in recognition of Carole’s many years of contributions to teaching and mentoring youth interested in Amateur Radio and her efforts in organizing and promoting the interests of young operators,”  announced The Yasme Foundation 05/26/2016

The award was presented to Carole Perry, WB2MGP,  at the Dayton Hamvention, 2016   

Carole Perry, WB2MGP,  has captured the imagination of Staten Island, New York,  public school kids for almost thirty years. Her Secret Sauce to teaching almost 900 kids per year about ham radio - "enrichment class, not a license class.”
Her interest in  amateur radio began when she worked at an electronics company in the early 1970s. During her lunch break, she observed engineers as they talked on the device and she thought it looked like fun. First licensed as WB2MGP, in 1977,Carole Perry worked at Rapidcircuit Inc. for 16 years.  In 1980, when the company relocated she returned to Intermediate School 72 in Staten Island, NY where she worked until her retirement in 2004. 
    Many radio amateurs are also schoolteachers.  The premise of Carole Perry's course is to stimulate interest in other areas of the school's curricula; social studies and geography are enhanced through the use of amateur radio. What can compare to a student actually contacting a citizen of a foreign country that he has been studying about?  The children are always excited when they are able to contact places they've only read about Carole Perry said. The children were thrilled to hear a missionary Father Mike, describe where he lived in Sierra Leone, a country in Africa.  One child immediately located Sierra Leone on the globe and another pulled a piece of string from New York to Sierra Leone on a big classroom wall map. The human contact, she said, was incredible.  Father Mike described how lonely it could be in such desolate areas of the world.  He told them how amateur radio has helped to relieve this loneliness and how he is able to reach out to others for help and relay messages to his family back home.  This gave the children a terrific feel for the value of radio communications. 

Carole Perry started with a pilot program in 1981,  teaching ten classes a term to approximately 350 students. She wrote the curriculum for "Introduction to Amateur Radio"  then taught it to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for the next 30 years.

She encouraged the children to study the Morse code and radio theory at home with a parent or sibling.  Carole has received many letters from parents over the years, thanking her for providing a curriculum that the whole family can get involved with, both as an activity for studying together and as a hobby.

During a three-hour forum at a worldwide convention held in Dayton, Ohio (2011), Carole Perry was told someone wanted the microphone. She wanted to stick to her schedule and knew there wasn't much time for interference, but when Ms. Perry looked up, she realized the 400 people in attendance needed to hear what this person had to say. "It was (astronaut) Doug Wheelock," she said.  "He was in his full astronaut jumpsuit uniform. He told the kids about how he was so thrilled to speak to the ham community around the world."  Wheelock was one of 10 astronauts the retired teacher has spoken to in the past.

“The kids loved it when we made contacts with the International Space Station, to me, that was one of the most exciting things we were able to do."

Her students always loved working with technology and once contacted the Johnson Space Centre in Houston. "Somebody got on . . . for 40 minutes. He gave lessons on how to design a space suit,".

Her conversations via ham radio, have stretched across the Atlantic Ocean and into space.  "It opens up adventures to kids they wouldn't ordinarily have a chance to experience in the schools," said Ms. Perry. "It's a hobby and a service as well. When communications go down, it's a ham you want to be standing next to."

Global reach
In 2014 Perry spoke at the world’s second-largest amateur radio convention in Friedrichshafen, Germany. She and her German counterpart set up an exchange program where for one year, three young ham operators received technical magazines from each other's country.

    Last year at the Dayton Ham Convention in, Ohio, USA, Perry conducted a session with young presenters, as she has for 28 years. She had eight young U.S. presenters in the session and a 16-year-old ham from India, Tom Jose.  Perry has been invited to go to India to visit schools and see how they are teaching amateur radio.

She would like to establish a global recruiting network for youth hams. “The ripple effect for the past 40 years or so that I’ve experienced with young people is amazing, along with their networking and communicating worldwide,” she said.

