yl.beam # 83 june 2020

  • Alda Niemeyer  (PP5ASN)  celebrates her 100th Birthday
  • Family History  - Amateur Radio - Blumenau Floods! - Roberto Landell de Moura - Honours
  • Romanian YL Eva on top again!
  • K7JGU   Theresa M. Korn Silent Key
  • W2OLB (S/k) Amelia Lobsenz,
  • COVID-19 Global Radio Communication Event
  • International Danube Day,
  • Contacts & Calendar

Alda Niemeyer  (PP5ASN)  celebrates her 100th Birthday
Family History  - Amateur Radio - Blumenau Floods! - Roberto Landell de Moura - Honours

PP5ASN Alda Schlemm Niemeyer, or Vovo Alda, (grandma Alda) as she is affectionately known in the Brasilian radio amateur world, celebrated her 100th birthday on 18 May 2020.
Family History
She was born in Joinville on May 18, 1920 and grew up in Curitiba, Brasil.
In  1939, age 19,  Alda, her sister and mother went to  Germany on a  cultural exchange. With the outbreak of  World War II what should have been be a journey of a few months, turned into a stay of  9 years,  They were unable to  return to Brasil as there were no more ships because of  the war.
As  foreigners, they were required  to provide  civilian services. Alda  took a  nursing  course and worked for  the Red Cross. from a dental office, Alda married in Germany and had three children. She survived  the worst bombing of the Second War, in February 1945 in the German  city of  Dresden where she lived.  Despite her house being destroyed in the blaze, and being hit in the head by a piece of brick - which blinded her for three weeks - Alda survived, along with her sister and a small child.
She managed to  return to Brazil in 1947, two years after  the end  of the war.  In 1950 she  separated from  Günter Hermann Schierz and in 1956,became a widow.
She  married doctor Érico Niemeyer and they  moved to Blumenau in 1956. She had 3 other children with him. She shared  55 years of marriage with Dr. Niemeye until his death  on October 4, 2003, age 77.  She is the grandmother  of 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.
Amateur Radio
She became interested in amateur radio in 1976 (age 56), obtaining a Class C license and the callsign  PY5WGG. In 1978 she up-graded to a Class B license, receiving the callsign PP5ASN. In 1980 ahe obtained a Class A license, keeping the  same callsign,  which she continues to hold today. She has been an active member of the Amateur Radio Club of Blumenau since 1976.
FIRST PY-YL DXPEDITION,  (PR2YL) GPS (24°44′28″S -  047°32′24″W)
Alda participated in the first  women's radio amateurs expedition held in Brasil to Ilha Comprida-SP,  near the city of Iguape, during the period  October 29 to November 2, 1998 (age 78), with the PS2S call ign in CW and PR2YL in SSB, together with colleagues Elza Cobra de Moraes PY2DHP, Afonsina Teixeira Salema PY2ATL, Adriana Gabardo PY5NT, Therezinha MA Félix Cardoso (Teresa) PT2TF, Alexandra Blumtritt PY2KTT and Arilda Gabardo PY5OA.
At age  84, she  received an  invitation  to travel to  Norway  as a  member the  dx-expedition team that operated in "Morokulien" for 14 days, from July 27 to August 09, 2004. Morokulien is a radio amateur station on the border between Norway and Sweden. The special callsign for the Norwegian side is LG5LG, and the special callsign for the Swedish side is SJ9WL.

However, Alda considers that her most important work as a radio amateur to be during the years 1983 and 1984, when Blumenau was almost destroyed by two tragic floods. Her courage as a woman and radio amateur can be seen in the pages of “SOS Enchente - A Vale Pede Socorro" (SOS Flood: A Valley Asks for Help), a book published in 1995, which she co-authored.  Currently out of print, the book is a documentary  and photographic account of  radio amateur activities  during the 1983 and 1984 floods.
The flood of 1983 which flooded her own house, encouraged  her commitment to Civil Defense. Grandma Alda (as she is known on the radio) installed her antennas on the building of the then EMBRATEL (Brasilian telecommunications company). From there she was able to mobilize  vital support  for the  city of Blumenau. Vaccines were flown in by the  Air Force, donations of thousands of  liters of drinking water received, medical supplies,  clothing and food obtained;  including many tons of donations from  amateur friends from Germany.  She helped establish communication not only between official bodies, but also arranged for aid to be received from individuals.
Imagine a time before the existence of digital cameras, cell phones and computers; when  fixed phones (land-lines) barely  worked.  Dona Alda (age 63) was however equal to the task and as relentless as the floods in her activities on the radio.

Roberto Landell de Moura (1861-1928) was a Brasilian priest and a scientist. At the end of the 19th century he carried out experiments to transmit the human voice over long distances without the aid of wires or cables.  Father Landell de Moura was a radio broadcasting pioneer.
As a radio amateur, Alda Niemeyer (PP5ASN) has excelled in publicizing the life and work of the Catholic priest and scientist Roberto Landell de Moura, nationally and in Europe. She translated into German, the book -  The Other Side of Telecommunications - The Saga of Father Landell by B. Hamilton Almeida. The book was released in Dortmund, Germany  May 1995.  As a result, radio amateurs in Germany and Austria learned about the life and work  of radio amateurs in Brazil. For her  work  around the work and  life of Padre Moura, Alda received the  commendation of “The Order of Radioamadores Father Roberto Landell de Moura”.

Brasil postage stamp issued: Alda S. Niemeyer, PP5ASN, 90 years/Jahre (2011)  
She has written various articles about Ham radio, in Portuguese and German. Participated in many Jamborees on the Air, and since its inception.has been active in the local contest ENCARA. She has  received numerous Special Event QSL cards from across the world, although some were lost during the floods. She lovingly guards the many national and international diplomas and trophies awarded to her through the years.
She took part in the World Radiosport Team Championships 2006  in Florianópolis, SC. (age 86)
She received the Commendation of the Order of Radio Amateurs Padre Landell de Moura, and a Commendation from the Legislative Assembly of Santa Catarina. In November 2012. she received 'Gentleman of the Civil Defense Medal' from the Minister of National Integration. In September 2013 she received the title of "Honorary Citizen" from the City Council of Blumenau.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and she always has a ready word of encouragement.  Charismatic and communicative, "Vovo Alda" lives in the hearts of many people in Blumenau, across Brasil and the world.
At age 95 she was  preparing Stollern (German Christmas sweet bread)  for when the family, including grandchildren and great-granchildren gather in her home  to celebrate Christmas. The writer (link below) even included the recipe!

