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  • Silent Keys
  • Malaysia Ladies Radio Amateur - Eyeball and Hi-Tea
  • OE88YL YL meeting held in Allentsteig, Waldviertel July, 2019
  • 1st Woman in Space - Valentina Tereshkova, 1963
  • Meet the women who master-minded the moon landings
  • Frances “Poppy” Northcutt, Jo-Ann Morgan and Margaret Hamilton
  • Contacts & Calendar & Sources

Silent Keys (QSY to higher frequency)
Mary Adams - VK4PZ went silent key on Thursday 29th March.
Mary was a life member of the Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club Inc and an Amateur radio operator for around 50 – 60 years. Mary was well known for raising club funds with her famous money board. Mary did many JOTA meetings together with her OM Gordon VK4GM. Mary’s funeral took place at Jericho in Queensland ALARA April, 2019 newsletter)

Barbara W Siegel - KF6JXV/ SK Jul 3, 2019
A long time resident of Big Bear, Barbara was born in San Diego, California on September 2, 1937. She passed on June 18, 2019 after a long battle with cancer.
Barbara widowed at 39 and took a job as a kindergarten aid because she had four children to raise. She continued her education and received a BA in Business Administration from CAL State Fullerton which eventually landed her a position as a Pharmaceutical Representative.
She and her second husband, Mickey, were active in the Big Bear Amateur Radio Club for many years. They were also involved with Moonridge Animal Park where they were docents.
Barbara volunteered as a literacy tutor at Big Bear Library.

Maria Susana Lopez Baiza, YS3LSB of SAN MIGUEL, Bo San Felipe, EL SALVADOR
Susanita was one of the most professional controls of the Central American Chain, Mexico and Panama. Always helpful and ready to serve the interests of amateur radio. She shared her time between family, work and amateur radio. She was clear voice at the controls. Susanita was something like a point of reference for everyone in Fr. 7090. One day her voice became silent and not precisely because she did not want to continue transmitting but because the old radio equipment stopped working.
Rest friend, now you need new radio equipment. And now you have all the Ether to modulate.
YN1G Marvin Gadea-Lizanoof Nicaragua
Lgr Liga Guatemalteca de Radioaficionados facebook: 29/07/2019

39TH ALARA CONTEST 2019 (Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Ass.)
ELIGIBILITY: All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate.
OBJECT: Participation: YLs work everyone, OMs work YLs only.
CONTEST: Combined phone and CW runs over 24 hours:
STARTS: Saturday 24th August 2019 at 0600 hours UTC
ENDS: Sunday 25th August 2019 at 0559 hours UTC
SUGGESTED FREQUENCIES: All HF Bands except 160 m & WARC Bands.
Contacts made on Echolink will also be accepted.
CONTEST MANAGER: Mrs Marilyn Syme VK5DMS alaracontest@wia.org.au

ALARA July, 2019 #170 This issue (1.1MB pdf) may be downloaded for a limited time from:

Ladies Radio Amateur Malaysia - Eyeball and Hi-Tea
Date: 17.08.2019 (Saturday) Time: 3.00 pm till 7.00 pm
Venue : Kedai Kopi Tasik Shah Alam Fees: RM10.00/per-head
Attire: Blue jeans, white blouse and white or blue scarf (Tudung)
(Ladies Amateur Radio Malaysia facebook 22/7/2019)

OE88YL German and Austrian Friendship YL meeting in Allentsteig, Waldviertel
Held over the weekend of 5-7 July 2019 , the Women's Section of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) and the Austrian Military Radio Society (AMRS) got together
The meeting took place in a very pleasant atmosphere at the Allentsteiger Stadtsee, where a log cabin was rented for the event. In order to be independent of the weather and to provide enough space for the project, a tent (8 x 9m) was also erected.
What happened in the three days:
Friday Arrival day taken up mostly with settling-in the ladies and families
In the evening, Julia OE3YJM organized with her employer the Kinsky Forestry Bureau - Burg Heidenreichstein, a very original tour of the Wasserburg Heidenreichstein.
Later we enjoyed a cozy get-together in the Waldschenke Schreiber in Langschwarza.
Saturday morning was the official welcome and opening by Heike DL3HD and Marion OE3YSC.
For the whole day we were Young Ladies using the special call sign "OE88YL" About 600 stations from EU, AS, AF and America were logged.
In the afternoon a craft and soldering workshop was organized. "Building a solar lamp in a pickle jar' was a lot of fun for everyone. In the pleasant evening weather we grilled together, including members of the local club AMRS Waldviertel .
On Sunday it was time to go home. What remains are very nice memories of good talks and activities, also plans for future joint YL projects
We stay in touch and meet every Tuesday in summer at 20: 00LT and in winter 19: 00LT to the DL-YL-net on the 80m band where ladies from DL-HB9 and of course OE participate.
I would like to thank all of the licensed YLs who have participated and especially those who had a long journey to join us.. Furthermore, I would like to thank our girls who provided various delicacies and the OM's of the AMRS Waldviertel for the organization of the infrastructure and for their support during the event.
vy 73 Marion, OE3YSC YL-speaker of the AMRS

Participants: .Heike DL3HD (DARC YL Speaker), Barbara DJ9YL (S45 District), DM4EZ (S32 District ), Marion OE3YSC (YL Speaker AMRS), Tina OE3YTA (YL Speaker Mödling Amateur Radio Club MAFC), Sandra OE4SLC (Board Member OEVSV LV3) , Julia OE3YJM (board member WARC), Carina OE3YCC , Nadine OE3YHC and Monika OE3YUP
See link for pics.

Women in space - 'Standing on the shoulders of giants'
As of July 2016, of the 537 total space travellers, 61 have been women. 19 years separated the first and second women in space. They were cosmonauts on the Vostok 6 and Soyuz T-7 missions.

Valentina Tereshkova 1st Women in Space 1963
After Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space in 1961, Tereshkova volunteered for the Soviet space program. Although she did not have any experience as a pilot, she was accepted into the program because of her 126 parachute jumps. At the time, cosmonauts had to parachute from their capsules seconds before they hit the ground on returning to Earth.
Tereshkova was chosen to pilot Vostok 6. It was to be a dual mission. Cosmonaut Valeriy Bykovsky launched on Vostok 5 on June 14, 1963. Two days later, Tereshkova launched. The two spacecraft took different orbits and came within 3 miles (5 km) of each other. The cosmonauts exchanged communications.
Tereshkova logged more than 70 hours in space and made 48 orbits of Earth. With a single flight, she logged more flight time than the combined times of all American astronauts who had flown before that date.
Soviet and European TV viewers saw her smiling face and her logbook floating in front of her. They did not realize that the flight almost turned into tragedy, a fact that was classified for about 40 years. An error in the spacecraft's automatic navigation software caused the ship to move away from Earth, according to the RT news channel. Tereshkova noticed this and Soviet scientists quickly developed a new landing algorithm.
Tereshkova never flew in space again. She later became a test pilot and instructor and in April 1977, she earned a doctorate in aeronautical engineering. In 1997, she retired from the Russian Air Force and the cosmonaut corps. She was a major general in the air force.


