yl.beam #77 dec 2019

      yl.beam   #77   Dec 2019

  • Congratulations & Welcome to SA new yls
  • Dutch Young Ladies Club -  59th Day for the Radio Amateur PI4YLC
  • Rita “Bobbie” Habermann, NH6RH – Hands on
  • USS Batfish   2nd YL Activation event (2019)    
  • Pre-Christmas Net Austrian YLs
  • PA19XMAS - Santa – Netherlands
  • YP-XMAS Christmas cheer for the 4th year from ROMANIA.
  • Holy-land Christmas Event 2019
  • Silent Keys
  • Contacts & Calendar

Radio Amateur Exam   19 October 2019
Baie geluk en welkom / Congratulations & Welcome to the 14 new yls below:
Constant, Deborah Louise ZS5DC De Beer, Ella ZS4ED
Jones, Tessa Marie ZS6TM Jooste, Michelle ZS6MJ
Kotze, Veronica ZR6TVK Scheepers, Lizette ZS6ZET
Schnetler, Maria Gloudina ZS6DNI Scholtz , Debbie ZR6DEB
van der Merwe, Catrina ZS1KAT Van Niekerk, Annelie ZS6AVN PARC
Van Rooyen, Lizette ZS6GOU van Vuuren, Denise ZS1DS
Vorster, Emmarencia Petronella  ZU6BLF Zeevaart, Petria ZU6PEZ

PI4YLC Dutch Young Ladies Club
the 59th Day for the Radio Amateur took place at the IJsselhallen  convention center in Zwolle, Netherlands on 2 Novembe 2019. Organized by  VERON (Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland) for everyone interested in (amateur) radio and experimenting with related technologies. There were   lectures, presenttions, demonstrations, representations by working groups and associations,  exhibitions and a market for new and 'used' goods.There was a Youth area  set up in collaboration with Youth groups such as  the Fox Hunters,  JOTA (scouts) and YOTA (Youth on the air).
A number of Young Ladies supported the event at Zwolle and the  black-pink colours of the Proud 2B PI4YLC  group were well represented  [VERON = Association for Experimental Radio Research in the Netherlands]

From left to right: Dieuwertje PD4JUF, Heather PD3GVQ, Lisa PA2LS, Claudia PA5CT, Suzan PD3SZN, Hella PD0HWE, Sonja PD4SON, Ria PA1MHF and her daughter Ilse (photo made by Lennart PA2LEN).

Hands on Ham
Rita “Bobbie” Habermann, NH6RH, who lives in Hawaii and  Luxembourg, exhibited her most recent sculptures at a winery on the Moselle river on the border between Germany and Luxembourg.  Bobbie, originally from Winterbach, near Stuttgart, has exhibited across the world.
Now her sculptures are being used in a Hollywood movie, INFERNUM. She created a special sculpture just for Infernum; coming to theaters December, 2019.
[Thanks to Bobbie's OM  Peter  Vekinis  (LX1QF / KH6VP)  for sharing the above news.]

2nd YL Activation of  USS Batfish
Wow!  What a great time we had at the meet up at the USS Batfish! 
From October  4-6, 2019 Yls from YLRL-District 5  got together at the War Memorial Museum, home of the USS Batfish.  We were originally going to call CQ, in memory of the USS Sea Wolf, which sunk 75 years ago calling CQ for the “Lost 52”
In the Spring of this year (2019), Muskogee Oklahoma, much like a lot of the US Midwest, suffered major flooding along the Arkansas River; causing the USS Batfish to break from her moorings and float from her dry-docked position in the memorial grounds.  In fact, there was a lot of concern that she would head down river towards the Webber Falls Dam.   With a lot of help from several agencies, the USS Batfish was secured and prevented from moving any further.
 Since the YL group  could not sleep in the submarine, some of the ladies stayed in hotels, some in their RV's and some  in tents.  We set up the sleep/live in  tents and the radio tent on Friday evening, then we all went out to dinner.
Saturday morning, we set up 3 stations; one in a tent down by the submarine and the Radio Wavz hex beam antenna;  one in the RV with an end fed dipole;  and one in the museum using a Mosley antenna on a trailer.
In setting up the radio station in the tent, we raised the hex beam antenna to about 67 feet and the controls started smoking! We left it at 67 feet.  The antenna had been under water with debris in the tower for about 3 weeks during the floods. 
Next, we set up the Mosley Antenna, while Barb got the antenna on the RV going.  I should mention that the mosquitoes were the size of humming birds and it seemed like there were millions of them.
We experienced difficulty trying to call CQ from the museum and  thinking it was an antenna problem, the Mosley came down and the Scout went up.  The problem continued?  We soon discovered we had a bad cable.
We called CQ for the “all YL weekend” with the call sign WW2SUB until well after dark on Saturday.  Lightening storms had been dancing all around us, but fortunately not coming in our direction.  We knew that they were supposed to hit us on Sunday morning.  We thought we would have time to take things down before the rain came.   Nope, about 5:30 am  in the morning, the winds started whipping up.  We tried to get the tents down before the rain hit, so we could keep them dry. but that did not happen.  We all got soaked. The things that make memories!
In total we made 96 contacts in 24 different states and Mexico. 
We had 9 YLs, Virginia NV5F-Texas,  Barbara KD0WAU- Kansas, Vonnie KE5RKC-Oklahoma, Leah W3LEO-Oklahoma, Mary AE6Q-Texas, Andi KG5YUJ-Oklahoma, Amy K5AME-Oklahoma, Kelsee KF5RRG-Okahoma and myself Michelle W5MQC-Oklahoma.
We all voted to do it again next year!  So if you missed it this year, no worries, joi us for  the first weekend in Oct, 2020.   (YLRL District 5 Oct-Nov 2019 News)

