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  • Alda Niemeyer  (PP5ASN)  celebrates her 100th Birthday
  • Family History  - Amateur Radio - Blumenau Floods! - Roberto Landell de Moura - Honours
  • Romanian YL Eva on top again!
  • K7JGU   Theresa M. Korn Silent Key
  • W2OLB (S/k) Amelia Lobsenz,
  • COVID-19 Global Radio Communication Event
  • International Danube Day,
  • Contacts & Calendar

Alda Niemeyer  (PP5ASN)  celebrates her 100th Birthday
Family History  - Amateur Radio - Blumenau Floods! - Roberto Landell de Moura - Honours

PP5ASN Alda Schlemm Niemeyer, or Vovo Alda, (grandma Alda) as she is affectionately known in the Brasilian radio amateur world, celebrated her 100th birthday on 18 May 2020.
Family History
She was born in Joinville on May 18, 1920 and grew up in Curitiba, Brasil.
In  1939, age 19,  Alda, her sister and mother went to  Germany on a  cultural exchange. With the outbreak of  World War II what should have been be a journey of a few months, turned into a stay of  9 years,  They were unable to  return to Brasil as there were no more ships because of  the war.
As  foreigners, they were required  to provide  civilian services. Alda  took a  nursing  course and worked for  the Red Cross. from a dental office, Alda married in Germany and had three children. She survived  the worst bombing of the Second War, in February 1945 in the German  city of  Dresden where she lived.  Despite her house being destroyed in the blaze, and being hit in the head by a piece of brick - which blinded her for three weeks - Alda survived, along with her sister and a small child.
She managed to  return to Brazil in 1947, two years after  the end  of the war.  In 1950 she  separated from  Günter Hermann Schierz and in 1956,became a widow.
She  married doctor Érico Niemeyer and they  moved to Blumenau in 1956. She had 3 other children with him. She shared  55 years of marriage with Dr. Niemeye until his death  on October 4, 2003, age 77.  She is the grandmother  of 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.
Amateur Radio
She became interested in amateur radio in 1976 (age 56), obtaining a Class C license and the callsign  PY5WGG. In 1978 she up-graded to a Class B license, receiving the callsign PP5ASN. In 1980 ahe obtained a Class A license, keeping the  same callsign,  which she continues to hold today. She has been an active member of the Amateur Radio Club of Blumenau since 1976.
FIRST PY-YL DXPEDITION,  (PR2YL) GPS (24°44′28″S -  047°32′24″W)
Alda participated in the first  women's radio amateurs expedition held in Brasil to Ilha Comprida-SP,  near the city of Iguape, during the period  October 29 to November 2, 1998 (age 78), with the PS2S call ign in CW and PR2YL in SSB, together with colleagues Elza Cobra de Moraes PY2DHP, Afonsina Teixeira Salema PY2ATL, Adriana Gabardo PY5NT, Therezinha MA Félix Cardoso (Teresa) PT2TF, Alexandra Blumtritt PY2KTT and Arilda Gabardo PY5OA.
At age  84, she  received an  invitation  to travel to  Norway  as a  member the  dx-expedition team that operated in "Morokulien" for 14 days, from July 27 to August 09, 2004. Morokulien is a radio amateur station on the border between Norway and Sweden. The special callsign for the Norwegian side is LG5LG, and the special callsign for the Swedish side is SJ9WL.

