World Wide Patagonia DX Contest / Concurso Mundial Patagonia DX

World Wide Patagonia DX Contest
The contest will take place on February 25th and this will be the first edition.

Below is the link to our competition.. We have added a special category to encourage YL contest activity.

Link https://wwpatagonia-arg-dx.com.ar
Best regards.   Marina LU1VYL (YL from Argentina)

Link https://wwpatagonia-arg-dx.com.ar
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World Wide Patagonia DX Contest

We are a great group of Radio Amateurs who lead Argentine institutions with the firm path of always enriching technical and operational knowledge. Our objective is to encourage the continuous training of amateurs in competition so that over the years they can optimize their operation and stations.
We invite all radio amateurs around the world to participate in the  World Wide PATAGONIA DX Contest , hoping for a pleasant, equitable event that allows optimizing the skills and stations of the contestants.
We hope to have your participation in this first edition, celebrating the reunion year after year in the bands.

We are waiting for you!

World Wide Patagonia DX Contest
DATE: 02/25/2024
STARTS:   From: 00:00 a.m. UTC at 11:59 p.m. UTC
AIM: Let radio amateurs from around the world contact us in a contest using their skills in a weekend of lots of fun.
BANDS: 3.5; 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz. Respecting the international amateur band plan.
EXCHANGE: In each communication, the correspondents must exchange RS(T) and a fixed series corresponding to their abbreviated GRID LOCATOR:

The score generated by each QSO will be equal to the number of km that exist between the Grid Locators of the stations participating in the COMMUNICATION. QSOs are scored only once per band.
The FIRST QSO for each band with each Grid Locator will be multipliers. The Grid Locator itself is not computed as a multiplier.
The correspondent's distinctive signal, the series received, and the UTC time must coincide on the participant's goat with a tolerance of 3 minutes.

Any eligible participant may enter one of the categories shown below by adding the appropriate CATEGORY-OVERLAY line to the Cabrillo log file header.
Stations that use this subcategory will be classified within the general results in their category.

NEW OPERATOR (ROOKIE):  This is the operator who obtained his first license as a radio amateur less than three (3) years before the date of the contest. Enter the date of the first license in the SOAPBOX field .
LADIES OPERATOR (YL):  Only female operators will be able to participate in this category, and they will compete against each other for a certificate, regardless of the country or continent.

Remote receivers are NOT permitted outside the station location.

All logs must be submitted WITHIN SEVEN (7) DAYS after the contest ends: logs no later than 23:59 UTC on March 3, 2024. Log submissions made after the deadline will not be considered. consider.

Any query, suggestion or request for clarification can be made by


radio amateur feminas - yl.beam #125 feb 2024


  • YL Lighthouse Activators       
  • Meet Carmen DM4EAX, a German YL  
  • Ladies-on-the Air 8th March - International Women's Day
  • Parks & Peaks  Sue VK5AYL
  • National Parks in Victoria, Australia
  • Field Radio Marija VK5MAZ.
  • YL Marija Kostic YU3AWA activates POTA in Serbia.
  • Silent Keys ZS1GEL / ZS5GEL Gudrun Lauterbach;
  • WP4FH Aida Iris Trujillo Glass; NØTWV Maria Jones,
  • Contact & Calendar


Lighthouse Punta Gruesa   Carmen  XQ1ROA

YL Lighthouse Activators

The South American Lighthouse Weekend will be held over the weekend of February 16 -18, 2024. The largest lighthouse event in the Americas has been held annually since 2009.
Carmen Greene, KP4QVQ, from Puerto Rico  will activate the Los Morrillos Lighthouse, PUR-002.
Maritza Fredes Naveas, CE1RFI, from Chile will again activate the Baliza Puerto Viejo Light (27° 20.4' S - 070° 56.5' W).
Carmen Fortuño Rios XQ1ROA, a member of   the Tarapacá DX Group, will activate the Punta Gruesa Lighthouse, CHI-104, with the prefix CB1T.  The lighthouse is about 20 km south of the city of Iquique, Chile.
Laura Fanelli, LU1WL, from Argentina, the YL with the most attendance in the history of "American Lighthouse Weekend",will again be active with her mobile station from the Chubut Lighthouse, ARG-034


Meet Carmen DM4EAX, a German YL

DARC e.V. Distrikt Ruhrgebiet L .  23 Jan 2024
We introduce you on Tuesdays to the board and the speakers of our district Ruhrgebiet L in Deutscher Amateur-Radio-Club e.V. This week it’s our Deputy District Chair Carmen DM4EAX’s turn.  🚀 We asked her three questions:

1️⃣. How did you get on amateur radio?
💬 “I came to amateur radio through my OM* Michael DL4EAX. ”
2️⃣. What gives you the most pleasure in amateur radio?
💬 "I'm excited about competitions and always on the hunt for new DXCC** territories." The topic of propagation conditions is therefore an important point for me in order to clarify the chances of reaching a rare, remote station. “
3️⃣. If you could have one free wish on amateur radio, what would it be?
💬 "That North Koreans can finally participate in this wonderful and so multifaceted hobby. ”

Carmen started as an apprentice with Michael DL4EAX training call DN4EAX. On the 1st July 2017 she passed the Class E amateur radio test with the call DO4EAX on the frequencies. Already on 11.11.2017, Carmen stocked up with another successful grade A exam. She has since used the DM4EAX sign.
Since April 2018 she has been a YL* representative and since April 2019 also deputy district chairman of the district Ruhrgebiet L. In addition, she has been the deputy chairman of the local association of Ortsverband Ruhrgebiet L33 since January 2020.
Carmen has also participated in the project “New question catalogue” to modernize the amateur radio testing of the Round Table Amateurfunk e.V.*** as part of the amendment of the amateur radio regulation, which will enter into force on 24.06.2024.

⚠️ Info for amateur radio beginners:
* OM is the abbreviation of "old man", as we call male radio amateurs in a friendly greeting. 💁Female radio amateurs we respectfully call YL, meaning "young lady".
** The DX Century Club, DXCC for short, is an amateur radio diploma and one of the most famous awards for radio amateurs: https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/DX_Century_Club
*** The Round Table Amateurfunk e.V., for short RTA, is a merger of most German amateur radio clubs. The coordinator of lobbying for the amateur radio in politics: http://www.runder-tisch-amateurfunk.de/

Every Tuesday our Young Ladies (YL) meet from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. CET/CEST on the 80m band (3,550 +/- QRZ kHz) for the YL-CW round . Pre-log in from 7:45 p.m. CET/CEST.  https://www.agcw.de/contest/yl-cw-party/


2024, 8th March - International Women's Day YL Parks On The Air Party
Editorial Comment – Eda ZS5YH:

Dear Ladies – Please join in the spirit of this event to get the Yls outside calling “CQ”.
Whether parks in your region/area are POTA, WWFF, FFF, Field Radio, Parks&Peaks or BOS (Belgium Outdoor Shack) is not important - Ladies-on-the Air – that's what it's about!