Hello Ladies the year end is with us again! And quite a year it's been. 
Sadly some of our ladies became silent keys;  happily new operators have joined our ranks and we applaud those  recognized with awards. What kept the YLs busy in 2019?
In February a  YL team from Chile took part for the first time in the South American Lighthouses on the Air Weekend,  and  Laura Fanelli LU1WL from Argentina was active for her 11 successive year.
March 8 celebrates International Women's Day The French and German YL groups held their 5th joint-annual special event. YLs from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, South African, Netherlands and Japan also held special events  to commemorate the day.
 In April the British ladies celebrated BYLARA's 40th birthday with a special award and call-sign GB40BYL 
In July, German and Austrian YLs held a Friendship meeting in Austria, OE88YL
In August, 13 YLs (and OM's) from 6 different countries joined the OL88YL event at the contest station OK5Z in central Czechia. They made  9289 qsos, over 592 downloads and some SOTA activation's.
During September SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs)  met in Oslo, Norway  and operated the special  amateur radio station in Morokulien.
Yls from the USA  activated the USS Batfish submarine for the 2nd time in October.
November saw the inauguration of the 1st annual WOTRA (Women On The Radio Award)
WOW! Well done everyone who participated and Thank you for allowing others to make some wonderful contacts.
BIG HUG to you all.
Only managed to  find a few Christmas events (below) so hoping you make many radio contacts while enjoying the Festive Season. Wishing you all Happy  Holidays and  those who celebrate Christmas  or Hanukkah a Peaceful time, and wishing all a Prosperous 2020.  88-33   Editor Heather (ZS5YH)

Santa Net, USA
held every evening between Thanksgiving and Christmas on 3.916 MHz at 7:15PM Central Time.(USA)   https://www.cqsanta.com/?   NEW website for CHECK INS

 Pre-Christmas OE- Austrian YL net
Net controller Marion, OE3YSC  is looking forward to hearing from YL's from Germany and abroad!
Date:  Sunday, 15th December at 16:30 pm (local time) 
Band:  80 m band.,  3,740 Mhz +/-
After the net all listeners and om's are invited to  confirm traffic with Julia OE3YJM
Hosted by the club station OE3XRC of  AMRS Waldviertel. (Austrian Military Radio Society)

PA19XMAS - Santa – Netherlands
Every year during December Santa travels around the world listening to children's wishes.
Sometimes he stops and rests in the Netherands where he uses the special callsign PA19XMAS..
He can usually be found on-air, from 6th – until 27th December on all HF Bands, mode SSB.
If you talk to Santa you can download a special QSL card on his QRZ page

YP-XMAS spreading Christmas cheer for the 4th year from ROMANIA.
Dec 1-Dec 31, 0000Z-2359Z,
Santa Claus and his Ham Radio elves will be operating from YO again in 2019 for the 4th consecutive year.  In Romania hams from every call sign district will be on the air the entire month of December. They will be using special event call signs: YP2XMAS - YP9XMAS. Look for them on all bands, SSB, CW, FM (UHF/VHF) and FT8. Those who make a QSO with at least three different YP-XMAS callsigns will get their own Christmas present — upon submitting a log extract, they will receive a special event certificate sent to them electronically at no charge. And, of course, everyone is entitled to a hardcopy QSL upon request.   www.qrz.com/db/YP2XMAS

Holy land Christmas  26-29 Dec 2019

Israel Amateur Radio Club (IARC) presents the 4th year of the Program,  Holyland Christianity on the Air – HCOTA
Eligibility for an award is working 2 QSO`s with two different stations (call signs) out of the 5 active, multi operators XMAS stations below.
4X2XMAS 1.KFAR NACHUM - (Capernaum)  Church of the Holy Apostles
4X3XMAS 2. Caesarea National Park, Caesarea, Israel
4X9XMAS 4. LATRUN, Israel
4X7XMAS 5. Stella Maris Monastery. Israel
Background to station sites:
1.  Capernaum first started to be inhabited during the 3rd Millennium BC in the early Bronze period.  The village prospered in the Roman and Byzantine periods, and its citizens were mainly fishermen, farmers, and people that provided services to the Roman road and caravans.
Capernaum was partially destroyed in the Persian conquest in the 7th century AD. The synagogue and church were destroyed in the Arab period (7th- 12 century AD).
2/3 of The area was purchased by the Franciscans in 1894;  the other third was purchased by the Greek Orthodox.

