yl.beam #44 march 2017

  • DARC’s YL Germany         March 5th, 2017
  • CS2YLS   Ladies-Portugal    March 4 -10, 2017
  • YLC (Chile)                                March 11–12  weekend
  • BULGARIAN YLS AWARD  03.01.2017 to 31.03.2017.
  • Womens Day  - YL Thursday Net  - March  9 Friday pm to 10 March am
  • St Patricks Day on the Air 17-18 March
  • Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLs at HAM radio Friedrichshafen 2016
  • QRZ Contacts & Calendar

This month is all about Womens Day and this newsletter about the friendships and contacts made by Amateur Radio ladies. Our European sisters seem most active and the Dutch ladies enthusiasm is infectious. Please share events you're involved with, send feed-back and pictures, or post on Facebook.

Wishing everyone many QSOs for 2017 and a Happy Women's Day,  33 (YL>YL), 73 (Best regards) 88 (Love and kisses)

International YL-Activity to mark the World Women’s Day 2017
For the fourth time, the DARC’s (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club) YL group and Sophie F4DHQ are organizing an international YL-Activity at the International Women’s Day on:  Sunday, March 5th, 2017 from 08:00 until 12:00 MET (07:00 until 11:00 UTC) on 40m and 80m in SSB & CW 

The scope of this activity is to make as many as possible contacts with YLs.
The points per QSO are allocated acccording to the scheme below.
All participants who submit their log will receive a participant’s award in .pdf format free of charge.
There are two participant categories: OM and YL    Points  per QSO:
YL  to    YL    3 points    YL    to    OM    1 point
OM to    YL    2 points    OM    to    OM    0 point
We would like to encourage a large number of YLs to be active and on the air during the 4 hours of this activity.
Participants from Germany should send their log to Heike, DL3HD (dl3hd@darc.de) while participants from other countries should send their log to Sophie, F4DHQ (f4dhq@orange.fr).
The logs should be in chronological order and must contain QSO date, time (in UTC), band, mode, call of QSO partner, name of the YL, RST and the points claimed. Submission deadline is: May 1st, 2017
The requests for award must be sent before May 1st 2017.
The log may be emailed as an excel file under following form (use your callsign as filename):
Name:        Callsign :    Email :
QSO        DATE    Time UTC  Band,     Mode    Callsign    Name    Report        Points
The awards will be mailed by Sophie, F4DHQ after the evaluation of the submitted logs.
The award ranking list will be published in the CQ DL and on www.darc.de/yl as well as in the respective amateur radio media in France. We wish all participants good luck and many successful contacts!
33 + 73 + 55 (lots of success)     de Sophie, F4DHQ, and Christiane, DL4CR

Yls-Amateurs Radio Ladies-Portugal will be active as CS2YLS'P from March 4 -10, 2017 this special event honours all the Women who have fought since the 19th century to today, for equal rights 
1)  March 4th - 10am to 6pm at the "Real Fábrica da Cordoaria da Junqueira"  Rua Da Junqueira,  Lisboa.
2)  March 8th - 10am to 5pm at the "Fragata D.Fernando II e Glória", Largo Alfredo Dinis, Almada.
We will be on the 2m, 20m, 40m, and 80m, hoping to reach YL's all over the world.
We invite all the YL's, Radio Amateurs,  Associations and all those who want to join us in this event.
Our thanks go to the "Real Fabrica de Cordoaria da Junqueira" and the NRA (Naval Radio Amateurs) for their support  for an event that we hope will be positive for all the female radio amateurs. 