During a road trip late 2015,  before leaving Los Angeles, Ms Perry accepted an invitation from ham friend John Amodeo, NN6JA, producer of the TV show “Last Man Standing,” to visit the set. Star Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, is a ham (as is Tim in real life); she found it was great fun to sit at the actual radio station at the studio Rocky Mountain High.
Carole Perry ’s Ham Radio Awards:
1987 Dayton Ham of The Year Award
1987 ARRL Instructor of The Year Award
1991 Marconi Wireless Memorial Award
1993 QCWA President's Award
1996 RCA Barry Goldwater Amateur Radio Award
2009 RCA President's Award
2012 RCA President's Award
A fellow and director of the Radio Club of America (RCA). She sits on the RCA Scholarship Committee, and she chairs the RCA Youth Activities Committee, which she established in 2007. She has moderated the Dayton Youth Forum for 29 years.
She is a member of QCWA, RCA, ARRL, DARA, (Dayton Amateur Radio Association) AWA, (Antique Wireless Association) and Brandeis Women.    ( 2014)
RCA Technical Symposium Nov. 21, 2015 : presented with the Vivian A. Carr Award, recognizing her contributions as a woman in wireless communications.

16 to 23 July     IARU Region 1 - YOTA (Youth on the Air) Summer Camp
16 July     SARL Winter QRP Sprint
18 July        Nelson Mandela's birthday
24 July     ZS2 Sprint
30-31 July     RSGB IOTA Contest
5-21    Aug     Rio 2016 Olympics
7 August     SARL HF Phone Contest 1300Z-1630Z
9 August     SARL YL Sprint  S.A. Womens Day

-http://qrznow.com/qso-today-episode-51-carole-perry-wb2mgp 7/26/2015
-http://www.campevans.org/_CE/html/p-13WB2MGP.html   The Philip B. Petersen Collection Broadcast January 14, 1989
Sandra Wendelken is editor of MissionCritical Communications and RadioResource International magazines. Contact her at swendelken@RRMediaGroup.com.
www.cq-amateur-radio.com Jan. 2016 • CQ • 15: On The Road with WB2MGP by Carole Perry.


yl.beam #35 june 2016

  • Silent Key
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine
  • Data-base
  • South African Women's Radio Club ZS2AA Iris Hayes
  • ZS6GH – Diana Green. The History of the SA Woman’s Radio Club
  • ZS5KG Muriel Neill
  • QRZ Calendar

Silent Key:
Josée Demaio ZS1CJ passed away unexpectedly but peacefully 28/04/2016
Greatly missed by Geno Demaio ZS1GI. 

June is YL Birthday month. Its 5 years since our first letter in June 2011.
In October 2010, Anette, ZR6D, started a YL net and from those initial contacts grew the current data-base.
In our 2nd newsletter August 2011, quote: 'The important thing is to locate all of us.'
That remains as important now as then, as does your input.
Data figures below show our numbers have increased but there are many not included.
And, on June 2, 1952 (64 years ago) the SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club) was founded.
This newsletter is about some of the early YL's.
Its a bit like a jig-saw puzzle with missing pieces and I appeal to you to share any 'bits' that will help fill in our history.
Another reason to celebrate is that during May 2016, amongst the initial inductees into the S.A.R.L. Hall of Fame was ZS2AA Iris Hayes (SK).
Licensed 1937, first YL station in South Africa.
So ladies - pick up your mics and glasses and celebrate!
88 & 33 Heather (ZS6YE/ZS5YH)