Meet the women who master-minded the moon landings
July 2019 marks fifty years since man landed on the moon – but while men got all the airtime, some all-important women were playing pivotal roles behind the scenes.
The first moon landing occurred on July 20, 1969, on the Apollo 11 mission. The boundary broken by the Apollo 11 astronauts, when they became the first humans to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969, is one of the most famous in history.
But the Apollo program also saw other kinds of boundaries broken back on Earth.
For example, Frances “Poppy” Northcutt was the first woman to work in an operational support role in the Mission Control Center in Houston during the Apollo program. Jo-Ann Morgan was instrumentation controller on the Apollo 11 mission and Margaret Hamilton wrote the code for the Apollo Guide Computer (AGC).
Frances “Poppy” Northcutt working as flight dynamics support for the Apollo 8 mission
Poppy Northcutt worked for a contractor at NASA after completing her degree in Mathematics and went on to become the first woman engineer who worked in mission control.
Northcutt did number-crunching for the Gemini program, the predecessor to the Apollo program, and then was promoted to a position on the technical staff a little over a year later.
She was on the team that specialized in trans-earth injection, the maneuvers that put the spacecraft on course to return to Earth from lunar orbit. She would help guide every crew of astronauts back home through Apollo 13. She was the only woman in her job at the time, though she notes that women served in many non-technical roles at NASA.
Worried that the Russians would beat them in the Space Race, the US accelerated the schedule on the Apollo 8 mission. Northcutt’s expertise in the Return to Earth program she had developed made her an essential part of the Apollo 8 team, which became the first crewed spacecraft to successfully orbit the Moon and return to Earth. The same program was used in Apollo 11.
"I felt so proud when they landed on the moon," she recalls. "I was at home so watched it on TV like everyone else. I then went back to sleep because I needed to be alert to return to work for re-entry."
The moment Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins landed safely back to Earth was, says Northcutt, the moment the mission was complete. "JFK didn’t just say we had to land on the moon; we also had to safely return the astronauts to Earth, and I viewed those two elements as one mission; without one, it wasn’t accomplished. So, although my job was done and the astronauts had transferred from the moon’s orbit to Earth’s orbit, I felt tremendously proud and relieved when they landed safely."
As national interest in the Moon waned, Northcutt’s interest in the national women’s-rights cause soared. After the Apollo program ended, she joined the Houston mayor’s office as a women’s advocate for the city.

JoAnn Morgan in the launch firing room during the launch of Apollo 11.: NASA
Jo-Ann Morgan
After securing a job as a student engineer aid while studying math and science, Morgan began her career in the army, before moving to NASA when it was formed in 1958. Morgan's career began at the University of Florida. She spent her summer breaks working at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency, where she worked with Wernher von Braun, the scientist who designed Apollo 11's Saturn V rocket. "I’ve got rocket fuel in my blood!" she laughs.
By 1969, she had been at NASA for a decade and worked her way up to instrumentation controller on the Apollo 11 mission. Morgan’s role was to communicate measurements from different systems ("Tracking, lightening warning, data systems") during the launch phase of the mission and report any problems. She was the only woman inside Kennedy Space Centre’s control room at the launch of Apollo 11.
"I had worked on other missions but had never been allowed to be there at lift-off," she remembers. "My director called me in before the Apollo 11 shift assignments were made and told me that was all about to change. I was thrilled." In a new film, Apollo 11, which tells the story of the moon landings using never-before-seen footage, we glimpse Morgan for a split second in launch control, surrounded by men.
On 16 July 1CONTACT US:969, the day of launch, a hydrogen leak during countdown meant the Apollo 11 mission was nearly called off before it had even started. "There was a huge explosion risk in the countdown," Morgan remembers. "We all let out a sigh of relief when technicians managed to repair the leak – if they hadn’t, we would have shut down, stopped the count-down and removed the crew from the spacecraft. As the shockwave from the launch hit the building, she "could feel physical excitement, the vibrations running through my bones".
"Once the rocket clears the tower, control of the mission is transferred from Florida to Houston and I then evaluated what needed to be repaired and retested, and co-ordinated people to do it.
When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, we drank Champagne.
Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon on 21 July. He was followed by Buzz Aldrin and the two spent just over two hours on the moon before beginning the return back to earth, when technology designed by another of NASA’s female trail-blazers would ensure their safe return.
Morgan's outspoken and innovative traits took her from the firing room to the board-room, making her the first woman to become a senior executive at the Space Centre.
On the 50th anniversary of launch on 16 July, Morgan, now 78, will attend an event on the launch-pad itself, alongside Aldrin, which she says will be "emotional".
"We've learned so much from sending people away from our Earth and opening the door to the universe. What we need, though, is every girl and woman with an interest in science to be a part of pushing the next frontiers in exploration. As I stand on the pad, I’ll be thinking about their potential.

Margaret Hamilton - Led the NASA Software Team That Landed Astronauts on the Moon
She joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the laboratory of Prof Edward Lorenz, the father of chaos theory, working on a system to predict weather. Here she learned what a computer was and how to write software. Computer science and software engineering were not yet disciplines; instead, programmers learned on the job.
The MIT Instrumentation Laboratory was looking for people to develop software to “send man to the moon”. She was the first programmer to join and the first woman they hired. The programmers literally had to start from scratch. The team wrote the code for the first portable computer. Two AGCs (Apollo Guidance Computers) were installed – one on the command module, Columbia, and one on the lunar module, Eagle. Software needed to be developed to run on each and the systems software they shared. Each weighed about 70 pounds and contained around 72 kilobytes of computer memory (a 64-gigabyte cell phone today carries almost a million times more storage space). They used core rope memory, a type of read-only memory that was made from wires woven through magnetic cores.
Acutely aware that the lives of the astronauts were at stake, Hamilton insisted on rigorous testing. To this day, no bug has ever been found on the on-board flight software of any Apollo mission.
Every Apollo mission was built upon the knowledge gained from prior missions, learning from mistakes and coming up with new solutions. Apollo 11 was the very first mission allowing the software to interrupt and communicate directly with the astronauts in case of a problem.
Hamilton had programmed the computer to prioritize tasks according to importance not sequence.
On July 20, 1969, as the lunar module, Eagle, was approaching the moon’s surface, its computers began flashing warning messages. Computer scientist Margaret Hamilton and her team, told the astronauts to proceed. The software, which allowed the computer to recognize error messages and ignore low-priority tasks, continued to guide the astronauts over the crater-pocked, dusty crust of the moon to their landing.
Hamilton’s work may not be widely known to those outside the scientific community, though her achievements have been memorialised with the 2017 introduction of a Lego Margaret Hamilton action figure, part of the Women of NASA collection.
She received the NASA Exceptional Space Act Award (2003) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama (2016) the United States’ highest civilian award.
On the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Hamilton, 82, was a remarkable trail-blazer in computing.and software engineering.
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Calendar Aug 2019
1 Aug World Scout Day worldwide (Scouts & Guides) & Australia
2 – 9 Aug OL88YL Czech Republic - International YL Expedition/ OK5Z - Moravian Contest Group;
contact Eva, HB9FPM/OK3QE, French & German on QRZ page
2-3 Aug Mexican 25th DX Meet
3 Aug Pretoria Flea market (RSA)
3 Aug YL Net Essex Ham, starts 2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
3 Aug European HF Championship2018, 1200Z-2359Z, first Saturday in August 2019
3 Aug Portuguese Museum Ships - CS5DFG / CS5SUB [0800 - 2000] UTC, all modes/bands
4 Aug SARL HF Phone 14:00 to 17:00 UTC 20, 40, 80m
9 Aug YL Sprint 40m 12:00 to 14:00 UTC Womens Day (SA) / Nasionale Vroue Dag Thurs
10 Aug SARL Youth Sprint 2019 Saturday 12:00-14:00 UTC (Inter. Youth Day 12 Aug)
11-17 Aug YOTA Somer Kamp, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2019
17 Aug USKA (Swiss Radio Amateurs) 90th anniversary 2019. Hamfest @ Zug, Switerland
17 Aug CR6YLH*Cabo Sardão· Hosted by YLs-Amateur Radio Ladies-Portugal
17-18 Aug CW - CVADX Concurso Verde e Amarelo 21:00-21:00 (UTC) (Green & Yellow Competition) – 3rd weekend August
17-18 Aug ILLW International Lighthouse & Lightship weekend
18 Aug SARL HF Digital (RSA) 14:00 to 17:00 UTC 20, 40, 80m
24-25 Aug ALARA Contest 2019 Saturday at 0600 UTC- Sunday at 0559 UTC - 39th- SSB, CW and Echolink
24-25 Aug SSB- CVADX Concurso Verde e Amarelo 21:00-21:00 (UTC) Green & Yellow Competition) 60ª Edition
Separate YL Single Operator category http://www.cvadx.org
22-25 Aug DNAT (Deutsch Niederländische Amateurfunker Tage) HAM party Bad Bentheim
24-26 Aug BiWota 2019 British Inland Waterways on the Air
25 Aug SARL HF CW (RSA) 14:00 to 17:00 UTC 20, 40, 80m
31 Aug Islamic New Yeaa Saterdag
Aug 31 - Sept 1st JARL Ham Fair 2019 Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Tokyo, (Sat & Sun).
Aug last weekend, YL's of Chile 5h aniversary 2019
9-15 Sept SYLRA meeting Norway 2019 MS Trollfjord, from Bergen to Kirkenes


