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  • 1st Women-On-The-Radio-Award  (WOTRA) 2019 Report back:
  • Siggi Becker, DK2YL, awarded the Golden Badge of Honor
  • Philippines YL - Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ
  • QuartzFest Arizona, USA
  • Ja-Well- No-Fine
  • 2020 YEAR for Amateur Radio Mentoring 
  • Have  Radio. What Now?
  • YLs are not contesters? 
  • Getting started in Contests
  • Contests for the listening amateur
  • Contacts & Calendar

1st Women-On-The-Radio-Award  (WOTRA) 2019
Report back: :    After the activity of the WOTRA  Award, and checking all the LOGS of the participating Operators, we have achieved a total of  5980 contacts, as the final result for  the entire month of November 2019. Considering the terrible propagation conditions we have had, we are satisfied with the results.
 Thank you to  all the Operators for the effort and work, for ensuring that this event was on the air every day;  and especially for the collaboration and work of my dear colleague and friend Erica IZ0EIK, who has been supportive from the beginning of  this project.
Sincere congratulations to all who took part and I hope, that for the next WOTRA 2020, we will be able to surpass the results of  this our first year.    33 - EC1YL Angeles.  ·3/12/2019
Siggi Becker, DK2YL, awarded the Golden Badge of Honor
4/12/2019   Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. Bundesverband für Amateurfunk
 Siggi Becker, DK2YL, has served  as the  YL representative in the district of Saar (region in Germany) for  more than ten years,  The Christmas party of  the local association of  Völklingen on December 1st 2019, was the perfect setting to thank her for working in the district and for the DARC (Deutscher Amateur Radio Club) in the past years. The district chairman Eugen Düpre, DK8VR, congratulated her with a presentation of a  DARC's certificate and Golden Badge of Honour. He  praised her work and activities with a short speech.  "Thanks to her helpful, friendly nature, she is an ambassador for amateur radio," said DK8VR.
 In addition to the numerous exhibitions and fairs Siggi has attended or organized in recent years, she has also been an active operator in the YL expeditions and activations under call-signs TM57YL, HB88YL, TM64YL and OM88YL.

Philippines YL - Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ
Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ, is a DXer trying to connect with the world. From her station in the Philippines, she takes part in contests, strives for DX awards, and forms friendships. Those who have heard her on the air may know her as “Threeza,” and would probably recognize her signature sign off — “Mabuhay!” — a Filipino greeting, meaning “Live!” or sometimes “Long live!”
Return to Radio Theresa and her siblings grew up in Malolos, Bulacan, not far from Old Clark Air Base in Pampanga. Their mother, Marietta de la Cruz, was a poet, and their father, Bayani “Ani” Aniceto, was a mechanic for the military. Theresa became aware of ham radio on the periphery, but her interest truly sparked when she saw friends using radio to assist during public service events and disasters, particularly typhoons. Theresa and her sister, Maribay, initially passed their Technician-class license tests in 1994. Theresa enjoyed operating VHF on 2 meters. However, she didn’t own her own HF rig and quickly became busy with studying, sports, and work. Her license eventually expired, and she set ham radio aside until a friend lent her his HF radio and antenna in 2014. She dove back in and earned her new call sign — DW3TRZ. She said, “That time, I really had my first taste of  DX, and it was fun!”
Theresa also discovered a love of contesting (especially DX contests), as it gives her small station a chance to reach more people. Her first DX contest was the Japanese Amateur Radio League’s September 2015  All Asian DX Contest, where she earned her first certificate. “Contests are my opportunity to be copied and heard,” she said. “During contests, stations are all eager and patient to pick up each and every station available for points.”
She’s worked 101 countries with 81 confirmed on Logbook of The World.
She was eager to return to the bands and explore these aspects of radio.
“You don’t need to be a techie person, or have branded antennas, high-end rigs, and powerful amps to enjoy the hobby,” she explained. “You just need a little creativity, a little research, and a little experimentation — with lots of ham radio spirit.”
Embroidering New Connections  - A few years after getting re-licensed, Theresa was added to the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) Facebook group (https://www.facebook. com/www.ylrl.org) by Niece Haynes, KA1ULN. This group helped her feel welcomed and engaged in the community.  It was through this group that she was introduced to her mentor, Anne Dirkman, KC9YL. Theresa wanted to do something to show her appreciation to the new mentors and friends she’d found. She decided to make cross-stitched designs of their call signs for them to display in their stations — sort of an embroidered QSL card.
“Having experienced the feeling of a stranger becoming a friend and being treated like part of a family through ham radio is such a wonderful thing,” she said. “As a token of my appreciation, I stitched their calls. I used a ‘Mabuhay’ theme, so they know it’s from the Philippines.
It took a while to come up with the wave design for the borders, as a representation of radio signals or air waves.” Cross-stitching also gives Theresa something to do while listening to nets or waiting for bands to open. “Crossstitching call signs has become a hobby within a hobby,” she said.
She’s currently working on reaching her 100th Mabuhay cross-stitch project. Mabuhay!
As a member of over 10 amateur radio clubs and groups, Theresa seeks to stay involved in ham radio and to establish connections with other dynamic operators. She’s grateful for her many mentors, on-air friends, and YL inspirations around the world. She hopes to give something back through her cross-stitched QSLs, which she has sent to Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, the US, and more. Her projects take a lot of  time and effort, but as she said, “Promoting friendship around the world through ham radio is worth the work.”
To see more of Theresa’s cross-stitch projects and radio achievements, visit her QRZ page (www.qrz.com/db/ DW3TRZ) and her YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/ DW3TRZsMabuhayDXstitch AmateurRadio).
Member Spotlight Ma. Theresa Cruz Aniceto, DW3TRZ   www.arrl.org  QST  January 2020 p13
Author: Jen Glifort, KC1KNL, jglifort@arrl.org 

[Pampanga is a province in the Central Luzon region, on the northern shore of Manila Bay.
Current QTH Malolos city is 45 kilometres (28 mi) north of Manila, capital of the Philippine, on  island of Luzon    Coordinates: 14°50′36″N 120°48′41″E ]

2020  Jan 19-25 QuartzFest Arizona  - an ARRL Convention.
Quartzfest is a week long ARRL Specialty Operating Convention held FREE in the desert just south of Quartzsite Arizona (USA) the last full week of January every year.
Quartzfest is an RV "Boondocking" (dry camping) event which features 8 seminars each day on a variety of topics including Amatur Radio, RV'ing and Alternative Energy.
QuartzFest is special in part because it comes to life each year, rising from nothing in a remote area of the Sonoran desert in the southwestern USA. Hundreds of Hams and their families and friends choose to unplug from their daily lives, travel to and setup this desert community, and immerse themselves in this week-long one-of-a-kind ham radio, camping, learning and living event.
Ja-Well- No-Fine
Welcome to 2020 – may it be filled with QSOs and multiple sun-spots.
You have probably seen/heard stuff about “Amateur Radio” shrinking and ageing and I'm not going to mention what a small niche group we Yls are. But it has me wondering – are we doing enough to encourage our YLs? What would you like to know about, see more or less of? Below you will find some YL viewpoints, share yours with us. 33 / 88  Editor: Heather  ZS5YH

2020 YEAR for Amateur Radio Mentoring - KA1ULN  Niece Kaoneuln
Check her out:    ka1uln.blogspot.com      (for all amateurs but focused for yls)

Have  Radio. What Now?
Now you are ready to go 'on the air'. How?
Possibly the easiest way to start is to check into your local amateur radio club's net.
Make an 'appointment' with a ham friend and have a chat. Remember that a hand-held radio is not a private telephone. Nothing is private when transmitting on amateur radio frequencies. It is important for operators to always conduct themselves in such a way as to not bring any disrepute on the Amateur Radio Service.

