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Dutch and German radio amateurs 50th meet-up
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How do you hear me?  The RST System of Signal Reporting
Canadian YL  Jeanne Wilson  (VA7QLT) & Delta ARS & Vimy Ridge 
Golden Globe Race -  non-stop … alone … no outside assistance.... except for Ham radio
QRZ Contacts & Calendar

(Bad Bentheim on the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Netherlands)
Dutch and German radio amateurs 50th meet-up
Dutch Young Ladies at DNAT in Bad Bentheim    Posted 26/08/2018by PA1ENG
Every last full weekend of August Dutch and German radio amateurs meet each other in Bad Bentheim. This weekend it is already 50 years ago that the Deutsch Niederländische Amateurfunker Tage (DNAT) was held for the first time. The Dutch Young Ladies Club was there.
. Mariëtte PA1ENG, Claudia PA5CT and Heather PD3GVQ  visited one of the radio amateur campsites and the radio market in the sports hall of a school.
On the other side of the castle (Burg Bentheim, the town’s emblem).was the annual flea market and in the middle of the park members of the Ammerland section of the Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club (DARC) had placed a number of high antennas for demonstration. This was very interesting to see.
At the radio fair we spoke to many acquaintances, met Dieuwertje PD4JUF / DO4JUF who recently obtained her radio amateur license. Perhaps she will join our (contest) team in the future. Welcome!

From left to right: Heather PD3GVQ, Dieuwertje PD4JUF / DO4JUF, Claudia PA5CT and Mariëtte PA1ENG

Hello, I thank you for publishing our activities, as of June 19, 2018 we are Radio Club YL CHILE, CE4YLC
I think we are the first women's radio club in Chile, I know that there are no more women's radio clubs in the world.
 I'll thank you if you have any information. From Chile -  I send you a big hug.

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September is 'Ham Yl's  7th anniversary on Facebook – THANK YOU to all our friends and we hope others will join us in the future. It is particularly helpful to be able to 'share'  YL events & Dxpeditions.
A question posted on a forum from a  YL  new to the hobby, about how to interpret "RST"... and her comment “There's so much I still need to learn and understand.”  prompted the article below, hope it  proves helpful.     33 Editor ZS5YH Heather

How do you hear me?
The RST System of Signal Reporting was established roughly in 1934 as a quick method of reporting Readability, Signal Strength and the Tone of CW.
For voice contacts only the "R" and "S" are used.
The RST is also reported on QSL Cards and must be filled in correctly.

An RST report is a report from a receiving station on the quality and strength of the transmitted signal. Using shorthand in the form of numbers to represent the quality of a CW signal, or voice transmission, of a transmitting station's signal at the receiving station's location (QTH). Here is what it means:
R -  Readability - Understanding what is said and how well.
On a scale of 1 to 5, the readability of your signal with a "5" being perfect with no difficulty.
In other words the ability of the other operator to understand what you are saying.
A "1" is unreadable....a "5" is perfectly readable.
S -  Strength- On a scale of 1 to 9, indicates how strong your stations signal is.
A "1" is a very faint signal.  A "9" is an extremely strong signal.
T - Tone   Used for Morse code signal reports. Indicates on a scale of 1 to 9 the quality of the tone of the Morse code "dits and dahs".  From a "60 cycle harsh tone" a (1).... To a "very pure tone", a (9)

1 -- Unreadable
2 -- Barely readable, occasional words distinguishable
3 -- Readable with considerable difficulty
4 -- Readable with practically no difficulty
5 -- Perfectly readable

1 -- Faint signals, barely perceptible
2 -- Very weak signals
3 -- Weak signals
4 -- Fair signals
5 -- Fairly good signals
6 -- Good signals
7 -- Moderately strong signals
8 -- Strong signals
9 -- Extremely strong signals

1 -- Sixty cycle a.c. or less, very rough and broad
2 -- Very rough a.c. , very harsh and broad
3 -- Rough a.c. tone, rectified but not filtered
4 -- Rough note, some trace of filtering
5 -- Filtered rectified a.c. but strongly ripple-modulated
6 -- Filtered tone, definite trace of ripple modulation
7 -- Near pure tone, trace of ripple modulation
8 -- Near perfect tone, slight trace of modulation
9 -- Perfect tone, no trace of ripple or modulation of any kind

If you get a 5 5 (sometimes said 5 by 5)....Your signal is perfectly readable with a fairly good signal strength.
In some cases people may tell you: your signal is five nine plus twenty dB...
In this case the twenty db part indicates that your signal is so strong that it goes off the standard 1 through 9 signal strength S meter dial by twenty decibels as indicated on the meter readout. This would mean that you are putting out a REALLY strong signal!
Sources:    http://www.hamuniverse.com/rst.htm
Delta Amateur Radio Society  (BC, Canada) has something for everyone
From technical prowess to emergency operations,      GRACE KENNEDY Aug. 11, 2018

