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Silent Keys
Silent Key - DF4YL  Dorothea ' Dorle ' Hoop
The YLs of DARC, are mourning Dorle, ex DF4YL. She died on 13 April 2019 at the age of 91 years in the senior citizen Röpersberg in Ratzeburg in the presence of her friend and caretaker Brigitte Schreinert and their children. Dorle was born in Berlin and was employed there until the retirement age as an x-ray assistant in a Berlin hospital. She then moved to Geesthacht and had a wonderful view of the Elbe from her flat. Dorle had time and drove to all the radio activities that took place in the north.
In Schleswig-Holstein, she took part in the Lighthouse and Schleswig-Holstein activities, came to the YL meetings and visit us at the YL fox hunts. As long as she had the opportunity, she was qrv on Wednesday morning in the 80m YL net, came to all meetings and organized in 1999 the meeting in Hamburg. She also participated in the SYLRA meetings and international YL meetings and has participated in all DARC trips abroad. She was present at the Interradio in Hanover and also on the HAM Radio. Dorle will, according to her wishes, set sail from Niendorf in the Baltic Sea. Through her cheerful and humorous nature Dorle was very popular everywhere. We will gladly remember her and never forget her. Vy 33 Gertrud Szyza, DK8LQ

Silent Key - KC5OZT  Carolyn L Womack  of  Lewisville, Texas, USA Email: kc5ozt@arrl.net
Born Jan 18, 1952 –  died May 5, 2019 (Age 67)

Correction  What is a “Ten-Tec”
W4WIF Sharron Fritts  2 May, 2019 wrote:
Hi, I'd like to set the record straight on one of the listings below.  I don't know who provided the Answer, but it is 100% wrong!!!
 I live in Tennessee, USA and Ten-Tec was a radio manufacturer located in Sevierville TN until it was bought out in approximately 2015 by another company from another state.  They made numerous different models of radios in all amateur bands and a line of tuners.  They also made a lot of commercial radios for the military.   Until it was sold, the company was in operation since at least 1968.  My husband W4YJ and I owned one the the tuners and several of our Ham friends owned and still own Ten-Tec radios.   One of the best Hamfests was held on the Ten-Tec property until it closed.
73,  Sharron Fritts W4WIF Philadelphia,TN USA

Thank you Sharron for bringing this to our attention.
This was a response to an answer & question published in  yl.beam #70 May2019:
 FAQ – HF     Question: What is a “Ten-Tec”?
Answer: Ten-Tec is the name of a fictitious radio company,

International Women's Day 2019  -  French-German event.
Yls   68 Total :    Germany  53; Austria  4; France 4; Switzerland  2;
                  UK 2; Luxembourg 1; Greece  1; Australia 1;
 Oms  total 59 : Germany 40 ; France 13 ; Austria  4 ; Netherlands  1 ; Japan 1 ;
Many thanks to  Heike, DL3HD  (dl3hd@darc.de) & Sophie, F4DHQ (f4dhq@orange.fr).for their hard work in compiling the log results. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in this special event.

YL WOMENS DAY 2019 RESULTS (Below are the first 10 positions only)
POINT   Call   Name
439 OE8YXK Michaela
365 DL1TM Michaela
349 DL3HD Heike
349 DL0YLC Heike
346 DL7AFS Babs
334 DL2LBK Karin
321 DL4VCV Christl
298 DK2YL Siggi
298 DL0YLQ Siggi
290 DL5YL Tina
290 DL0YLY Tina
Complete results at :-

Ja-Well-No-Fine (Editorial Comment)
June is our Birthday month! Our 1st letter was sent 8 years ago June 2011 and  67 years ago on  June 2, 1952, the SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club) was founded.
In March (2019)  Yukiko Maki 7K4TKB  editor of  CQ Ham Radio magazine in Japan, asked how and why this newsletter came about. Below are the answers and it seemed like the right time to share.  I would like to add that celebrating our birthday would not be possible without the help of all our radio  ladies – THANK YOU.  33  Editor – Heather, ZS5YH

