So tomorrow is SCOPEX not Raspberry Pi

So you have to wait another week for the Raspberry Pi session. Any thoughts on what we might cover?
  • Maybe the use of an LCD panel with the Pi?
  • Maybe a temperature monitor 'app' ?
  • With a web server page that can be accessed from the Internet? [Oh sorry that's been done...maybe that is a project in itself?]

Hardware - I found an HDMI to DVI connector adapter at the China Mall. I also found that I could install REAL ENGLISH Dictionary into Firefox. So the spell checker in this blog does not consider me a Canadian!

Nico phoned me this week with an application for the Pi that measures pressure in a pipe. Unfortunately the sensor is an analogue sensor. So I went looking for an A2D chip that can do the job... maybe that is another subject for Saturday week?

John ZS6WL

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