 Documentary that tells the story of PP5ASN Alda Schlemm Niemeyer  activties during the1983 and 1984 floods. in Blumenau (Brasil);  text in Portuguese by colleague Ivan Dornelles, PY3IDR (S/k)

Romanian YL Eva on top again!
Fb: YO6EVA - Gajdó Kelemen Éva  · 27/05/2020
The day (23/05/2020) is a special day for me, because I was able to reach 2000 points in the SOTA program,which means the qualification 'Double Mountain Goat'. Thank you all who were involved in these special journey.
Here I mention YO6PIB, EA2DT, GORQL, SA4BLM, EA2LU and many other chasers! 73

Ja-Well-No-Fine     June is our Birthday month.
We remember that 68 years ago SAWRC (South African Womens Radio Club) was founded June 2,  1952 and that our  #1 news-letter was emailed June 2011 to a small group of yls.  9 years later (2020) yl.beam #83, will be sent globally to more than 2000 amateur radio ladies. How many will survive spam and mail filters or be read is unknown, BUT your editor believes the radio ladies are constructing a  growing global network.
 In the 1st letter, dated 17.05.2011 and emailed to 14 yls,  there was the announcement about the 2nd  'The Day of YL’s'   Logs to  f5isy@orange.fr. We were happy to share news again of this event held (24-25 May, 2020).
Thanks are due to various groups who share our newsletters and to those who have shared news with your editor. Without you, there would be no yl group. HURRAH to all of us as we celebrate 9 years of friendship!
33 Editor Heather (ZS5YH/ZS6YE)

While researching the articles below, links from Theresa Korn (K7JGU), led to (W2OLB) Amelia Lobsenz.  And mention must be made of DokuFunk: The documentation archive for researching the history of radio. (Be warned,  it's hard to stop reading this web-site.)  http://dokufunk.org/amateur_radio/contributions/index.php?CID=13532&ID=13542

K7JGU   Theresa M. Korn Nov 5th 1926 – April 9, 2020  Silent Key
Theresa Marie Korn (née McLaughlin), usually known as Terry, died of coronavirus / COVID-19 on April 9th, 2020 after a long life of achievements in aviation, engineering, publishing, community building and activism.
While still in high school, she was active as an amateur (“Ham”) radio operator and learned to fly planes. At the time, she was the youngest pilot and Ham radio operator in the United States, and also a member of the Ninety-Nines, the international women’s aviation organization founded in 1929 by Amelia Earhart and 98 other women pilots.
Theresa could not use the Carnegie Scholarship she had won for attending Engineering school, because at that time, women at Carnegie were admitted only into the affiliated Margaret Morrison Women's College. There she could take the same engineering classes as her male peers, but she could earn only a Bachelor's in Science degree, not an Engineering degree. Theresa felt that this 'was grossly unfair' and told her good friend Emma Ware, a friend from the Ninety-Nines, and a pilot in the Women’s Airforce Service Pilots (W.A.S.P.), an organization of women flyers who tested aircraft and flew planes across the Atlantic for use in World War II. Emma, working with other women pilots, raised money for Theresa’s tuition. Emma correctly assumed that if Theresa refused the scholarship, and paid her own way, the Engineering school would accept her. Theresa was the first woman accepted into the Engineering program at Carnegie Tech.
She earned her First Class Radio Operators' license from the Federal Communications Commission, and began working on the weekends as a broadcast engineer for Greensburg radio station WHGB. When she discovered she was not being paid on a par with the other radio operators, all male, she requested equal pay. When this was refused, she quit the radio job and went to work wiring electric arcade games, such as pinball and horserace games.
Theresa excelled in mathematics, and often tutored her engineering classmates. Her male classmates nominated her for Eta Kappa Nu, the National Honor Society for Electrical Engineering. Unfortunately, the chapter would not extend membership to women, so she was not allowed to join. Nonetheless, in 1947, Theresa turned in the best senior paper among her peers; grudgingly, Eta Kappa Nu awarded her a certificate to honor her achievement. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering in 1947, the first woman to graduate from Carnegie Tech’s Engineering program.
 At Curtiss-Wright she was promoted to a restricted research department where she conducted missile research and she met Dr. Granino A. Korn, head of the analysis division. The couple was married September 3rd, 1948. Because of a nepotism policy at Curtiss-Wright, after the wedding Theresa lost her job. She was unemployed until Curtiss-Wright loaned Granino Korn to Boeing in Seattle, and the couple left for the West coast. At Boeing they were both able to work; Granino built a computer at one plant, while Theresa worked on analysis of the B52 tail section at another plant.
In 1952 the couple decided to start a consulting business and began writing books about computers and mathematics. Korn & Korn are considered pioneers in the computer community.
Theresa continued her education, and in 1954 she earned her Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA.
Granino became Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Arizona – Tucson,  and following his retirement from teaching in 1983, the couple settled in Wenatchee, Washington.
They continued to publish and consult, until Granino’s death in 2013. Theresa lived quietly in Wenatchee until her death.
Holder of  an Advanced Amateur Radio License, she was a member of YLRL for 52 years and   #06226 of QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association)
She was a Warrant officer in Pennsylvania Wing United States National Guard Civil Air Patrol, 1941-1943.  Member of Society Women Engineers, American Association of University Women,
Theresa Marie Korn has been listed as a notable engineering executive, electrical engineer, consultant, writer by Marquis Who's Who (US).    A trailblazer for women in sciences!

 W2OLB (S/k) Amelia Lobsenz, 1922 – 1992
 Originally from Greensboro, NC, she grew up in Atlanta, GA. She owned her own Public Relations firm in New York City for 36 years and was the first woman president of the International Public Relations Association. She held the call-sign W2OLB, from 1941 and became a Silent Key Sep 3, 1992  at Lenox Hill Hospital.
Amelia was also an author. In 1951 she published a book for teen girls called “Kay Everett Calls CQ.”   about a young college girl who takes a summer road trip from North Carolina out to the West with three friends, a trailer, and ham radio.
The protagonist Kay is named after Ms. Lobsenz’s own daughter. Their adventures are many.  The plot centres around a jewel thief and Kay learning about the amateur radio hobby which plays a critical role in several places
 The book includes a glossary of amateur radio abbreviations, aids to learning Morse code, and information for girls who want to become "ham" radio operators.  Amelia also wrote another book about ham radio called “Kay Everett Works DX.” (1952)
The author, Amelia Lobsenz, was an experienced ham, licensed in 1941 and she based some of the characters on her actual friends, to include Theresa Korn, K7JGU. In the story, Terry, a YL and pilot, takes two of the girls flying over Idaho (aeronautical mobile), where they end up directing smoke-jumpers into a wildfire).
Sources https://www.amateurradio.com/kay-everett-calls-cq/
YLRL: Carol, K4SAF, &  Scott NØZB secure linkext. Link 2015-11-27)

The Finnish Amateur Radio League, (SRAL) in cooperation with Araucaria DX Group (ADXG) of Brazil and Radio Arcala, OH8X of Finland invite you to join them in to a global special event.
For amateur radio operators worldwide, social distancing is not an issue. radio-wave signals fly high and wide, across all borders. Even if ham radio operators are now confined to their homes, they are encouraged to communicate, to enhance friendships, and to keep minds and skills sharp.
DATE: June 06-07, 2020.
BANDS: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters
2) NON-STAYHOME stations: All other stations with their regular suffix.
More info at:    https://www.araucariadx.com.br/arquivos/stayhome.pdf

International Danube Day, is celebrated on June 29, each year
 Hungarian ham radio operators living along the Danube River hold an annual special event HG7DANUBE  All hams worldwide are invited to take part.
Starts 28th June, 00:00 UT – 29th, June,  23:59 UTC.
A Danube station is when your QTH (City, or town) is next to the Danube.
Multipliers - Each country where Danube flows: DK  Germany,  OE  Austria, OM  Slovak Rep,,  HA  Hungary, YU  Serbia, 9A  Croatia.  YO  Romania,  LZ  Bulgaria,  UR  Ukraine,  ER  Moldova
QRZ.com  for more information.
QSL manager Székely József HA7VY ha7vyjozsi@gmail.com

