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  • YL Recipients of  SARL Awards  2020
  • Missing copies of Radio ZS
  • Mexico – Women's Day 2021 Results
  • Reunion Island
  • Golden Wedding Anniversary for Rosel DL3KWR & OM, Hardy DL3KWF
  • Kartini Day   celebrates Indonesian Women
  • DX222 YL Net ANZA NET ALARA  Echolonk
  • Cathy Purdie ZL2ADK - Obituary  
  • Silent Keys
  • Contact & Dates

YL Recipients of SARL Awards and Trophies for 2020  (South Africal Radio League)
Source: Dennis Green, ZS4BS SARL Secretary -  Radio ZS - March / Maart 2021  [p29-30]
At the Council meeting of 16 February 2021, the 2020 the awards were approved.

Radio ZS Shield - awarded by the Editor of Radio ZS to a SARL affiliated Club or member who best supported Radio ZS during the year. Heather Holland, ZS5YH – YL.Beam  &  Daniel Romila, VE7LCG – various articles

The Brian Jones, ZS6BV, SOTA ZS Award - awarded by SOTA SA to the ZS amateur who contributed most towards the SOTA ZS programme in the past year.   Marie Grobbelaar  ZS4MG and her OM Chris, ZS4CGR 

The Class B RAE Certificate - awarded by Council for the highest marks in the Class B RAE
Kiara McLean ZU1ISS

The AKYAB Trophy - awarded by the Contest Committee to the SARL member who, in his/her first year of licensed activity, achieves the highest score during the annual HF Phone Contest. - Veronica Kotze, ZR6TVK  and
The Fred Mills Trophy - awarded by the Contest Committee to the SARL member who achieves the highest score during the annual HF Phone, Digital and CW Contests, who has never won a SARL HF Contest Trophy before: Veronica Kotze, ZR6TVK 
The SAWRC Trophy - awarded by the Contest Committee to the YL SARL member amateur who achieved the highest aggregate score in the three annual South African Radio League HF Contests - Veronica Kotze, ZR6TVK

SARL Certificate of Recognition
Mrs Mel Gwilt – PEARS  (Port Elizabeth AR Society)
Mrs Santjie White - Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre
Marjoke Schuitemaker, ZS5V  – SA Maritime Mobile Net

Your editor took the liberty of extracting only ladies awards. Well done all.

Missing copies of Radio ZS
Anette Jacobs, ZR6D has been searching for and collecting copies of Radio ZS. She then scans the magazines and sends it to the SARL Secretary to upload to the League web site. Gert Botha, ZS6GC has created a Radio ZS Index from 1925 to the present issue.
Anette, ZR6D and Gert, ZS6GC are busy with the Radio ZS project to get a complete set of Radio ZS magazines digitised. And then have the Radio ZS Index updated. They are looking for copies of October 2001; April 1975; June 1972; September 1962; June 1960; May 1955; January to June 1951; August to December 1951; February and March 1950; May 1948; January to June 1947. Then 1925 to 1946 excluding November 1925. If you can assist then, please contact them at jhjacobsza@gmail.com and/or gertb@cybersmart.co.za.

Mexico – Women's Day 2021 Results
A special congratulations to the winners of the XE-YL Contest 2021:
1st. place: XE3TDC Tila del Carmen of the State of Tabasco.
2nd. place: XE3 ECP Edith Cobarrubias of the State of Tabasco
3rd. place: XE1LOV Luz Ma. Ortiz of the State of Mexico
The certificates of participation for those who sent their log are now available on the event page
 Contest Manager XE1SPM    Patricia Mohedano Téllez   8/04/2021

Reunion Island
Phil, F5TRO and XYL Ann, F5BSB will be new arrivals and permanent residents on the island in May 2021.  Their call signs will be FR8UA and FR8TZ, respectively.
They will be active on all bands & modes.. HF Happenings 942,  29 March 2021

Golden Wedding Anniversary for Rosel DL3KWR & OM, Hardy DL3KWF
DX News Dec 2020 - In the extreme last year my OM, Hardy DL3KWF, and I were lucky that we could twice go abroad. In the March we were on Madeira and operated as CT9/ homecall again on the air before pandemic really hit. In the September it was possible to go by car and ferry to Denmark. So we could participate in CW part of the Scandinavian Contest. TNX Inger’s (OZ7AGR) permission I could activate again OZ6SYL. Of course we visited Inger and Bjarne in Solrød. We were going to the beach and we were reminded of the wonderful SYLRA Meeting in 2013. Hardy and I were amazed that so many people had joined them at the official welcome.
On the 19th December was our great day: our Golden Wedding Anniversary. We were alone on account of Corona but happy that we both live to see this day. We hope that we can make up the celebration with our family in the new year 33 Rosel DL3KWR    
 ▪ ALARA Newsletter Issue 177 April 2021 Page 3 