Recommend your first conversations be on Simplex - then you progress to the use of repeater stations available in your area. Repeater frequency information is available from club members or from your countries league site. It is best to use simplex whenever possible, as this frees the repeater for other uses.

Repeater Operating Procedure
Monitor the repeater to become familiar with any peculiarities in its operation and to make sure no one is using it.
To initiate contact simply indicate that you are on frequency. "This is VE7(???) monitoring" will suffice.
Legal identification requires an operator to identify at the beginning and end of a contact and at least once every 30 minutes of operation. However, it is recommended that identification occur more frequently, at least every 10 minutes or less.
Pause between transmissions.
Keep transmissions short.
Don't break into an ongoing QSO unless you have something to add. If one must break, that operator must identify first and then wait to be acknowledged. It is considered impolite and malicious interference to break in without identifying first.
Remember to use the minimum of power necessary to key up the repeater and not to kerchunk.
During high traffic rush hours, base stations should relinquish the repeaters to facilitate mobile and portable operation.
All repeaters are assembled and maintained at considerable expense. Therefore, all regular users should financially support the person or club responsible for keeping the repeater on the air.
https://www.qsl.net/ylradio/index.html   WEBMASTER:  Elizabeth VE7TLK/VA7TK

 YLs are not contesters?
VK4DI ‎Diane Main‎  10 Oct 2019  to ALARA  · (Australian Ladies AR Assoc.)
Pretty Surprised that not many YLs are contesters. I have only ever worked VK4GH (Now VK7GH) Leonie, and VK7QP. Linda. What Stops YL's Getting involved? It's an awesome way to get contacts etc. I Did the OCDX  (OCEANIA  Contest DX) SSB on the weekend (5-6 Oct ) and despite taking 7 hours to sleep I got 495 Contacts: Many DX contacts and quite a few YL's . : Ladies you have the License, the Skills etc so why not participate? Don't let the OM have all the fun!

Getting started in Contests     
YL from Philippines - DW3TRZ Threeza Aniceto  · 23/10/2019
To fellow Pinoy DU (Philippines) Hams (Newbies/HF OP Class C & UP ),
#CQWW is a Big DX Contest Event included in the World Radiosport Team Championship WRTC Qualifying Scores. WRTC is the equivalent of The OLYMPICS in Ham Radio http://wrtc2022.it/en/
If you have time this weekend try to participate and make a few contacts/QSOs. Join in a Club/multi OP category if you don't have a rig & antenna yet. Not for the ranking, not for the scores, but for the experience and fun. Also WRTC will put your CALLSIGN in the record/in the log/web.
CQ World Wide DX Contest is a work anyone, anywhere contest so no matter how simple your rig and antennas are, you can make a contact. In addition, a lovely certificate for even a SIngle (1) valid QSO. CHeers 73 Mabuhay See rules @ https://www.cqww.com/                              https://www.cqww.com/rules.htm

Contests for the listening amateur

11/10/2019/ in Other news / by PA3DTX - Webmaster
The NL (Netherlands) committee (NLC) of the VERON organizes a number of contests for listening amateurs throughout the year. These are accessible to every radio enthusiast. They are, of course, primarily intended for the active listening amateur, but radio amateur broadcasters may also simply participate, for example if circumstances do not allow them to transmit. You also do not necessarily have to be a member of the VERON to be allowed to participate. For example, it has been apparent for years that more than half of the participants come from abroad. But we would like to see a large Dutch participation.
Our listening contests have different levels of difficulty, although none is really difficult.

(5 Jan. 2020) The "New Year Contest" is on the first Sunday of the year. In addition to beginners, more experienced contesters participate every year. The contest costs you a maximum of three hours and you can only make connections in speech. A trophy is available for the winner and every participant who has logged at least ten connections will receive a certificate of participation.

Then there is the series "Short Listening Period" contests (SLP).
These are held 8 times a year and are planned in such a way that they coincide with large contests for radio amateurs, so that sufficient pressure on the amateur bands is guaranteed. It is the intention that during an SLP weekend you log three hours of radio amateur connections that you choose yourself in speech. Choosing the most favorable hours makes the contest more suitable for the experienced contester. But also beginners are encouraged to participate, as they learn by doing. There are also prizes attached to the SLP and anyone who participated in at least 3 SLPs in one year will receive the SLP certificate.

In the second full weekend of December, the NLC organizes a 48-hour contest on the 10-meter band, the “28MHz SWL Contest”. This coincides with a large international contest on the 10 meter band.
In this contest we have two participation categories: speech (SSB, FM) and morse (CW).
Prizes and certificates are also made available for this.

The complete information, such as regulations, results and information about a special logging program for listening contests can be found https://a03.veron.nl/contesten-voor-de-luisteramateur/?fbclid
Source: VERON.nl.   (Association for Experimental Radio Research in the Netherlands)

The Newshound!
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26 Dec – 6 Jan WAB Christmas Party 00:01 UTC 26th December to 23:59 UTC 6th January
2020  January
Jan 1    CQ Marathon Starts
Jan 4     Kids Day Contest, ARRL Saturday 18:00 - 23:59 UTC
Jan 4 -5 ARRL RTTY contest ARRL
Jan 7 - 3 Feb  GB200FN  bi-centenary Florence Nightingale's birth Special Event Station
                        UK RSGB.  1000Z-0900Z, 14.200 MHz 7.95 MHz. QSL. M0XIG
Jan 10-17   8T2G  Ganga Sagar Mela 2020, Sagar Island IOTA AS-153, West Bengal Radio Club, India
Jan 11-12   WCA (World Castles on Air) 11th  BirthDay
Jan 12        YL CQ Day  SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09  JLRS
Jan 15        SARL Wednesday 80 m Club Sprint
Jan 17-19   PEARS VHF/UHF contest  (S Africa)
Jan 19-25   QuartzFest Arizona  - an ARRL Convention.
Jan 25        SARL Summer  QRP contest
Jan 25-26   Winter Field Day
Jan 25        2020 Chinese New Year (year of Rat). New Moon Saturday.


yl.beam #77 dec 2019

      yl.beam   #77   Dec 2019

  • Congratulations & Welcome to SA new yls
  • Dutch Young Ladies Club -  59th Day for the Radio Amateur PI4YLC
  • Rita “Bobbie” Habermann, NH6RH – Hands on
  • USS Batfish   2nd YL Activation event (2019)    
  • Pre-Christmas Net Austrian YLs
  • PA19XMAS - Santa – Netherlands
  • YP-XMAS Christmas cheer for the 4th year from ROMANIA.
  • Holy-land Christmas Event 2019
  • Silent Keys
  • Contacts & Calendar