yl.beam #72 July 2019

Silent Key
May 2019 Exam Results welcomes new Yls
YL Inductees, CQ Contest Hall of Fame 2019
Australian YL receives Award
Museum ships weekend June 1–2, 2019
Upcoming: YL Special Event Solar Eclipse 2019 Iquique, Chile
3rd Annual THE RADIO IN ROSA 5–14 July 2019
2 – 9 Aug OL88YL Czech Republic Special YL-event
Russian YL Elena, RC5A on Dxpedition
What is a DXpedition? CE2MT Marisa Tobella from Chile explains.
18 July - Nelson Mandela Day
Contact info. & Calendar

Silent Key (QSY higher frequency)
Mulheres Radioamadoras – YL's 24/6/2019
With great sadness we inform of the passing of colleague PY6ATY Valdelira Goncalves da Silva, from Salvador, capital of the north-east Brazilian state of Bahia. Condolences to her family and members of ARCCO who are sad that she will no longer be heard on-air.
PY6BZ PAULO wrote on facebook: Many colleagues called her "Godmother" because she did the baptism on the radio (first qso) of many radio amateurs. Curiously, she left us on the celebrations of Saint John, the saint of baptism.


SARL - RAE (Radio Amateur Exam) May 2019 Results
Welcome to our new radio ladies.
Bam, Ann Michelle ZS1AMS Kroon, Margaretha Magdalena ZS1NL
Rapson, Jenna Elizabeth ZR1IMD Schneider-Rossouw, Melanie ZS1MS
Jonck, Charmaine ZS3CR
Janse Van Rensburg, Pearl Annette ZS4PVR Grobbelaar, Marie ZS4MG
Bezuidenhout, Jeremia Jesaja ZS6AWB Bosman, Els-Marie ZS6ELS
Coetzee, Channette Ann ZS6CAC De Villiers, Emmarencia Petronella ZR6EPB
Jordaan, Alida Elizabeth ZS6ADA Rossouw, Tereza ZS6TNR
Smith, Sonja ZS6SO van Heerden, Jaen ZR6RZ
Venter, Melany ZR6MV Vorster, Christina Jacoba Hendrika ZR6STI

YL Inductees, CQ Contest Hall of Fame 2019
Congratulations to the 2 ladies below:
Doreen Bogdan-Martin, KD2JTX, Director of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Telecommunication Development Bureau and the first woman ever to hold a senior elected position in the ITU.
Ellen White, W1YL, the grand dame of DXing, served as the ARRL's Deputy Communications Manager, was QST magazine's DX editor, recorded QST on tape for the Library of Congress's talking book program for the visually-impaired and was instrumental in the founding of Murphy's Marauders (the predecessor of today's Yankee Clipper Contest Club) and the Florida Contest Group. She was also recently awarded Russia's E.T. Krenkel Medal for outstanding global contributions to amateur radio.
(HF Happenings 848; Volume 19, Issue 6, the week of 20 May 2019)

Australian YL receives Award - Julie Gonzales VK3FOWL
WIA Conference Weekend - Annual General Meeting: 25 / 05 / 2019
The Higginbotham Award went to Joe Gonzales VK3YSP and Julie Gonzales VK3FOWL for the strong promotion of amateur radio to younger people through the School Amateur Radio Clubs program together with their many activities in the broader amateur community encouraging amateurs to engage with youngsters.

***** PAST EVENTS *****
NB9QV. USS Cobia WW2 Submarine - Museum ships weekend June 1 – 2, 2019
Anne KC9YL standing by all day on 14.240 and 7.248
Anne Dirkman Lynn, NF9O finished up our last shift on the USS Cobia - after two days of operation, we had a total of 654 QSOs from 44 different U.S. States and Canada. No DX this year. :( Join us again for our November 9-10 Veteran's Day operation. And for more information on the awesome museum where the Cobia makes her home, check out https://www.wisconsinmaritime.org/

YL Special Event Solar Eclipse 2019 Iquique, Chile
CB1SOL+ CB2SOL - July 2 2019
Chile, CE. The Grupo YL Zona Norte will operate special call signs CB1SOL (from Iquique) and CB2SOL (from Coquimbo) between 1 and 7 July to mark the solar eclipse that will occur on 2 July. Two teams of YL operators will be active on all bands. QSL for both callsigns via CA2MEM.
CB1SOL CE1WZM Rosita; CE1RFI Maritza ; CE1RFN Delcy ; CE2SQG/1 Graciela
CA1NCQ Norma . Invitados CE1ROA Carmen Maria ; CA1NAK Marisol; XQ1CR Carlos ( apoyo en CW)
CB2SOL CA2BRJ Marcia ; CA2MEM Ely. Invitados ; CE2PJH Emelina ; CA2GIV Gloria.
OE88YL - AMRS Frauenreferat – YL's Meet Allentsteig, Waldviertel (Austria)
We will be listening from approx 19.00 (Local Time), on 7175 MHz (40m) and 3740 MHz (80m).
From July 5-7, Tina OE3YTA will use the special call OE88YL on 80 M 3740 MHz from Allentsteig from the YL meeting.
We wish all MAFC (Mödlinger Amateurfunkclub) members a nice relaxing holiday.
With Best 73 Tina OE33YTA and Chris OE3CFC Also from our sec. Op' s BELLA and Samuel

3rd Annual Special Event THE RADIO IN ROSA 5 – 14 July 2019
Special Event stations will be active and Awards issued for each stage and contact with the station-on-air of the day.
At the end of the Cycling event the Giro Jerseys will be awarded.
PINK SWEATER for contacting stations in all 10 stages
CYCLAMEN JERSEY for contacting stations in 8 stages
GREEN MESH for contacting stations in 6 stages
WHITE SHIRT for contacting stations in 3 stages
BLUE SWEATER for contacting stations in 1 stage
It will be necessary to connect one of the activating stations only once a day to obtain the diploma. ( See www.iq0ru.net )

YL Expedition OL88YL & OK5Z Czech Republic 2-9 August 2019
List of ladies attending: DK2YL Siggi Becker, F4GDI Christine Carreau, HB9EPE Dora Mayer Sigrist,
HB9FPM Eva Thiemann, HB9FRC Chantal Perin, HB9GNP Gabriela Hüsler,
HB9GWF Franka Balzer, OE3YJM Julia Maringer, OE3YSC Marion Stouy.
OK1GB Renata Nedomova, OK1LYL Liba Kocianova, OK2APY Alena Mala, K2XYL Margreet Blondeel Timmerman
more at https://www.qrz.com/lookup/OL88YL

Russian YL Elena, RC5A on Dxpedition again in Tanzania.
5H. Elena, RC5A and Yuri, RM0F will be active from Mafia Island, AF-054 (Tanzania) from 29 September to 5 October 2019 as 5H3CA and 5H3RRC. They will be active on 160 to 10 m using CW and SSB. QSL via RC5A.

