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So I read about the RSGB making a kit for a 20 metre PSK31 receiver for use with a Raspberry Pi. But it seems as if they chicken out. As I cannot find any reference to a page about it...

I suggested to Nick [chairman] at the RAE session last night that we [the club] should look into making/designing one locally. With the Pound at near 19 to the Rand, this kit is beyond the financial reach of most of our members.

I believe that 20 metres is the best 'all round' band for this. For several reasons.

One; the aerial [antenna in U.S. English] is a reasonable size.
Two; the frequency and components are pretty stable at 14 MHz for an amateur constructor to handle.

Whilst crystal operation would be nice and a DDS design would be 'nicer', I don't think that would be a good starting project for a 'newbie' Radio Amateur.

What do you think? Your comments would be appreciated. 

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