However, Alda considers that her most important work as a radio amateur to be during the years 1983 and 1984, when Blumenau was almost destroyed by two tragic floods. Her courage as a woman and radio amateur can be seen in the pages of “SOS Enchente - A Vale Pede Socorro" (SOS Flood: A Valley Asks for Help), a book published in 1995, which she co-authored.  Currently out of print, the book is a documentary  and photographic account of  radio amateur activities  during the 1983 and 1984 floods.
The flood of 1983 which flooded her own house, encouraged  her commitment to Civil Defense. Grandma Alda (as she is known on the radio) installed her antennas on the building of the then EMBRATEL (Brasilian telecommunications company). From there she was able to mobilize  vital support  for the  city of Blumenau. Vaccines were flown in by the  Air Force, donations of thousands of  liters of drinking water received, medical supplies,  clothing and food obtained;  including many tons of donations from  amateur friends from Germany.  She helped establish communication not only between official bodies, but also arranged for aid to be received from individuals.
Imagine a time before the existence of digital cameras, cell phones and computers; when  fixed phones (land-lines) barely  worked.  Dona Alda (age 63) was however equal to the task and as relentless as the floods in her activities on the radio.

Roberto Landell de Moura (1861-1928) was a Brasilian priest and a scientist. At the end of the 19th century he carried out experiments to transmit the human voice over long distances without the aid of wires or cables.  Father Landell de Moura was a radio broadcasting pioneer.
As a radio amateur, Alda Niemeyer (PP5ASN) has excelled in publicizing the life and work of the Catholic priest and scientist Roberto Landell de Moura, nationally and in Europe. She translated into German, the book -  The Other Side of Telecommunications - The Saga of Father Landell by B. Hamilton Almeida. The book was released in Dortmund, Germany  May 1995.  As a result, radio amateurs in Germany and Austria learned about the life and work  of radio amateurs in Brazil. For her  work  around the work and  life of Padre Moura, Alda received the  commendation of “The Order of Radioamadores Father Roberto Landell de Moura”.

Brasil postage stamp issued: Alda S. Niemeyer, PP5ASN, 90 years/Jahre (2011)  
She has written various articles about Ham radio, in Portuguese and German. Participated in many Jamborees on the Air, and since its inception.has been active in the local contest ENCARA. She has  received numerous Special Event QSL cards from across the world, although some were lost during the floods. She lovingly guards the many national and international diplomas and trophies awarded to her through the years.
She took part in the World Radiosport Team Championships 2006  in Florianópolis, SC. (age 86)
She received the Commendation of the Order of Radio Amateurs Padre Landell de Moura, and a Commendation from the Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina. In November 2012. she received 'Gentleman of the Civil Defense Medal' from the Minister of National Integration. In September 2013 she received the title of "Honorary Citizen" from the City Council of Blumenau.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and she always has a ready word of encouragement.  Charismatic and communicative, "Vovo Alda" lives in the hearts of many people in Blumenau, across Brasil and the world.
At age 95 she was  preparing Stollern (German Christmas sweet bread)  for when the family, including grandchildren and great-granchildren gather in her home  to celebrate Christmas. The writer (link below) even included the recipe!

 Documentary that tells the story of PP5ASN Alda Schlemm Niemeyer  activties during the1983 and 1984 floods. in Blumenau (Brasil);  text in Portuguese by colleague Ivan Dornelles, PY3IDR (S/k)

Romanian YL Eva on top again!
Fb: YO6EVA - Gajdó Kelemen Éva  · 27/05/2020
The day (23/05/2020) is a special day for me, because I was able to reach 2000 points in the SOTA program,which means the qualification 'Double Mountain Goat'. Thank you all who were involved in these special journey.
Here I mention YO6PIB, EA2DT, GORQL, SA4BLM, EA2LU and many other chasers! 73

Ja-Well-No-Fine     June is our Birthday month.
We remember that 68 years ago SAWRC (South African Womens Radio Club) was founded June 2,  1952 and that our  #1 news-letter was emailed June 2011 to a small group of yls.  9 years later (2020) yl.beam #83, will be sent globally to more than 2000 amateur radio ladies. How many will survive spam and mail filters or be read is unknown, BUT your editor believes the radio ladies are constructing a  growing global network.
 In the 1st letter, dated 17.05.2011 and emailed to 14 yls,  there was the announcement about the 2nd  'The Day of YL’s'   Logs to  f5isy@orange.fr. We were happy to share news again of this event held (24-25 May, 2020).
Thanks are due to various groups who share our newsletters and to those who have shared news with your editor. Without you, there would be no yl group. HURRAH to all of us as we celebrate 9 years of friendship!
33 Editor Heather (ZS5YH/ZS6YE)