From: CE2MT Marisa Tobella Los Andes, V. Chile

What is a dxpedition?
An expedition or Dxpedition is an operation carried out by an amateur radio operator or a group of them from an "exotic" or "weird" place, radially speaking due to their remoteness, their complicated or restricted access, or simply because they do not exist or are very few resident radio amateurs who practice DX.
But what is the grace of transmitting from these places you would think because we could spend our lives without them and nothing happens.
What happens is that there are programs leading to the obtaining of diplomas such as the IOTA program (Islands on the Air) or the DXCC (Dx Century Club), the first one divides radio amateurs in Chaser or island hunters and in Activators or expeditionaries ( who perform the operations) if you wish to pursue and get these Awards (Diplomas) you will love knowing that a group of operators will put on the air a very elusive island that is just the one you need. In order to regulate the IOTA diploma program, a significant number of islands or groups of islands have been identified and numbered under the same name, for example: -
SA 018 Call area CE7 LOS LAGOS REGION SOUTH group (= Acui, Alao, Apiao, Caguache, Cailin, Caucahue, Chaulinec, Chaullin, Chauques Isls [namely Anihue, Aulin, Buta Chauques, Cheniao, Mechuque, Tac, Taucolon], Chelin, Chiloe, Coldita, Colocia, Deserters Isls [namely Ahullini, Chuit, Chulin,
Imerquina, Nayahue, Talcan], Dona Sebastiana, Guafo, Guapi Quilan Isls, Guar, Laitec, Lemuy, Liliguapi, Linacre, Linguar, Lin Lin, Lipipe, Llancahue, Llingua, Maillen, Meulin, Pelada, Puluqui, Quehui, Quenac, Quenu, Queullin, Quinchao, Redonda, San Pedro, Tabon, Teuquelin, Tranqui
More information on its website: https://www.iota-world.org/es/
The DXCC program, which is a registered trademark of the American Radio Relay League, is also a program of permanent diplomas that offers diplomas in different categories according to the number of entities contacted and confirmed, modes and types of operation (mobile and QRP, CW. , SSB, Etc.) The DXCC program maintains an official list of entities that may or may not be a country because for geo-graphical or political reasons some places count as a country, the case of Hawaii that despite being United States count as a different entity or the Chilean Antarctic or Easter Island that despite being Chilean territory count as different entities.
To qualify for some of the Awards (Diplomas of the DXCC program you must prove that you have contacted the entities indicated by physical QSL cards to check a Card Checker (radio amateur volunteers who check that everything is in order or electronically through the Logbook of the World (loTW)
Information about the DXCC program here: http://www.arrl.org/dxcc
Logbook of the World here: https://lotw.arrl.org/lotwuser/default

How a Dxpedition works:
The group of operators or operator will try to spend as much time as possible on the air and will transmit in all bands and so that their respective licenses, the regulations of the country and the technical aspects allow them. Its objective is to contact as many stations and entities as possible and will be available to all radio amateurs in the world who wish to contact them.

And how do you participate?
Well the main thing is to have patience, to STUDY and LISTEN A LOT before you start talking silly. Inquire on the expedition's website about the bands and modes in which they will be active, and the dates between which the operation will take place. Help yourself with the reports of the Cluster to see if there are stations in your country that are making contacts, study the propagation reports for the date, listen carefully, normally the operators work in SPLIT when they have many stations calling them (they listen on one frequency and they transmit on another) do not do the crazy calling where there is no one to listen to them, have patience wait for your chance as the more powerful stations leave because they already "worked" the Dxpetition, when your possibilities increase. Many times the operators also divide and call with some requirement: for example Stations with Number 2 in the call, or callsigns, ending in M, or only South America stations, etc.

Listen and listen patiently your opportunity will come.
Some DX Clusters here: http://www.dxsummit.fi/#/ http://www.bcdxc.org/ve7cc/
Propagation here: https://www.dxmaps.com/spots/mapg.php... http://lu4aao.org/propagation

18 July - Nelson Mandela Day WHAT IS MANDELA DAY?
What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” –

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela International Day was launched in recognition of Nelson Mandela’s birthday on 18 July, 2009 via unanimous decision of the UN General Assembly.
It was inspired by a call Nelson Mandela made a year earlier, for the next generation to take on the burden of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices when he said that “it is in your hands now”.
It is more than a celebration of Madiba’s life and legacy. It is a global movement to honour his life’s work and act to change the world for the better.

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30 June, 2019 Alexanderson Day Varberg Radio, Sweden @ 10:00 – 16:00 (Sunday end of June)
July 2019
July 1 WFF Programme …..Anniversary
July 2 CB1SOL+ CB2SOL Evento Especial Eclipse Solar 2019 Iquique, Chile
July 4-7 AMRS - XXXV. Int. Anniversary amateur meeting in Gosau, Austria
5 July 2nd Birthday of Founding of 'Women on the Radio' 2017
July 5-7 OE88YL - AMRS Frauenreferat – YL's Meet Allentsteig, Waldviertel (Austria)
5-14 July Giro Rosa (URI) Italy
6 July SARL Newbie QSO Party
July 6 YL Net Essex Ham 1st Saturday of month 2000 UTC. GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.
7 July ZS5 Sprint 14:00 to 15:00 UTC (KZN - RSA)
6-7 July Marconi Memorial HF Contest (Since 1996) Sat/ Sun 14:00 - 14:00 UTC; CW,
10 July JLRS WED, 9:00 PM UTC+09 – 9:30 PM UTC+09
10 July JLRS 2m-YL WED, 9:00 PM UTC+09 – 9:30 PM UTC+09
12 Jul JLRS 430FM-YL FRI, 9:00 PM UTC+09 – 9:30 PM UTC+09
11-14 July Familienfieldday OV Dachau; Schinderkreppe, 85221 Dachau, Deutschland
13-14 July IARU - HF Championships
13 July RaDAR Challenge;
17 July SARL Wednesday 80m Club Sprint 17:00 – 18:00 UTC
18 July Nelson Mandela International Day
20 July Winter QRP contest (SARL)
21 July ZS2 Sprint (RSA)
26 July Portuguese Yls - 3nd Birthday 2019
July 26-27 YLRL District 5 @ Ham Holiday in Oklahoma City, OK
27-28 July RSGB Islands on the Air (IOTA) contest last weekend of July
27-28 July International Meet of Radio Amateurs in Salto del Guairá, Paraguay 2019
2 – 9 Aug OL88YL Czech Republic Special YL-event



yl.beam #71 june 2019

  • Silent Keys
  • Correction to: What is a “Ten-Tec”?
  • RESULTS International Women's Day 2019
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine -  June is our Birthday month
  • yl. beam Background – When, Why, How, Difficulties?
  • YL Nets;  Contact  Us;  Breaking DX News & Calendar