Kartini Day   celebrates Indonesian Women
21 April, Indonesians commemorate Hari Kartini (Kartini’s Day).  An Indonesian national holiday, akin to International Women’s Day, the focus is the issue of women empowerment.
Ibu Kartini’s was born  21st of April, 1879  and even though she died at only age 25, Kartini is hailed as Indonesia’s first feminist. Her desire to see women freed from repressive laws and beliefs made her a heroine.
 ORARI  (Organization  Amateur Radio Indonesia) with  the Amateur Woman Radio Indonesia (WARNA) held a Special Event Station 8A21A in Commemoration of Kartini Women's Emancipation 2021.  As many as 769 Stations from all over the World responded
ORARI in  Bali  held a Special 80m Net in commemoration of  KARTINI Day 21 April 2021, with yl  controllers  (YC9CCU, YC9BFQ and YC9BDT).

DX222 YL Net
As propagation is ever so slowly improving we thought it might be a good idea to re-instate the DX222 YL Net this year. It used to run on a Monday at 0530UTC on 14.222 MHz June, VK4SJ was one of our earlier net control people but is not able to be net control.

So, this is a plea for the YL HF operators amongst you, anywhere in the world, to have fun on the air. safe, Shirley VK5YL, ALARA NEWSLETTER   January 2021 Issue No. 176

ANZA NET 14.183Mhz 0515 UTC Daily

Ladies Day is now held on Thursdays each week. Net controls are Lyn VK4SWE when available and Shirley VK5YL and is usually followed by ROTA (Recipes on the Air). These YLs (and OMs) would love to hear some new voices. Join in

ALARA NEWSLETTER   January 2021 Issue No. 176

ALARA Conference Station - IRLP node is 9509

YL Downunder Net - 4th Thursday of the month at 0500 UTC. Shirley VK5YL is net control.

ALARA Monday night nets - The net runs every Monday night with the 1st and 3rd Mondays on EchoLink.  All of the Monday night nets are HF (80 M 3.570 MHz) Times are Summer– 1030 UTC, and Winter— 1000 UTC. (See Roster page 2 for dates and controller) YLRL Weekly net - 0100 UTC every Friday. Net control is usually Catherine AC4YL Minnows net - 0230 UTC every Friday. Net control is Margaret AE7MB We usually operate the ALARA Conference station for our committee nets as well.

Other Nets

VK3 Net - Join Jean VK3VIP at 0800 UTC on Tuesday summer evenings on VK3RMM repeater 147.250 Mhz (Mt Macedon). Winter evenings 0900 UTC.

Ann Renton Memorial Net - Runs fourth Tuesday each month, 146.50 MHz at 0930 UTC from TARC (Townsville) VE3TTT-R Minnie’s Net - This station is set up to receive EchoLink stations as well as 2 meter check-ins. Minnie VE3DBQ is net control for this sked which happens at 2130 UTC on every second Wednesday, the next one 21st October (early morning of 16th July for Australia) then every other week after that.

ALARA NEWSLETTER   January 2021 Issue No. 176

Obituary  for Cathy Purdie ZL2ADK





Jen VK3WQ & Cathy Purdie ZL2ADKBrisbane1999

27 Mar 2021, attached an obituary I wrote for the ALARA column in Amateur Radio (Australia) magazine about Cathy Purdie ZL2ADK who passed away a couple of months ago.  Cathy was my sponsor into NZ WARO and we were friends for around 30 years.    33/88 Jen VK3WQ

