Ubuntu Amateur Radio Software - fldigi and others

I have just caught another link from a Radio Amateur who is using the Raspberry Pi to test his H.F. filters...

But that is not what I wanted to blog about. It is this:-

I was looking for an 'equivalent' to HRD but for Linux Ubuntu. This PC and OS (operating system) has proven to be the most useful for my hobby, Amateur Radio. So whilst I had already compiled the beacon program for Ubuntu. I wanted to see if there was anything else.

fldigi is available for Windwoes as well. So those of you with XP etc, can now make use of the 'open source' software as well.

Maybe you should read this first:-

This all came about because the latest Elektor Post arrived in my inbox and this caught my eye:-

Wow! He only did it to please the RSGB...

Some reading for the weekend and those not going on the field day.
John ZS6WL 


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