Parks & Peaks is an Australian website that collects data from Amateur Radio operators who get out of their shacks and operate their radios portable in parks or on peaks.
Developed by Sue VK5AYL, as an iPhone App . Sue has held an Amateur Radio license since 1978.

National parks in Victoria, Australia
alara.org.au ▪ ALARA Newsletter Issue 188 January2024 page 9

Congratulations to Angela VK7AMP, who reports as follows:
I have attached my recent Keith Roget Memorial National Parks certificate which means I have worked all 45 national parks in Victoria.
The first time I worked a National Park in Victoria was in 2016, that was Croajingolong National Park and it wasn't until about two years ago that I went through my log and marked off the ones I had worked. I was left with about ten more I hadn't worked. So I started looking out for those parks on Parks-n-peaks. And eventually ticked off the last few in October ( VK3 UAO - Stuart was very helpful in helping me to get the last few. I was very grateful for his help there.) The last one to be ticked off was Snowy River National Park.
There is also an award for activating all 45 parks as well. I have done 10 so have got a few more to do there! 

Marija VK5MAZ.Field Radio April 2018
Marija VK5FMAZ.obtained her Foundation amateur radio licence in March 2016.
 She made a total of 1,018 QSOs and worked 25 DXCC entities.
In February 2021 Marija VK5MAZ. upgraded to the Standard licence and as of Sept 2022, she has made a total of 2,217 QSOs and has worked 126 DXCC entities.
She has also been awarded a certificate for 1,375 references worked in VKFF
Marija is the Contest Manager for the ALARA Contest.

YL Marija KosticYU3AWA activates POTA in Serbia.

I love spending my time in nature! So, it is no wonder I am attracted to FF, SOTA and COTA activations. I have activated many references and protected areas of my country. Every activation, even if it was in the same area, is special and unique! Ham radio has merged all those I love into one!

1 Jan, 2024 🌿 POTA YT-0067 🌿Our last POTA activation in 2023. This year was all about POTA activation for me. In total, I had over 100 of them in 2023. I am happy that I spent a lot of time in nature and with the station at the same time. The POTA program is great for that! Today we also did our first activation in 2024,
Dec 2023 she received the Kilo Award: Award for Activators only. 1000 QSOs from the same Parks on the Air entity.  Below are a few extracts from Marija YU3AWA Facebook pages, to give an idea of the ups and downs of  Parks-on-the-Air activations.


6 June 2023 A few more POTA activations over the weekend.  YT-0038 Avala Landscape Reserve. is famous in Serbia and close to our capital city - Belgrade. However, I had never been there before. Activation was successful! Filip YU3FMS and I had planned to do 2 more POTA activations on the same day, so we did not stay long at Avala and moved on.
Our next reference was about 40 km from Avala. But everything does not always go according to plan. Reference YT-0047 Lesni Profil Kapela Protected Area is along the coast of the Danube. As the river level of the Danube rose enormously, the coast was flooded and we could not go down.
Aso, there were too many mosquitos that annoyed Filip so much that he did not want us to stay here for a minute longer and activate at least activation with one callsign. At that moment YU3AWA was very sad :') I like to try to do the activation whatever the conditions are. However, we had some more plans for that day and it was the best to move on.
Our next stop was Koviljsko-Petrovaradisnki Rit Nature Reserve YT-0040. And guess what, mosquitos again! This park is also located on the coast of the Danube. Same storu as the previous one. The good thing is that this protected area has a larger area, so we could find a suitable place for activation. The noise level was high from the very beginning. S9 plus QRM. Incredible, I felt like I was working from the city center, and not in some remote meadow. Activation was extremely difficult due to interference. Unfortunately, I was the only one who did the activation, while Filip was missing 3 QSOs to complete his.
After more than 4 hours spent driving the car, we decide to rest. That evening there was a concert of a band that I really like, and we had an invitation from our friend Attila YU7VFA to visit him, in the sane city that the concert was being held. After the concert ended, we walked a bit and realized that Attila's house is actually across the street from POTA reference YT-0082.
Filip said one key sentence "So close and so far". I thought a little and asked myself, what would be far when the reference is 10 meters from us, and all the equipment was in the car? It was already past 11 PM. We did this completely out of the blue. Since the park is in the very center of the  city, we had a terrible QRM and the activation was not completed.  
It didn't bother Attila the least because he said that we have just one more reason to visit him again. All in all, a wonderful day filled with both successful and incomplete POTA activations, which taught us that we cannot always plan everything and that it is very important to adapt to working conditions.

21 August 2023  · 🌿 POTA YT-0135 🌿This is the first activation of this reference and also the fifth activation of the park in one day. We successfully activated 5 parks and received the Rover Warthog award!

26 August 2023🌿 POTA YT-0171 🌿 We activated this park for the first time, and I don't think we will ever again. The road was quite bad, without marked signs to the park. The paths are impassable and overgrown. But that's why we didn't have QRM!
20 September 2023 In less than 6 months, I activated more than 50 unique parks in Serbia!

Thanks to everyone who helped me in this, and the first one is Filip YU3FMS who inspired me and introduced me to the POTA program, and then also my club YU7KMN (Radio Club "Nikola Tesla" , Serbia) whose members were always there to support me. Thanks also to all the hunters who contacted me.



Silent Keys

S/k ZS1GEL / ZS5GEL Gudrun Lauterbach Silent Key 30th of December, 2023
Condolences to om Mike ZS1MLL / ZS5ML
 Gudrun passed away on the 30th of December with husband Mike Lauterbach, of nearly 40 years by her side.  She did not like being the centre of attention, but enjoyed being amongst family and friends.
Involved in kinesiology for 30 years, Gudrun laid the foundation for all the Specialised Kinesiologists in South Africa. She played an enormous role in spear-heading ASKSA (Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa).