yl. beam Background – When, Why, How, Difficulties?
1) When did you start sending out YL Beam to YLs?
In October  2010,  Anette, ZR6D, started a YL net in South Africa and from those initial contacts the data-base developed.  In May 2011 realizing that  there was no official Yl data-base, I used  call books to look for local Yls and in  June 2011 a Gmail account  was opened  and a letter sent (later numbered #1 ) with some local news  and notice of 'The Day of YL’s' hosted by the French YLs   (Logs to  f5isy).
There was a 6 month gap between February (#5) and August (#6), 2012 because we (ZS6YE and OM ZS6YOT) were travelling in Malaysia and Thailand. On our return we lived for 3 wonderful months in Pringle Bay in the Cape, where we used the radio but had no internet. We returned to Johannesburg and continued with the newsletter and by December. 2013 (#17)  had become a monthly newsletter.
In January 2016 (#30) the name was changed to yl.beam,  in recognition of  SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club), which had been founded June 2, 1952. SAWRC was the only YL club in the Southern hemisphere. The club started with 33 members and was very active in the 1950's and 60's with over 120 YL members and  had its own magazine, "YL Beam". The only other YL club was YLRL (USA) which is still surviving.
During our stay in Johannesburg, our local Ham club was the West Rand ARC and from January 2016 the yl.beam  appeared on the West Rand ARC (ZS6WR) website.
Several months later Erica IZ0EIK wrote to ask if she could include the yl.beam in a new Italian magazine? In October 2016  the 1st  'QTC' magazine was published by U.R.I.  (Italian Radio Amateurs Union)  and we were included.

2) What motivated you to distribute this e-newsletter?
In the late 1990's we read an article in the monthly South African "Sailing" magazine by David Cox (ZS5COX – silent key) about Amateur Radio as an Emergency Communication alternative. As a result of that article, we obtained our amateur radio licenses in 1993. In 2000 we became Maritime Mobile and during 2009 a MAYDAY radio call  from the South Atlantic, resulted in our successful sea rescue by the Brazilian Navy. Indirectly we owe  our lives to Dave Cox and the article he wrote so many years ago.
We listened to the South African Maritime Net for many years;  run by Alistair Campbell (ZS5MU SK) and his wife Davina ZS5GC. Listening to them and other operators on similar nets was an inspiration and an example of community service. On our return from sailing to life on land, many Amateur radio operators helped us in many ways.
Connecting and encouraging operators was a way for us to show our appreciation.
Heard  OM's Rag-chewing one day and he asked the question: What happens to the many YL's  that pass the RAE  (Radio amateur exam) but are never heard of again? " That made me think too?  There was no grand plan – the YL group just grew!

 Jess (ZS5YAT/ZS6YOT) & Heather (ZS5YH/ ZS6YE) Maritime Mobile
3) How do you collect information about YL activities and events?
 Pam Momberg (ZS6APT) ex-Chairman of Centurion Radio Amateur Club, wrote her club's newsletter, read their weekly bulletin and was an avid contester. She was an inspiration and a source of local news.
I use  google and www  – a lot!  (& google translation of course).
One of the first things I searched for were other yl groups: ALARA, BYLARA. CLARA, SYLRA, WARO, YLRL  From their newsletters I learnt about YL Dxpeditions and International meetings. When I used  this information, several yl editors were pleased to share their newsletters and network – something we ladies like to do!
Michelle ZS6TO, started  a Facebook page – HAM YL -  September 2011.  In 2014 she moved, became ZS3TO and  was unable to continue managing Facebook.  As an alternative administrator I  (as HAM YL) became 'friends' with Amateur radio news-sites and clubs across the world.
Because of our travels in South America we realized how important  language is if you want to understand people and  as early as 2012 news from RCA (Radio Club Argentina) was used.
YLC (Chile) started in August 2014  and  YLs Portugal started JULY 26, 2016; both groups made contact.
We moved QTH in 2015 (ZS6YE became ZS5YH). No 2m repeater, even FM was poor. The OM threw up a long-wire for HF but we missed our local bulletins and nets.  Internet became even more  important as a way to stay in touch.
As more yls connect with each other, they share stories, history, news of events, sometimes with pictures. I read a lot and  keep my eyes and ears open.

4) What is the most difficult work for sending this out?
Maintaining the data-base. I check all call-signs on qrz.com but many ladies are not there or  have  no email.
Our email is private domain which  limits mail sent; daily limits about 400. Currently it takes 4 days to send 1600 newsletters.
Some ladies send information in their home language which is not always easy to translate; I use Ham expressions, guess and hope it is correct? Sometimes lots of  'news' arrives at the same time, or last moment, then the earlier draft  is changed or delayed.
TOO  LONG? The growth of electronic media has changed  our reading habits.  Google Analytics show that the majority of  readers are in the 25-44 age group and that 35%  use tablets and phones to access news  Impatient of print, young people belong to the TLDR (too long, don't read) generation, preferring to receive their reading on mobile platforms. (2014)
Because of this I keep the newsletters short, use simple format that is easy to download and read. Pictures give interest but can be difficult to download, so I use only a few.
I do not use PDF files to read  later because  it is easy to forget about them!.