While researching the articles below, links from Theresa Korn (K7JGU), led to (W2OLB) Amelia Lobsenz.  And mention must be made of DokuFunk: The documentation archive for researching the history of radio. (Be warned,  it's hard to stop reading this web-site.)  http://dokufunk.org/amateur_radio/contributions/index.php?CID=13532&ID=13542

K7JGU   Theresa M. Korn Nov 5th 1926 – April 9, 2020  Silent Key
Theresa Marie Korn (née McLaughlin), usually known as Terry, died of coronavirus / COVID-19 on April 9th, 2020 after a long life of achievements in aviation, engineering, publishing, community building and activism.
While still in high school, she was active as an amateur (“Ham”) radio operator and learned to fly planes. At the time, she was the youngest pilot and Ham radio operator in the United States, and also a member of the Ninety-Nines, the international women’s aviation organization founded in 1929 by Amelia Earhart and 98 other women pilots.
Theresa could not use the Carnegie Scholarship she had won for attending Engineering school, because at that time, women at Carnegie were admitted only into the affiliated Margaret Morrison Women's College. There she could take the same engineering classes as her male peers, but she could earn only a Bachelor's in Science degree, not an Engineering degree. Theresa felt that this 'was grossly unfair' and told her good friend Emma Ware, a friend from the Ninety-Nines, and a pilot in the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (W.A.S.P.), an organization of women flyers who tested aircraft and flew planes across the Atlantic for use in World War II. Emma, working with other women pilots, raised money for Theresa’s tuition. Emma correctly assumed that if Theresa refused the scholarship, and paid her own way, the Engineering school would accept her. Theresa was the first woman accepted into the Engineering program at Carnegie Tech.
She earned her First Class Radio Operators' license from the Federal Communications Commission, and began working on the weekends as a broadcast engineer for Greensburg radio station WHGB. When she discovered she was not being paid on a par with the other radio operators, all male, she requested equal pay. When this was refused, she quit the radio job and went to work wiring electric arcade games, such as pinball and horserace games.
Theresa excelled in mathematics, and often tutored her engineering classmates. Her male classmates nominated her for Eta Kappa Nu, the National Honor Society for Electrical Engineering. Unfortunately, the chapter would not extend membership to women, so she was not allowed to join. Nonetheless, in 1947, Theresa turned in the best senior paper among her peers; grudgingly, Eta Kappa Nu awarded her a certificate to honor her achievement. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1947, the first woman to graduate from Carnegie Tech’s Engineering program.
 At Curtiss-Wright she was promoted to a restricted research department where she conducted missile research and she met Dr. Granino A. Korn, head of the analysis division. The couple was married September 3rd, 1948. Because of a nepotism policy at Curtiss-Wright, after the wedding Theresa lost her job. She was unemployed until Curtiss-Wright loaned Granino Korn to Boeing in Seattle, and the couple left for the West coast. At Boeing they were both able to work; Granino built a computer at one plant, while Theresa worked on analysis of the B52 tail section at another plant.
In 1952 the couple decided to start a consulting business and began writing books about computers and mathematics. Korn & Korn are considered pioneers in the computer community.
Theresa continued her education, and in 1954 she earned her Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.
Granino became Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Arizona – Tucson,  and following his retirement from teaching in 1983, the couple settled in Wenatchee, Washington.
They continued to publish and consult, until Granino’s death in 2013. Theresa lived quietly in Wenatchee until her death.
Holder of  an Advanced Amateur Radio License, she was a member of YLRL for 52 years and   #06226 of QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association)
She was a Warrant officer in Pennsylvania Wing United States National Guard Civil Air Patrol, 1941-1943.  Member of Society Women Engineers, American Association of University Women,
Theresa Marie Korn has been listed as a notable engineering executive, electrical engineer, consultant, writer by Marquis Who's Who (US).    A trailblazer for women in sciences!