S/k  WP4FH Aida Iris Trujillo Glass, from Sabana Grande in .Puerto Rico Passed Thursday January 6th 2024  

S/k  NØTWV   Maria Jones,  (February 21, 1930 – 22 January, 2024)
YL-ISSB - Larry Morgan advised 22 Jan 2024, NØTWV Maria Jones, passed away at 8:42 am today at age 93.  Maria was a long-time member and control operator of the YL System (YL-ISSB)
Operator since 1971. Former calls: CX5BJ-Uruguay,; KA5CVY-Mississippi; XE1CVY-Mexico; XE1MMJ-Mexico.
Husband, Mack P. Jones, KCØCRS (S/k). Missionaries with the International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention in Paraguay, South America for 4 years; Uruguay, South American for 4 years; and Mexico for 12 years. They spent one year in intensive Spanish language study in San José, Costa Rica before going to South America.
YLRL news Dec. 1989 noted  XE1IW, Maria will be XE1/KA5CVY from their new QTH where she and her husband have accepted new job assignments.
In August,2019 Maria left her home in Purvis, MS. and moved to Brookdale, an assisted care facility in Hattiesburg, MS.



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Calendar March 2024
Feb 3 -4     EUDX CONTEST is always 1st full weekend of Feb
Feb 8 - 11  YL-ISSB's 61st anniversary special event station K4ICA
Feb 9 - 11   Orlando HamCation (77th), 2nd largest ham event in the world,1st - 1946*.
Feb 10        Chinese New Year, year of the Dragon. February 9th- 15th
Feb 10 - 11  CQ WPX RTTY Contest. 2024  always the 2nd weekend of February.
Feb 10 - 11  PACC Contest 12:00 UTC - 12:00 UTC Dutch prov multipliers. CW/SSB.
Feb 11         International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Feb 13         World Radio Day
Feb 16 - 18  South American Lighthouse Weekend 15th edition
Feb 17 – 18 YL-OM Contest 2024   SSB/CW/Digital
Feb 18 – 25  Antarctic Activity Week (AAW) by WAP,  2024 21st edition
Feb 22          TDOTA 2024 Thinking Day on the Air 3rd  weekend February.

March 2  SARL YL QSO Party  40m
March 3  JLRS - 21st 3.3 Hina Contest (Japan Ladies Radio Society) Sunday
                         15:00UTC March 2 -  15:00UTC March 3  (3rd day, 3rd month)
 YLRL Convention, @ St George Utah, USA.  July 11th-14th. 2024


yl.beam  #124  jan 2024


  • Listen to the Australian AR ladies
  • Meet YL Raisa, R1BIG, “International Newsmaker of the Year 2023”
  • Raisa R1BIG feeling excited. Newsmaker of the Year 2023
  • Saint Helena Island
  • St Helena Island  (IOTA AF-022) YL Amateur Radio Activations
  • New Zealand - Myrle Campkin ZL2MIC
  • Hello from Peru
  • Parks on the Air (POTA)
  • International Women's Day 2024 YL POTA PARTY
  • Contact & Calendar

Listen to the Australian AR ladies
on WIA News Broadcast for the 17th of Dec 2023 - Ham Radio News for Amateur Radio Operators by VK1WIA
(ALARA) presentation occurs several times each year including close to Christmas
ALARA  president vk2ayl Michelle joins Leslie vk5LOL with  operational news covering contests and the DX window.
Shirley vk5yl  covers the international desk.
Linda vk7QP handles special interest group news  and  AR news lines editor Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT from the USA chatting to R1BIG Raisa about being newsmaker 2023


Raisa QSL bureau St. Petersburg Nov 2023

PAUL/ANCHOR: For our final story we have an awards presentation. The Amateur Radio Newsline International Newsmaker of the Year award celebrates a clever and creative innovator in this, its fifth year: She is YL Raisa R1BIG/OH7BG. Through social media and various websites she has given the world a window into what it means to struggle and grow as a ham.
Newsline's editor Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT spoke with her.

CARYN: Congratulations to Raisa Skrynnikova, R1BIG, who began in 2018 to channel her enthusiasm and humour to show how a newly licensed ham learns to put up antennas, enter a contest, activate a SOTA summit and handle some incredible pileups. Her blogs, livestreams and YouTube videos are a source of information and good will. Raisa told Newsline why she decided to put her own story in the spotlight.

RAISA: To show step by step that it is not very difficult to get and to pass the exam, to make your own equipment. You can also make your antenna yourself and set it up yourself also. I try to do all these videos to show that the ham radio hobby is not so difficult and you can do simple steps and know more and more information. Why I like the ham radio hobby is because every day, every time, you need to learn something new - and this is the best thing, I think.

CARYN: In 2021, Raisa advocated for greater friendship among the world's hams by taking another bold step. Building on the earlier work of two hams, she enlisted help from friends in different countries and assembled an easy-to-use interactive online practice guide offering commonly used QSO phrases in 11 different languages.

RAISA: It is so nice, you feel a very nice feeling, when someone talks a little bit in your language and I thought, "Oh I would like to know some phrases in the different languages and to say hello buon giorno, buona sera." It's so wonderful and make people a little bit more happy.

CARYN: Her humor and her relentless optimism about ham radio's future have provided a bright spot by using the technology that is guiding the next generation's amateurs.

RAISA: I think that the new technology and the internet and social media will not kill the hobby. I think that they will help the hobby because we can use them for promoting the hobby and make this hobby more popular. And that is exactly what I try to do.

CARYN: We are proud of this year's International Newsmaker, Raisa R1BIG. I'm Caryn Eve Murray KD2GUT.

“International Newsmaker of the Year 2023”  Raisa  feeling excited. 8/12/2023 
What a morning surprise: A.R.NEWSLINE recognized me as “International Newsmaker of the Year 2023”
For me, such a decision by a respected international team means responsibility and a challenge. I'm so happy when I hear on air or read comments from those who, after watching my videos, decided to get a ham license, returned to the bands or just became more active on the air.
Thank you, my followers, for your inspiration. I will do my best to continue to promote such a relevant hobby, that connects people around the world.

Saint Helena Island  [15°58′S 5°42′W]
located in the South Atlantic Ocean, a small remote volcanic tropical island 1,950 km  west of the coast of south-west Africa, and 4,000 km east of South America.
Discovered by the Portuguese in 1502, the island was an important stop for ships.
However after 1869 fewer ships arrived when the Suez Canal opened. Ships en-route from Asia to Europe could bypass the South Atlantic and the Cape of Good Hope.
Until 2017, the Royal Mail Ship RMS St Helena was the only scheduled connection to the island when the first scheduled air service began.