Radio Amateur Exam   19 October 2019
Baie geluk en welkom / Congratulations & Welcome to the 14 new yls below:
Constant, Deborah Louise ZS5DC De Beer, Ella ZS4ED
Jones, Tessa Marie ZS6TM Jooste, Michelle ZS6MJ
Kotze, Veronica ZR6TVK Scheepers, Lizette ZS6ZET
Schnetler, Maria Gloudina ZS6DNI Scholtz , Debbie ZR6DEB
van der Merwe, Catrina ZS1KAT Van Niekerk, Annelie ZS6AVN PARC
Van Rooyen, Lizette ZS6GOU van Vuuren, Denise ZS1DS
Vorster, Emmarencia Petronella  ZU6BLF Zeevaart, Petria ZU6PEZ

PI4YLC Dutch Young Ladies Club
the 59th Day for the Radio Amateur took place at the IJsselhallen  convention center in Zwolle, Netherlands on 2 Novembe 2019. Organized by  VERON (Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland) for everyone interested in (amateur) radio and experimenting with related technologies. There were   lectures, presenttions, demonstrations, representations by working groups and associations,  exhibitions and a market for new and 'used' goods.There was a Youth area  set up in collaboration with Youth groups such as  the Fox Hunters,  JOTA (scouts) and YOTA (Youth on the air).
A number of Young Ladies supported the event at Zwolle and the  black-pink colours of the Proud 2B PI4YLC  group were well represented  [VERON = Association for Experimental Radio Research in the Netherlands]

From left to right: Dieuwertje PD4JUF, Heather PD3GVQ, Lisa PA2LS, Claudia PA5CT, Suzan PD3SZN, Hella PD0HWE, Sonja PD4SON, Ria PA1MHF and her daughter Ilse (photo made by Lennart PA2LEN).

Hands on Ham
Rita “Bobbie” Habermann, NH6RH, who lives in Hawaii and  Luxembourg, exhibited her most recent sculptures at a winery on the Moselle river on the border between Germany and Luxembourg.  Bobbie, originally from Winterbach, near Stuttgart, has exhibited across the world.
Now her sculptures are being used in a Hollywood movie, INFERNUM. She created a special sculpture just for Infernum; coming to theaters December, 2019.
[Thanks to Bobbie's OM  Peter  Vekinis  (LX1QF / KH6VP)  for sharing the above news.]

2nd YL Activation of  USS Batfish
Wow!  What a great time we had at the meet up at the USS Batfish! 
From October  4-6, 2019 Yls from YLRL-District 5  got together at the War Memorial Museum, home of the USS Batfish.  We were originally going to call CQ, in memory of the USS Sea Wolf, which sunk 75 years ago calling CQ for the “Lost 52”
In the Spring of this year (2019), Muskogee Oklahoma, much like a lot of the US Midwest, suffered major flooding along the Arkansas River; causing the USS Batfish to break from her moorings and float from her dry-docked position in the memorial grounds.  In fact, there was a lot of concern that she would head down river towards the Webber Falls Dam.   With a lot of help from several agencies, the USS Batfish was secured and prevented from moving any further.
 Since the YL group  could not sleep in the submarine, some of the ladies stayed in hotels, some in their RV's and some  in tents.  We set up the sleep/live in  tents and the radio tent on Friday evening, then we all went out to dinner.
Saturday morning, we set up 3 stations; one in a tent down by the submarine and the Radio Wavz hex beam antenna;  one in the RV with an end fed dipole;  and one in the museum using a Mosley antenna on a trailer.
In setting up the radio station in the tent, we raised the hex beam antenna to about 67 feet and the controls started smoking! We left it at 67 feet.  The antenna had been under water with debris in the tower for about 3 weeks during the floods. 
Next, we set up the Mosley Antenna, while Barb got the antenna on the RV going.  I should mention that the mosquitoes were the size of humming birds and it seemed like there were millions of them.
We experienced difficulty trying to call CQ from the museum and  thinking it was an antenna problem, the Mosley came down and the Scout went up.  The problem continued?  We soon discovered we had a bad cable.
We called CQ for the “all YL weekend” with the call sign WW2SUB until well after dark on Saturday.  Lightening storms had been dancing all around us, but fortunately not coming in our direction.  We knew that they were supposed to hit us on Sunday morning.  We thought we would have time to take things down before the rain came.   Nope, about 5:30 am  in the morning, the winds started whipping up.  We tried to get the tents down before the rain hit, so we could keep them dry. but that did not happen.  We all got soaked. The things that make memories!
In total we made 96 contacts in 24 different states and Mexico. 
We had 9 YLs, Virginia NV5F-Texas,  Barbara KD0WAU- Kansas, Vonnie KE5RKC-Oklahoma, Leah W3LEO-Oklahoma, Mary AE6Q-Texas, Andi KG5YUJ-Oklahoma, Amy K5AME-Oklahoma, Kelsee KF5RRG-Okahoma and myself Michelle W5MQC-Oklahoma.
We all voted to do it again next year!  So if you missed it this year, no worries, joi us for  the first weekend in Oct, 2020.   (YLRL District 5 Oct-Nov 2019 News)

Hello Ladies the year end is with us again! And quite a year it's been. 
Sadly some of our ladies became silent keys;  happily new operators have joined our ranks and we applaud those  recognized with awards. What kept the YLs busy in 2019?
In February a  YL team from Chile took part for the first time in the South American Lighthouses on the Air Weekend,  and  Laura Fanelli LU1WL from Argentina was active for her 11 successive year.
March 8 celebrates International Women's Day The French and German YL groups held their 5th joint-annual special event. YLs from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, South African, Netherlands and Japan also held special events  to commemorate the day.
 In April the British ladies celebrated BYLARA's 40th birthday with a special award and call-sign GB40BYL 
In July, German and Austrian YLs held a Friendship meeting in Austria, OE88YL
In August, 13 YLs (and OM's) from 6 different countries joined the OL88YL event at the contest station OK5Z in central Czechia. They made  9289 qsos, over 592 downloads and some SOTA activation's.
During September SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs)  met in Oslo, Norway  and operated the special  amateur radio station in Morokulien.
Yls from the USA  activated the USS Batfish submarine for the 2nd time in October.
November saw the inauguration of the 1st annual WOTRA (Women On The Radio Award)
WOW! Well done everyone who participated and Thank you for allowing others to make some wonderful contacts.
BIG HUG to you all.
Only managed to  find a few Christmas events (below) so hoping you make many radio contacts while enjoying the Festive Season. Wishing you all Happy  Holidays and  those who celebrate Christmas  or Hanukkah a Peaceful time, and wishing all a Prosperous 2020.  88-33   Editor Heather (ZS5YH)

Santa Net, USA
held every evening between Thanksgiving and Christmas on 3.916 MHz at 7:15PM Central Time.(USA)   https://www.cqsanta.com/?   NEW website for CHECK INS