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  June 2020  
JLRS Net: Every Thursday 22: 00UTC on 7.090MHz
JLRS Net: 2nd Sunday 04: 00UTC on 7.090MHz
June 2,       68 Aniversary SAWRC (South African Womens Radio Club) Founded  1952
                   9 years since YL Group newsletter  #1 June 2011
June 6       SARL VHF/UHF QSO party (FM)
June 6       YL Net 1st  Saturday of month, 2000 (UK) on GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater
J une 06-07 COVID-19 Global Radio Communication Event
June 7       DARC YL-Referat Invitation to the 2nd YL meet  Franconia, Brombachsee
Junio 13    Dia del Escritor. (Actividades del GRUPO YL Argentina)
June 14     Hammies Sprint (RSA)
June 16     SARL Youth Sprint  (Tuesday) / Public holiday (RSA)
June 17     World QRP Day
June 18-22 Top Band QSO Party
June 20      SARL 95 40 m Club Sprint
June 20-21 International Museums Weekends 2020
June 26 - July 5    Giro Rosa,
June 27-28 International Museums Weekends 2020
June 27     RAE
June 27-28 King of Spain Contest, SSB (1200Z to 1200Z)
June 29 I    NTERNATIONAL DANUBE DAY. 28th June, 00:00 UT - 29th, 23:59 UTC.
June 30      ICASA  extension to renew licences, last day 2020. (RSA)

July 2020
July 4     YL Net 1st  Saturday of month, 2000 (UK) on GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.
July 4     SARL Newbie QSO Party
July 5     ZS5 Sprint (RSA)


yl.beam # 82 may 2020

  • Brasilian Yls sweep the Board
  • Magda NL13543 (Netherlands) applauded
  • Cuban yls celebrated International  Womens Day March 2020
  • Réunion Island  - TO7DL DX-Pedition March 2020 -  Annette Coenen, DL6SAK
  • Le Jour des YL  -  The Day of YLs 2020
  • NZ yl group WARO in recess
  • Ja-Well-Not-so-Fine (Editorial)
  • Silent Keys  
  • Contact Us
  • 80th "5.5 Chinese Amateur Radio Festival".
  • Calendar  May 2020

Brasilian Yls sweep the Board
As a result of the election held on March 6, 2020, at the headquarters of LABRE / MA, (Brasilian Radio League), the  board board has a majority of YL's..
Congratulations and our best wishes for success to the following who were elected for the 2020/2022 period:
Chief Executive Officer: ALCY – PU8MAF
Vice-President: ANA – PR8ANA
Chairman of the Board: ERINET – PR8MEF
Vice-Chairman of the Board : MARIA DA GLÓRIA -PR8GL
Social Director: INGLIDE – PU8MIN
Administrative Director: JHENIFFER – PU8OJC
Council Secretary: ELY - PU8OES
Financial Director: LIMA – PR8DX  (om)
http://labre.org.br/labre-ma-e-a-nova-diretoria/ 03/19/2020 
(MA = Maranhão a state in Northeast  region of Brazil.) 
Jheniffer – Inglide – Glória – Erinet – Ana  e  ALCY. 

Magda NL13543 (Netherlands) Department Amateur of the Year   24/03/2020
Some time ago we received an email from Heather, PD3GVQ, in which she suggested that we choose someone for the upcoming Meeting as Department Amateur of the Year, who had been working in our department in a very nice, good and above all hospitable way for the past 10 years. Heather of course referred to Magda NL13543, the XYL of Cees Rodenburg PA0CRB, who had been welcoming us as a hostess at their QTH on the Bermweg in Capelle at the A37- BBQ for a decade now.
Of course, this proposal was very well received by the  board, which is why Erik PE1NOJ was able to hand over a bouquet of flowers and a trophy to a surprised Magda during the Meeting on March 12, 2020, and thank her for her commitment to our department.

Cuban yls celebrated International  Womens Day March 2020
Radio Club Municipal of Santiago de Cuba celebrated  International  Womens Day March 2020, on the radio. Its president, Leticia López (CO8LYA), along with Alina Galarza (CO8AGH), Janet Figueroa (CM8FMJ), Iris Ducase (CL8IRI), Eddy Mercy Labañino (CM8EEP) and Valentina La O (CL8CLT), held  the conference, through the Repeater that operates on 145,290 MHz,

Réunion is an overseas department and region of the French Republic and an island in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and 175 km southwest of Mauritius. The island is 39 miles (63 km) long; 28 miles (45 km) wide. The island has been inhabited since the 16th century, when people from France and Madagascar settled there. Slavery was abolished on 20 December 1848, when the French Second Republic abolished slavery in the French colonies. However, later on indentured workers were brought to Réunion from South India, among other places. The island became an overseas department of France in 1946. Tthe official language is French although the majority of the region's population speaks Réunion Creole. Réunion is an outermost region of the European Union and, as an overseas department of France, part of the eurozone.
 Réunion is home to the highest peaks in the Mascarenes Islands, (Mauritius, Reunion, and Rodrigues). The Mascarene Plateau is an undersea plateau that extends approximately 2000 km, from the Seychelles to Réunion. The Piton des Neiges volcano is the highest point on the island at 10,069 feet (3070 m) above sea level,  northwest of the Piton de la Fournaise.  The Piton de la Fournaise,is  a shield volcano on the eastern end of Réunion Island, rises more than 8,565 feet (2611 m) above sea level. It has erupted more than 100 times since 1640 and is constantly monitored. 

DL6SAK Annette, is part of the DX-Pedition TO7DL   Réunion - March 2020
After the originally planned DXpedition to Djibouti had to be cancelled, a new destination was found at short notice. Thanks to the French licensing authority and OMs from France, who made the granting of the license application possible.
Team DK1BT Manfred, DL4WK Wolf, DL6SAK, Annette DL6SAK, Sigi DL7DF, and DL7UFR Frank were active as TO7DL from March 4th to 17th on Reunion.
The team members arrived  on Reunion 3 March 2020. They erected the 30m antenna in the darkness and had their first QSOs.
By Saturday (March 7) all stations and antennas were set up. That proved a challenge because the property is 400m above sea level on a slope, open to the north. First 10,000 QSOs entered in the log. Terrible storms on the Sunday night meant that hardly an antenna remained in working  order the following day.
After a busy operating week  Manfred, DK1BT, left on Friday (13 March) so only four operators remained.  Monday, March 16, 2020, (0900 UTC) 34000 QSOs in the log.
Final day of operating Tuesday, March 17, 2020 - TO7DL went QRT  after 35660 QSOs.
A great DXpedition considering the sudden change of plan in destination.

March 16, 2020  The  planned flight with Mauritius Airlines from Reunion to Mauritius and Mauritius to Paris was  cancelled. With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic to an increasing number of countries, Mauritian authorities extended travel restrictions to Mauritius and transit. Re-booked with Air France to fly (hopefully) directly to Paris.
The TO7DL team reached Paris Airport Orly on Wednesday afternoon (March 18),and  transfered to Paris CDG. The curfew in France due to the corona virus restrictions demonstrated  its drastic consequences. Hardly any traffic on the streets. No early check-in. No shops open. Hardly any employees, just a lot of aircraft standing around and travellers waiting for the next departure (day). They stayed at the Holiday Inn. No restaurants open, but they warmed up pizza and sold drinks that could only be consumed in the room.
Reunion Island CQ Zone 39 - ITU Zone 53 - IOTA AF-016 - Grid locator LG79RC
http://www.dl7df.com/fr/pictures.php   full story  at TO7DL  News, Pictures

Annette Coenen, DL6SAK, a  DARC board member, has taken part in several dxpeditions, amongst the most recent:  TO80SP  Saint Pierre and Miquelon - October 2019;  C5DL   The Gambia - April 2019;  8P9AE  Barbados - November 2018
Annette a  regular attendee at HAMRADIO Friedrichshafen in Germany, was a speaker in 2015
and in  2017 she received the honorary trophy-plate from  DARC.at the International YL meeting.