St Helena Island  (IOTA AF-022) YL Amateur Radio Activations
ZD7AA   Agata and husband ZD7CA/ HB9FIY  Christopher are operating on St Helena Island during December-January 2023/24

Elvira, IV3FSG will be active from St Helena as ZD7Z during January 16 to February 4, 2024. QRV on 160-6m; SSB, CW, DIGI using IC-7300, Hexbeam, vertical and Inverted-L. QSL via IK2DUW, Club Log OQRS – Livestream. (Grid: IH74GA)

probably best known of all current amateur radio diploma programmes is IOTA, Islands on the Air.  It is the second most popular international activity programme after DXCC.
The aim is to promote worldwide radio operation with amateur radio stations on inhabited and uninhabited islands with the help of the competition idea. As with many other activity programmes, participation in the IOTA programme is possible in two ways: the  "chaser", one who collects the island points, and the "activator" on the island who operates the station and makes these contacts possible.

The British shortwave listener Geoff Watts, editor of the DX news sheet DXNS, laid the foundations for this amateur radio activity as early as 1964 with the IOTA programme.
1964-1985 Geoff’s concept of working islands caught on immediately with a small number of amateurs, particularly in Europe and the USA
1985-1994 change of stewardship to RSGB  (Radio Society of Great Britain)
Roger Balister, G3KMA was inducted into the CQ DX Hall of Fame in May 2016 for his years of involvement since March 1985 as Manager of the IOTA Programme.
1994 – 2004 Sponsorship helped to finance a DOS-based computer system until 2007
2004-2014 an Internet-based module enabling on-line applications launched in 2007 .
 IOTA Ltd, was set up in early 2016 as a not-for-profit company, to run IOTA separate from the RSGB. IOTA Ltd now has an extensive international management team of volunteers.
The current IT system was launched on the IOTA website at www.iota-world.org 

New Zealand - Myrle Campkin ZL2MIC
Hi to all Yls from NZ And abroad my name is Myrle Campkin Zl2MIC my QTH is New Plymouth, New Zealand. I am and have always been a keen Dxer
I was licensed on 11 th June 1996 then, almost 27 1/2 Years now.
During this time I was not just keen on DX but for around 2 years up to 2008 I was net controller on the popular DX net, the ANZA net which I thoroughly enjoyed each Thursday night.
I’ve worked every continent and Antarctica as well as DX from all areas of the world literally thousands of amateurs. I have met some very friendly operators, some with just a wire antenna through to some DX operators using the most modern sophisticated equipment I could only dream of owning for sure.
My hardest station to contact was Bouvet Island a very difficult operation but I managed it even though with a small signal report. I’ve worked and listened to many unusual stations.
One I worked was a 14 year old American boy running 10w and a skate board through Los Angeles streets. I’ve heard the Australian flying doctors in outback Australia worked ships and aeroplanes and trucks. I’ve worked a ship QE2 off Australia in the Coral sea who gave me a 59 signal report.
My equipment is a new Kenwood TS590SG replacing a Kenwood TS430S and a Kenwood TS850S which I still use. My antenna is a High gain TH3jr at 30 feet high. A tilt over antenna which works great for the DX.
Also I wish to thank ZL3DUG Doug for all the help Doug has given me with my current station I really appreciate your kindness Doug.
73 33 Myrle I Campkin ZL2MIC   Myrle’s QRZ.com page is https://www.qrz.com/db/ZL2MIC
(Ngaire ZL2UJT sent the above article & picture with Season's Greetings from New Zealand to Yls everywhere.)
Hello from Peru:  
I tell you that after many attempts, I managed to win a Contest as a radio amateur. It's difficult to do it here because I'm the only active radio amateur.
This year I have been climbing positions and in several competitions I obtained 3rd place. I am proud of my achievements and I share them with you.   73, 88 and 33  Sonia E.  OA4DEM
Parks on the Air (POTA)
is an international radiosport award program that encourages licensed amateur radio operators to operate portable equipment in a variety of parks and public lands.  
The attraction lies in combining the hobby of amateur radio with an outdoor activity. POTA is easy to activate and also suitable for older and less athletic participants.
 POTA issues awards to participants based on a range of criteria including the total number of radio contacts made, number made on each amateur radio band, and for different modes of communication including voice, Morse code or FT8.  
Amateur radio operators who set up a temporary station at a park are known as activators, while others who 'spot' and complete contacts with them are called hunters.  Equipment used is typically small, battery operated, and may have been constructed by the operator themselves. The radio may be hand-held, carried in a backpack or a 'go box', or it could be mounted in a vehicle, as permitted by the park operator.
Activators can signal their intent to be on the air in advance using the POTA website, so that hunters are ready for them. Activators log all the contacts they make and upload them to the POTA website. A successful activation requires a minimum of 10 contacts (QSOs) from a park in the designated list within a single UTC day (Zulu day).

Originally, POTA was an offshoot of the National Parks on the Air programme launched in the United States in 2016. It built on the surge of interest in portable radio operation caused by the ARRL hosting a one-year program called NPOTA to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park System.
World Flora and Fauna (WFF) initiated in 2008 by the Russian Robinson Club (RRC) was relaunched in 2012 as WWFF (World Wide Flora and Fauna). The WWFF activities are essentially the same as the POTA programme.

International Women's Day 2024 YL POTA PARTY
(Parks-on-the-Air): Celebrate Women in Ham Radio!
Event by Shannon Gibney  KC1OHT
This event is open to all female amateur radio operators, regardless of POTA experience.
What to expect:
Activate a park during the 24-hour event window. Submit your POTA activations and share your experiences with other participants.
Connect with other YLs from around the world. Share stories, tips, and support.
Learn more about POTA and how to get involved.

Why participate?
Celebrate the achievements of women in ham radio.
Connect with other YLs and build a supportive community.
Have fun and enjoy the POTA hobby.

How to participate:

Activate a park during the 24-hour event window
Submit your POTA activations to the POTA database.
Share your experiences and photos on social media using the hashtag #YL_POTA_Party.
We encourage you to wear pink and/or decorate your station to show your support for International Women's Day!
Spread the word and invite your friends to join the party!
Together, we can make this a memorable event for all YLs in ham radio!

Here are some additional details about the event:
Date: March 8th, 2024
Location: Any POTA park (or hunt POTA from home!)
Frequency: Any amateur radio frequency within your license class
Hashtag: #YL_POTA_Party
We look forward to hearing you on the air!
Note: This event is not sponsored by the Parks On The Air Foundation.
Here are some resources that you may find helpful:
POTA website: https://parksontheair.com/
We hope you have a wonderful International Women's Day!