Historial Background to station locations:
1)    Real Fábrica da Cordoaria da Junqueira,  Lisboa, formerly the Royal Rope Factory manufactured cables, sisal ropes, sails and flags for the Portuguese ships.
The building's facilities extend along the river for almost four hundred meters, with a width of only about fifty meters. These dimensions relate to the needs of the production process. Its location on the river also facilitated the supply of products to ship owners. Production ceased in 1998 and today the building, dating from 1779. is a national monument
2) Dom Fernando II e Glória is a wooden-hulled, 50 gun frigate of the Portuguese Navy.  Built in Goa, India, launched in 1843 she made her maiden voyage in 1845. The last sailing warship built by Portugal and also the last ship that undertook the India Run.
 Named as a tribute to the king consort of Portugal Ferdinand II, and to Our Lady of Glory, a figure of special devotion among the catholic population of Goa, the ship remained in active service until 1878, when she made her last sea voyage.
After being gutted by fire  the frigate was towed to an area of mud-flats  on the river Tagus,  remaining abandoned and half buried for the next 29 years.  In 1990 the Portuguese Navy decided to restore her.
Part of the Naval Museum display, she was a major attraction during the  Expo '98 which marked the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the sea route to India by Vasco da Gama..
The International Register of Historic Ships considers the Dom Fernando II e Glória as the fourth oldest armed frigate, and the eight oldest sailing warship in the world.
Celebrated by YLC (Chile)  over the weekend 11–12 March on 40m,  SSB phone.
The objective is to encourage participation and friendship between All Radio Amateurs, particularly the Ladies. 
Starts: Saturday 11 March 2017, at 13 Hrs UTC (10:00 hrs. Chile).
Ends:  Sunday 12 March 2017, at 22 Hrs UTC (19:00 hrs. Chile).
Participantes: All licensed Radio Amateurs – local Chilian, DX, Radio Clubs
Scoring points:
 Radioaficionadas YL (CD, CA, CE, XQ  DX) 5 puntos
 Radioaficionados CD 5 points
 Radioaficionados CA & DX 3 points
 Radioaficionados CE & XQ 2 points
 Instituciones & Radio Clubes 2 points
In addition, contacts with YL count as a multiplier 
Logs must be received by 31 March, 2017,  e-mail  Leticia San Martin Corrial contactos@ylc.cl
 For more information visit  www.ylc.cl,  which will be updated each week with received logs.

BULGARIAN  YLS  AWARD   27/02/2017 Shared by  F4DHQ – Sophie  
 Award “MARCH WOMANS MONTH- 2017" is established by amateur radio club of Plovdiv (Bulgaria), and is dedicated to female hams of the World.
To obtain the award it is necessary to conduct 10 QSOs with women hams of the world,
During the period from 03.01.2017 to 31.03.2017.
All modes, all Bands. Multiple contacts allowed.
Communication via the repeaters do not count.
The award is issued free of charge in electronic form.
Applications in Word format, cbr., Txt. Excel, send to the manager lz1cy@abv.bg
Applications will be accepted until 20.04.2017.     73 88  Sophie - F4DHQ

International Womens Day YL Net
  - Thursday evening Friday 9 - early morning 10 March
Every Thursday evening at 20:00 (8pm) USA Eastern (0000 UTC Summer and 0100 UTC Winter).
We invite all YLs from around the world to join in, so please tell your YL friends and club members to join us each and every Thursday! Connect to the net on Echolink through the ALARA Conference Server, Node 286905.  Join us in the Do-Drop-In Chat Room during the net - all you need is a web browser and you're in!
Sign in using your callsign-name in the first field (ignore the second one) and click Login!
Thanks to the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (ALARA) for the use of their Echolink Conference Node; and to the North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL) for the use of their chat room and linked repeaters so many others can enjoy the net.
OMs are always welcome to listen, but we kindly ask that only YLs check into the net.
See you on the net! - 33 de Net Controllers   Catherine AC4YL or Melanie AG4YL. http://weeklynet.org/ylntx/
List of Thursdays March 2017: 02, 09, 16, 23, 30

St Patricks Day & Radio Award

St Patricks Day Celebrating On Air: The event runs over the full 48 hour period over the 17th March worldwide (12 noon on the 16th March to 12 noon on the 18th March UTC) As each timezone starts and ends the day at different times, the event runs for 48Hrs to give each area of the world a chance to make contacts.
The St Patrick Day Award is  fun non competitive on air celebration of St Patricks Day. 
Anyone worldwide either licenced or as a SWL can take part in this fun celebration

Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival, on 17 March the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461) Patrick was a 5th-century Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. The foremost patron saint of Ireland; Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat. It is also widely celebrated by the Irish diaspora around the world, especially in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.
Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day. Perhaps because of this, drinking alcohol – particularly Irish whiskey, beer or cider – has become an integral part of the celebrations. On St Patrick's Day it is customary to wear shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories (the "wearing of the green")

Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLs at HAM radio Friedrichshafen 2016     http://pi4ylc.nl/en/
Posted on 24/06/2016: Today the biggest European fair for Hamradio started happening. Five members of PI4YLC, the contes tteam of the Dutch Young Ladies Club, are in  Friedrichshafen-Germany visiting the fair: Mariëtte PA1ENG, Lisa PA2LS, Chantal PA5YL, Ineke PD2CWM and Claudia PD5AX. It’s a great opportunity to meet Hams from all over Europe.
We talked to several YL’s from the DARC-YL-referat and some top-grade contesters like Irina DL8DYL and Sandy DL1QQ (WRTC 2018). We also visited the French YL’s and met Christine F4GDI and were able to catch up with Andreja S56B and Klara HA5BA. Tomorrow we will attend the YL-meeting, organised by the DARC YL’s.
Posted on 30/06/2016: HAM Radio 2016 is over and we look back on a fantastic weekend filled with meeting old and new contacts. There were very good foodcondx with cake, homemade cappuccino, ice cream and dinners in restaurants. This combined with the warm weather and the Bodensee (lake next to Friedrichshafen) turned the long weekend into a small holiday.
In addition to meeting various YLs (see previous post: ‘Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLS at HAM radio 2016’) we have met international contest groups such as D4C at the fair and IR4M at the Bavarian Contest Dinner. This might give us the oppurtunity in future for contest ‘DXpeditions’ to contest stations abroad.
Besides the PI4YLC team members there were other contest team members of the Netherlands as well at the fair: PA6Y from IJmuiden (see: www.pi4rck.net) and of course PI4TUE (sk) from Eindhoven who had traveled along with YLs of the Dutch Young Ladies club.
After a lot of years not visiting the HAM radio fair Chantal PA5YL ‘met herself’ at the booth of the radio scouts. In this booth there was a poster with a picture of her.
We very much enjoyed the several useful contacts and ideas for (contest) activities and had a lot of fun. We thank everyone who has contributed to our very positive experience. We managed to take a picture in front of the HAM radio 2016 QSL wall with the YLs of PI4YLC and our future team member.

SARLNUUS met Anette Jacobs ZR6D    zr6d@ymail.com
zs6ye.yl@gmail.com        Facebook ‘HAM Yl’  (YLs only)
Find yl.beam newsletters :   
WEST RAND ARC       wrarc-anode.blogspot.com        https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/   
also Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I. –  La rivista della Unione Radioamatori Italiani

Calendar March 2017
4      March     Cape Town ARC Annual Bumper Flea Market
4 - 5     March ARRL International DX Phone Contest
4 + 8    March    Yls--Portugal CS2YLS'P
5    March  DARC’s YL (Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club) International Women’s Day
5     March     SARL Hamnet 40 Metre Contest
08     March    International Woman’s Day [Wed]
    March 8, 2014 - A.R.S.-YL Amateur Radio Society  Contest
8 - 14     March Scifest Africa, Grahamstown
9  - 10  March  YL Thursday Net  (pm/am)
11     maart     zaterdag, 42ste, jaarlijkse Dutch National Radio Flea market 2017
11–12  March   YLC (Chile)  weekend
12    March     Sydney Harbour Ferry VHF/UHF Contest
12     March    Cape Town Cycle Tour [Sun] /     Purim
11 - 12 March SARL VHF/UHF/Microwave Contest 1
11-12  March     South America 10 Meter Contest, 2017 [12:00 UTC Sat -12:00 UTC Sun
11 - 12 March RSGB Commonwealth Contest
17     March     St Patrick’s Day [Friday]
21     March     Human Rights Day, S Africa
25     March SDR workshop in Cape Town.
25 - 26 March CQ WW DX WPX Phone Contest
31     March     Amateur License pay / schools close
1-2 April  NZ – WARO Thelma Souper Memorial Contest  2017
        80m,½ hour periods, 19.00 hrs until 21.00 hrs. (4 periods per night)
1 April RaDAR Challenge [Sat]

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