Le Jour des YL 2020 -  The Day of YLs 2020  25MAY
 24-25/05/2020 in memory of F5ISY - Carine DUBOIS .
Objective: To promote the activity of young ladies in the world.
Time: 2020-05-24  (00:01 UTC)  to  2020-05-25 (23:59:00 UTC).
Bands: 3.5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz & VHF  (no Repeaters, of course).
Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY.
To help competitors find each other,  suggest using frequencies +/- 10 kHz of the frequencies below CW: 3.533, 7.033, 14.033, 21.033 and 28.033 MHz
RTTY: 3.588, 7.044, 14.088, 21.088 and 28.088 MHz
SSB: 3.733, 7.133, 14.213, 14.240, 14.300, 21.233, 21.400 and 28.433 MHz
Exchanges: RS (T) + YL / OM
The same station can be worked once on each band and each mode.
For YL / YL   3 points For OM / YL   2 points For YL / OM   1 point
Logs : Mail log to:    DOYL.Carine@gmail.com   or 3830scores.com for DOYL
claimed scores must be posted to:   3830scores.com  by JUN 30.
A full explanation is at:  Ka1uln.blogspot.com/p/the-day-of-yls.html
 group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/746304389193363/

WARO in recess
Disturbing news from New Zealand in this week’s NZART Break-in newsletter is that WARO, (Women Amateur Radio Operators) is to "tread water".
After the WARO Executive meeting in April 2020, there was a motion passed that WARO goes into recess until they can meet at a full NZART AGM to discuss the future of WARO. This was seconded and agreed by the Executive Committee.
Therefore, WARO is now in recess until the AGM being held in Napier (NZ) 2021, where a Special General Meeting will be held, NOT an AGM.
Executive Committee positions will remain the same until then, subs do not need to be paid this year. Finances will be maintained and held by the Treasurer, until the meeting in Napier.
The reason behind the recess is self-explanatory, due to the lack or no support from WARO members this leaves us no alternative.  There will no longer be a WARO page in the Break-In
 WARO Executive Committee

Origins - at the 35th NZART Conference in Hamilton (NZ) in June1961 the first YL meeting took place.  As a result of this meeting an 80m net began on Tuesday 11th July 1961.
The first meeting to form a club (WARO) was held in Rotoura on 10th March 1962 with seven (7) YL’s.  Rules were drawn up and subscriptions set. New Zealand became the third English speaking country to form its own YL group.

Ja-Well-Not so Fine   (Editorial)
Losing another of our foundation YL groups WARO (above) needs reflection.
What's wrong with this picture? What can we do to keep ladies active in Amateur Radio?
I realize that their may be problems embedded within different country's regulations and institutions but Hams are an ingenious bunch and have wriggled around set-backs for years.
We already know from various world surveys that our average Ham age is 'senior', so how are we to ensure there will be other generations? Yls  are probably best qualified to reach out, after all net-working is what we do!
 The world lock-down has shown us that here is no place for  –“ but we have always done it that way”.  Leadership belongs to the youth. The development of technology means we need the young to steer us forward. Reach out to the newbies, give them special status within our groups, lets not lose them. This is a personal opinion – what's yours? Is this newsletter doing enough?
Please share your ideas and thoughts. Better yet send articles and pictures.
Feedback appreciated – good or bad – just as long as we move forward.
33/88 Heather ZS5YH  (At-Home, can hear the sea but locked-in and our beaches are closed.)

Silent Keys
CE2DPB - We regret to announce the death of  CE2DPB. Erna Andrade, Las Rosas, Chilean Radio Amateur with a 45-year history in radio, mother of Erico Pillado Andrade CE2EP and grandmother of Paulina Pillado CD2DPB. The Federation sends its deepest feelings of regret. Rest in peace. (March 2020 ?)

KD5ODA Mildred Peterson of Deming,  New Mexico became S/k  31/03/2020 She had been living with her youngest daughter.
A member of  the Deming Amateur Radio Club and and enjoyed net every Thursday night.  According to her QRZ.com page she was 96 during 2019. Was a farmer's wife for 50 years in Kansas
Newsline - James Pastorfield

VA3ABB   Anne Marie Bryan SK 1940 – 2020
Died peacefully, with family by her side, at Kingston Health Sciences Centre on Monday April 13th, 2020. Anne Bryan of Lyn was 79 years old and wife of  VA3RSB Ron Bryan. ARTASNet Net Controller,  Brockville Amateur Radio Club

 W7LQV,  Diane Murdock  passed away on January 2, 2020        minownet.newsletters/news2020spring
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80th "5.5 Chinese Amateur Radio Festival".
On 5th May 1940, Chinese amateur radio operators started the “On Air Conference”.
Every year  5th May has been designated as a Chinese amateur radio festival, called “5.5 Festival”.
In view of the impact of the current epidemic, the China Radio Association Amateur Radio Branch (CRAC) has advocated that everyone celebrate and commemorate our common holiday by on-air communication during the May 5th China Amateur Radio Festival.
 The 2020 "5.5 Festival" has shifted to the air waves,  10 special event call-signs will be activated (B0CRA - B9CRA) across their country, from 08:00 on May 1, 2020 to 20:00 on May 7 in some areas

Calendar   May 2020
Marconi event -May - II4TEA First radio message between the USA and the UK (1903)
May 1 – 31 SOS Radio Week  Royal National Lifeboat Institution
May 1        Worker’s Day &  ZS SOTA Activity Day
May 1 – 10 EUDOTA (EUrope Day On The Air), 9 May since 2010
May 2          AWA AM Valve QSO Party
May 3          AWA SSB Valve QSO Party
May 2         YL Net 1st  Saturday of  month, 2000 (UK) on GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater. May  4         ALARA’S AGM 1030UTC  ALARA Conference - IRLP node 9509 EchoLink & 80 m. 
                     Shirley VK5YL will link the two forms of communications.
May 5         Chinese amateur radio festival, called “5.5 Festival” held annually by  CRAC
May 9+10    SARL VHF/UHF Digital contest
Mayo 9        Dia Internacional de la Infancia Actividades del GRUPO YL (Arg.)
May 10        Mother's Day
May 13        POPS (Poor Old Pensioners Sprint)  RSA
May 17        ZS3 Sprint (RSA)
May 17        World Telecommunication Day (WTD)  annually
May 20        SARL Wednesday 80 m Club Sprint  (RSA)
May 24-25 'The Day of YLs'  2020, in memory of F5ISY - Carine DUBOIS  ka1uln.blogspot.
May 30- 31  CQ WPX CW contest


yl.beam #81 april 2020

  • Results of the SARL YL Sprint
  • Austrian Amateur Radio YL activity for International Women's Day 2020 
  • Romanian Frontier-women conquers Summits
  • The YO SOTA Marathon
  • 1st  YL Mountain Goat in Romania.
  • Romanian yl  Éva YO6EVA active on Argentina Mountain
  • Aconcagua Background & 1st Radio Activation
  • Silent Keys   KC3LCX, AB5YL , CE7NSX    ex-ZS6BDB Dot Faber
  • Contact & Calendar
Results of the SARL YL Sprint
S. African Radio League  - 8 March 2020. 16 logs  received     (yls x 10 ; om x 6)
1st Alta Gaybba, ZR3PA and Sonet de Wet, ZS3SW – 196 points
3rd Karin Andrew, ZS6MMA – 173 points
4th Denise van Vuuren, ZS1DS – 163 points
5th Adele Tyler, ZS5APT – 161 points
6th Simone Jones, ZS6SIM – 152 points
7th Valerie Wagner, ZS5VAL – 100 points
8th (om) Theunis Potgieter, ZS2EC – 40 points
9th Dienie Schnetler, ZS6DNI – 39 points
10th Heather Holland, ZS5YH – 36 points
11th (om) Sybrand Cillie, ZS1SJ – 34 points
12th (om) Johan van Zijl, ZS4DZ – 26 points
13th (om) Gary Ingle, ZS5GI – 25 points
14th (om) Brian Best, ZS5SB – 24 points
15th (om) Phillip van Tonder, ZS6PVT – 18 ponts
16th Veronica Kotze, ZR6TVK – 5 points