CATHY  PURDIE  ZL2ADK SK    15.10.46 - 10.2.21
Many of you who have attended some of our past ALARA meets will probably remember Cathy ZL2ADK and her OM Brian ZL2ADL. I first sponsored Cathy into ALARA and she sponsored me into WARO (the New Zealand Women Amateur Radio Operators organisation) in October 1982 ... 39 years ago!
Cathy and Brian attended their first ALARA meet in Perth in 1996, the only one I haven’t attended, but we did finally meet face to face in Brisbane in 1999. She and Brian also went to the 2nd Mildura ALARA meet in 2005, after which I drove them back to Murray Bridge where they stayed with me for a few days.
More recently they attended the Nelson Bay meet in 2014 and Cairns in 2017.
I would like to share some of my memories (with a little help from an old WARO Newsletter) of this amazing woman’s activities and achievements.
Born and educated in Wanganui (NZ), Cathy went to Palmerston North for her tertiary education to become a teacher. She and Brian raised a family of four plus one foster child; four girls and a boy.
Cathy was first licenced in 1979 as ZL2NAT, and believed that she was the first YL Novice in New Zealand. Not long after that she passed her Grade 3 exam and became ZL2TZR. In 1980 she passed her Grade 2 Morse, becoming ZL2ADK, and in 1981 the Grade 1 exam.
I will try to précis Cathy’s other amateur activities and achievements.
After obtaining her licence, Cathy served for several years on the WARO executive, taking many positions which culminated in her becoming President. In 1985 she was elected to the NZART Council where she served for 10 years. After a short break, she did another two years from 1997 to 1999. During this time she was asked to do a WARO segment on the NZART Broadcast each month, and she did this for 10 or 11 years.
She was a member of the Wanganui Land Search and Rescue Organisation for over 20 years (as at 2013) and served for a time as Deputy AREC (Amateur Radio Emergency Communications) Section Leader for their local Marton Branch 23.
Cathy was part of a group of  YLs who first put the WARO callsign  ZL2YL on air, for a National Field Day, operating under Branch 19 Inglewood. They were accused of being “Pirates” several times, but after it was realised that they were genuine, it became a busy and fun weekend.
She was honoured to be made a Life Member of WARO in 1985.
In 1989 Cathy and Brian did their first overseas trip to the YLRL (Young Ladies Relay League – America) Convention in Hawaii and she was part of the committee that arranged the YL International gathering in Wellington (NZ) in 2000; and later attended a YL International Meet in Sicily.
Cathy will not only be missed by her many friends and relatives, but also by the many organisations to whom she willingly gave her time and energy. She passed away on February 10th 2021, after a long battle with cardiac problems and cancer.
Post Script: Cathy’s funeral was held on Tuesday 16th of February, in Palmerston North, and I was humbled and pleased to be sent the information to receive the streaming of it on-line. There were 100 people in the chapel, according to the COVID regulations, and the overflow of people were watching it in the near-by Scout Hall. A recognition of all the people whose lives she had touched.
Our deepest sympathy goes to Brian and the family.
Vale dear friend. Cathy ZL2ADK.
alara.org.au ▪ ALARA Newsletter Issue 177 April 2021 Page 14

Silent Key     VE1VCI  Merle Taylor, Canada  Died 22/04/2021 She was 98.  

Fred and Merle on their wedding day, which was also Merle’s twentieth birthday. You can see their matching red shoulder badges with rays of electricity, showing that they were both in Communications.  

VE1VCI  Merle Taylor,  August 2, 1923 – 22 April, 2021
Merle had just turned sixteen when war was declared in September 1939
In 1942, when Merle was 19, she saw an opportunity to apply to be a Wireless Operator in the Royal Canadian Air Force, Women’s Division. She was hired and her main responsibility was Morse Code.
After her training, Merle was sent to Number 1 Wireless School in Montreal. There she learned how to use Morse Code, how to signal using lights and flags, as well as other theoretical classes such as the components of a radio. She taught the code to pilots through the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
On her twentieth birthday August 2, 1943,  she married Fred Taylor
In 1986 Merle passed the exams necessary to become a ham radio operator – receiving a mark of 100 percent on the Morse Code test. She set up her radio system in her basement and  communicates with people around the world, both through voice and Morse Code. During the 1980s, she even won the provincial annual amateur radio competition.

More about this remarkable woman's  life, with pictures, on the sites listed below:
 veteran CW operator – Amateur Radio Newsline Facebook  24/02/2021
Merle Taylor: Maven of Morse Code July 20, 2016
Val Lernko, VE5AQ/VE5ACJ wrote an article in the  November/December 2010 issue of TCA (The Canadian Amateur) Magazine.

Silent Keys
KB7VOX Patricia J Painter OROFINO, ID (USA) died 7 April 2021.
Born 1948 Patricia was married to W0OVL Steven Painter for 54 years.  Condolences.

 HK4NBS Silvia Betty Jaramillo   died  07/04/2021
Condolences to her om HK4HRA  Mario de Jesus  Arango  Palacio, from  Medellin Antioquia, Colombia Liga de Radioaficionados Medellín

Ingrid Burk DL3SAR Died   7 December, 2020,  age of 87
Ingrid was regularly qrv in the 80m YL round on Wednesdays, also from her 2nd residence in southern France under F5VDO. Every year she visited the HAM-Radio in Friedrichshafen and many YL meetings of our 80m round, most recently in 2017 in Weinheim. Ingrid was a member of the OV Leonberg / Rutesheim, P24, for over 35 years, a member of the YLRL and the INTERMAR amateur marine radio association.
Our condolences go to their OM Herbert, DJ2OV and their large family.
Gertrud Szyza, DK8LQ https://www.darc.de/der-club/referate/aktuelles/

 CONTACT  US:  https://web.facebook.com/ham.yls?_rdc=1&_rdr ‘HAM YL'
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Calendar May 2021

May 1        BYLARA  AGM 2021 Online

May 3        ALARA  AGM 1030 UTC ALARA EchoLink Conference Station and on 80M

May 9        JLRS YL CQ Day  SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09 (2nd Sunday

May 9        Mother’s Day

May 15 -22 AGCW (Activity Group CW) activity week

May 29-30  CQ WPX CW contest

May 29-30  Day of YL's Memorial  2021  29th May 00:00hrs to 30th May 23:59 hrs in memory of F5ISY - Carine DUBOIS  ka1uln.blogspot.


