Its Saturday afternoon

Its Saturday afternoon. I have just fixed the APRS PC. Actually I replaced the power supply which had been taken out by lightning. This was some time ago but noone seemed to care...

At the recent committee meeting, it was stated that we should get the APRS going again. So I offered to fix it.

This week like others I came across a number of links of interest to members of the club. Here is a small selection:-

Blogs with 'weakest of the weak' passwords hijacked to build mystery bot army
Wordpress, Joomla, Datalife Engine - they're all under cyber-crims' control
By John Leyden, 8th August 2013

Bristol scientists use urine to charge mobile phone

How much are old home computers worth?

PC sales see 'longest decline' in history

Buttercup the Duck gets prosthetic 3D-printed foot

Pair of PC viruses help each other survive [somebody read the Jargon File about Friar Tuck and Robin Hood]

The teenage radio enthusiasts who helped win World War II

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  1. Busy with an assignment for my 4x4 accreditation course tomorrow in Bronkhorstspruit