Austrian Amateur Radio YL activity for International Women's Day 2020   
11.03.20,  Marion Stouy, OE3YSC
The International World Women's Day took place on March 8th, there were many events on this occasion, and we YLs (Young Ladies) were also strongly represented on all amateur radio bands on this day. There was a special "Dia da Mulher" award from the YLs amateur radio ladies Portugal, and there were also diplomas for the International Women's Day from the women from Italy and Argentina.
The DARC's YL presentation organized a YL activity that took place from 1600-2000 LT on the 20-40-80m bands. The activity runs like a contest, where 3 points and 1 point per OM are awarded for each YL worked. The evaluation of this YL activity is carried out by my very good radio friend Karin DL2LBK from Kiel.
There is also a very nice participant diploma here!
You can find out more about this in the March QSP announcement!
As a YL consultant at AMRS, I also participated in this YL activity and was able to log 186 stations, including many young ladies from Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and Belgium.
From OE I had contact with OE6BID Barbara, Elfi OE6YFE and some OM´s.
Tina, OE3YTA, I heard with a quiet signal on the 40m band, the distance between us was too short, so no QSO between us.
On the 40 and 80m bands we women were very well represented, the VFO knob was turned a little and the next YL could be heard.
I also have a lot of fun calling myself, and there was always a pile-up that had to be worked through. The 11-year-old Sophie DO4QB recently passed her amateur radio exam and was already actively participating in this activity. Many stations wanted to contact young Sophie! Very remarkable, she works calmly through the calling stations one after the other!
In conclusion, it was a lot of fun again, thanks and appreciation to the ladies of the DARC YL unit for the great activity!
vy 33 + 73 + 88 de Marion, OE3YSC YL consultant at AMRS (Austrian Military Radio
Österreichische Versuchssenderverband (ÖVSV)  Austrian Amateur Radio   AMRS

Frontier-women conquers Summits
Women usually go to the hairdresser, go shopping, and usually do "feminine" things when they have time off. Éva Gajdó, a teacher of computer science at Tivadar Puskás Vocational High School, who teaches programming on CNC (computer-controlled) machines, does not like this. She climbs mountains. And up there on the summit, she transmits radio signals. It may seem a strange combination  at first, but it is recognised as a sport.  Established for less than a decade and a half, it is already gaining in popularity and Éva Gajdó has accomplished something very big in this sport in a short time. Her success is the envy of her fellow men, which as she is a Szekler, does not often happen. (The Székelys derive their name from a Hungarian expression meaning "frontier guards".)
 Éva Gajdó has been roaming the mountains since she was a child. She became a true lover of climbing when one of her teachers took her on an expedition. Then life sank into the ordinary course of events: she got married, the children came and there was little opportunity to conquer the peaks.
 Several years ago however, talking about childhood dreams with a group of friends, Eve recalled that when she was sixteen, she was determined to climb Mont Blanc. But it seemed it would  remain just a dream.  Then, a few days later, a friend told her that the Szeklers were hiring amateur climbers and heading to Mont Blanc.
"I didn't think, I called Tulit Sombor, and  applied," says Eve.
Two months of tough training was unsurpringingly not enough to qualify for the team. She also found her gear was unsuitable. She  hiked in velvet pants and her ancient boots caused problems; the two months were agonizing. But Sombor reassured her that she  had all the skills and with a little training, could climb Mont Blanc.  It became a passion and she has not missed a weekend in five years and  even celebrated New Year's Eve on top of a mountain.
She  applied for another expedition, but unfortunately before her departure she sprained an ankle. She was able to climb this year, but couldn't use the  radio.
In order to understand why Eve should have been broadcasting radio signals from the highest peak in the Alps and what activation means we need to introduce the sport called SOTA.
The acronym comes from 'Summits on the Air', this radio competition was launched in 2002 by radio amateurs who combined there passion with mountaineering.
The competition consists of climbing the designated peaks - at least 150 meters above its surroundings - by hiking, and from the 'summit' the hiker must establish at least four radio links with other radio amateurs around the world (meaning activation).
The peaks  score between 1 and 10 according to their height and can be activated once per year. The map provided by NASA to radio-operators in Romania has about two hundred SOTA peaks, of which 250-300 can be climbed under normal conditions, ie on a more or less well-marked path. A walkie-talkie can achieve the necessary score if it is successfully activated, that is, it has been climbed and  a minimum of four mandatory contacts made. After earning a thousand points, the title 'Mountain Goat'  and trophy will be awarded to the competitor. Achieving a thousand points usually takes several years to complete. Eva did a special job here too.
Eve met a man in Jezer (Bosnia and Herzegovina)  on a hike,  while trying to establish a radio connection at the summit. He was interested in the subject, because there is a radio club at Puskás Tivadar Vocational School, Budapest, and he was wondering how to create something new and interesting for the students.  At that time, he had no plans to start radioing himself, or that hiking would become a competitive climb. He asked a teacher at Transilvania University in Brasov, Csaba-Zoltán Kertész, if he  would come and  introduce SOTA to the children.
Since January last year, Csaba has gone to St. George every Tuesday, trying to infect students with the radio virus. Because amateur-radio amateur is well-suited to the younger generation, SOTA is becoming more and more popular, including foxhunting, but knowing the basics of radio is essential.
Eve had no childhood dream of becoming a radio amateur but her dedication to teaching led her there. Csaba Kertész enthusiastic for  the Tuesday afternoon classes included taking the students on several trips, where they could experience "live" what  walking radio was about.
 Eva thought that if Csaba couldn't come for some reason, it would be a good idea if someone could take care of the children. But to do that she needed a radio license.
- You have to take a very tough exam: electronics, knowledge of frequencies, first aid. You have to learn the phonetic alphabet that is used in radio,  to know what phrases can be heard and what are not, so there are ethical rules as well. She passed and received her radio callsign: YO6EVA. 
(YO = Romania ID, 6 represents the area, and EVA unique, individual)
I'll do it in a year
- As I had passed my exam, I went with Csaba to a SOTA marathon. It was staged in the Bihari Mountains, Romania, and was worth exactly one thousand (1000) points for someone who had done it for six or seven years. I told Csaba, as I go to the mountains, I could earn a thousand points in a year.
In the beginning it was really hard because I didn't know anything about radio, I didn't have any equipment, I borrowed a walkie-talkie, which had only 300 meters range I went up the mountain and couldn't activate it.  I persuaded Csaba to come with me to collect points,  but the points accumulated very slowly. Finally, I bought a serious radio, and then the "party" started.
- Has a thousand points been reached in one year?
- Not easily, but it was.  I went to Nagykő (Transylvania, Romania) alone and for the first time spoke on the radio and I was so scared I switched it off. There was bad weather at Nagyhagymás, I went up four times, but never activated it; in minus ten (-10) degrees activating radio was not a lot of fun. Disappointed I told Csaba it wouldn't work for me, but with the support of friends, somehow I hung on and continued. The biggest challenge was to get to the summits that I would not have gone to otherwise, I had to cut through a sign or path like in the jungle. Finally a thousand points were reached, 131 different peaks in a year.
- 131 peaks in a year, one average every three days.
- Most were the four eight-point peaks in a single day, 40 kilometres of walking at 3500 metres.