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Calendar Jan. 2024
Jan 1      CQ DX Marathon starts
Jan 1      Straight Key Night  0000 UTC - 2359 UTC. ARRL  CW party
Jan 2 -7  JARL (Japan) (09:00 to 21:00(JST) CQ NEW YEAR PARTY  2024
               annual QSO party for 132 hours for 6 days
Jan 6      ARRL Kids Day
Jan 6      Ham Radio University 2024- 25h event Saturday, Brookville, NY (USA)
Jan 9 - 16  Ganga Sagar Mela pilgramage. Sagar Island,India (IOTA AS-153)  AT24GSM
Jan 13    YB DX Contest (Indonesia) 2024 annualy 2nd week every January
Jan 21 – 27  QuartzFest ARRL Convention, Sonoran desert USA.

Feb 16 - 18       16th  "American Lighthouse Weekend",
March 8         International Women’s Day


yl.beam  #123  dec 2023


  • Welcome New AR Operators  Susan Smith ZS1SM    Radio ZS August 1971
  • Santa on the Air
  • The Dutch Young Ladies Club (PI4YLC)
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Welcome New AR Operators
YL’s from the SARL October RAE. 2023   – hope you will operate for many years.
ZU1JC Jamie
ZS3ANT Janetta ZS3KW Kayla
ZS3NE Nelmarie ZS3RK Reinette
ZS3RM Rosemarie
ZS4BE Bianca ZS4DE Desiré
ZS4MMS Mariette ZS4SW Sonja
ZS5ALM Adele ZS5DLT Daniele
ZS5ZUA Ashleigh
ZR6ME Melanie ZS6JCD Judith
ZS6SHJ Sonette ZS6TES Therese
Div 1 x 1; Div 3 x 5; Div 4 x 4; Div 5 x 3; Div 6 x 4 = 17

History SA Women's Radio Club
Susan Smith ZS1SM    Radio ZS August 1971
Susan turned 17 on May 23, 1971, 10 days after passing her technical operators exam.  
She is in Matriculation class at Sans Souci Girls High Newlands (CT)
Father (Sid ZS1PF) helped her with her radio studies. She passed her Morse test and received her license 30 June 1971 Her interest was stimulated by 16 year old Rodney ZS6ALL, believed to be the yougest operator.
News of Susan's achievement and passion for the hobby saw her soon receive a letter from SAWRC President Diana Green ZS6GH, inviting her to join the ' SA Women's Radio Club.. ' which Susan did.. and when SAWRC needed a new ' Trophy's manager ' a few months later, she volunteered for the task... Following through on her belief/commitment quoted above... “Ham radio is a thing you can't do casually or half-heartedly – it is really fantastic.. “
Susan was SAWRC Trophy's manager for a fair period, but when family and work life needed more attention as well, a new trophy's manager was appointed by the SAWRC.
(The above note by Irvine Green, ZS6BPE)


This special callsign in celebration of  90 years Colombian Amateur Radio League  
 was activated November 18 - 19, 2023 by a group of Colombian radio amateur women on different frequencies, contributing to the stimulation of Colombian amateur radio. Scoring was weighted in favour of the lady operators who made QSO contact with the 11 official stations and with other Yls

 Sat, 4 Nov, Hi, Ladies. Are you aware of the Colombian contest 90th years of the Colombian Radio Amateur League, and the special call sign 5J3L, operated by YL! (I hope to operate it for a while).Patricia Suarez  HK3IWL
 HJ3PDN, Gloria Castasño. Sent a reminder 13 Nov, 2023
Editor: Regretfully this notice was received too late to include in the last newsletter. We did our best however  to 'share' it across Facebook. Hope to receive a report-back on how the event was supported and about the lady operators.

 Santa on the Air (NØP) UHF/VHF/Echolink
Santa on the Air (NØP) in Northern Colorado. For the 3rd straight year LARC (Longmont Amateur Radio Club) along with NCARC (Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club) are helping kids get into the holiday spirit by talking to Santa on the radio at the North Pole. This year Mrs. Claus will also be joining in for a few nights, due to Santa's busy schedule.
Santa will be available on the following dates and times:
November 27 - December 10, 2023
5PM-7PM MT - 0:00AM-2:00AM Zulu (UTC)
LARC repeaters (147.270 (+) 100/100; 448.800 (-) 88.5/88.5  
NCARC Repeater:  447.700 - 100.0/100.0
also on Echolink node WØENO-R 8305.
 Santa will be sending all the kids (inexperienced and experienced) a QSL card.
Santa will be waiting to hear from you!
If you are interested in helping with this event, Especially you Santa's out there, contact Elf "Chucky" at kØitp@wØeno.org   Merry Christmas  and hope to hear you on the air!!

Mariëtte PA1ENG, Claudia PA5CT, Dieuwertje PD4JUF en Suzan PD3SZN

The Dutch Young Ladies Club (PI4YLC) guest at PI4RS
Since 2012, we have been active with a team under the call PI4YLC from various locations in the Netherlands. For example, we once started with a contest team at PI4TUE in Eindhoven, we did a field day set-up in Ell, we were guests at OMs and YLs' homes and there were activities at departments of the associations.
This time we visited: Radio Scouting! According to their website: “Radio Scouting is a group of enthusiastic scouts who are interested in technology and communication. Our group consists of a number of radio amateurs and youth members of various scouting associations.” And we noticed that enthusiasm!
The Dutch Young Ladies Club had been invited by Bas PD7BDN to his QTH in The Hague, and if corona had not thrown a spanner in the works, we would have held a real YL meet-with contest in March 2020. All preparations were done at the time, the posters were made, the promotion was put online... but we had to cancel it. Fortunately, Bas' invitation remained, which he reminded us of every now and then. After more than three years, the time had finally arrived on the weekend of October 7 and 8. 2023 - PI4YLC was a guest at PI4RS!
With a small group of YLs from different parts of the world we went to The Hague to participate in the Thracian Rose Club DX contest (see website). A 36-hour contest, where the aim is to make as many QSOs as possible in CW and SSB, mainly with TRC members. It turned out to be a quiet contest, but we had no less fun because of it. You can make progress in a shack like that! We also had two great extra YL operators: Alexandra and Vlinder. We made a total of 262 QSOs in CW and SSB.
When it turned out on Sunday morning that there was little to do in the TRC DX contest, we also decided to call CQ on the 40m band. We put our call on the air and made about 100 QSOs in a short time. It's also nice to draw attention to the Dutch Young Ladies Club again in this way.
During our radio activities we were technically supported by the OMs of PI4RS. Thank you Bas PD7BDN, Ronald PB7TT and Jaimy PD1DBL for your support in this. The food was also very good! We had of course brought something with us for coffee, but Esther, Bas' wife, had provided dinner. We felt very spoiled!
Thank you for the hospitality, the nice conversations, the conviviality and especially the warm welcome! We would love to come back to Radio Scouting in The Hague!
Proud 2B PI4YLC at PI4RS!    Posted on 12/10/2023 by PA1ENG