(The data-base remains a work-in-progress. Email updates & corrections. )
Area Jan. 2012 June 2016
Div 1. W Cape 18 69
Div 2. E Cape 20 22
Div 3. N Cape 2 10
Div 4. O.F.S. 16 25
Div 5. KZN 19 29
Div 6. old TVL 80 170
Listeners -- _10
155 335
DX 4 150
Australia ___ 34
Email sent 126 519
e-failed 11 74
?/Archive 22 122
Totals YL’s 159 715
Facebook 33 120
SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club)
Founded June 2, 1952 the only YL club in S hemisphere; it was affiliated to the SA Radio League.
Started with 33 members and by end of 1952 they had 71. The club was very active in the 1950's and 60's with over 120 YL members and even had its own magazine, "YL Beam", which regularly comprised of over 18 pages, and even had a Christmas edition of 30 pages.
Founders: ZS2AA Iris Hayes President
ZS5KG Muriel Neill Vice-President
ZS6GH Diana Green Secretary
ZS6KK Marie Kramer Cormack Secretary
Only other YL club was YLRL (in USA) which is still surviving. (See http://www.ylrl.org)
ZS2AA Iris Hayes Trophy for Good Fellowship. First presented to Max Fisher ZS2DL in 1951 and is still in use. Last year (2015) it was presented to Andrew Middleton ZS2EL – son of the late George Middleton ZS2KG.
[Iris Hayes was covered in Newsletter #20 May/June 2014, 'In Memory']

