Due to unforseen circumstances the Clairvoyant's society will be closed tomorrow. Sorry!

I cannot make it to Ham-Comp/Raspberry Pi tomorrow afternoon...

The week has been a chaotic one with fireplace removal and preparation for new floors. With yesterday being an absolute disaster, they had to screed the rooms floors. The floors are drying as I type this... they have just phoned to say that they can install tomorrow afternoon. Which is good news for me.

Of course I shall probably see you all at the flea market next week. But this carpet replacement has been coming for years!

Sorry for the delay...see you next time.
John ZS6WL

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  1. I at last find this blog. I searched my e-mails John but I must have fallen off your list. Please put me on, perhaps with zs6acc@mweb.co.za My Google Chrome would no longer open, I could not uninstall, because it has instances running which I could not find in the task manager. Windwoes, Windwoes 10 what are you telling me I can and cannot do next. I am at my wits end with this crap, all because my latest laptop got Winwoes 10. Have fun John with the flooring, a big and messy job. 73's Dave