FYI - Radio Amateur Licence Renewal

Details of the new method of licence renewal are in a PDF [ICASA online - Amateur renewal] here.


yl.beam #93 april 2021


  • Results of the SARL YL Sprint, 6 March. 2021
  • Dutch Yls
  • Ja-Well-No-Fine
  • Marconi arrives on Mars
  • Story of a Net Controller    
  • YL Nets   YLRL District 5 Jan news 2021
  • YL Op Net
  • K4SAF   Carol Fraley Laferty   2021 A Ham for 63 years
  • Silent Key
  • Contacts & Calendar

Results of the SARL YL Sprint   Saturday 6 March. 2021
22 logs were received  -  YLs 8 +  OMs 14
1st Karin Andrew, ZS6MMA – 162 points
2nd Beverley van Tonder, ZR6BVT - 114 points
3rd Veronica Kotze, ZR6TVK - 105 points
4th Erika Byleveldt, ZS6ETB and Marjoke Schuitemaker, ZS5V – 93 points
6th Sonet de Wet, ZS3SW – 90 points
7th Heather Holland, ZS5YH – 87 points
8th Esmè Walsh,ZS3EW – 57 points
HF Happenings 939 Week of 8 March 2021 Page 2

Although only the yl results appear above, we are grateful to the many OMs who support us.

Dutch YLs & the Russian DX contest
PI4YLC terug met deelname aan Russian DX contest - Posted on 21/03/2021 by pa1eng

The Russian DX contest is "our" contest. As of 2013, the PI4YLC contest team has not skipped a single year. Except last year when we had to abandon our plans due to the developments in the corona pandemic. This year had to be different. We absolutely wanted to be audible in the contest and we succeeded!

Each contest has its own challenges and lessons. This time the challenge was mainly organizational. How do you organize a multi-operator participation in a contest if you have to comply with the corona measures, the contest rules and the user provisions? In other times we tried to be active with a large number of YLs in order to let several ladies gain experience with radio and contests in this way. Unfortunately that was not possible this time. That is why we have decided, in consultation, to have two ladies represent the call PI4YLC.

Because of the combination CW and SSB, Mariëtte PA1ENG and Claudia PA5CT together did the Russian DX contest from Claudia's home QTH in Esch. At the last moment a dipole for 40m was arranged so that, in addition to the FB-23 for 10, 15 and 20m and an inverted-L for 80 and 160m, all bands were possible. We used a nice dual set-up of Elecraft K3 so that one could transmit and the other could listen.

After a year of absence, it was extra special to hear the typical sounds of band noise and competition signals from the radios. We not only achieved nice contest points, but also enjoyed activating our call. Other ladies from the Dutch Young Ladies Club encouraged us from a distance or made some points themselves under their own call. We hope that next time we can bring the call PI4YLC in the air with more Yls.

Ja-Well-No-Fine  (Editorial)

There were several women-on-the-air events celebrating 8 March Women's Day and we hope to receive news and results in the future. We reflect on the diversity of Amateur radio from landing on Mars to staying home.

18th April is 'World Amateur Radio Day' and the theme for 2021 will be ‘Home but never alone’. Due to Covid-19, many gatherings and amateur radio events have been cancelled, however, amateur radio has kept us connected.  

Listen out for special event stations around the world that will be on the air that day.

A remark posted by a yl from the USA, K4SAF Carol Fraley Laferty, prompted a look at her qrz.com page.  and I hope that sharing her radio history  proves an inspiration.

Carol received a lot of support from her 'Ham' family and  whether you join a local net or work DX,  stay-on-the-air and support other Hams (Women in particular) and I hope the articles below will encourage you to do just that.

Stay active but safe  33 Heather ZS5YH
                    ‘Home but never alone’.  

Marconi arrives on Mars aboard the Rover Perseverance - NASA inserts Marconi's name in the computer memory of "Perseverance", together with that of the Science Park of Santa Marinella, a museum on the outskirts of Rome, which collects historical material about Marconi and radio.

Wonder if Marconi  ever dreamt of travelling to the planet Mars?  

INTERNATIONAL MARCONI  DAY (IMD) 25th April  - listen for special event stations.
Marconi Born: April 25, 1874, Bologna, Italy Died: July 20, 1937, Rome, Italy

In 1909 Guglielmo Marconi, along with Karl Braun, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Story of a Net Controller      

S21KV Kawsar Mohammad,, OM from Bangladesh, South Asia posted on Facebook:.  