What's next?
With her unique performance, Eve has earned the envy of many of  the male walkie-talkie operators,  She reached a thousand points in May - since then, the number of activations in Romania has increased, with another SOTA marathon being organized by December 1,  interest in the sport has revived..
Although Eve has achieved what she set herself to do, she does not intend to stop walking but not as intense as before. Also  because all of the closest peaks have been  activated and  new ones are usually a two-day hike away - She would like to climb the highest peaks in Europe, but she would need to take another license before she could broadcast abroad.
Eve talks enthusiastically about everything, but when it comes to the mountains, her eyes shine the most.  What does mountain climbing, mean to her?
- Its an  obsession with me, an addiction. The mountain has given me so much, I try to pass that on to the students. Everything revolves around the mountain, I don't go to the beautician or to the shops, and my daughter says you have seven pairs of hiking pants, but you just don't have anything to go to school. SOTA has exposed a whole new side of climbing and fox hunting.
Author: Péter Váry O.    Publication date: 2018-12-29
Háromszék (Romanian publication in Hungarian)  Saturday, December 29, 2018, Report
Szekler at the summit https://www.3szek.ro/load/cikk/119391/szekely-a-csucson

                                               * * * * * * * *
The YO SOTA Marathon is a mountain hiking and amateur radio event that takes place every year in the beautiful Carpathian mountains of Romania, being supported by the “Romania’s Radioclub” Association (ARR). The purpose is to operate radio equipment from mountain tops in the Summits On The Air award scheme, and is open to anyone interested in amateur radio. It lasts about a week (during August) and presents the chance to gather a large number of points in the award scheme.

1st  YL Mountain Goat in Romania.
YO6EVA Eva Kelemen Gajdo reached a thousand points in May 2018 becoming the first YL Mountain Goat in Romania. An admirable achievement, showing great dedication and a nice example to follow. What is truly amazing, that she achieved this goal in just under a year after obtaining her HAM license, learning all about  what it takes to operate a radio while hiking  around the summits of Romania, whatever the conditions or difficulties.  Hail, the rain, bad propagation could not deter her in achieving her target.
https://reflector.sota.org.uk/t/eva-yo6eva-newest-mountain-goat-in-romania/17546      May '18

Summits on the Air (SOTA) Background Information:
It is a fun and challenging activity for Radio Amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. SOTA has been designed to make participation possible for everyone – you don’t have to be a mountaineer! There are awards for activators (those who hike to the summits) and chasers (those who operate from home, a local hilltop, or another summit). There are no fees and you can participate on your own schedule.  More info:  https://www.sota.org.uk

Romanian yl  Éva YO6EVA active on Argentina Mountain
yl from Romania - YO6EVA Éva Gajdo and Csaba YO6PIB with colleagues from Sota Mendoza, Argentina, activated SOTA (LUM/PC-004) Jan. 2020
Éva Gajdó  YO6EVA and  Csaba-Zoltán Kertész YO6PIB  came to climb and activate Aconcagua during the first two weeks of January 2020.  Aconcagua (LUM/PH-001) is the highest summit in the SOTA programme, altitude.6960m.  However they could not reach the summit due to very high winds. They began  their descent as per schedule feeling very disappointed, especially regarding the Mendoza radioclub friends who had supported the expedition, prepared to 'chase' (on air) and even to make 'summit-to-summit' contacts. They made 2 attemps and spent 3 nights at over 6000m.
On their arrival back in Mendoza,  Eva and Csabone had one day left before catching their plane home to Romania. Tthe  Argentina SOTA group was also disappointed and it was decided to activate another summit where they could communicate in VHF and HF as originally planned.
 The route was chosen so that  Eva and Csaba could enjoy seeing animals from the local Villavicencio reserve, mostly guanacos.Tthe group was also lucky enough to see several condors flying over the activated peak in the Paramillos area.
The group were surprised by the number of active  stations that made contact. Many operators were keen to communicate their enthusiasm at contacting the visitors and to wish them a safe journey back to Romania. Unfortunately propagation conditions for HF were not good, although some contacts were achieved.
The Argentinas were happy that Eva and Csaba had managed to activate an Argentine summit and although it was not Aconcagua, that they had enjoyed the local hositality of Mendoza.
  LUM/PC-004, Paramillos  3356m This peak  is not well known and does not have a name,  near Termas Villavicencio, Mendoza (Argentina)      Value 8 SOTA  points,
YouTube by LU1MAW Alejandro Ciro Weber   https://youtu.be/mxC0kf5kIGk
See Éva Gajdó Facebook: Album Acongaua 6700 méteren

Aconcagua       [32°39’12.35″S - 70° 0’40.00″W]
Aconcagua  is a mountain in the Principal Cordillera of the Andes mountain range, in Mendoza Province,. east of Argentina’s border with Chile.  Aconcagua is the highest mountain outside Asia, at 6,961 meters (22,838 feet)
The mountain and its surroundings are part of the Aconcagua Provincial Park. Aconcagua Provincial Park is 185 km away from the city of Mendoza, near the border with Chile.
The mountain has a number of glaciers. Aconcagua is arguably the highest non-technical mountain in the world, since the northern route does not absolutely require ropes, axes, and pins. around 3,500 climbers tackle Aconcagua each year with a success rate of about 60%.  Aconcagua has one of the highest death tolls of the world’s highest peaks.
There are severe winds and low temperatures, but it’s Aconcagua’s altitude that presents the greatest problem. Every year sees several deaths on Aconcagua – mainly people who underestimated the task and help may take several hours to arrive. Climbing the mountain will require on average of around 21 days.
The official visiting season is from November 15 to March 15. During the summer, the temperature at night above 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) is about -20°C (-4°F), and the usual temperature at the summit is -30°C (-22°F). In the rain shadow of the Andean crest, the park is one of the most barren parts of the Andes, with only a discontinuous cover of prostrate shrubs and grasses. At the highest altitudes, it is almost pure scree and snow.

Tom Rudzinski, SQ9FVE, from Poland  made Summits on the Air (SOTA) history on February 16, 2019  by activating Aconcagua in Mendoza, Argentina.;  the highest mountain of the entire amateur radio program  LUM / PH-001
Tom planned the expedition carefully, including all necessary support. He began his ascent to the summit nearly two weeks ahead of his activation, setting up camps and acclimatizing to the elevation en route.
5  qso on 2 Meters FM were made, all with Argentine hunters located 90 km away.

Silent Keys
 KC3LCX,  Pamela S. Saalbach, 17 July 1953 - 10 September 2019
Became a Silent Key on September 10, 2019  Pamela attended the OKC Convention in 2018.

AB5YL  Sallie Margaret (Baker) Howard of Austin TX (USA) age 72  passed on Monday, March 9, 2020. Born October 28th, 1947. She grew up in Westlake. She met her lifelong husband of 48 years, James Deroy Howard on a month long trip around the world organized by their church. They married on November 26th, 1971. She is survived by her husband and two children, James B. Howard and Sarah E. Howard of Austin, Texas.
She was part of the TYLRUN group and attended the IYL convention in 2016.