Silent Keys
Silent Key - DF4YL  Dorothea ' Dorle ' Hoop
The YLs of DARC, are mourning Dorle, ex DF4YL. She died on 13 April 2019 at the age of 91 years in the senior citizen Röpersberg in Ratzeburg in the presence of her friend and caretaker Brigitte Schreinert and their children. Dorle was born in Berlin and was employed there until the retirement age as an x-ray assistant in a Berlin hospital. She then moved to Geesthacht and had a wonderful view of the Elbe from her flat. Dorle had time and drove to all the radio activities that took place in the north.
In Schleswig-Holstein, she took part in the Lighthouse and Schleswig-Holstein activities, came to the YL meetings and visit us at the YL fox hunts. As long as she had the opportunity, she was qrv on Wednesday morning in the 80m YL net, came to all meetings and organized in 1999 the meeting in Hamburg. She also participated in the SYLRA meetings and international YL meetings and has participated in all DARC trips abroad. She was present at the Interradio in Hanover and also on the HAM Radio. Dorle will, according to her wishes, set sail from Niendorf in the Baltic Sea. Through her cheerful and humorous nature Dorle was very popular everywhere. We will gladly remember her and never forget her. Vy 33 Gertrud Szyza, DK8LQ

Silent Key - KC5OZT  Carolyn L Womack  of  Lewisville, Texas, USA Email: kc5ozt@arrl.net
Born Jan 18, 1952 –  died May 5, 2019 (Age 67)

Correction  What is a “Ten-Tec”
W4WIF Sharron Fritts  2 May, 2019 wrote:
Hi, I'd like to set the record straight on one of the listings below.  I don't know who provided the Answer, but it is 100% wrong!!!
 I live in Tennessee, USA and Ten-Tec was a radio manufacturer located in Sevierville TN until it was bought out in approximately 2015 by another company from another state.  They made numerous different models of radios in all amateur bands and a line of tuners.  They also made a lot of commercial radios for the military.   Until it was sold, the company was in operation since at least 1968.  My husband W4YJ and I owned one the the tuners and several of our Ham friends owned and still own Ten-Tec radios.   One of the best Hamfests was held on the Ten-Tec property until it closed.
73,  Sharron Fritts W4WIF Philadelphia,TN USA

Thank you Sharron for bringing this to our attention.
This was a response to an answer & question published in  yl.beam #70 May2019:
 FAQ – HF     Question: What is a “Ten-Tec”?
Answer: Ten-Tec is the name of a fictitious radio company,

International Women's Day 2019  -  French-German event.
Yls   68 Total :    Germany  53; Austria  4; France 4; Switzerland  2;
                  UK 2; Luxembourg 1; Greece  1; Australia 1;
 Oms  total 59 : Germany 40 ; France 13 ; Austria  4 ; Netherlands  1 ; Japan 1 ;
Many thanks to  Heike, DL3HD  (dl3hd@darc.de) & Sophie, F4DHQ (f4dhq@orange.fr).for their hard work in compiling the log results. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in this special event.

YL WOMENS DAY 2019 RESULTS (Below are the first 10 positions only)
POINT   Call   Name
439 OE8YXK Michaela
365 DL1TM Michaela
349 DL3HD Heike
349 DL0YLC Heike
346 DL7AFS Babs
334 DL2LBK Karin
321 DL4VCV Christl
298 DK2YL Siggi
298 DL0YLQ Siggi
290 DL5YL Tina
290 DL0YLY Tina
Complete results at :-

Ja-Well-No-Fine (Editorial Comment)
June is our Birthday month! Our 1st letter was sent 8 years ago June 2011 and  67 years ago on  June 2, 1952, the SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club) was founded.
In March (2019)  Yukiko Maki 7K4TKB  editor of  CQ Ham Radio magazine in Japan, asked how and why this newsletter came about. Below are the answers and it seemed like the right time to share.  I would like to add that celebrating our birthday would not be possible without the help of all our radio  ladies – THANK YOU.  33  Editor – Heather, ZS5YH

yl. beam Background – When, Why, How, Difficulties?
1) When did you start sending out YL Beam to YLs?
In October  2010,  Anette, ZR6D, started a YL net in South Africa and from those initial contacts the data-base developed.  In May 2011 realizing that  there was no official Yl data-base, I used  call books to look for local Yls and in  June 2011 a Gmail account  was opened  and a letter sent (later numbered #1 ) with some local news  and notice of 'The Day of YL’s' hosted by the French YLs   (Logs to  f5isy).
There was a 6 month gap between February (#5) and August (#6), 2012 because we (ZS6YE and OM ZS6YOT) were travelling in Malaysia and Thailand. On our return we lived for 3 wonderful months in Pringle Bay in the Cape, where we used the radio but had no internet. We returned to Johannesburg and continued with the newsletter and by December. 2013 (#17)  had become a monthly newsletter.
In January 2016 (#30) the name was changed to yl.beam,  in recognition of  SAWRC (South African Women's Radio Club), which had been founded June 2, 1952. SAWRC was the only YL club in the Southern hemisphere. The club started with 33 members and was very active in the 1950's and 60's with over 120 YL members and  had its own magazine, "YL Beam". The only other YL club was YLRL (USA) which is still surviving.
During our stay in Johannesburg, our local Ham club was the West Rand ARC and from January 2016 the yl.beam  appeared on the West Rand ARC (ZS6WR) website.
Several months later Erica IZ0EIK wrote to ask if she could include the yl.beam in a new Italian magazine? In October 2016  the 1st  'QTC' magazine was published by U.R.I.  (Italian Radio Amateurs Union)  and we were included.

2) What motivated you to distribute this e-newsletter?
In the late 1990's we read an article in the monthly South African "Sailing" magazine by David Cox (ZS5COX – silent key) about Amateur Radio as an Emergency Communication alternative. As a result of that article, we obtained our amateur radio licenses in 1993. In 2000 we became Maritime Mobile and during 2009 a MAYDAY radio call  from the South Atlantic, resulted in our successful sea rescue by the Brazilian Navy. Indirectly we owe  our lives to Dave Cox and the article he wrote so many years ago.
We listened to the South African Maritime Net for many years;  run by Alistair Campbell (ZS5MU SK) and his wife Davina ZS5GC. Listening to them and other operators on similar nets was an inspiration and an example of community service. On our return from sailing to life on land, many Amateur radio operators helped us in many ways.
Connecting and encouraging operators was a way for us to show our appreciation.
Heard  OM's Rag-chewing one day and he asked the question: What happens to the many YL's  that pass the RAE  (Radio amateur exam) but are never heard of again? " That made me think too?  There was no grand plan – the YL group just grew!

 Jess (ZS5YAT/ZS6YOT) & Heather (ZS5YH/ ZS6YE) Maritime Mobile
3) How do you collect information about YL activities and events?
 Pam Momberg (ZS6APT) ex-Chairman of Centurion Radio Amateur Club, wrote her club's newsletter, read their weekly bulletin and was an avid contester. She was an inspiration and a source of local news.
I use  google and www  – a lot!  (& google translation of course).
One of the first things I searched for were other yl groups: ALARA, BYLARA. CLARA, SYLRA, WARO, YLRL  From their newsletters I learnt about YL Dxpeditions and International meetings. When I used  this information, several yl editors were pleased to share their newsletters and network – something we ladies like to do!
Michelle ZS6TO, started  a Facebook page – HAM YL -  September 2011.  In 2014 she moved, became ZS3TO and  was unable to continue managing Facebook.  As an alternative administrator I  (as HAM YL) became 'friends' with Amateur radio news-sites and clubs across the world.
Because of our travels in South America we realized how important  language is if you want to understand people and  as early as 2012 news from RCA (Radio Club Argentina) was used.
YLC (Chile) started in August 2014  and  YLs Portugal started JULY 26, 2016; both groups made contact.
We moved QTH in 2015 (ZS6YE became ZS5YH). No 2m repeater, even FM was poor. The OM threw up a long-wire for HF but we missed our local bulletins and nets.  Internet became even more  important as a way to stay in touch.
As more yls connect with each other, they share stories, history, news of events, sometimes with pictures. I read a lot and  keep my eyes and ears open.