 Pre-Christmas OE- Austrian YL net
Net controller Marion, OE3YSC  is looking forward to hearing from YL's from Germany and abroad!
Date:  Sunday, 15th December at 16:30 pm (local time) 
Band:  80 m band.,  3,740 Mhz +/-
After the net all listeners and om's are invited to  confirm traffic with Julia OE3YJM
Hosted by the club station OE3XRC of  AMRS Waldviertel. (Austrian Military Radio Society)

PA19XMAS - Santa – Netherlands
Every year during December Santa travels around the world listening to children's wishes.
Sometimes he stops and rests in the Netherands where he uses the special callsign PA19XMAS..
He can usually be found on-air, from 6th – until 27th December on all HF Bands, mode SSB.
If you talk to Santa you can download a special QSL card on his QRZ page

YP-XMAS spreading Christmas cheer for the 4th year from ROMANIA.
Dec 1-Dec 31, 0000Z-2359Z,
Santa Claus and his Ham Radio elves will be operating from YO again in 2019 for the 4th consecutive year.  In Romania hams from every call sign district will be on the air the entire month of December. They will be using special event call signs: YP2XMAS - YP9XMAS. Look for them on all bands, SSB, CW, FM (UHF/VHF) and FT8. Those who make a QSO with at least three different YP-XMAS callsigns will get their own Christmas present — upon submitting a log extract, they will receive a special event certificate sent to them electronically at no charge. And, of course, everyone is entitled to a hardcopy QSL upon request.   www.qrz.com/db/YP2XMAS

Holy land Christmas  26-29 Dec 2019

Israel Amateur Radio Club (IARC) presents the 4th year of the Program,  Holyland Christianity on the Air – HCOTA
Eligibility for an award is working 2 QSO`s with two different stations (call signs) out of the 5 active, multi operators XMAS stations below.
4X2XMAS 1.KFAR NACHUM - (Capernaum)  Church of the Holy Apostles
4X3XMAS 2. Caesarea National Park, Caesarea, Israel
4X9XMAS 4. LATRUN, Israel
4X7XMAS 5. Stella Maris Monastery. Israel
Background to station sites:
1.  Capernaum first started to be inhabited during the 3rd Millennium BC in the early Bronze period.  The village prospered in the Roman and Byzantine periods, and its citizens were mainly fishermen, farmers, and people that provided services to the Roman road and caravans.
Capernaum was partially destroyed in the Persian conquest in the 7th century AD. The synagogue and church were destroyed in the Arab period (7th- 12 century AD).
2/3 of The area was purchased by the Franciscans in 1894;  the other third was purchased by the Greek Orthodox.

 2. CAESAREA - Crusader fortress.
Caesarea Maritima was built during c. 20–10 BCE near the ruins of a small naval station known as Stratonos pyrgos (Straton's Tower),  dominated by the Romans in 63 BCE, The city underwent vast changes under Herod the Great, who renamed it Caesarea in honor of the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus.  It is located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa.
All but abandoned in 1800. It was re-developed into a modern town after 1940.
The ruins of the ancient city, on the coast about 2 km south of modern Caesarea, were excavated in the 1950s and 1960s and the site was incorporated into the new Caesarea National Park in 2011. Within the park is the Caesarea Amphitheater, also restored,

 is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is considered holy to the three major Abrahamic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
In 1538, the city walls were rebuilt for a last time around Jerusalem. Today those walls define the Old City, which  became a World Heritage Site in 1981.

Located  at the southeastern tip of the Ayalon Valley, it overlooks the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, 25 kilometers west of Jerusalem and 14  kilometers southeast of Ramla.  It is  home to an ancient fortress built by the Crusaders in the early 12th century, little remains of the castle.
 French Trappist monks founded the site in 1890, cultivating the land. They left during WWI but returned in 1926 to build the sandstone monastery complex that stands today.
The Monastery of the Seven Sorrows, better known as the Latrun Monastery or the Monastery of the Silence, is a Benedictine-Sistressian-Trappist monastery
Visitors to the  Monastery and church also buy the local olive oil and wine.

5.STELLA MARIS  HAIFA  Stella Maris Monastery & Lighthouse.
Perched at the western edge of Mount Carmel, high above the Mediteranean and the coastal city of Haifa, is Stella Maris Monastery and church. Also known as “Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel”it  is the world headquarters of a Catholic religious order, the Carmelites.
Completed  in the 18th century, its stout walls and small openings reflect the need for defence  during its establishment.
Later the Stella Maris lighthouse (which means Star of the Sea) was built. Because of its commanding position, the lighthouse has been used as a military establishment.

 Thursday 12 and Sunday 15 December 2019 with the organization of the WWFF (World Wide Flora & Fauna)
Activation of Aparados da Serra National Park PYFF-0003 -  will include  Amateur Radio ladies represented by Andreia PU3SEA and Gissele PU5GAT  as well as the integration between operators from the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
Great pics of all activated  parks plus park ref numbers at:

Silent Keys   (QSY higher frequency)
KB8HAM   Bertha L. Bacheller, SK November 1, 2019  Age 96.  860 Sternberg Rd., Muskegon, MI She was born on July 15, 1923 . Member of Muskegon Ham Radio Club

WD8BBP   Betty J. Lee, SK September 8, 2019 Age 78. She was born December 3, 1940, in Cincinnati, Ohio, She was a Ham Radio Operator and held a General Class License WD8BBP. She was a founding member of the Xenia Weather Amateur Radio Net (XWARN). XWARN was founded as a direct result of the Xenia Tornado of 1974. XWARN was officially part of the National Weather Service Skywarn Weather Spotter network.

F5ISY Carine Dubois  of  Argeliers, France became silent key  November 3, 2019
An active operator she was responible for " The Day of YLs " held May 2014

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Calendar - December 2019

1-31   Dec  Youngsters On The Air  YOTA Month (International)
1- 25  Dec   3rd ADVENT   CALENDAR   AWARD 2019 Bands:  SSB
7         Dec  YL Net  Essex Ham,  2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
7-8      Dec  International Naval Contest (INC) 2019  organized by the MF-Runde e.V. (MF)
                          16:00 UTC - 15:59 UTC; All Bands Mode: CW - SSB - Mixed
12 -15 Dec  Weekend of parks in Brazil- 2019.    www.radioexpedicao.com
14-15  Dec   International Naval Contest (INC) 2019   annually 2nd  weekend of December.
14-15 Dec    Saturday, 12:00am – Sunday, 11:59pm OK RTTY contest
15       Dec    AMRS Frauenreferat  at 16:30 pm (local time), a pre-Christmas OE-YL net
21       Dec   Padang DX Contest (West Sumatra)
21 Dec-3 Jan   Lighthouse Christmas Lights QSO PARTY – Worldwide lighthouse activation
                          0001Z Saturday Dec 21st, 2019 to 2359Z Jan 3rd, 2020
23-30  Dec   Hanukkah  (aka Festival of Lights)
25       Dec   Kers Dag / Christmas Day
26       Dec   DARC XMAS-Contest  (08:30-10:59 UTC) Modes  SSB, CW;    Band - 80m
                                2.5 hours sprint contest, QSY rule.
31       Dec   CQ DX Marathon  yearlong activity, ending at 2359 UTC December 31.
2020   4th January - Kids Day.
Jan 19-25    QuartzFest - an ARRL Convention.celebrating 25th anniversary


yl.beam #76 nov 2019

Dutch Ham Radio Convention 2019   -    FISTS Friday -
 YL Argentina -  OL88YL uTube  -    Hedy Lamarr Day
Jeanne VE0JS Solo Circumnavigation Under Sail
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
1st  "Women on The Radio Award". November 2019  Background, Rules, YL Team
Silent Keys
Contacts  & Calendar

2 November 2019 from 09.30-17.00 am in the IJsselhallen in Zwolle, Netherlands
Visitors information for the Ham Radio Convention On November 2, 2019, the 59th Ham Radio Convention (Dag voor de RadioAmateur, DvdRA) will again take place in The Netherlands. Organiser is VERON,(the Dutch radio society). Besides the official part, “the Radio Amateur of (last) year 2018”, supported by the Scientific Radiofonds Veder will be nominated. And several lectures will be given. The home-brew exhibition, the AMRATO (Amateur radio equipment sales), and of course the VERON Components market (flea market). Several commissions and working groups are presenting themselves, we also again have a youngsters place. 