CE7NSX   Maria Alicia Pineda Rojas Q.E.P.D.  Radio Club Melipulli, Chile
 recently died in Quilpué where she was with her children.
María Alicia lived for many years in Lincanray and later in Puerto Montt, actively participating in many radio amateurs' meetings.  Puerto Montt RC Ce4ylc Chile  12/3/2020

 ex-ZS6BDB Dot Faber, became a Silent Key 15 March, 2020.  She was the Vice-Pres 1982 - South African  Womens Radio Club  (SARL news 29/03/2020)
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Calendar April 2020
APRIL II4FTX    1st  transatlantic radio signal transmission (1901) http://www.arifidenza.it/
April 2       SARL 80 m QSO Party
April  5      Palm Sunday
April  8      Passover begins at sunset
Abril 10     Dia de la Ciencia Actividades del GRUPO YL AÑO 2020
April 10-13 Easter
April 11-12 CQWS World Scouts - HF 2020 – Contest  (Brasil)
April 12      JLRS YL CQ Day
April 14-15 MRD 2020 Maritime Radio Day, 14th (12.00 UTC) until 15th (22.00 UTC)
Apr 16        Passover ends at sunset
Apr 16        2020  OX80HM, Greenland & OZ80HM, Denmark (all public celebrations cancelled)
                   HM Queen Margrethe II  of Denmark 80th birthday
April 18       World Amateur Radio Day; and Autumn QRP contest
April 19       ZS4 Sprint   (RSA)
April 21       DWD - Digital Women’s Day 2020 (Paris, France) 8th Edition
April 23       International Girls in ICT Day  every 4th Thursday of April ITU "Information and Communication Technologies."
April 25       SARL 95 40 m Club Sprint   (RSA)
April 25       CQMM  DX  CONTEST  3rd full weekend  April. 09:00 UTC, Sat; 23:59 UTC, Sun

CANC.April 3- 4 SARL National Convention, AGM
CANC. April 3 – 6 1s yota subregional camp in the balkans near Belgrade, capital of Serbia.
CANC.April 10-13 Nordics on the Air, Norway Easter 2020. Killingsholmen, islet sw of Oslo
CANC.April 17-19  27th International Grand Eyeball (IGEB) 2020  Chali Beach Resort,.Cagayan de Oro, Philippines
CANC. International Marconi Day 2020. 25th April, Saturday closest to Marconi's birthday
POSTPONE 2020  ALARA meet in Bendigo NSW, Australia, postponed to October 2021


yl.beam # 80 march 2020

  • Indian YL Net
  • yl on DX holiday in Nicaragua
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine Quartzfest report (attachment) Kristyn Weed – KR1SS & Lyn – KJ7DSE, & Women's Day
  • Japan Ladies Radio Society celebrate Hina or Doll Festival
  • International Women's Day
  • Italian Ladies International Women's Day Diploma
  • South African YL Sprint
  • DARC- German YL group celebrate 7th International Women’s Day
  • South American YL groups
  • MAFC Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub (Austria yl Group)
  • Dutch Young Ladies Club - Proud 2B PI4YLC - 8th participation in RDXC
  • Top Florida YL - Dawn M Drury (K2WLS)
  • Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician dies.
  • Silent Keys: VK3FKDW Kaye Wright ; G4HES Shirley Hesketh ; NJ6T - Ti-Michelle Connelly ;
  • AF4DH DIANNE G HARRIS ; KB0ZSG Connie Ballantyne
  • Contact & Calendar

Indian YLs Net
Devulapalli Bharathi VU2RBI 5 feb 2020
I would like to inform to our radio hams that I have started aYL/XYL net between 600 pm to 630 pm IST in India (1200 - 1300 UTC), conference on EchoLink. Go to Asia - India VU2LHR-R .
It is only for ladies. I request hams please inform your YLs/xyl s about YL net. Pse encourage them to operate EchoLink. Once they start operating EchoLink I am sure they will be active on hf and vhf too. Please tell them on my behalf. Please announce on the regular nets. They can use their mobile phones wherever they are. We hope to see more activity by YL hams. Please join hands with me. I need your cooperation.

Nicaragua DX
Cristina WD8KUR and husband John KB8RJ from Michigan (USA) are enjoying 2 months, during February and March of 2020, in the small town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 10 miles north of the Costa Rica border on the Pacific ocean. This is Holiday style Dxpedition. A few hours of ham radio each day then they play "Tourist" in this Central American location.
They are using an end-fed long wire, covering 40-10 meters. 100w + paper logging.
Listen for Christine as YN5CS & John as YN5J.

Kristyn Weed – KR1SS & Lyn – KJ7DSE, Quartzfest Organizers have sent me a write up with pictures, on Quartzfest 2020, a Ham Camping event. Please find as an attachment at the end of this letter.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did and look forward to more articles.
If opening or downloading attachments is a problem please send feedback.
Several Amateur Radio women's groups get-on-the-air during March in celebration of Womens Day.
Its an opportunity for us to support each other and our hobby Amateur Radio.
It has several non-technical advantages: no travel expenses, traffic jams, immigration or quarantine queues. No language problems – we use Q-codes or CW! No jet-lag across time zones – we use UTC and grey-line (LOL). Our radio licenses provide us with a passport which allows us to make friends across-borders while racking up 'frequent-flyer' contacts.
So here's trusting that the only 'corona' we worry about has to do with 'sun-spots' as we spark the bands.
Happy International Womens Day – hoping you make lots of contacts. . 33 / 88 Editor Eda ZS5YH
Hina Contest" Japan Ladies Radio Society
March 3rd , 2020 (Tues) "JLRS 3.3 chick Contest"
HF band; modes telegraph and telephone .(CW & SSB)
Some of the contest rules have been changed, so please check the following rules page for details: http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/test/hina.pdf
Licensed Amateur radio Women from all over Japan (& foreign countries) are welcome.
please visit the homepage for communication . http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/

Hina Matsuri, or Doll Festival, is celebrated on March 3 in Japan. Parents celebrate their daughters' happiness, growth, and good health on this day. A set of dolls in ancient costumes are displayed in a girl’s house. This festival had its origin about 1,000 years ago

International Women's Day
International Women's Day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action.
International Women's Day has been occurring for well over a century and continues going from strength to strength.
The day is not country, group or organization specific – but belongs to all women's groups collectively everywhere.
Unione Radioamatori Italiani – 
Italian Ladies celebrate International Women's Day
International Women's Day March 8th. A diploma will be issued in free PDF format to all those who connect to at least 2 of the activating stations.
Activators - Thanks to Maria IU8CFS, Carla IU3BZW, Erica IZ0EIK
Request Award at this link:
South African Radio League (SARL) YL Sprint - International Women's Day
A fun activity to celebrate ‘Womens Day on March 8th between amateurs in South Africa.
From 1200 – 1400 UTC, Call YL Sprint; exchange RS(T) report and YL or OM.
Mode & Frequency: CW and phone sprint on the 40-metre band
1 Contacts between YL- YL stations are worth 5 points.
2 Contacts between YL and OM stations are worth 3 points
3 Contacts between OM - OM stations are worth 1 point.
Logs Sunday 15th March 2020 by e-mail to: zs4bfn@mweb.co.za .
Full rules: 2020 SARL Contest Manual Blue Book p56
DARC’s YL group - World Women’s Day 2020
7th international YL-Activity celebrating International Women’s Day
Organized by the DARC’s YL group (Deutsche Amateur Radio Club, Germany)
When: Sunday, March 8th, 2020 from 15:00 until 19:00 UTC (16:00 until 20:00 MEZ)
Where: on 20m, 40m and 80m SSB & CW
Who: We would like to encourage a large number of YLs to be active and on the air during the 4 hours of activity. Points awarded per QSO:
YL OM 1 point; YL YL 3 points; OM OM 0 points
ALL Participants send their log to Karin DL2LBK (karin@wraase.com)
The logs shall be in chronological order and must contain QSO date, -time (in UTC), band, mode, call
of QSO partner, name of the YL, RST and the points claimed.
Submission deadline is: April 8, 2020
The awards will be mailed after evaluation of the submitted logs.
The award ranking list will be published in the CQ DL and on www.darc.de/yl .
We wish all participants good luck and many successful contacts!
33 + 73 + 55 de Karin DL2LBK & Heike DL3HD

South America International Women's Day
March 7-8, 2020 -- Actividad *DIA DE LA MUJER*
Organized by: Latin American Operating Team (E.O.L.) Equipo de Operadoras Latino americanas
Associates: Grupo Grali (BA), Radio Club YL Chile (CE4YLC); YL Argentina Group; YL Uruguay Group, and guests from Paraguay and Panamá
Start: Saturday 7 from 00:00 a.m.LU (03:00 UTC)
UntillSunday 8 at 10:59 p.m. LU (01:59 UTC - Monday 9)
Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 MTS. Modes: SSB
Logs & Info G.R.A.LI Mail: grali2011@yahoo.com
Questions, WHATSAPP : (+54 9) 3487-54983.

Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF) Argentina
LAS MUJERES,(yls) will be the main particpants, from different provinces of Argentina.
between March 4-11, 2020
From 00:00 LUT (Argentine time) on March 4, 2020
Until 23:59 LUT (Argentine time) on March 11, 2020
- Contact 10 of the authorized stations recognized by the Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF).
- Authorized stations will be published on the www.lu1sf.com.ar and www.logdeargentina.com.ar
Bands: All Modes: All Contact exchange (RS / T).
LOGs: (1) Argentina stations can upload to: (LdA) www.logdeargentina.com.ar
(2) Stations not registered in Log de Argentina (LdA) may confirm contacts via eQSL, QRZ.com, LoTW, or by the established system iuaed by each operator in QRZ.
It is the responsibility of each operator to ensure confirmations
The deadline for receiving email-logs March 31, 2020

MAFC Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub
Invitation to MAFC 18th. round of Austrian YLs
When: March 21., 2020 17.00 LT
Where: 3740 khz +/- 80 m band
Call: MAFC OE3XMC club sign
Location. HQ of the OEVSV in 2351 Wr. Neuda village
All YL's, are cordially invited to participate.
After the round, all Oms are allowed to confirm!
I would look forward to your involvement. OE3YTA, Tina MAFC YL speaker

Dutch Young Ladies Club - Proud 2B PI4YLC - 8th participation in RDXC
The Dutch Young Ladies Club during the Russian DX contest (March 21 and 22) organizes a YL meeting of the contest team PI4YLC. You can watch the Dutch YLs or participate.
This is your chance to get to know other Yls and if you feel like it get behind the microphone for a few contacts!
The Russian DX contest is similar to the PACC. In 24 hours we make as many contacts as possible in CW and SSB, with the Russian regions (provinces) providing the most points.
Thanks to Bas PD7BDN we can use this Russian DX contest of his QTH. The location is: DIRA-Group, Dekkershoek 5a, 2552 DA The Hague. You can walk in from Saturday 21 March at 1 pm to Sunday 22 March at 1 pm. Are you coming? http://pi4ylc.nl/nl/
Top Florida (USA) YL Dawn M Drury (K2WLS) 9 feb 2020 (Facebook):
Attended Hamcation this weekend. Went to the Florida Contest Group luncheon where they awarded plaques from the 2019 Florida QSO Party. I was awarded Top Florida YL which I knew I was going to get BUT the shocker was I was also awarded Top Florida SSB. I am the first YL to receive that award.

Katherine Johnson, one of the mathematicians who helped put Apollo 11 into orbit, died on Monday 24 February, 2020, said NASA, the American space agency where she worked for 33 years....
Unknown to the general public for years, until the arrival of the movie "Stars Beyond Time" (2016)....
Silent Key
VK3FKDW Kaye Wright of Braybrook VIC (Aus.) (SK) died 23 / 01 / 2020
She was Editor of ALARA and had been an active and dedicated member of the WIA Publications team and sadly passed away after her battle with motor neuron disease.

G4HES Shirley Hesketh, of Chesham, Bucks, (UK) became silent key on 25 January, 2020, aged 84. Many amateurs will remember her from her involvement with RAIBC, and getting many through the RAE together with her late husband Ron Ray, G3NCL. (RAIBC - Radio Amateurs and Short-wave Listeners with disabilities.)

NJ6T - Ti-Michelle Connelly (ex KC6TYB),– SK
Ti-Michelle Connelly, NJ6T, of Yuma, Arizona, who served as ARRL East Bay Section Manager from 2003 until 2007, died last week (beginning of February 2020 ?). An ARRL Life Member, she was 72.
The California native also held other Field Organization appointments, including Net Manager, Affiliated Club Coordinator, Assistant Section Manager, and Official Emergency Station. Connelly was also an ARRL VEC and W5YI Volunteer Examiner.
"Even after relocating to Yuma, Arizona, Ti-Michelle continued to encourage and help hams and support ham radio," said Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, who kept in touch with her via TalkNet on EchoLink.
"Her spirit and fun will be sorely missed by many of us this year."

AF4DH DIANNE G HARRIS of Hoschton, GA (USA) SK February 1, 2020
January 24, 1944 – 1 February, 2020
Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Mathematics at Mercer University in Macon. She was hired by the Scientific Programming Division of Lockheed Corporation as a computer programmer on the C-5A production program. She married her husband Ron, shortly after her graduation. When he graduated and entered the United States Air Force, she left Lockheed to go with him. After retiring from the Air Force, Dianne and Ron moved to Suwanee and she continued working in her career, her last position being Project Manager for Computer Sciences Corporation. After moving to the Village at Deaton Creek near Hoschton, Dianne joined her husband as a ham radio operator, earning an Amateur Extra class license, call sign AF4DH. She served as President of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club and participated in many emergency communications exercises as a member of the Hall County Amateur Radio Emergency Service.

KB0ZSG Connie Ballantyne, of Kingswood, Texas (USA) Silent Key February 21st, 2020
December 10th, 1955 - February 21st, 2020 "The Queen Of D-Star"
Facebook: Grady L. Evans February 22, 2020
Connie started the International D-Star Net. One of the oldest nets, if not THE OLDEST net on D-Star.
The International D-Star Net receives about 100-150 check-ins every Sunday.
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Calendar March 2020
Marconi event -March - II4MCY Foundaon of the first "Marconi Company" (1897)
3 March "JLRS 3.3 Hina Contest" Japan Ladies Radio Society
3 March AGCW YL-CW Party 1900Z-2100Z, (Activity Group CW - DL)
4-11 March Argentina "Women's Day" Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF)
6 March "Sculptor's Day" Special event Yl Group – Argentina
7-8 March ARRL DX SSB contest
8 March YL CQ Day SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09 JLRS (Japan)
8 March SARL YL Sprint International Women's Day
8 March Sydney AR Ferry Contest, (Aus.)
13-15 March Kelatedx 2020, D'geting Beach Resort, Tumpat, KELANTAN. (Malaysia)
30 minutes drive from Kota Bharu and 5 minutes drive to the Thai border.
14,15 March SARL VHF/UHF Analogue contest and the RSGB Commonwealth contest
14–16 March St Patrick Day On Air
17-18 March CLARA Chatter Party 1700Z, to 1700Z, https://clarayl.ca/chatter-party/
18 March SARL Wednesday 80 m Club Sprint
21-22 March Dutch Young Ladies Club - Proud 2B PI4YLC 8th participation Russian DX contest
21-22 March CLARA Chatter Party 1700Z to 1700Z https://clarayl.ca/chatter-party/
28-29 March CQ WPX SSB contest
29 March 34th International Ham and Radio Communication Fair in Diest (Belgium

March 2020. in Cape Town, South Africa
The Portuguese Navy Tall Ship Sagres will be carrying out a Circumnavigation tour in 2020.
Designed to commemorate the 5th centenary of the ‘round-the-world’ voyage of legendary Portuguese discoverer Fernão de Magalhães (Magellan)