4) What is the most difficult work for sending this out?
Maintaining the data-base. I check all call-signs on qrz.com but many ladies are not there or  have  no email.
Our email is private domain which  limits mail sent; daily limits about 400. Currently it takes 4 days to send 1600 newsletters.
Some ladies send information in their home language which is not always easy to translate; I use Ham expressions, guess and hope it is correct? Sometimes lots of  'news' arrives at the same time, or last moment, then the earlier draft  is changed or delayed.
TOO  LONG? The growth of electronic media has changed  our reading habits.  Google Analytics show that the majority of  readers are in the 25-44 age group and that 35%  use tablets and phones to access news  Impatient of print, young people belong to the TLDR (too long, don't read) generation, preferring to receive their reading on mobile platforms. (2014)
Because of this I keep the newsletters short, use simple format that is easy to download and read. Pictures give interest but can be difficult to download, so I use only a few.
I do not use PDF files to read  later because  it is easy to forget about them!.

5) Please tell me briefly about your ham radio background (e.g. your years of  ham radio activities, favourite bands and modes, favourite types of ham radio activities, etc.)
My name, Heather,  is difficult for many non-English speakers, so I use Eda, its short and easy when using the phonetic alphabet. I received a Restricted License 1993 (ZR6HPH) and  Unrestricted License in 1999 (ZS6YE), Morse code 12wpm was  required.
Our  HF rig was installed on our small yacht  DALKIRI where we lived and operated as Maritime mobile from  2000 – May 2009. We sailed from South Africa, via Angola and St Helena Island, to South America and visited Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina  and Paraguay. We made many Ham friends while visiting the Argentina radio clubs of Rosario, Santa Fe and Parana.
We left Brazil in March 2009 to sail  across the South Atlantic to South Africa.  The yacht had problems in a bad storm and  we called – MAYDAY- on the  radio. The Ham Maritime Net relayed our position to authorities which  resulted in our successful sea rescue by the Brazilian Navy and our safe return to family in South Africa. Radio Logs prior to January 2009 were lost with the yacht.
In 2015 we moved to Pennington, a small village on the East Coast of South Africa, 70 kms south of the port of Durban. The Hibiscus Amateur Radio Club (ZS5HAC) which meets every 2nd month, is our local radio club 50kms south of us.
Current EQUIPMENT: Alinco DX 70; Kenwood Tuner AT-130; end-fed long-wire antenna and
2m Handy. I miss the automatic tuner from the yacht and did not realize what a good 'ground-plane' the sea is!
Also propagation was good at that time – I thought it would always be like that (LOL).
I'm not a Rag-chewer or a serious contester, although I support local contests and Field-days.
Guess I'm a net-worker who loves to share information and Amateur radio always has a suitable mode!.

Editor:  Sorry ladies but net information in May 2019 newsletter was incorrect.
Catherine AC4YL kindly sent updates which  W5MQC Michelle Carey included in her 'updated' list of YL Nets – please go to the link below, this is a GREAT resource. Big thank you to Michelle.

Essex Ham Young Ladies Net  1st Saturday of the month, starting at 2000 UTC. on the GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)

Young Ladies Net was launched in November 2015 and is hosted by Dorothy M0LMR,
YL Net is an opportunity for Young Ladies from Essex, Kent, Suffolk, London and beyond to meet up on-air, chat about anything, and help to encourage more 2m activity on amateur radio.
https://www.essexham.co.uk/ylnet?          Next YL Net  July 6 , 2019  1st Saturday

 CONTACT  US:    yl.beam newsletters :  Editor Eda zs6ye.yl@gmail.com   
Anette Jacobs ZR6D  jhjacobsza@gmail.com  SARL news contributor & reader
Follow us on  Facebook at  ‘HAM YL'
Earlier newsletters can be found on the website of WEST RAND ARC
 wrarc-anode.blogspot.com     &   https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/
and at:  Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I.
Unsubsribe: If you do not no wish to receive our emails, please let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.

Breaking DX News - yl from Uruguay CX3DDB Maby, will be operating 5W0H  Taufua Beach-UPOLU ISLAND, Samoa, Pacific. June 1st till 10th ,2019. 80 to 6 mts  holiday style

Calendar June 2019 
31 May- June 2 NZART Conference 2019,   New Plymouth NZ - WARO will be 57 years old 
June 1   YL Net  Essex Ham, starts 2000 UTC - GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater.(UK)
June 1-2, MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND    Saturday and Sunday,  2019
Ladies of the Net will activate Museum Ships Weekend aboard the USS Lucid call sign N6MSO. Stockton, CA
June 2   8th Birthday SA- YL Group (yl.beam)  #1 June 2011
7 June   Ham-Com    Event for YLRL-District 5 · Hosted by Michelle Carey
15 June  Kids Day - SARL Youth Sprint  / 16 June   Father’s Day
17 June  World QRP Day
21-22      !st Argentine National YL Meetup Radio Club La Rioja
21–23 .   Friedrichshafen  2019, for the 44th time, DARC
22-23      His Maj. King of Spain Contest /  Field Day ARRL/ International Museums Weekends
June 30 - July 4  3rd Youth Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) World Championships, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

July 6      Essex Ham YL Net    1st Saturday  2000 UTC
5-6 July,  YL's  Meet  Allentsteig, Waldviertel,  AMRS Frauenreferat – Austria
4- 7 July  XXXV. Int. Anniversary amateur meeting in Gosau, Austria
6- 7 July  Field Day & ARDF event  in Dobl,  Austria


yl.beam #69 april 2019

  • Silent Keys
  • South African Yls awards 2019 & YL Sprint results
  • Dxpeditions: Senegal, 6W. Elvira, IV3FSG & The Gambia , DL6SAK  Annette  (YL)
  • SYLRA 2019 – Registration,  before April 29th, 2019.
  • GB40BYL Special Event  2019
  • YL CHILE  Report back: International Women's Day 2019 -
  • & 1st  YL group  to activate  lighthouse in South American weekend event.
  • YL Forum Saturday April 13 at Visalia International DX Convention
  • YLRL Scholarship Applications Due April 30
  • The Carole Perry Award  
  • Austria - International Girls in ICT Day,25 April
  •  AMRS Frauenreferat – YL's  Meet  Allentsteig, Waldviertel (5-6 July, 2019)
  • Japan Yls Web group
  • Contacts & Calendar

Silent Keys
ZR6MAG  Marie Aline Gosselin went SK on 22nd February 2019   
Our condolences to Om ZS6GBJ Rene, daughter ZR6GAG Gaelle, Gwendolyne, grandchildren, family and friends..
She passed the  RAE in May 1998  and was a member of the  Sandton ARC

Silent Key - It is with sadness that I report the passing of Amelda Beale-Robberts (Evert) ex-ZR6MEL, after a fatal heart attack last night  (13/03/2019) in Paarl. (She was the ex-wife of Denys Evert ZR6DJE) She was active in the 90's with rally communication, as well as with ARMA at Kyalami.   RIP Mel.  (posted by  ZS1K (Kobus) Conradie  Posted - 14/03/2019)

South African Yls awards 2019
March/Maart 2019 Radio ZS     SARL Awards and Trophies for 2018
Awards and Trophies will be presented at the April 2019 SARL AGM Awards Dinner
Congratulations to all.
The Icom Excellence Award. This award is bestowed annually by Council on the SARL member who through his/her activity in the Amateur Radio Service has brought international recognition to South Africa by either the achievement of a VHF/UHF long distance record which is internationally recognized by the IARU, or by service to the Republic of South Africa or the SARL in the field of scientific research using the amateur spectrum, or in promoting the amateur service internationally or as Council may determine from time to time.
Sid and Adele Tyler, ZS5AYC and ZS5APT - they mapped Namibia's summits so that Namibia is now also on the SOTA database.