5) Please tell me briefly about your ham radio background (e.g. your years of  ham radio activities, favourite bands and modes, favourite types of ham radio activities, etc.)
My name, Heather,  is difficult for many non-English speakers, so I use Eda, its short and easy when using the phonetic alphabet. I received a Restricted License 1993 (ZR6HPH) and  Unrestricted License in 1999 (ZS6YE), Morse code 12wpm was  required.
Our  HF rig was installed on our small yacht  DALKIRI where we lived and operated as Maritime mobile from  2000 – May 2009. We sailed from South Africa, via Angola and St Helena Island, to South America and visited Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina  and Paraguay. We made many Ham friends while visiting the Argentina radio clubs of Rosario, Santa Fe and Parana.
We left Brazil in March 2009 to sail  across the South Atlantic to South Africa.  The yacht had problems in a bad storm and  we called – MAYDAY- on the  radio. The Ham Maritime Net relayed our position to authorities which  resulted in our successful sea rescue by the Brazilian Navy and our safe return to family in South Africa. Radio Logs prior to January 2009 were lost with the yacht.
In 2015 we moved to Pennington, a small village on the East Coast of South Africa, 70 kms south of the port of Durban. The Hibiscus Amateur Radio Club (ZS5HAC) which meets every 2nd month, is our local radio club 50kms south of us.
Current EQUIPMENT: Alinco DX 70; Kenwood Tuner AT-130; end-fed long-wire antenna and
2m Handy. I miss the automatic tuner from the yacht and did not realize what a good 'ground-plane' the sea is!
Also propagation was good at that time – I thought it would always be like that (LOL).
I'm not a Rag-chewer or a serious contester, although I support local contests and Field-days.
Guess I'm a net-worker who loves to share information and Amateur radio always has a suitable mode!.

Editor:  Sorry ladies but net information in May 2019 newsletter was incorrect.
Catherine AC4YL kindly sent updates which  W5MQC Michelle Carey included in her 'updated' list of YL Nets – please go to the link below, this is a GREAT resource. Big thank you to Michelle.

Essex Ham Young Ladies Net  1st Saturday of the month, starting at 2000 UTC. on the GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)

Young Ladies Net was launched in November 2015 and is hosted by Dorothy M0LMR,
YL Net is an opportunity for Young Ladies from Essex, Kent, Suffolk, London and beyond to meet up on-air, chat about anything, and help to encourage more 2m activity on amateur radio.
https://www.essexham.co.uk/ylnet?          Next YL Net  July 6 , 2019  1st Saturday

 CONTACT  US:    yl.beam newsletters :  Editor Eda zs6ye.yl@gmail.com   
Anette Jacobs ZR6D  jhjacobsza@gmail.com  SARL news contributor & reader
Follow us on  Facebook at  ‘HAM YL'
Earlier newsletters can be found on the website of WEST RAND ARC
 wrarc-anode.blogspot.com     &   https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/
and at:  Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I.
Unsubsribe: If you do not no wish to receive our emails, please let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.

Breaking DX News - yl from Uruguay CX3DDB Maby, will be operating 5W0H  Taufua Beach-UPOLU ISLAND, Samoa, Pacific. June 1st till 10th ,2019. 80 to 6 mts  holiday style

Calendar June 2019 
31 May- June 2 NZART Conference 2019,   New Plymouth NZ - WARO will be 57 years old 
June 1   YL Net  Essex Ham, starts 2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
June 1-2, MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND    Saturday and Sunday,  2019
Ladies of the Net will activate Museum Ships Weekend aboard the USS Lucid call sign N6MSO. Stockton, CA
June 2   8th Birthday SA- YL Group (yl.beam)  #1 June 2011
7 June   Ham-Com    Event for YLRL-District 5 · Hosted by Michelle Carey
15 June  Kids Day - SARL Youth Sprint  / 16 June   Father’s Day
17 June  World QRP Day
21-22      !st Argentine National YL Meetup Radio Club La Rioja
21–23 .   Friedrichshafen  2019, for the 44th time, DARC
22-23      His Maj. King of Spain Contest /  Field Day ARRL/ International Museums Weekends
June 30 - July 4  3rd Youth Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) World Championships, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

July 6      Essex Ham YL Net    1st Saturday  2000 UTC
5-6 July,  YL's  Meet  Allentsteig, Waldviertel,  AMRS Frauenreferat – Austria
4- 7 July  XXXV. Int. Anniversary amateur meeting in Gosau, Austria
6- 7 July  Field Day & ARDF event  in Dobl,  Austria

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