2013 SARL Field Day

At about 10H00  on the 15th November 2013 we met at the Club House to collect all the equipment that was needed for the field day. We left the Club at about 11H00 and made our way to our destination for the weekend - Krugersdorp Game Reserve.

We arrived just before 12H00 and after setting up the tent we started assembling the antennas. This was the first time in anger that Noel ZR6DX erected his home made tower which is fitted to the front of his Land Rover. I must say it went up without a hitch and the TH-6 looked elegant up about 10 m. What a brilliant piece of engineering - well done Noel you can be proud of your effort.

The other antennas were a G5RV, hex beam and a loop skywire. We finally finished erecting the antennas at about 18H00. On Saturday night the natural elements turned against us and we were ill-treated by a massive thunder storm, howling wind and of course rain. At one stage we thought the big tent might be blown away. After a couple of hours the storm abated and we could continue operating again.

An enjoyable weekend was had by all who took the trouble to spend the weekend there. When the results came out we did not do as well as we had hoped, but still managed 3rd place. Please follow the link below to see the pictures taken during the weekend.


Geoff Levey  ZS6GRL

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful job done by Nick and Noel ! Congrats yo the Team of Helpers, a memorable event, made more so by the rain, lightining, 12 hour power outage, non working gas braai... and challenge of packing up, the trek back to the clubhouse, just to find access blocked by a massive branch breaking of the tree near the gate... and, now, these wonderful photo's !