YL NTX Weekly Net Celebrates 8 years on-Air
Started  November 2015, our 8th anniversary has come and gone.  And for all the organizations and nets promoting women on the radio, the issue remains.  How do we promote and encourage more women to get on the air in order to increase our numbers in a male dominated hobby?  That's a hard question to answer.  So let's flip it and ask... What keeps you coming back to the net (or the bands) week after week and how do we use that to attract other women of like mindedness?   Is it friendship, inclusiveness, fun conversation, science nerdiness, weather spotting, traffic handling, etc?  Let us know.   KC5BOO Judy Cox  14 Nov 2023

 YL NTX Weekly Net on Monday nights at 8pm on 145.39 - 167.9, ECHOLINK node— 432882 or search for KG5BHY-L.
 UTC -6 / 0100z   20:00 Central Standard Time (CST).

Minority Radio Operators HAM RADIO WOMEN  
Did you know that, according to the ARRL, only 15% of American amateur radio operators are YL's?  Of that 15%, there is a minority of YL's who are active.  Of those who are active, many are content to remain at the technician level, which is fine.  But, the higher the license class, the fewer the YL's you're likely to find.  
Female amateur radio operators have a very long and distinguished history.  From the very beginning of ham radio, women have been a part of it.  And, if truth be told, YL's tend to have a natural inclination to operating a radio - Why do you suppose that it was the women who were the premiere telephone operators?  Over the years, guys struggled to learn Morse, but the girls tended to be adept at CW.  (Just sayin'!)
As amateurs, we are familiar with the international ham "73" which means "best regards".  But did you know that there is a female version of "73"?  It is used from YL to YL and I like to think it means a bit more that just "best regards".  I like to think it means, "You go, girl!"  
So for those of us female hams, you might notice we say "33' to each other.  It's an acknowledgement of our history and our YL tradition. Personally, I'd like to see more YL's who are active hams and use "33".
   33 de NS7X, MaryAnn Cornett   17 Oct 2023
The Birth of 33! https://ylrl.net/33-2/       

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Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I.
West of Scotland Amateur Radio Society  https://wosars.club/category/yl-news/

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December  2023
"Association des YL de France" was born end of 2015
Dec 1-31  PA23XMAS PD23SANTA   PH23XMAS  Netherlands celebrate Christmas 2023.
Dec 1- 31 Jan 2024  PD24HNY/PH24HNY "Happy24" New Year
Dec 1-31   YOTA Month  (Youth-on-the-Air)
Dec 7-15   Chanukah
Dec 16 – Jan 1, 2024 Lighthouse Christmas Lights (LCL) https://arlhs.com/ 
Dec 22      Indonesia  celebrates Mothers Day
Dec 24      Christmas Eve morning, SAQ Grimeton sends Christmas message
                  using the 200kW Alexanderson alternator, on 17.2 kHz CW.
Dec 26      Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race (78th)  628 NM starts 1300 Tuesday
Dec 28 – Jan 31 PH24HNYSpecial Event Happy New Year, Netherlands

Jan 21-27, 2024 Quartzfest, Arizona,USA (desert camping) https://quartzfest.org/


yl.beam #122 nov 2023


  • ALARA-meet Tasmania Nov 3– 6, 2023
  • WOTRA (Women On The Radio Award) 2023
  • Hedy Lamarr and Frequency Hopping
  • Happy  94 Birthday  PT2TF-Therezinha Felix Cardoso
  • YL Raisa R1BIG reports back from Conference in Croatia
  • YL/OM UFT competition suspended (French Union of Telegraphists)  
  • Contact & Calendar


ALARA-meet Tasmania Nov 3– 6, 2023
We're just giving YLs a reminder about our ALARAmeet next month 3rd to
the 6th November.  We have a special call sign for our meet  - VI7ALARA.  
I will be using that call sign for our special sked on Sunday
5th November at 0000 UTC on our Echolink ALARA conference station.  Last
time we did this was in 2017 at our ALARAmeet in Cairns.  We had
checkins from five continents with 43 YLs checking in.  What a pile up
we had but thankfully I had a scribe to help me.  Same this time so that
she can write all the call signs in our log.
So, hopefully some of you will be able to join us on the day.
33  Shirley VK5YL   Vice President, ALARA

    Antonia Ferrín Moreiras

WOTRA (Women On The Radio Award)
The November 2023 edition is dedicated to three pioneering astronomers:
Antonia Ferrín, first Galician astrologer who contributed to astronomy with works on stellar observations by the Moon, double star measures and astrometric measures and in 1963 became the first Spanish woman to defend a thesis on astronomy.
 Henrietta Swan Leavitt, an American who discovered a way to accurately measure distances on an intergalactic scale, paving the way for modern astronomy to understand the structure and scale of the universe.
Vera Rubin, who was the first woman to use the instruments at the Palomar Observatory. Before this, women had no permission or authorization to easily access, and their observations were very important to demonstrate the existence of dark matter.
This diploma is only operated by YL's. So we encourage our colleagues to participate.
If you know any local or foreign radio fans who might be interested, let them know.
If any YL reads this and wants to participate as a grantor: ec1yl@yahoo.es
Asorapa, ea1rci, 30rci 9 Oct 2023

Dr. Vera Florence Cooper Rubin (July 23, 1928 – December 25, 2016) US astronomer
Henrietta Swan Leavitt  (July 4, 1868 – December 12, 1921) American astronomer.
Antonia Ferrín Moreiras (Ourense, 13 May 1914 – Santiago de Compostela, 6 August 2009) age 95, mathematician, professor and the first female Galician astronomer.

Hedy Lamarr and Frequency Hopping
Hedy Lamarr - November 9, 1914 – January 19, 2000
Hedy Lamarr, who was a Hollywood actress in the 1940s as well as an inventor who holds the patent for frequency hopping, which is used in wireless communications today like WiFi and Bluetooth.  She was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame posthumously in 2014.
 Hedy Lamarr (movie actress) and George Antheil (composer and pianist) worked together to develop a wireless communication system that stopped enemies from jamming signals that controlled the Allies' torpedoes in WW11 .Their joint invention used a mechanism akin to piano player rolls to synchronize the progression between the 88 frequencies.  The invention was dubbed frequency hopping because the system caused radio waves from the transmitter and receiver to switch to a new frequency simultaneously.