 W2OLB (S/k) Amelia Lobsenz, 1922 – 1992
 Originally from Greensboro, NC, she grew up in Atlanta, GA. She owned her own Public Relations firm in New York City for 36 years and was the first woman president of the International Public Relations Association. She held the call-sign W2OLB, from 1941 and became a Silent Key Sep 3, 1992  at Lenox Hill Hospital.
Amelia was also an author. In 1951 she published a book for teen girls called “Kay Everett Calls CQ.”   about a young college girl who takes a summer road trip from North Carolina out to the West with three friends, a trailer, and ham radio.
The protagonist Kay is named after Ms. Lobsenz’s own daughter. Their adventures are many.  The plot centres around a jewel thief and Kay learning about the amateur radio hobby which plays a critical role in several places
 The book includes a glossary of amateur radio abbreviations, aids to learning Morse code, and information for girls who want to become "ham" radio operators.  Amelia also wrote another book about ham radio called “Kay Everett Works DX.” (1952)
The author, Amelia Lobsenz, was an experienced ham, licensed in 1941 and she based some of the characters on her actual friends, to include Theresa Korn, K7JGU. In the story, Terry, a YL and pilot, takes two of the girls flying over Idaho (aeronautical mobile), where they end up directing smoke-jumpers into a wildfire).
Sources https://www.amateurradio.com/kay-everett-calls-cq/
YLRL: Carol, K4SAF, &  Scott NØZB secure linkext. Link 2015-11-27)

The Finnish Amateur Radio League, (SRAL) in cooperation with Araucaria DX Group (ADXG) of Brazil and Radio Arcala, OH8X of Finland invite you to join them in to a global special event.
For amateur radio operators worldwide, social distancing is not an issue. radio-wave signals fly high and wide, across all borders. Even if ham radio operators are now confined to their homes, they are encouraged to communicate, to enhance friendships, and to keep minds and skills sharp.
DATE: June 06-07, 2020.
BANDS: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters
2) NON-STAYHOME stations: All other stations with their regular suffix.
More info at:    https://www.araucariadx.com.br/arquivos/stayhome.pdf

International Danube Day, is celebrated on June 29, each year
 Hungarian ham radio operators living along the Danube River hold an annual special event HG7DANUBE  All hams worldwide are invited to take part.
Starts 28th June, 00:00 UT – 29th, June,  23:59 UTC.
A Danube station is when your QTH (City, or town) is next to the Danube.
Multipliers - Each country where Danube flows: DK  Germany,  OE  Austria, OM  Slovak Rep,,  HA  Hungary, YU  Serbia, 9A  Croatia.  YO  Romania,  LZ  Bulgaria,  UR  Ukraine,  ER  Moldova
QRZ.com  for more information.
QSL manager Székely József HA7VY ha7vyjozsi@gmail.com

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  June 2020  
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June 2,       68 Aniversary SAWRC (South African Womens Radio Club) Founded  1952
                   9 years since YL Group newsletter  #1 June 2011
June 6       SARL VHF/UHF QSO party (FM)
June 6       YL Net 1st  Saturday of month, 2000 (UK) on GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater
J une 06-07 COVID-19 Global Radio Communication Event
June 7       DARC YL-Referat Invitation to the 2nd YL meet  Franconia, Brombachsee
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June 14     Hammies Sprint (RSA)
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June 17     World QRP Day
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June 27-28 International Museums Weekends 2020
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June 27-28 King of Spain Contest, SSB (1200Z to 1200Z)
June 29 I    NTERNATIONAL DANUBE DAY. 28th June, 00:00 UT - 29th, 23:59 UTC.
June 30      ICASA  extension to renew licences, last day 2020. (RSA)

July 2020
July 4     YL Net 1st  Saturday of month, 2000 (UK) on GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.
July 4     SARL Newbie QSO Party
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