I am actively involved with West Bengal Amateur Radio Club in conducting the SAARC Echo VHF Net for almost a year now. Many of my Amateur Radio friends have questioned that what type of Amateur Radio practice is this? Some of them asked what is the difference between using Echolink to communicate with other HAM and just DM’ing into their social media account? Some mocked that what is the use of just roll calling during the net, just say hello and then 73s? Some of them even questioned that if I, S21KV from Bangladesh, is qualified enough for being a Net Controller in the SAARC Echo VHF net.

Truth be told, I became depressed after hearing all this; I kept questioning myself, am I actually qualified enough for this position? Or am I just wasting time? I have discussed this with my mentor and good friend (yl) VU2JFB Rinku Nag Biswas Rinku Di. Her advice and kind words immediately cleared my confusion!

I believe that every member of the Amateur Radio Community should be prepared for any adverse situations that may arise at any time and one key component of that preparedness is the Echolink. In addition to that, a good Amateur Radio Operator should always be in touch with other Operators and we do this by conducting our daily nets.

A major component of such a roll call net is that each individual shares their local weather report with the net. This helps us to know about the weather of those places and get a clear image of the local condition.

Other than that we conduct special nets to celebrate special days such as International Mother Language Day or International Womens’ Day.

Another special advantage of Echolink is that any Amateur Radio Operator from any corner of the World can join the net and share their conditions.

Our SAARC Echo VHF can be locally heard in Kolkata (India) at 145.000 MHz (-ve shift).

YL Nets

With our new normal of social distancing, I am grateful we can all reach out to one another on the many YL nets around the globe.  Nearly all of the nets that I participate in, have a good size group of ladies.  So, if you have not tried to join in on one before, now if a good time.  Don't be shy.  One of the differences, besides topics, on a YL net, is you will find that the ladies really enjoy helping each other.  There are different nets for all licenses.  Come join us.

Where are the YL's.  Are you looking for YL nets?  You can find YLs on UHF, VHMR, HF and Echolink.  
 find a list of YL Nets 


YLRL District 5 Jan news 2021

YL Op Net
Intro Script:   Welcome ladies to the YL Op Net.
 This is [Your Name and Callsign] - Net Control for this evening’s net.  We meet every Thursday at 8pm Eastern Time on the Echolink ALARA Conference Node.  Be sure to invite all YLs you know to join us!
We do ask that only YLs, or female ham radio operators, check in and participate.  The purpose of this net is to encourage you to become and stay active with amateur radio, help each other enhance our operating knowledge and skills, and have fun!
YLs who would like to check in please give us your callsign, name, and current location, and don’t forget that there is a 3 to 4 second delay when transmitting through Echolink.    This is [Your Name and callsign].  We will now begin taking check-ins – please call now.

Post Script: Final Check-Ins [Call for Final Check-Ins]
Don’t forget to visit and post to our YL Op Net Facebook Group and continue net topics and questions there in between weekly nets!  We also encourage you to participate and post all ham related questions, adventures, and all things ham radio related in the YL Ops Groups.IO Group Page!
We would like to thank ALARA for the use of this EchoLink Conference Node and all linked and listening for your ongoing support of this net.
This is [Your Name and callsign] closing the YL Op Net and returning the ALARA conference node back to normal use.  33 and see you next week!
ALARA Conference Station - IRLP node is 9509

K4SAF   Carol Fraley Laferty    

A Ham for 63 years

My ham shack has been upgraded to my dream She-Shack, and I am having more fun in ham radio than I have had since a teenager.  I have been operating the digital modes for two years almost, and during the Corona Virus Pandemic I set some amateur radio goals.  I have accomplished more during this time than I ever dreamed possible.  I have finished DXCC, and received Worked All States on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, and 15, Mixed, Digital and CW.  I need only AK and WY on 10 meters. Thanks to all in the ham community all around the world for helping me achieve this.  I was never interested in completing these awards until now.  

The hardest award for me to get has been the YLRL WAS YL (Worked All States).  I need only MT and RI now to complete it.  Many more of the licensed YLs need to get on the air more often.  

I was 15 when I got my license in 1957 and will be celebrating my 64th year as a ham on 9/28/2021.  My brother, Fred Fraley, W4CHK > AA4FF > W4DF, who is now a Silent Key, was instrumental in getting me on the air. He taught me the code and shared his shack willingly with his younger sister.  I have kept the same call all my years on the air. My late father also got his license at the same time I did and was K4SAB.

I met my husband Don Laferty, K4GFY via radio in 1957. He is also now a Silent Key.  We talked for three years on cw and phone before we actually met in person.  We had been married for 53 years when he passed in 2015. Our son Don Laferty, Jr., who lives in Wisconsin, now has his Dad's call, K4GFY.