The AKYAB Trophy. Awarded by the Contest Committee to the SARL member who, in his/her first year of licensed activity, achieves the highest score during the annual HF Phone Contest.
2018 – Charmaine Schutte, ZS5CVH

The SAWRC Trophy. Awarded by the Contest Committee to the YL SARL member amateur who achieved the highest aggregate score in the three annual South African Radio League HF Contests.
2018 - Charmaine Schutte, ZS5CVH

SARL Certificate of Recognition    Heather Holland  ZS5YH / ZS6YE  for her contribution in promoting women in amateur radio with the monthly newsletter YL Beam and the regular posting of interesting items on the SA Radio League Facebook page.

SARL Certificate of Recognition  For the 2 metre FM QSOs between ZS1/ZS3 and St Helena Island (amongst others) made by  Michelle van der Merwe, ZS3TO and her OM  Kobus van der Merwe, ZS3JPY.

Results of The SARL - YL Sprint 9 March.2019
received 6 logs
1st Karin Andrews, ZS6MMA - 96 points
2nd Clarissa Clark, ZS6LIS - 70 points
3rd Simone Jones, ZS6SIM - 62 points
4th Valerie Wagner, ZS5VAL - 55 points
5th Heather Holland, ZS5YH - 18 points
6th Roy Walsh, ZS3RW - 14 points (OM)
HF Happenings 840, 25 March 2019
Dxpeditions (Africa)
Senegal, 6W. Elvira Simoncini, IV3FSG, is now active as 6W/IV3FSG from Thies, near Dakar until 16 April. She works for the Informatici Senza Frontiere organization. Activity will be limited to her spare time on 80 - 10 meters. Look for Elvira to operate SSB and possibly the Digital modes. QSL all SSB and Digital mode QSOs via IK3GES. Logs will be uploaded to both LoTW and ClubLog after the operation

German YL DL6SAK  Annette to The Gambia
DL7DF.com ... Gambia between April 1 and 15, 2019. We will be active with three stations from 160m through 10m on CW, SSB and Digi modes.

SYLRA  Sept. 2019 Norway meet  – Registration,  before April 29th, 2019.   
9 Mar 2019,  Dear YLs and SYLRA members,
Summer is getting nearer and  the SYLRA meeting at Lillestrøm, September 5th to 8th, 2019.
For those who have not visited our website https://la.sylra.is/ lately, the registration for the SYLRA meeting is open and we hope many of you out there will take this opportunity to participate in this YL meeting.
Experience a long weekend with ham radio, a border station which no country in the world has; enjoy, see and hear about Norway’s heritage at its original place; and last but not least, meet other YLs.
If you are thinking of joining us, please go to our webpage https://la.sylra.is/ and register before April 29th, 2019.
All the information you need, will be on the website. If not, please contact us via e-mail, lullen55@gmail.com
We hope to see you at the SYLRA meeting at Lillestrøm in September.
33 de Ingrid LA8FOA es Unni LA6RHA          SYLRA (Scandanavian Young Ladies Radio Assoc.)

GB40BYL Special Event  2019
The British Young Ladies Amateur Radio Association (BYLARA) was founded in April 1979.
To commemorate this special birthday, we are running our GB40BYL Special Event callsign throughout our 40th year, along with an award scheme to encourage you to not only work the GB40BYL call from various locations around the United Kingdom, but also with the added challenge for you to work as many YLs as possible within 2019.
The YLs who take part do not need to be BYLARA members and can be anywhere in the world.
BYLARA members will be active throughout the year to promote this award.
Please listen out for us and ask for our BYLARA Membership numbers.
Visit our website for details, of the various activity days as well as both our Facebook Group and BYLARA Reflector on the groups.io website   To get started, download our tracker on our website at http://bylara.org.uk/awards2/bylara-40th-anniversary-award/   Cost is Free.
27th-28th April 2019  BYLARA meet at Blackpool, to celebrate  '40' th on 29th April 2019.

Report back: International Women's Day 2019 - YL CHILE 
On the weekend of March 9-10, Radio Club YL CHILE  held the contest "International Women's Day 2019",  our colleagues Maritza CE1FRI, María Angélica CD4MKA, Patricia CE4PBU and Susana CA6SRL  contacted different stations from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Those days the band of 40 meters was full of joy with many female voices, not so much of our country but also our colleagues from Argentina.  (Pictures on Facebook  yl Zona Norte Chile).  73's

18 feb 2019  Carlos Almirón (LU7DSY) Radio Club Grupo DX Bahía Blanca
Congratulations to Maritza CE1RFI, Delcy CE1RFN, Rosita CE1WZM, Norma CA1NCQ, Marcia CA2BRJ and Ely CA2MEM, for accepting the challenge of putting FARO HUASCO CHI-081 on the air. They are the first YL group of operators to activate a lighthouse in the annual South American weekend event. They are congratulated on their effort and the many qso's made.
It seems they also enjoyed themselves (see pictures on their Facebook page) and the organisers hope to hear from these ladies next year 2020

Young Ladies' Radio League, Inc. District 6 – California (Winter 2019 newsletter)
YL Forum Saturday April 13 at Visalia International DX Convention
Women amateur radio operators of all ages are invited to attend a YL Forum to be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at the International DX Convention in Visalia, California. If you’re a DXer or interested in any aspect of Ham radio, then IDXC is the place to be. Top DX operators from around the world will be there. You'll match those familiar callsigns with new faces, and shake hands with the person you have had a sched with for the past 10 years but never met. For more information about the Visalia YL Forum, please contact YL Forum Chair Gayle Olson, K6GO k6go@arrl.net

Young Ladies' Radio League, Inc. District 6 – California (Winter 2019 newsletter)
YLRL Scholarship Applications Due April 30
The Young Ladies Radio League sponsors three scholarships:
a)    The Ethel Smith, K4LMB, Memorial Scholarship which pays $2,000.
b)    The Mary Lou Brown, NM7N, Memorial Scholarship which pays $2,000.
c)    The Martha “Marte” Wessel, K0EPE, Memorial Scholarship which pays $1,000.
Applicants must be female and hold at least an FCC Technician Class or equivalent foreign authorization and  intend to seek a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree from a U.S. college or university.
There are no residence restrictions and non-US Amateurs are eligible. Preference will be given to students studying communications, electronics, or related arts and sciences. The Ethel Smith and Mary Lou Brown scholarships will be awarded to full-time students. The Martha “Marte” Wessel, K0EPE, Memorial Scholarship is intended for a part-time student who is working full time while a student.
The cut–off date for applications is April 30. Please publish it to your organization and anywhere else you feel might reach prospective applicants.
2019  Scholarship Application Forms can also be accessed  at  www.farweb.org. 
 YLRL scholarship information Linda Hynan AC5QQ, 1312 Western Ridge Dr, Waco, TX 76712 Email: lshynan@hot.rr.com
Hamcation Starts New Award in Honor of RCA Director Carole Perry
Each year Carole attends numerous youth and amateur radio events all over the U.S., and even overseas.  One of the events she has been attending is the “Hamcation” event in Orlando Florida, and this year they decided to start a new legacy award in honor of Carole.  Carole was the first recipient of it:  The Carole Perry Educator of the Year Award!  Each year going forward an educator will be chosen to receive this new award, based on their promoting the use of amateur radio among youth.            Published February 21, 2019