 FISTS Friday - November 29, 2019  (USA)
 "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving), will be known as "FISTS Friday."
All FISTS members are asked to take a break from shopping or football and make at least one QSO during FISTS Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

FISTS  CW (Morse Code) organization in the world of amateur radio. Founded in 1987 by Geo Longden, G3ZQS, it now has a world-wide membership in the thousands.
Operators are requested to send an email to the FISTS Awards Manager, at the following address, awards@fistsna.org  with a description of their QSO and anything they would like to say about operating the event. This is not a contest. All that is required is for one QSO – CW be made anytime during your local time zone Friday. During the evening of November 29, 2019 at 1800 EST a "FISTS Friday" Certificate will be available for downloading on website,  link will remain available until 2300 EST on Dec 1, 2019.  https://fistsna.org/operating.htm

GRUPO YL (Argentina)
This newly formed group celebrated  "World Day for the Protection of Nature" 18-20, October 2019
A Certificate was offered for making a  single Digital contact.
Congratulations to the following Operators who participated:  LW1DYP.Angie;  LU1DAS.Sara; LU3EZH.Lucia; LU5EMG.Gladis; LU5BSR.Beatriz;  LW7DVC Viviana; LU8EPA Paula;  LU3GDT Tere

OL88YL YouTube  - Czech Republic Special YL Event 2.8.2019 
Professionaly and well edited, this delightful video will not only serve as a wonderful momento for  the partipants but will be an inspiration. Please view at:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivnYzi2j_AU&fbclid=IwAR04pX7kYH0dD1UPqLKtrLrXYYICunl-tJG0-eE9IaA8vAL4p-9CvC1QcLA 
How Hedy Lamarr Changed the World With Radio     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx2EvQHzdCY
showtimes: http://www.ifccenter.com/films/bombsh..

Jeanne VE0JS Solo Circumnavigation Under Sail
Jeanne Socrates (born 17 August 1942) is a British yachts-woman, a retired math teacher and licensed  radio amateur . She holds the record as the oldest female to have circumnavigated the world single-handed and she is the only woman to have circumnavigated solo non-stop from North America.
On 3 October 2018, Socrates started on her latest attempt to circumnavigate the world single-handedly and on Saturday 7 September 2019, she successfully completed her solo non-stop circumnavigation to become the oldest person to do so.
Jeanne, age 77, arrived at Ogden Point Wharf in Victoria, British Columbia, at 4:17 pm.
She had started her trip  from this point on October 3, 2018.
She has been sailing since 1994. Her husband passed away in 2003 and she decided that she wanted to continue sailing solo.  Jeanne  received support from amateur radio colleagues around the world who contacted her on the radio, encouraging her or giving her information to help her solve problems.

Amateur Radio Newsline - James Pastorfield reported. 23 Dec 2018
To all appearances she is indeed alone, but Newsline got on board with her briefly on 20 meters with the help of a Skype patch from her friend Jim Millner WB2REM.
JEANNE: "I’m pretty pleased with my progress, in fact." She was, at the time of the QSO, 80 miles north/northwest of Ducie Island in the Pacific Ocean, at a good pace into her 8-month journey and this week was sailing towards the Falklands after having 'rounded the Horn.'
When the sun shines brightly, Jeanne has the benefit of solar power. She has a little generator on board too – but for a sailboat like the Nereida, the real power comes, of course, from riding the wind.
Jeanne’s days are full. She makes her meals, she writes in her blog, she downloads critical weather information and maintains the boat in operating condition, even keeping barnacles from slowing her sojourn.
There is, of course, also the radio to turn to, all 125 watts of HF signal – and she does that often.
I spend a lot of time actually, it’s really great for me to have the radio. I’ve not been able to make the morning contacts I normally do when I am further north. I get onto various nets. Some of those contacts come up to me in the daytime and that seems to be good. In fact I made contact yesterday with Victoria Canada where I left from. He came up strong 17 meters which is great and then other friends from the 7155 group and occasionally I am able to get a hold of my friends up on the west coast. There is a group there around 7147 in the morning around sunrise. I am able to talk to them occasionally. It has been a really really good thing for me to have the ham radio to make connections like that. Source WIA News    http://www.wia.org.au/members/broadcast/wianews/display.php?file_id=wianews-2018-12-23 

Inside Jeanne's yacht & home 'Nereida'
Editor: We are indebted to Australian YL, Lyn Battle VK4SWE, who kept us up-to-date with Jeanne's progress in ALARA newsletters April #169 & Jul #170,  and Oct #171 (below)
Jeanne VE0JS Solo Circumnavigation Under Sail
The highlight on air for the past few months has been chatting with our intrepid solo sailor Jeanne VE0JS who checked in regularly to the ANZA DX net, especially on Thursdays ‘Ladies’ Day’ to update us on her circumnavigation. She has had lots of challenges to overcome on this trip – the knock-down she took between Tassie [Tasmania] and New Zealand caused a lot of damage which she could only attend to when the conditions were favourable but she gradually and methodically worked her way through the repairs and kept on track. She had to dodge two hurricanes near Hawaii, then her final leg in to Victoria harbour near Vancouver/Seattle, was thwarted by – of all things – no wind! She drifted around for days, how frustrating must that have been to see the land ahead so tantalisingly close and not be able to nominate a finishing time! Jeanne was aiming to be the oldest person (male or female, she is already the oldest female but a male one year older than her at the time of her previous circumnavigation held that record) to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted, around the world.
To take the record, she could not use her engine power (only her generator for boat power) so she had to rely on wind for navigating up the channel to the dock – a dangerous business in fickle light winds! It was nail-biting stuff and Shirley VK5YL and I were fortunate to be able to follow her on various electronic modes as she finally passed the finish line.
Thanks to expat Aussie Mike KH6GOZ who kept us posted and provided links so we could watch the actual photo-cam at the harbour, plus her AIS [Automatic identification system] ship- reporting ‘pings’ as she moved along, Shirley and I chatted on the phone whilst also zooming in on Google Maps to see where she was. It was a great moment when 77-year old Jeanne crossed the official finish line on Saturday Sept. 7 2019, to a crowd of cheering onlookers and a ceremonial arch-way spray of water from the fire-boat. Once across the line, her engine was inspected and she was towed to her berth, accompanied by a flotilla of craft, all delighted to welcome her home safely. Jeanne started her journey from Victoria on Oct. 3, 2018. It was her third attempt after weather foiled two prior efforts in 2016.
The media frenzy then began, but she took time to email ALARA thanks for our Congratulations on her outstanding achievement. She also got her wish for a nice wine, meal and comfy bed that did not roll! The luxurious Fairmont Empress Hotel donated her several nights’ accommodation.
She is now busy making repairs to her vessel ‘Nereida’ which took a battering on the round trip and is already out of the water having her “bottom cleaned”!
Jeanne now starts a round of Talks and Presentations on her remarkable voyage, will take some time to visit friends and family back in the UK, then she is heading Down Under and hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet her for an “eyeball QSO” sometime next year! She is an inspiration to us all – showing us that YLs can achieve amazing things at any age. Taking on challenges with preparation, passion and having that ‘Ham Spirit’ to stay focussed, trouble-shoot and fix things when they break, took her right around the world - so the same Ham Spirit can take our young girls and older YLs far in our own lives too.
“Life is precious,” she says. “You have one life and so many people lose it early through cancer or whatever, and don’t really have a chance to enjoy it; especially when they stop work and they
thought they were going to get to do really nice things and suddenly it’s taken away from them.
So just make the most of your life whatever age you are and do the best you can with it.”
Lyn VK3SWE alara.org.au ▪ ALARA Newsletter Issue 171 OCTOBER 2019 ▪ 5
ALARA( Australian LadiesAmateur Radio Ass)
 Jeanne’s website is https://svnereida.com/ 