I am a retired high school Business and Computer teacher. I also taught part-time in the CIS Dept at Morehead State University.  I am active in the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) and was the   U.S./Canada Receiving Treasurer for 11 years.  I enjoy seeing my YLRL and ham friends at Dayton Hamvention and at our national YLRL convention, which is held every 3 years. I am also a member of QCWA, SKCC, and FISTS, and our local radio club, Morehead Amateur Radio Society, in Morehead, KY.  I received my Extra class in 2000, just before the 20 wpm code requirement was dropped. Hope to see you on the bands or possibly on Facebook.  
QCWA  Quarter Century Wireless Association
SKCC Straight Key Century Club
FISTS  The International Morse Preservation Society


Silent Key  KF4NI Ruby Carolyn Byrd    

DECEMBER 12, 1944 – DECEMBER 30, 2020
Ruby Payne Byrd, born in Davidson County, December 12, 1944, passed away December 30, 2020, age 76,  at the Lexington Health Care Center following several years of declining health.
She was a licensed ham radio operator and a notary public. She was a member of the Red Hats in Sun City, Arizona where she lived for many years. Ruby loved to go to ham fests and flea markets.    First licensed in 1973. she had been a member of YLRL for many years.
She was preceded in death by her husband Norman Kent Byrd W4NKB,  to whom she was married for 48 years

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2021  April  Calendar

2         Good Friday
3         YL Net 1st  Saturday of month, 2000 (UK) on GB3DA Danbury 2m repeater
3         RaDAR Challenge (S Africa)
4         Passover; Easter Sunday
7 – 11  Parks in the Americas Week   00:00 UTC to 4/11/21 21:00UTC.  www.radioexpedicao.com
10        Autumn QRP contest (S Africa)
10-11   CQWS, World Scouts - HF 2021 – Contest  (Brasil)  2nd full weekend of April 24 hours,  16h00 UTC Saturday - 16h00 UTC Sunday.  
11        JLRS YL CQ Day  SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09 (2nd Sunday of month)
12        New Moon; Start of Ramadan;
14 - 15 Maritime Radio Day (MRD) 10th anniversary.   1200 UTC April 14 to 2200 UTC  April 15.
         commemorates nearly 90 years of wireless service for seafarers.
17 - 18 CQMM  DX  CONTEST 0900Z, Apr 17 to 2359Z, Apr 18,  3rd full weekend April.
16-17   SARL National Convention  (S Africa)
17        ZS4SRK Balloon contest (S Africa)
18        World Amateur Radio Day 'Home but Never Alone' 2021 theme
18        ZS4 Sprint (S Africa)
22        International Girls in ICT Day  10th Anniversary every 4th Thursday of April ITU
24        Int Marconi Day (Sat)
25        Marconi's birthday
27        Freedom Day; SARL 40 m Grid Square Sprint (S Africa)


Question from the May Rae Class of 2021 - WhatsApp Group


The other day I was asked;"@John Brock hi there.. are you able to recommend any simple receiver circuit kits to build ?Just to help me understand some of the fundamentals I'm learning.. some of it is unintuitive."

Pause for thought, yes! But this is not an easy question to answer.

If this were a first world country, I would recommend a 'local' shop to go into and buy a kit.

There are lots of them both kits and shops...

I know because while staying with my daughter in Bristol UK, I ordered stuff and it was delivered to my (sorry her) door the next day!

There were (once upon a time) local shops here on the West Rand and in Johannesburg that sold components. Where hobbyists and Radio Amateurs could buy components or even test gear. Sadly they are long gone since last century.

You can buy kits and components - for a price - and have them delivered by courier. Definitely not the Post Office! But for anyone who is not wanting to spend serious amounts of money, this is not really an option.

The club does have a certain amount of components. Most left to the club after hams going 'silent key'. Some members and other Radio Amateurs sell them off at our regular 'flea markets' / 'boot sales'. I prefer the term 'boot sale' as the other makes you want to bring your own fleas!

Some hams have 'junk boxes' with components and old radios that can be used for new construction projects. I do.

I was going to put a cartoon in here but I did a search for the one sent to me recently. It is from CartoonStock thus has copyright! So no cartoon of an old guy with his son outside the garage saying;"One day son all this will be yours."

To answer the Question

The 'simplest' type of radio useful to a Radio Amateur is a "Direct Conversion" type. In the past I have recommended several designs. All needing components that are getting scarcer by the week.

Recently (in the last few years) I have been component 'scavenging'. This produces all sorts of components. Some basic like transistors and others like PWM generator integrated circuits. Lots of electrolytic capacitors of low and high voltage. These are from 'blown' ATX power supplies used in personal computers. One good Highveldt storm and the power supply is 'dead'! As it is always connected to the mains supply.

So here is a circuit from last century. In fact QST 1968. It has been built by many Radio Amateurs and it does not require 'fancy' components.