What is Frequency Hopping?
Frequency hopping is the most basic version of a radio transmission technique known today as the spread-spectrum technique, which refers to any method that broadens a signal's frequency band. Radio stations typically broadcast on a single carrier frequency, making eavesdropping simple: you tune your radio to the correct frequency and receive the programming.
Frequency hopping  prevents transmission interception and decipherment by shifting the carrier frequency in a predetermined, usually pseudorandom manner—that is, in a way that appears random but is produced by a deterministic algorithm. The message can be picked up by a receiver hopping around in time with the transmitter,

8th straight year running we will celebrate with this special event net (callsign N9H) will be on at 9am pst/12pm est, (17:00 UTC)
Help us celebrate her 109TH Birthday, her technological advancements and her silver screen roles in the movies
Join us and have fun and check in to:
 Echolink *ROC-HAM* Conference server node #531091 or
Allstar nodes 2585, 47620, 531310
DMR TGIF Talk Group 2585
DMR Extended Freedom Network Talk Group 2585
Extended Freedom Network SIP Portal 2585
 HF you can join me on 14.313 MHz
The net which will run for 4 hours or longer depending on the number of stations checking in.
Stop by and check in and get a QSL Card…..we will be using Netlogger for this even
so look for N9H - HEDY LAMARR DAY 2023/HF 14.313.

Happy  94 Birthday  PT2TF-Therezinha  Nov 10, 2023
Terezinha Felix Cardoso, PT2TF is one of the oldest YL operators in Brazil and was a member of the 1st Brazilian women's radio amateurs DX-expedition to Ilha Comprida-SP, 1998 (yl.beam news-setter #86 sept 2020).
She has been a member of YLRL (USA) for 47 years
She achieved many awards, during a time, mid-80s and early 90s, when there was no help from computers and GPS. QSL's were hand written and sent by postal services. Some arrived without the country name and had to be found via the area code.   QRZ.com only started in 1992. No e-qsl or e-mail.  
 In 2008 she received the highest award that a radio amateur can receive in Brasil,  “La Comenda da Ordem do Mérito do Radioamador” from LABRE (Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emissão.) An award that only 34 radio amateurs have received and only 3 women (PP5ASN - Alda Schlemm Niemeyer;  PY6EAS Edna Assunção Sanches;  & PT2TF-Therezinha Maria Abranches Felix Cardoso)  Terezinha says this achievement would not have been possible without the support of husband Walter, PT2TG, who was tirelessly at her side solving everything needed in the radio shack or with antennas.
PT2TF-Therezinha  was Award Manager, until December 2011, of BRYLA (Brazilian YL Award), she found it a wonderful way to encourage the hunting of YLs not only in Brazil, but also in the rest of the world.  She feels that a contact with a YL is similar to rare DXpedition, or a space station contact,  due to the shortage of operators (LOL)

She was recently interviewed by Martin Butera LU9EFO/PT2ZDX, the interview was published in CQ Amateur Radio in the September 2023 edition in English. Her picture appeared on the cover and the five page interview  tells about this lady amateur radio operator.  The same interview, also in English, appeared in Radio ZS Volume 76, No 8 August 2023. p 42-49)
The interview is too long to reproduce here but has several interesting anedotes, best read in the original. However, the quote below from the interview says much about this remarkable operator.
“Terezinha: Amateur radio has always enriched my soul and spirit. It's like it keeps you alive, it motivates you, the fact of having so many friends all over the world, bonds of friendship are formed that never end. It is something wonderful.”
Reproduced in Spanish by Carlos Almirón  (LU7DSY) 15 Sept 2023,
YL Raisa R1BIG reports back from the Conference in Croatia   11 Oct 2023
 Istra Contest Conference is over. We were 8 YL-operators out of 150 participants. This ratio is greater than the number of female voices on air. What's the secret?
We Radio Amateurs don't often have the opportunity to see each other face to face. Last weekend the Istra Contest Conference took place. This is a young event in our radio world. In 2023, the meeting was held for the second time, and the number of participants was about 140 people. The purpose is to exchange experiences, communicate, and support young people in our hobby. The list of presentations was amazing in its diversity.
The young people made several very good presentations - they talked about their experience of participating in contests, gave advice on how to support them, and even one of the young people demonstrated his difficult path to a homemade amplifier. This is inspiring!  
I was also honoured to give a presentation about YLs on the air. It was an exciting experience, although it was not so easy for me to be in front of an audience and speak English.
The conference took place in a beautiful hotel, right on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Nearby there are several beautiful and interesting places to visit - Porec, Rovinj, you can take a boat tour and see dolphins.
I was very glad to take part in this event and meet the wonderful people I met on the air before. Many thanks to the organizer (Davor 9A1UN, Mirko 9A6KX, Richard 9A1TT, Emir E77DX and others) for the invitation and for their work promoting the radio. We are united by our love for a hobby and the desire to do something to develop it.
We invite everyone to attend the Istra Contest Conference next year on October 3-6. Plan ahead. See you there!
Now look at the photos, and of course there will be several videos! https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=742453481230354&set=pcb.742459787896390

YL/OM UFT competition suspended (French Union of Telegraphists)  
This competition was initiated several years ago by Evelyne F5RPB to give the bands a little boost, and to highlight the YL telegraph operators.
In recent years, the number of YLs active in telegraphy has decreased for various reasons, the age of the operators being one of the main factors.
Given the few reports received over the last two or three years, and after discussion with the YL concerned, the UFT board of directors decided to put this competition on hold.
The organization of such an event, the correction of the logs, the necessary publicity and the publication of the results, represent a certain amount of work that is no longer justified by the low participation rates.
We all hope to relaunch this mini contest in future years, if the number of telegraph operators justifies it. The discussions in the salons give us hope for a rebound in the practice of our art in the coming years, so hope is not lost.
88 and 73 to all.  F6EEQ   - October 12, 2023    https://www.uft.net/concours-yl-om-uft/

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November  2023
Nov 1- 4     26th IARU R1 General Conference, Zlatibor, Serbia
Nov  4 - 5   ALARA-meet Tasmania 2023
Nov  9        Hedy Lamarr Day 2023
Nov 11       Armistice Day 105 years since end of WW1
Nov 10-12  Jornada Radial Ferroviaria Argentina, 14th edition (Railways-on-the-Air)
Nov 12       Japan Ladies Radio Society (JLRS) "YL CQ Day"2nd  Sunday of every month!
Nov 25       International Day against Gender Violence  "WOTRA AWARD" 2023  (5th year)


Some thoughts and possible answers to the interference question.