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
Historically, the date is based on the date of the 1960 assassination of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic. In 1981, activists at the Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Encuentros marked November 25 as a day to combat and raise awareness of violence against women.
On December 17, 1999, the date received its official United Nations (UN) resolution.
25 November has been designed as Orange Day, the colour symbolizes a brighter future, free of violence.

1st "Women on The Radio – Award" to be held annually during month of November
Founded by Ángeles EC1YL, from Spain (founder of the international group Women on the Radio), in collaboration with  Erica Sanna IZ0EIK (editor of Italian Radio Amateurs Union magazine QTC, and organiser of the annual Italian Pink Cycle award).
Licensed YL (women) AR operators were requested to register their call-signs before 25 October, to enable the organizers to publish a list of the participants.
As International Day against Gender Violence is celebrated on November 25, the month of November was chosen for this  Award. All women operators are encouraged to participate in this event.  Contact: Ángeles EC1YL     ec1yl@yahoo.es

"Women on The Radio Award". This idea appeared in my head, about a year ago, and  today is finally a reality, thanks to the collaboration of my great friend  Erica Sanna EI0EIK, and thanks to all the participating stations that will be on the air, during this month of November 2019.
We anticipate great success with this inaugural event, and I hope and wish with all my heart that in successive years we will together, continue adding to a successful activation.
Good luck to everyone and we will demonstrate what the YL's can do!
73-88 !! Angeles EC1YL.

November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Women on The Radio Award is designed to make visible our support of the activity on Amateur Radio bands, and  is open to all licensed Amateur Radio Stations and SWL.
Period: November month 2019 (00:00 UTC of day 1 to 23:59 UTC of day 30).
Bands & Modes: All Amateur Bands, all modes (with IARU Band Plan respect).
Award: It will be necessary to obtain 60 points to obtain the Award.
Scores:  Points will be allocated as follows;
QSO with every YL in “Award” team worth ONE (1) point (per day and band, regardless of mode).
QSO with every DX-YL in the  team worth THREE (3) points (per day and band, regardless of mode).
YL stations making a QSO with the YL Team only need a Unique QSO.
Logs: Must be sent once a week, only in ADIF format.toec1yl@yahoo.es
Awards will be sent via e-Mail in PDF format
FAIRPLAY: Help from other operators is not allowed to obtain points for this award: not by Repeaters (analog, Digitals or DMR), SDR WEB.
Special Thanks to Erica Sanna IZ0EIK from URI and ASORAPA Team EA1RCI for their help, support and encouragement.      Love, Angie EC1YL
  https://wotra.home.blog/   ec1yl@yahoo.es

WOTRA  YL Team 2019
OK2APY Alena  (Czech Rep.) ; EC1YL Angela (Spain); IZ0EIK Erica (Italy)
G0AJJ Linda (UK) ; CE1RFI Maritza  (Chile) ; DW3TRZ  Theresa (Philippines)
USA - KI7BR Barbara; W1YL Ellen; KJ7ARG Jennifer;  KC5BOO Judy ; KY2MMM Kymm

Silent Keys  (QSY higher frequency) Marlene Swanepoel   ex-ZS6SMA  and Magalies Radio Amateur Klub
became SK 18 Sept 2019

 K1AKP. Helen Marie (Surveski) Zadrick, 89, passed away peacefully on Friday, October 18, 2019 surrounded by her family. Born May 12, 1930; a lifelong resident of Southington, married to the late Nickolas Zadrick.  She served her country in the Women's Coast Guard Auxiliary

Christina Frech Cunningham, KT1NA, SK.
Some of you may have already heard that Christina passed away (17/10/2019)age 62, after a 2-month battle with pancreatic cancer. I'd like to share a few thoughts about who Christina was, and how much she will be missed.
Those who have met or interacted with Christina probably already know that she was an incredibly positive person. I was lucky to have her as my wife, best friend, love of my life, travelling companion, co-grandparent, and business partner for the past 8 years.
Having both been widowed more than a decade ago, Christina and I met through an online dating site, PlentyOfFish.com, and instantly hit it off. Christina would be quick to point out the lesson in this for those who have lost a spouse: there are wonderful people out there, don't lose hope, and don't settle!
Christina was an inspiration. When Christina decided in 2012 to come work full time as General Manager for HamTestOnline, she attacked the process of getting a license with her usual ferocity. She studied 1.5 hours per day for 6 weeks, then passed all three exams in a single session. Christina's Story (https://www.hamradiolicenseexam.com/christina-extra-class-h…) has since inspired hundreds of people to pull off the "grand slam", going Zero to Extra in a single exam session. If you haven't read her story, I encourage you to do so, and you will quickly understand why I married her. She kept me laughing every day!
To show how positive she was, she even saw the silver lining in dying of pancreatic cancer, viewing it as an opportunity to ask her closest friends and family to come visit her and share some laughter and smiles while she was still alive, rather than gathering together for tears after she was gone. We've had wonderful visits from dozens of people, and she was smiling, being nice, and cracking jokes until the end.
In fact, if I could sum up her life's philosophy in one simple phrase, it would be, "Be nice!"
It is with incredible sadness that I must report that the world lost a wonderful person yesterday.
In lieu of flowers, I think Christina would encourage you to Ham It Forward to the next generation by sharing the gift of ham radio.
88, John, W1AI   HamTestOnline October 18, 2019