It doesn't say a lot of things but you get the general idea from the blocks. Using 'scavenged' components you could build it fairly quickly. You can of course substitute the blocks with alternative components. Also you can specify what frequency band to have the pre-selector tune.

If you have been following the RAE course, then some of the blocks should be familiar to you. The 'local oscillator' is a 'Hartley Oscillator'. The mixer is a 'double-balanced' mixer using diodes. Which in those days would have been germanium types. Giving a low level requirement on the 'local oscillator'.

These days with the interference levels being so high, you should consider a 'high Q' tuned antenna. To reduce the 'broadband' noise from the front end.

This is a discussion piece maybe it will trigger some construction enthusiasts. I hope so.

73 John Brock ZS6WL




yl.beam #92 march 2021


  • SARL YL Sprint   March 6 88
  • DL – YL Women's Day 2021 March 8
  • XE-YL Mexico  International Women's Day, 2021 March 8   
  • GRUPO YL – Argentina March 8
  • Radio Club YL CHILE  -  WOMEN'S DAY 2021 - March 13, 2021
  • Solo Sailor  Land-cruising Oz
  • German YL in Antarctica
  • Quartz-Pause 2021
  • Contact & Calendar

The SARL (South African Radio League) YL Sprint is on the air on Saturday 6 March
Monday 8 March is International Women’s Day and to celebrate the day, the SARL YL Sprint will be on the air from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC (14:00 to 15:00 CAT) on Saturday 6 March 2021.
Mode & Band:  CW and phone sprint on the 40-metre band
Exchange  RS(T) report and YL or OM.
Please note that the QSY rules for Sprints apply.
Submit your log by 23:59 CAT on Thursday 11 March 2021 by e-mail to zs3vdk@webmail.co.za.
The rules are on page 70 of the 2021 Blue Book.

  DL – YL Women's Day 2021

For the 8th  time, the DARC YL group is organizing an international YL event on International Women's Day

Date: Monday, March 8, 2021  
Time: 1800 to 2100 UTC (1900 to 2200  CET)
Band & Mode:  40m and 80m in SSB & CW.
Goal of the event:  to encourage  YLs to be active during the 3 hours of this activity
The points per QSO are awarded according to the following scheme.
There are two categories of participants: OM and YL.
Points per QSO:  YL/OM1 point ; YL/YL 3 points ; OM OM 0 points
Each station can be worked once per band.
The following applies to SWLs:
1. All logged QSOs between YL and YL (3 points)
2. All logged QSOs between YL and OM (1 point)
Logs: The logs should be submitted in chronological order and include the QSO date, time (in UTC), band, mode, callsign of the QSO partner, name of the QSO partner, RST and the included points claimed.
The deadline for entries is March 25, 2021.
The log should be sent as an Excel file in the following format (callsign as file name): DATE Time UTC Band Mode Callsign Name Report Points Surname: Callsign: E-mail:
An Excel and Open Office log template can be downloaded from www.darc.de/yl/contest.
Alternatively, logs can be submitted in CABRILLO format, ADIF files and paper logs Will not be accepted. The participants send their log to Karin DL2LBK (karin@wraase.com) and
receive a certificate in PDF format by email after the evaluation.
The list of results will be published in the CQ-DL and on www.darc.de/yl/contest.
We wish all participants good luck and many successful contacts!
33 + 73 + 55 de Karin DL2LBK & Heike DL3HD
A wonderful opportunity to earn important points for the different YL diplomas 🙂
Further information can be found at: https://www.darc.de/yl/contest
organized by the YL department of the DARC e.V. There is more information in the new CQ DL 3-2021 on page 76.
QRZ.com : DJ5YL YL Johanna van Eckert-Schoof (image)

XE-YL Mexico  International Women's Day, 2021
Radio Club Puebla Dx  invites all Mexican and foreign radio amateurs to participate in the contest XE-Young Lady, which aims to promote the participation of women in  ham radio.
Objective: Obtain the highest number of contacts with licensed women operated stations.
Date: March 8 to 00:00 at 23:59 Time UTC     During: 24 hours
Mode: SSB, CW, PSK-31, RTTY ;   Bands: 10 to 80 meter. No  WARC bands
Call: CQ YL contest
Mono-operator YL, low power 100w.
Mono-operator OM, low power 100w.
Final score: The sum of points obtained according to the QSO's achieved
Scoring: QSO YL - OM = 2 points.    QSO YL - YL = 5 points.
Rules: One contact per callsign in mode and band.
Exchange: OM: RST + consecutive number to QSO, begining with 1, regardless of the mode used.
YL: RST + “YL”
Log: Log delivery from the end of the event and until on march 31, 2021.
Only electronic format submission is accepted
Please submit your log in the ADIF file format, as attachment xeylcontest@hotmail.com .
Include: Name, Callsign, Categorie
Final results: The final results will be published on the official contest web page:
xeylcontest.puebladx.org  . april 8, 2021
Awards: Electronic Certificates will be to every participant, and will be available to downlad once the final results become public.
The page to consult results, and download certificates is: xeylcontest.puebladx.org
3rd. Edition  2021 Contest Manager  Paty Mohedano XE1SPM