ZS6KK Marie Kramer Cormack (SK) 1949 licensed HF
SARL Call books show she lived in Bellevue East, Johannesburg 1950 - 1997
ZS6GH Diana Green (nee Tuck) DOB 22/04/1916. - SK 27/07/1997
1938 licensed. 1st Jewish radio ham in South Africa. OM Reg Green, ZS6J
1948 YLRL President
1950-60 +- Joint sec. of SA Womens Radio Club ran it for 30 years or so until 1990
1982 President SAWRC Editor of "YL Beam".
1976 Jack Twine Award
Editor of YL column Radio ZS; YL editor for SARL bulletin; bookkeeper and stamp collector.
Travelled through Europe, Canada and U.S. resulting in many personal QSOs.
The SARL Call book shows Diane Green as resident in Johannesburg from 1950-1997= 47 years
February 1978 Radio ZS: Diana Green ZS6GH mentions that the SAWRC had been in existence for 30 years, and is in recess, until a Council can be raised in terms of the Constitution.
Source: Irvine Green, ZS6BPE, 20.09.2001 “I am the son of Diana Green, ZS6GH, licensed in 1938 aged 22. She was born April 22, 1916. - My father was Reg Green, ZS6J, licensed 1933, age 22. - Mom went silent key July 27, 1997, and ZS6J died June 26 1993. - I got my licence on July 28, 1976, age 21. - My mom was the first Jewish radio ham in South Africa. - My mom started the SA Women's Radio Club and ran it for 30 years or so until 1990 (I think.) . - She kept in touch with Louisa Sando W5RZJ, Evelyn Scott, and many others, including Maxine Willis, W6UHA, and wrote for CQ magazine (Louisa's YL notes.) We, as a family, also did DX Expeditions to the 'homelands' in South Africa (H5ADX, H5ASC, V9ADX) between 1980 and 1989.
The History of the SA Woman’s Radio Club – by Dianna Green ZS6GH Article August 1975 Radio ZS
The editor of Radio ZS has asked me to record the historical events of the first YL Club in Southern Hemisphere. At the time the South African Club was founded, the only other organization existing for women hams was the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) in the U.S.A. Since the ZS Club was formed, the Canadian, New Zealand, and Italian ladies have started their own organizations.
On the 2nd June, 1952, the S.A. Women’s Radio Club came into being, with Iris Hayes, ZS2AA, as Organizing President, Muriel Neill, ZS5KG, Vice-President, Marie Cormack,ZS6KK, and myself (ZS6GH), as organizing Secretaries, the subscription being the magnificent sum of 50 cents. On formation, 33 ladies joined and by the end of 1952, we had 71 members, consisting of YL hams and interested listeners. Now we have approximately 160 in 17 countries. By the time the Club was formed, there were a good numbers of LYL’s (Licensed YL’s) in South Africa, Iris Hayes ZS2AA, having been the first woman to break into the man’s field in this country, closely followed by Vi Cruikshanks, ZS2BR. Among the other YL newcomers to ham radio were the late Laura Percival, ZS5DD, Meg Campling (Weightman), ZS5DF and myself. Not one of us had a ham in the background in those days, so we had to manage on our own.
As mentioned in a speech at a Cocktail Party held during the Pretoria Annual General Meeting this year, our subscriptions were raised to 75 cents in 1957, and not since! This will give the readers some food for thought! We will use up some of our reserves before increasing the membership.
To keep our members in touch, we produce a magazine called YL Beam, which is printed on a Duplicator we have nursed for 18 years, and before it came into our possession, it was a demonstration model! It has its idiosyncrasies and can be temperamental, but it produces excellent copy! The magazine consists of 19 pages as a rule, but we have had up to 33 pages! Our covers always have an African theme, many having been drawn by members and artists. Toni Bauman, ZS6YL, is responsible for having done much of the artwork, before her illness, for which we are very grateful. Quite a few Oms, who are of course not members, pay subscriptions to receive YL Beam. It is especially popular in the U.S.A. to encourage members to write articles and enroll new members, etc., Pat WOODLAND, ZS1MU presented the Club with a big Trophy, to be awarded to the YL who gains the most points in the Members Competition.
Our constitution provides that each Division holds office in rotation, but Division 6 has administered the affairs of the Club on sixteen occasions, with Division 5 relieving, but all Divisions have held office at one time or another.
Affiliation was granted to us by the S.A. Radio League at the A.G.M. in 1954 and we have had a pleasant association with the League all these years.
I wish to record that I have spent 16 years on Council, having been President for 12 years and Secretary on four occasions, in addition to being Editor of YL Beam innumerable times. Toni Bauman, ZS6YL, was Vice-President, for 9 years and Editor for 6 years. I want to thank her for her devoted service in the past.
To put the S.A. Woman’s Radio Club on the map, we have issued two Certificates, the W.A.Y.L. (Worked All YL), the rules being drafted in Division 1 with the help of Iris Hayes, ZS2AA, in 1955, and the K.K.K. (Key Keen Klub) being suggested by Gwen Smith, ZS6NQ (now ZS1NQ). To obtain the W.A.Y.L. Certificate, hams must work 12 LYLs in Southern Africa south of the former Belgian Congo from the 2nd June, 1952, submitting QSLs and enclosing a remittance of 25 cents. For the K.K.K. Certificate, copies of Logs must be sent duly certified for 100 C.W. contacts, 500 or 1000, together with 50 cents. Contacts must be made from the 31st December, 1956 (midnight S.A.S.T.) Certificates are free to our members.
Thanks to the wonderful work done by Margery Snyman, ZS1RM, for 18 years and two other Custodians, our Certificates hang in the shacks of hams all round the world. We pay tribute to Margery for being so conscientious and publicizing our Club throughout the world. As from the 1st January, 1975, our new Custodian is Miss Susan Smith, ZS1SM, 3 Bournemouth Road, Muizenberg, Cape, 7945.
Our Club members participate in S.A. Radio League Contests and are awarded special Trophies by the S.A. Women’s Radio Club. These have been donated by Iris, ZS2AA, the late Eddie Yazbek, ZS4NQ, the late Edith Bennett, ZS6BD, and myself.
LYLs are asked to join our Nets every Wednesday at 2 p.m. on a frequency of approximately 7070 kHz.
Our members participate in WRR and quite a number have joined Hamnet. Those who have not registered are urged to do so now.
May I also express my appreciation to other members who have served in office in all the Divisions and to Divisional Secretaries for the news supplied for the magazine. If there was more space, I could list all the names! Without the support of our faithful members, there would be no S.A.W.R.C., so THREE HEARTY CHEERS to the gals for they are JOLLY GOOD LYLs and MYLs (married Yls). 