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Calendar Nov 2019
31 Thursday- 1 Nov Friday Halloween – Witches-on-the-Air YLs-AmateurRadio Ladies-Portugal)
1-30 Nov  1st  "Women on The Radio Award" Nov 2019
2      Nov     YL Net  Essex Ham, starts 2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
1 - 3  Nov  3º Encuentro Radial Anual de Parques Nacionales (Argentina) 2019.
2     Nov    59th  Ham Radio Convention Netherlands. 2019  IJsselhallen in Zwolle
5     Nov     Brasil –  Dia Nacional do Radioamador (Day of Radio Amateurs).
8     Nov     JLRS Area 1 - 430FM-YL on-air meeting 9:00 PM   FRI,
9     Nov     Hedy Lamarr Day
9     Nov     2019  AWA - AGM (Antique Wireless Assoc.) SAIEE, Observatory, Johannesburg, SA
9-10 nov    11º Jornada Radial Ferroviaria Argentina  (Railways-on-the-Air)
9-10 nov    Federación Internacional de Radioaficionados Ferroviarios (FIRAC).HF CONTEST
11    Nov    Remembrance Sunday – 101 years since the end of WW 1  Monday
15-16 Nov  Concours UFT-YL-CW U F T - (Union Française des Télégraphistes)   F5RPB Evelyne TERRAIL
                       15 nov 19:00 - 21:00 UTC 80m 3.520-3.560  / 16 nov 08:00 - 10:00 UTC 40m 7.010-7.030    
16 Nov.      MAFC Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub  (Austria yl Group)  18.00 LT: 3740 Khz +/- 80 m band; Call: OE3XMC;
22-25 Nov  CGR (Committee for Disabled Radio Amateurs) in Dennenheul, VERON
23   Nov     SARL Newbie Sprint 08:00 to 20:00 UTC, 20, 40, 80m
23-24 Nov  CQ WW DX CW contest Saturday, 12:00am » 11:59pm Sunday
29     Nov   2019  "FISTS Friday. aka  "Black Friday" (the day after Thanksgiving)


yl.beam #75 oct 2019

  • Silent Keys
  • Oktoberfest Brazil - Get your Park On! - ALARA grants - YL USS Batfish Meetup.
  • SYLRA at amateur radio station in Morokulien, Sweden-Norway border.
  • Sailing along the coast of Norway & SOTA Mountain Goats
  • Contacts & Calendar

XE1RFF Marisol Sáinz de Aja Ceron, from Cuernavaca, Mexico; xyl of XE1RBV Mariano, became silent key 31/7/2019

XE1SCY Paty Camacho, Puebla, PUE., Mexico
The members of the PueblaDX radioclub are overwhelmed with our loss, we inform today of the death of our dear friend and president of our radio club on May 13, 2019. Licensed as Patricia Camacho Yarza XE1SCY, she was also president of the Angeles Latinos radio club.
Our condolences to your children and granddaughters, our prayers, rest in peace, we will miss you.

Carol Fraley Laferty shared a link. I was informed today (29/8/2019) of the passing of longtime YLRL member, Marion Dixon, WA7TLL, age 92, of Yakima, WA. Our sincere sympathies to her family.
Marion Ruby Dixon [OCTOBER 31, 1926 – MARCH 21, 2019] In 1951 Marion married Raymond Dixon in Seattle. In 1972 she became a ham radio operator, WA7TLL. Marion liked camping, hiking, backpacking, and travelling around the U.S. And the world. She was a member of First United Methodist Church of Seattle for over 50 years. In 1994 Marion and Ray moved to Bellevue, WA where they were active in the Silver Glen retirement community and Bellevue First U.M.C. In 2017 Marion moved to Yakima to be closer to family. She was preceded in death by her husband of 60 years, Raymond;
Oktoberfest 2019 Brazil
Special event callsign PS36OKT celebrates the 36th Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Brasil
Dates 09 - 27 October, 2019
Modes: CW, SSB and FT8 Bands active: 2m - 160m
Team operators: PP5BT Rodrigo, PP5GTA Joao, PU5ETC Cirilo,
Oktoberfest Blumenau in Santa Catarina Brazil is the largest Bavarian beer festival outside of Germany and 2nd biggest in the world.

Get your Park On! October 12-20, 2019
The 2nd annual operating event, Get your Park On!, will occur October 12-20, 2019 in celebration of Earth Science Week. The event is open to all WWFF Activators and Hunters and is sponsored by the U.S. (KFF) an affiliate of World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF).
This year will be an International event inviting all Activators through the world to participate. Hunters everywhere are invited to search out and contact Activators everywhere, making this truly a worldwide, DX event.
Starts October 12 at 0000 UTC and runs through to October 20 at 2359 UTC. These dates include the full weekends on each side of Earth Science Week.
Since October 1998, the American Geosciences Institute has organized Earth Science Week, a national and international event. They do this to help the public gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Earth sciences and to encourage stewardship of the Earth, a common goal shared by World Wide Flora and Fauna. Both programs encourage their participants to get outside and enjoy nature.

ALARA grants
ALARA, the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association, is offering a limited number of grants to any YL applying for a Foundation Licence or upgrading to a Standard or Advanced Amateur Radio Licence.
The grant is equal to approximately half the cost of the fees for assessment, licence and callsign AND gives a complimentary membership to ALARA for one year.
More info on the ALARA website. http://alara.org.au (from Jen VK3WQ)

Muskogee War Memorial Park: Home of the USS Batfish
Oct 4-6, 2019 YLRL District 5 2nd Meetup will be back at the USS Batfish, Muskogee, Oklahoma (USA) The YL group are booked for 2 nights (Fri-Sat) on board the museum Submarine and will call CQ in memory of the USS Seawolf SS-197.
On 29 September 1944 the submarine Seawolf left Manus island in Papua New Guinea headed for the east coast of Samar, an island in the Philippines. Radar recognition signals were exchanged on 3 October but nothing more was heard of her. On 28 December 1944, Seawolf was declared overdue from patrol and presumed lost.

MOROKULIEN border of Sweden-Norway.
In 1968 Swedish and Norwegian radio amateurs decided to start an amateur radio station in a cottage on the border between Sweden and Norway. Unusually, it had both a Swedish (SJ9WL) and a Norwegian (LG5LG) call sign.
The name Morokulien is a compound word of the Norwegian word "moro" and the Swedish word "kul" for fun. The last ending "ien" means "in one" (the two words in one) and this became the name of the state Moro-kul-ien. The location got its name in the Autumn of 1959 when Norwegian Broadcasting and Swedish Radio used it in the programme "Across all borders".
The location of the amateur station is unique, because this is probably the only amateur station worldwide which is operating from the border-line between two countries.
Morokulien is a "ham-state" on the border between Norway and Sweden. The special callsign for the Norwegian side is LG5LG, and the special callsign for the Swedish side is SJ9WL. If you as a ham-operator are visiting Morokulien for several days you will have to change call-sign between LG5LG and SJ9WL every other day..
The station is open for rent to all license radio amateurs. Rental income is used to maintain and operate the HAM-station, which is heated and wheel-chair friendly. All you have to bring is bedding and food. An impressive array of antennas and rigs makes operating on all bands and modes possible. It is an opportunity to experience a real pile-up from the most known HAM-station in the world. http://www.sj9wl-lg5lg.com/text1_2.html
During SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs) annual meet 2019, the ladies operated at amateur radio station in Morokulien.