Someone said; "It all goes away with load shedding!" - Yes the neighbour might not have a battery operated radio...

Potential Answer

I assume that the Ham radio operator has very good equipment, operates legally and is licenced. Could it be that the radio of the neighbour gets over loaded with spurious products from the radio's intermodulation distortion from the mixer; that could interfere with the neighbour's radio reception?

He could add additional filtering before his radio receiver that could remove the strong signals that overloads the radio receiver. I would say, add a high pass filter because the Ham operator transmits at HF 28MHz and the neighbour is listening on VHF 106MHz.

My response was:-

Yes almost right. You are not far off it. Remember the ham has a beam pointing North. Over the garden wall... Right at the neighbours house. And then think about 'image rejection'.

Noise has little to do with this 'interference' complaint. 'Cheap' FM radio/lo-fi and overloaded front end. Remember FM radios are local oscillator on the lower frequency side. They cannot be on the high side as the local oscillator would be in the aircraft bands.


First of all think about the 3rd harmonic of 28.2 MHz. Then think about a 'low cost' FM radio having poor image rejection - second channel. The intermediate frequency of 10.7 MHz, means that the image is 21.4 MHz away from 702's Pretoria transmitter on 106 MHz...

You might need to reread the question. The Radio Amateur is using a recently bought transceiver that complies with the regulations. A beam that also is professionally made with only 400 Watts of output.

10.7 MHz is a global standard for an FM broadcast radio.


If you have a so called hi-fi tuner, you will probably have one with a plastic housing. No screening to speak of whatsoever.

Most Radio Amateurs will tell you to have a high-pass filter inserted in the antenna coax. To suppress the HF transmission. This will be of little use as the signal (Now around at Volts/metre) will bypass the filter and impact the tuner's front end directly. (screening of the receiver)

I picked 28.2 as an example frequency because I could remember 702 from the Pretoria transmitter is on 106 MHz. So the 'image frequency' would be 106 - 21.4. That is 84.6 MHz. The third harmonic of 28.2 MHz. This example also applies to the fifth harmonic. Which works out to be 16.92 MHz and is well out of band. So unlikely to be an issue! But the fourth harmonic would be 21.15 MHz. Another possibility. These harmonics would not be from the amateur's transceiver. But would be generated by the 'front end' circuits in the radio receiver. All of this can be summarised as a 'failing of the receiver'.

On this weekend I tried my phone's VHF FM radio. When I scanned the band, it found 47 radio stations here in Roodekrans! So the potential for interference is high. Also - as can be seen by the cartoon - the Radio Amateur will get the blame.

So whilst the radio receiver is technically at fault, try explaining that to your neighbour!

The radio amateur should first of all have a LOG of all his transmissions. So that he can refute claims of interference by referring to his LOG's time and date and frequency.

Secondly he should not be transmitting a full 400 Watts into a beam antenna. Especially on 10 Metres. When the band 'opens', the power level can be reduced to below 50 Watts or even 10 Watts.

Thirdly the radio amateur should offer to assist in solving the 'issue' with his neighbour. With a proviso that he doesn't spend money or a great amount of time. Some 'issues' could take some solving!

One solution that occurred to me was that the coax down lead to the radio receiver might be picking up more energy at HF than the front end could handle. Therefore a "Braid-Breaker" might resolve the 'issue'. So some experimentation would be needed. After all a recent anecdote had a plasma television wiping out HF for a nearby amateur! The coax to the roof antenna was resonant at 40 metres!


From a very old QST magazine.

An 'Interference Question' for Enhancing Thought Processing

This question was triggered by a couple of 'issues' I experienced some years ago. We no longer call them 'problems'. But INTERFERENCE is a huge issue and increasing in trouble level every day!

This is in no way an exam question as it is not a multiple choice answer.

I would like you to think about the 'mechanism' of this interference question.

A Radio Amateur in Gauteng has an H.F. transceiver putting out 400 Watts and a beam antenna pointing north towards Zimbabwe.

His neighbour next to his property is to his north and is listening to 702 on VHF FM on 106 MHz.

The ham has a sked with his friend in Zimbabwe on 10 metres. They have chosen to use 28.200 MHz.

After a few minutes of transmitting, his neighbour shouts at him over the fence. "You are wiping out my 702!"

He ignores him and they switch to narrowband FM on 28.2MHz. (Check the IARU Region 1 Band plan.)

The neighbour now goes to his garage and gets a loudhailer. Shouting "Now I can hear you plain as day!"

[There are various points here that should give you pause for thought.]



  1. Explain the mechanism using simple maths and the knowledge from previous lessons.

  2. Who is at fault? Or What is at fault?

  3. What should the Radio Amateur do?


28000 - 28070 200 CW 28055 kHz - QRS Centre of Activity

28060 kHz - QRP Centre of Activity

28070 - 28120 500 Narrow band modes Digimodes 28120 - 28150 500 Narrow band modes Digimodes, automatically controlled data stations (unattended)

28150 - 28190 500 Narrow band modes

28190 - 28199 International Beacon Project Regional time shared beacons, exclusively

28199 - 28201 International Beacon Project Worldwide time shared beacons, exclusively

28201 - 28225 International Beacon Project Continuous duty beacons, exclusively

28225 - 28300 2700 All modes Beacons

28300 - 28320 2700 All modes Digimodes, automatically controlled data stations (unattended)

28320 - 29000 2700 All modes

28330 kHz - Digital Voice Centre of Activity

28360 kHz - SSB QRP Centre of Activity

28680 kHz - Image Centre of Activity

29000 - 29100 6000 All modes 29100 - 29200 6000 All modes FM simplex - 10 kHz channels

29200 - 29300 6000 All modes Digimodes, automatically controlled data stations (unattended)

29300 - 29510 6000 Satellite Links 29520 - 29590 6000 All modes FM-Repeater input (RH1 - RH8)

29510 - 29520 Guard Channel

29600 6000 All modes FM Calling channel

29610 6000 All modes FM Simplex-Repeater (parrot, input + output)

29620 - 29700 6000 All modes FM-Repeater output (RH1-RH8)

This is the HF Region 1 'bandplan'. Remember it is only a plan or recommendation.

So your decisions as to who is at fault, may or may not be 'legal'.

[I didn't intend for this to complicate the question.]

The 'thinking' about the process of interference is what I am after. Enjoy the puzzle.

Don't just go to the following pages. Understand the question first. Try and work out the means of the interference to the FM VHF radio.

73 John ZS6WL