Below are some extracts, together with observations by Pam Momberg ZS6APT,Chairman/Treasurer of the Centurion ARC.
February 1978 Radio ZS:
Council for 1978, Congratulations to the following who have been elected :-
President – Mrs Elizabeth Wessesl. ZS6AMO
Vice President – Mrs Rhona Schoeman. ZS6BRF
Hon Secretary – Mrs. Pam Momberg ZS6APT
We were in office for a number of years, with Kuki de Beer ZS6AMO joining us. She was responsible for the graphics in the YL Beam. At that stage Liz and I were co-editors.
(Interesting fact – Liz, Rhona and Pam passed the RAE together in 1975. Each getting allocated a ZR Licence. Liz and I (Pam) went on to get our ZS licenses six weeks later in 1976. Unfortunately Liz has let her license lapse and I lost touch with Rhona some time ago when she moved down to Cape Town. I notice that also no longer has a license.)
In the October 1985 Radio ZS I noticed the following:
Glynis Johnson ZR1GW had been writing a YL column for the Radio ZS on a regular basis.
ZS5KG (ZSL5L) Muriel Neill (SK)
1950 YLRL President
1952 Vice-President SAWRC (SA Women's Radio Club) founder member
1965 Jack Twine Merit Award 1972 Willy Wilson Gold Badge
SARL Call books show Mrs. Muriel Neill, lived in Durban, Natal. /50- 80 =30 yrs
From: ZS5LP Louis de Bruin , 1 JAN 2016:
I joined the SARL in October 1958, fees 75 cents, the secretary of the Durban Branch of the SARL at the time was Muriel ZS5KG. Her OM Albert ZS5GK was the treasurer of the Branch.
Muriel was a wonderful YL, and at the time guided me to obtain my licence a few years later. In fact I delayed doing the CW, but dear Muriel made an appointment with Peter Smoog, the RI and forced me to go. I was grateful as I passed.
Muriel biggest happiness was the Kiddies Christmas tree event every year. During the year she would find all sorts of items - for presents - and organize the event. A large Christmas tree and one or other of the old timers would be dressed up as Father Christmas, his responsibility would be handing out the numerous presents. these events would be at a Shell-hole if possible, otherwise she arranged one or other Church hall. At the time we had almost 50 plus juniors and she knew them all by name etc.
In 1969 I became a committee member of the Durban Branch, Muriel loved that and encouraged my every activity. 1971, I became Chairman and a few years later Muriel retired as Secretary. Muriel was the CQ NEWS LETTER Editor up to the time she retired from admin activities. In AGM photos up to the middle seventies, you will see Muriel and Albert.

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WEST RAND ARC wrarc-anode.blogspot.com 

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AWA – invites you to join them for the mid-year get-together of the Antique Wireless Association of Southern Africa, on Saturday the 4th of June as part of the Westrand Amateur radio club’s flea market Weltevredenpark, Roodepoort (coordinates: 26°08'28.4"S - 27°55'07.3"E)
Saturday 4 June 2016 - NZART Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of NZART (New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters)
24-26 June brings the largest gathering of Radio Amateurs in Europe and the largest gathering of Emergency Communicators at HAMRADIO 2016 in Friedrichshafen.(Lake Constance, S Germany)

02 June 64 Aniversary SAWRC (South African Womens Radio Club) Founded 1952
5 years since YL Group newsletter #1 June 2011
4-5 June IARU Reg 1 CW Field Day/RSGB CW Field Day
4-5 June SEANET (South East Asia Net) Contest (24 hours). Starts Sat. 1200UTC
12 June Hammies ZS6 Sprint (Youth)
16 June Youth Day South Africa
17 June World QRP Day
18-19 June International Museums Weekends. 3rd & 4th weekends in June
19 June Father’s Day
20 June Winter Solstice
23-27 June SARL Top Band QSO Party
25-26 June International Museums Weekends. 3rd & 4th weekends in June
2-3 July Marconi Memorial HF Contest 1400Z, Jul 2 to 1400Z, Jul 3
3 July SARL ZS5 Sprint