SYLRA annual meet September 5 – 8, 2019 was at Lillestrøm, 18 km (11 miles) northeast of Oslo, the capital of Norway.
after the meeting several delegates took the optional trip (Sept. 9th to 15) on a ship travelling along the coastside of Norway. The Hurtigruten’s ship, «Trollfjord» sailed from Bergen (in the south), cruising along the coast north to Kirkenes, with stops along the way, arriving Sunday morning, September 15th.

Sailing along the coast of Norway
With extracts from Facebook we accompany HB9FPM Eva & HB9JOE Andreas Thiemann
Sept 8 : HB9FPM Eva and HB9JOE Andreas Thiemann travelled to Bergen, from Oslo, Norway
after the SYLTA meeting.
September 10 - Andreas & Eva. activate SOTA summit LA/HL-019 Løvstakken, one of the local mountains of the city of Bergen, Norway [wiki - Løvstakken is one of the Seven Mountains that surround the centre of the city of Bergen 477-m /1,565 ft]
September 11 - On the way from Bergen to Kirkenes onboard ship MS Trollfjord. 3 hour stop-over in the harbour of Trondheim, so short activation of SOTA summit LA/ST-009 Gråkallen - 552m high, 12 km away from the ship's port. The taxi driver was so kind to wait one hour for us at the parking...
Trondheim is the third most populous municipality in Norway. The city is dominated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF), St. Olavs University Hospital and other technology-oriented institutions. Founded in 997 as a trading post it served as the capital of Norway during the Viking Age until 1217.
Sept 12 During our 2 hour stop-over in Bodoe today we wanted to activate an all time new one (never activated) SOTA summit LA/NL-130 Junkerfjellet - 283 m high. Unfortunately no free taxi was available at the ship's port. After more than 30 minutes waiting our time slot melted away.
We passed the Artic Circle, position 66°33′47.8″ north of the equator, on our way to Kirkenes, Norway. Only about 2000 km away from the north pole.
Sept 13 Quick visit of the city of Tromsø, also known as the "Paris of the North", located 350 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.
Sept 15 · Honningsvåg, Norway · Nordkapp-North Cape 71° 10'21 " Stopped at.
15/9/2019 HB9FPM Eva - Great evening on board of MS Trollfjord: The 1st radio officer introduced us into the secrets of radio communication on board; between ships, lighthouses, repeaters and other naval points of importance.
I (Eva) had the chance to tell the audience of some highlights of the SOTA (summit on the air) programme. Most questions that came up were about the antennas used on mountain peaks.
(15/9/2019) HB9FPM Eva - The radio club LA2K in Kirkenes is existing since 1952.
Today we have been their first visitors from abroad. On behalf of our small group we are thanking Uno LA4YUA, Jens (LA callsign pending) and Linda (XYL/wife of LA4YUA) for their outstanding hospitality and transport from and to our hotel.
[Qrz - LA2K Kirkenes groupe of NRRL (Norwegian Radio Relay League), are a small radio group, around 10 active members. Located in north east Norway, only 6 km from the Russian border line.]
Sept 16 Strong rain and artic wind during the hike up to SOTA summit LA/FM-406 Bohkkoaivi (first activation) but stunning view from top
September 17 · The access to the trail was not easy to find as all around was locked by high fences for reindeers. Finally an elder and friendly lady showed us the right way by walking ahead up to the summit SOTA LA/FM-410 Oskarsvarden (Gielkkáidoaivi) - first activation. We enjoyed the "mystic spirit" of this unusual hill, located around 150 km west of Kirkenes.
Sept 17 traveling to Stockholm, Sweden from Oslo Airport
Trondheim, Norway

HB9FPM Eva and HB9JOE Andreas Thiemann are both SOTO Mountain Goats and the explanation below may explain their focus on mountains while travelling.

SOTA (Summits on the Air)
SOTA is an award scheme for radio amateurs that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. Summits are awarded points depending on height and difficulty of ascent.Various scores equate to different awards, leading to the prestigious "Mountain Goat" and "Shack Sloth" trophies.
At 1,000 points Activators achieve "Mountain Goat" status and Chasers/SWLs are "Shack Sloths". Achieving "Mountain Goat" and "Shack Sloth" status requires considerable dedication and effort

In September 2016 a new organization was formed URI - Unione Radioamatori Italiani (Italian Amateur Radio Union) and our Italian YL sister IZ0EIK Erica Sanna included the yl.beam in the 1st edition of QTC Oct 2016 – 3 years ago! Thank you Erica and U.R.I. For your support of Amateur Radio and YLs - Happy 3rd Birthday.
URI's monthly (news magazine) Rivista QTC = message in “Q” codes
[The Q-code is a standardized collection of three-letter codes all of which start with the letter "Q". An operating signal initially developed for commercial radiotelegraph communication and later adopted by other radio services, especially amateur radio. ]

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Calendar - October 2019
1 Oct . WWV oldest continually operating radio station turns 100 years
2 Oct JLRS 2m-YL on-air meeting fun event. 1 area
4 -6 Oct YLs on the Batfish Event for YLRL-District 5 · Hosted by Michelle Carey
5-6 Oct JLRS Party Contest – CW on the 1st weekend of October (03: 00 UTC - 03: 00 UTC : All licensed OM & YL world
5 Oct YL Net Essex Ham, starts 2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
5-7 Oct DX/NA-YL Contests (combines the DX YL, North American YL & YL Anniversary Party Contest)
SSB/CW/Digital 1400 UTC Oct 5 - 0200 UTC Oct 7,
5 Oct AWA Valve QSO Party (RSA) (AM) 13:00 to 17:00 UTC
6 Oct AWA Valve QSO Party (RSA) (SSB) 13:00 to 17:00 UTC
8 Oct Ada Lovelace Day 2019 on 2nd Tuesday
9 Oct Yom Kippur
09 - 27 Oct PS36OKT Oktoberfest 2019 Brazil
11 Oct JLRS Area 1 - 430FM-YL on-air meeting 9:00 PM
11 Oct RSGB Convention 2019 Milton Keynes, UK
12 Oct HAMEXPO @ Le Mans exhibition park, French Amateur Radio gathering,
12 Oct Spring QRP Contest (RSA) 12:00 to 15:00 UTC SSB and CW, 5 watts
12-20 Oct Get your Park On!, WWFF celebration of Earth Science Week
17 Oct RCA 100 Year - 1919 (Radio Corporation of America)
18 Oct Zombie Shuffle 1600-2400 local time (Zombies don't sprint).
18-20 Oct 62nd JOTA & 23rd JOTI 2019
19 Oct CQ Hou Koers & SARL - RAE 2019 (RSA)
25 Oct JLRS Area 1- 430FM-YL on-air meeting Friday 9:00 PM
25-26 Oct YLRL District 5 at Hamarama in Ardmore, OK.
26-27 Oct CQ WW DX SSB contest
27 Oct Deepavali Sondag / Ballarat Hamvention Aus.
31 Thursday- 1 Nov Friday Halloween – Witches-on-the-Air YLs-ARadio Ladies-Portugal)