 2. CAESAREA - Crusader fortress.
Caesarea Maritima was built during c. 20–10 BCE near the ruins of a small naval station known as Stratonos pyrgos (Straton's Tower),  dominated by the Romans in 63 BCE, The city underwent vast changes under Herod the Great, who renamed it Caesarea in honor of the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus.  It is located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa.
All but abandoned in 1800. It was re-developed into a modern town after 1940.
The ruins of the ancient city, on the coast about 2 km south of modern Caesarea, were excavated in the 1950s and 1960s and the site was incorporated into the new Caesarea National Park in 2011. Within the park is the Caesarea Amphitheater, also restored,

 is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is considered holy to the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
In 1538, the city walls were rebuilt for a last time around Jerusalem. Today those walls define the Old City, which  became a World Heritage Site in 1981.

Located  at the southeastern tip of the Ayalon Valley, it overlooks the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, 25 kilometers west of Jerusalem and 14  kilometers southeast of Ramla.  It is  home to an ancient fortress built by the Crusaders in the early 12th century, little remains of the castle.
 French Trappist monks founded the site in 1890, cultivating the land. They left during WWI but returned in 1926 to build the sandstone monastery complex that stands today.
The Monastery of the Seven Sorrows, better known as the Latrun Monastery or the Monastery of the Silence, is a Benedictine-Sistressian-Trappist monastery
Visitors to the  Monastery and church also buy the local olive oil and wine.

5.STELLA MARIS  HAIFA  Stella Maris Monastery & Lighthouse.
Perched at the western edge of Mount Carmel, high above the Mediteranean and the coastal city of Haifa, is Stella Maris Monastery and church. Also known as “Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel”it  is the world headquarters of a Catholic religious order, the Carmelites.
Completed  in the 18th century, its stout walls and small openings reflect the need for defence  during its establishment.
Later the Stella Maris lighthouse (which means Star of the Sea) was built. Because of its commanding position, the lighthouse has been used as a military establishment.

 Thursday 12 and Sunday 15 December 2019 with the organization of the WWFF (World Wide Flora & Fauna)
Activation of Aparados da Serra National Park PYFF-0003 -  will include  Amateur Radio ladies represented by Andreia PU3SEA and Gissele PU5GAT  as well as the integration between operators from the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
Great pics of all activated  parks plus park ref numbers at:

Silent Keys   (QSY higher frequency)
KB8HAM   Bertha L. Bacheller, SK November 1, 2019  Age 96.  860 Sternberg Rd., Muskegon, MI She was born on July 15, 1923 . Member of Muskegon Ham Radio Club

WD8BBP   Betty J. Lee, SK September 8, 2019 Age 78. She was born December 3, 1940, in Cincinnati, Ohio, She was a Ham Radio Operator and held a General Class License WD8BBP. She was a founding member of the Xenia Weather Amateur Radio Net (XWARN). XWARN was founded as a direct result of the Xenia Tornado of 1974. XWARN was officially part of the National Weather Service Skywarn Weather Spotter network.

F5ISY Carine Dubois  of  Argeliers, France became silent key  November 3, 2019
An active operator she was responible for " The Day of YLs " held May 2014

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Calendar - December 2019

1-31   Dec  Youngsters On The Air  YOTA Month (International)
1- 25  Dec   3rd ADVENT   CALENDAR   AWARD 2019 Bands:  SSB
7         Dec  YL Net  Essex Ham,  2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
7-8      Dec  International Naval Contest (INC) 2019  organized by the MF-Runde e.V. (MF)
                          16:00 UTC - 15:59 UTC; All Bands Mode: CW - SSB - Mixed
12 -15 Dec  Weekend of parks in Brazil- 2019.    www.radioexpedicao.com
14-15  Dec   International Naval Contest (INC) 2019   annually 2nd  weekend of December.
14-15 Dec    Saturday, 12:00am – Sunday, 11:59pm OK RTTY contest
15       Dec    AMRS Frauenreferat  at 16:30 pm (local time), a pre-Christmas OE-YL net
21       Dec   Padang DX Contest (West Sumatra)
21 Dec-3 Jan   Lighthouse Christmas Lights QSO PARTY – Worldwide lighthouse activation
                          0001Z Saturday Dec 21st, 2019 to 2359Z Jan 3rd, 2020
23-30  Dec   Hanukkah  (aka Festival of Lights)
25       Dec   Kers Dag / Christmas Day
26       Dec   DARC XMAS-Contest  (08:30-10:59 UTC) Modes  SSB, CW;    Band - 80m
                                2.5 hours sprint contest, QSY rule.
31       Dec   CQ DX Marathon  yearlong activity, ending at 2359 UTC December 31.
2020   4th January - Kids Day.
Jan 19-25    QuartzFest - an ARRL Convention.celebrating 25th anniversary

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