25 April - International Girls in ICT Day,  (Information and communications technology)
ADL 111 at Girls Day     April 25,2019 -  000900 LT to about 1500 LT QRV.
Daughters Day is again on April 25th and the ADL 111 is back with the daughters of the employees of A1 Telekom.
Organized  from the company headquarters in Vienna and, a program that  will delight the girls using wireless technology and making countless nice QSOs on the surrounding relays. Also short wave and echolink will be in use.
We ask the YLs and OMs in the area of  Vienna to be particularly active on this day, and to listen for the voices of the girls. 
For the ADL 111 - OE3KJN Dipl.-Ing Herbert Koblmiller; a HAM-Radio Club, founded by employee of A1 Austria Telekom.located at  technology center of our Company in Vienna.

 AMRS Frauenreferat – (Austrian Military Radio Society)
YL's  Meet  Allentsteig, Waldviertel ( 5-6 July, 2019)
International friendship YL meeting in Austria (OE) in collaboration with the DARC yl group
in Allentsteig, Waldviertel. There are already YL meetings in many countries. That's why we try to organize the YL team of the AMRS-Waldviertel in Austria.
So girls, pack your bags and om's together and take a few days of vacation, which includes the radio, and join us in the beautiful waldviertel (forest).
So that we can arrange this event, we ask you to register by 31. May 2019, 
please  e-mail:  marion.stouy@gmx.at
We hope to see  and get to know you during the weekend
Vy 33 + 73 de Marion oe3ysc, YL speaker of the AMRS.

Event Date: Friday 05. July 2019 to Sunday 07. July 2019
Venue: Leisure Centre at the lake in 3804 Allentsteig
General: The meeting will take place at the leisure centre in Allentsteig. Allentsteig is located in lower Austria in the middle of the beautiful Waldviertel. The Lake is also used as a pond and is located in a quiet location on the outskirts of the city  At The Leisure Centre there is a cosy barbecue area with a BBQ, showers, toilets and a limited number of outdoor swimming pools. Accomodation available in and around Allentsteig. There is also enough space for our radio activities.
Friday 5. July - day of arrival:
We are waiting for you from 9 pm at the leisure centre allentsteig and are looking forward to a welcome chat with you! At noon there are various home made breads and in the afternoon coffee and cake will be provided.
In the late afternoon, we go to the 30 km away castle heidenreichstein and take a walk through the wasserburg. Then a cozy end at dinner in the tavern scribe.
Saturday 6. July:
It's going back from 9 PM.
At noon there are various types of sausages from the tripod boiler.
In the afternoon, interested people can participate with Heike Dl3hd, on a project (solarleuchte from a jar). Also, of course, there's coffee and cake again.
In the evening we spoil you with treats from the grill with subsequent cozy round at the bonfire.
Sunday 7. July: Home trip home
We would be very happy to see you again. Getting to know in a nice and cozy meeting!!!

The Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) in Northern Lower Austria, is a district between the Danube and the Czech border. It has myriad streams, rivers, ponds and  many hiking trails
Heidenreichstein Castle a colossal building situated in the moorlands to the northwest of the Waldviertel is the largest and best preserved medieval water castle in Lower Austria. Surrounded by a moat, it has never been in enemy hands since its construction at the end of the 12th century.
From Vienna, the town Heidenreichstein  is a 2 1/2 hour drive to the northwest of over 88 miles (141km)

Heidenreichstein Castle
Japan Yls Web group
 Amateur radio magazine CQ ham radio (Japan) introduces a new series that began with the January 2019 issue."Enjoy like me! Active female ham communication"
This web magazine is released on the 19th of every month and is about  Female ham communication
  In this series we will take up a topic that may be of interest to women enjoying amateur radio.
An example of articles in this month's issue
・ Information  QSO party  active contest between woman hams,
・ JP3AYQ  challenges Spotlight! IOTA award to female ham
・ AC4YL who manages women ham "YL Op N
YL's  Meet  Allentsteig, Waldviertel ( 5-6 July, 2019)et" on the other side of the sea
We establish a place of information and exchange between women hams! In conjunction with this series, we have launched a group on facebook,  ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/CQylham/  ).
I want to be friends with many female hams through this series. The goal is 100 people! Please don't hesitate to join the facebook group and send us your comments, as it is OK if you have female Ham's radio activities or questions about amateur radio. Thank you. 編 集 Editorial department · JI1VCQ    [The webpage has a translation.]   https://ham.cqpub.co.jp/2018/12/19/ylham201901
Female ham club ・ JLRS (Japan Ladies Radio Society) http://www.jarl.com/jlrs/

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Calendar  April 2019
1 April 2019 ICASA  licence fee increased to  R 148.00 for 1 year
1   April       Portugal's National Summits on the Air Day (SOTA)  celebrates 8th year
3  April        JLRS (Japan)  2m-YL. Host Yukiko Maki     9 PM – 9:30 PM UTC+09
4  April         SARL 80 m QSO Party
5 – 7 April   PARA Ham Radio Convention, Tacloban City, Phillipenes
6  April       Pretoria Flea market /     RaDAR  Challenge
6 -7 April       SARL  VHF/UHF Digital contest
12 April        430FM-YL-  JLRS (Japan) Host Yukiko Maki,  Friday,  9 PM – 9:30 PM UTC+09;  
12-14 April  Day of the Radio Amateur  & SARL AGM & Awards, hosts Boland ARC (RSA)
12-14 April  70th International DX Convention • Visalia, California  (N California DX Club)
13  April        YL Forum  1:00 pm Saturday,   International DX Convention, Visalia, California
13-14 April  CQWS – CQ World Scouts Contest  (2nd weekend April)
April 14        YL CQ Day - JLRS (Japan)    Host Yukiko Maki, Sunday at 9 AM – 4 PM UTC+09, 
14 April         International Vintage Contest , ARI of Rimini SSB/CW/AM  (UTC) 12.00 to 18.00
14 April       Rookie Roundup – Phone  ARRL contest /     Palm Sunday
14-15 April  MRD (Marine Radio Day)  14th April, 12.00 UTC- 15th April , 22.00 UTC
18 April       2019, World Amateur Radio Day,  “ Amateur Radio’s Contribution to Society”
19-20 April  Holyland DX Kompetisie   Contest / 19 April  Good Friday / 19 - 27 April    Passover
 20-21 April CQ Manchester Mineira DX Contest     CW 12:00 Sat- Sun. 23:59; biggest CW Competition in S America
20 April       SARL Autumn QRP  (RSA)    12:00 to 15:00 UTC Saturday
20 April       ZS4SRK Ballon Kompetisie /  Contest 
21 April       Easter Sunday 2019     /        21 April   ZS4 Sprint SARL (RSA)
25 April        International Girls in ICT Day, 4th Thursday of April  2019     IT > ICT
27 April       IMD International Marconi Day – GB4IMD /       27 April  Freedom Day (RSA)
27-28 April  BYLARA meet at Blackpool, celebrates  '40' on 29th April 2019.