Canadian YL  Jeanne Wilson  (VA7QLT) & Delta Amateur Radio Society
The call sign was faint over the radio in the North Delta Public Safety Building. Jeanne Wilson and a group of other new hams struggled to make it out.
Bauer was teaching the group how to use a high-frequency radio — something a little more complex than the hand-held radios often used by beginning hams and emergency operators. But he had a trick in mind.
Unbeknownst to his class, Bauer had turned the dial to a caller from Malpelo Island, an islet 500 km west of the Colombian mainland, uninhabited except for a small military post. A radio operator had made their way out there as part of a DX Pedition (pronounced “dee expedition,” it’s a play on dx, the radio shorthand for long distance), and hams around the world were trying to make contact.
 VA7QLT Jeanne Wilson continued to struggle. Then she made out the call sign. Then, at Bauer’s urging, she got on the mic and made contact and remembers the smile that came across Bauer’s face.
“Congratulations girl, you just talked to a DX Pedition … You just talked to Malpelo Island,” she remembered him saying.
“And I’m like, ‘Well where the hell is that?” - The moment changed Wilson’s focus in amateur radio. Although she started at age 55 with a drive for emergency operations, she soon switched her focus to long distance competitions.
Over the years — Wilson is 63 now — she has made contacts in more than 100 countries, getting nearly a third of the available DX Pedition locations.
 Jeanne Wilson was part of a group of 17 amateur radio operators who went to Vimy Ridge in 2017 to operate radio during the 100 anniversary of the battle.
“I can tell you, it felt really good to be chased on the air,” she said. “It was probably one of the highlights of my life.”
Vimy Ridge
 April 9, 1917, is commonly highlighted as a turning point in Canadian history, where the four Canadian divisions fought together as a unified fighting force for the first time.
 France granted Canada  land at Vimy to build and maintain a memorial.  A First World War monumen and certainly Canada’s most important war memorial.
 Approximately 10 km north of Arras, 15 km south of Lens, 135 km southeast of Calais and 175 km north of Paris. GPS Coordinates: N50.379444, E2.773611

 non-stop … alone … no outside assistance ... except for Ham radio
Golden Globe Race  2018   
Marking the 50th anniversary of the first Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, Competitors may  only use equipment that was available  in 1968/9 to navigate and contact the outside world. That means using SSB and Ham radios for long-range communications, and VHF for short range (up to 30 miles) – no satellites.. Navigation means using the stars, sun, paper charts and a sextant – no GPS or smart-phone allowed.
The 2018 race keeps to the rules and the spirit of the original 1969  non-stop, solo, round the world yacht race.
The  race started  July 1st, 2018 fron France,  through the Atlantic, then east  through the Southern Ocean, past Australia, towards South America before returning home.
Contestants are using HF radio for safety and weather reports.  Amateur Radio is as important now as it was 50 years ago for these sailors. If you are able, please keep a listening watch as they sail across the lonely and dangerous Southern Oceans.
There have been problems with equipment and weather. Norwegian skipper Are Wiig capsized and was dis-masted 400 miles SSW of Cape Town, Monday 27/08/2018 and is currently heading for Cape Town.
Susie Goodall, a 27 year-old Englishwoman is the only female contestant in the 2018 Golden Globe Race 

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Calendar  September 2018
01       Sept     Ham Yl Facebook 7th birthday (started 2011)
01       Sept     West Rand Flea Market  (RSA)
1 - 2   Sept    Region 1- SSB Field Day  1300-1300 UTC
02-08 Sept     2018 - 19th World ARDF Championships, Sokcho, Korea,
8 - 9       Sept    SARL National Field Day    (RSA)
9 - 11  Sept    Rosh Hashanah
8-16    Sept     Route 66 On The Air!  http://w6jbt.org/  (USA)
15       Sept    AJV    Magalies Radio Amateur Klub    SAT, 1630 CAT
15       Sept    SCOPEX -  Telescope & Astronomy Expo.Johannesburg - 9am to 9pm 
15-16  Sept    All Africa Contest &     SARL VHF/UHF Digital Contest
15-16  Sept    Concurso Farroupilha;  festival in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil - gaucho culture.
18 -19 Sept    Yom Kippur
22       Sept     Centenary of the First Wireless Message received from the UK in Australia
                  (22 September 1918). Special Event Station VK100MARCONI *
22-23  Sept     ROTA 2018 (Railways On The Air)  revised frequencies : 3.65, 7.15, 14.25.
24        Sept    Heritage Day;(aka Braai Day)
28-29  Sept     UK National Hamfest (10th year)
29- 30  Sept    CQ WW RTTY
29 Sept - 1 Oct  Annual Nancy Kott Memorial KN0WCW Event (00:01UTC Sat - 06:00UTC Mon)
                FISTS Nancy Kott Memorial KN0WCW Event 2018 from 00:01 UTC Saturday September 29 to 06:00 UTC on Monday October 1st. Operation will be on all Amateur bands; a friendly celebration of Nancy work.
9     Oct    Ada Lovelace Day, on Tuesday  10th Annual Celebration  2018
31   Oct    Witches On The Air /    Halloween

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