Just what is " homo ludens radiactivus " ?

Oh Wow! What a page! Homo ludens radiactivus [I am not surprised the spell checker doesn't like it!] It is the story of a young radio amateur growing into the hobby. Well worth reading.

Another that caught my browser's attention recently is:  
A $40 Software-Defined Radio

Then there was the announcement of a 3D scanner. Could this be the origin of the 'replicator' ? Makerbot Digitizer: Desktop 3D scanner goes on sale 

73 John ZS6WL


  1. Amateur Radio

    What about the other sub-species

    Homo ludens radiohistoricus

    Homo ludens electronicus

    Homo ludens volatrix

    Homo ludens nauticus

    Homo ludens musicus

    Homo ludens aeromodellisticus

    Homo ludens andinensis

    Homo ludens photographicus