GRUPO YL – Argentina Womens Day 2021

Theme * Women with Stories in Time of Pandemic *
The YL Group invites, for 03/08/2021 all Radio amateurs and Listeners LU ... LW to participate in the delivery of a Tribute Certificate .. to a single contact * In memory of all Women with roles and functions in Time of Pandemic ”Doctors, Biologists, Nurses, Cleaning staff assistants, etc.
 The log of the contacts must inform QTR (Time of contact) Mode, Date and QRA of the Station (License)  via e mail           (GRUPOYL@YAHOO.COM)
 They will be received until 03/18/2021 without exception, the bases will be uploaded on the QRZ.COM site and on the group's Facebook site (GRUPO YL.)
The certificate will be up to 15 days after Activation.
 Attention: Any log that is not sent to the group's email will not be processed, in addition, those who wish to confirm personal qsl's, must do so directly with the operators. (NOT TO THE MAIL OF THE YL GROUP)
 The bands to use all are subject to the prevailing spread, if conditions do not help us on the 8th we will continue on 03/09/2021.
Lucia Sajara -  Radio Club La Rioja (LU1SF)

 Radio Club YL CHILE  -  WOMEN'S DAY 2021 - March 13, 2021
In 1977, the UN assembly decreed International Women's Day on March 8 of each year. This date was established due to the struggle of women in society and their full development as a person.
For this reason, the Radio Club YL CHILE has planned an activity for Saturday, March 13, 2021
The Certificate bases are as follows:
Date: 03/13/2021    Time: • Start: 19:00 Hrs. UTC. • End:  23:00 Hrs. UTC.
• To obtain a digital Certificate, the participating stations must contact at least 3 of the official operators of the Radio Club.
• Operators:
- CE1RFI Maritza - CE2PJH Emelina
- CE3TLE Isabel - CD3NIN / 4 Nora
- CD4IRE Marcela - XQ4NUA Leticia
Exchange in 40 meters:
• Participants deliver their call sign and RS, official stations deliver UTC and RS time.
EchoLink Contacts:
• The stations that make contacts through the nodes of the echolink conference network * ATACAMA * and * REDCHILE *, will be awarded the digital Certificate for a single contact.
• Operators:
- CE1ROA Carmen (Tuty) - CD1CQY Catalina
Sending Log and QSLs:  the Log and the sending of QSLs with the contacts made with the different operators, should only be sent to ce4ylc@gmail.com
The data required for the email are:
Subject: "International Women's Day 2021"
Callsign: Name and surname: Mode: Frequency:
RS: UTC time: Operator with whom you made contact:
The receipt of the emails will be until March 21, 2021.
Sending of Certificates "International Women's Day 2021" will be from April 1 onwards.
We hope  for your participation!     73’s Board of Directors Radio Club Yankee Lima CHILE

  Solo Sailor  Land-cruising Oz  
Lyn Battle VK4SWE reports: We were lucky enough to catch up with intrepid solo yachtie Jeanne Socrates VE0JS, who recently became the oldest person to sail solo around the world. Shirley VK5YL and I had great fun following her journey and speaking with her when she checked in regularly to the ANZA DX Net. So it was great to finally meet her and we had a great time swapping stories! She is marooned in Cairns for the foreseeable future due to Covid and hopes to travel south during the year. So she may be able to catch up with more of our YLs along her circumnavigation of the land of Australia. She is currently hard at work writing a book about her adventures so save up your pennies for that one when it gets into the bookshops!
(ALARA NEWSLETTER   January 2021 Issue No. 176   Australian Amateur Radio Assoc.)

  German YL in Antarctica  
Radio Amateur YL (DC1TH) Theresa Thoma from Fürstenfeldbruck started her Antarctic adventure on December 20th. As a member of the winter team, the 26-year-old radio amateur will work at the German Neumayer III research station of the Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research, (AWI for short) until February 2022. Her enthusiasm for technology began in a youth group of the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) eV
“In the next few months I will dare the greatest adventure of my life so far: As part of the winter team, I will live and work in Antarctica for over a year.” Theresa Thoma has been preparing for this exciting journey since August. Until recently, she was in individual quarantine and then cast off with the ice-breaker 'Polarstern' on December 20, 2020.  A “job” that will take you to Antarctica from December 2020 to February 2022, to a place 4400 km away from the nearest city. The wintering phase begins in March - the time of isolation. Until November 2021, the radio amateur will spend the winter in the ice with five scientists, two other technicians, a cook and a doctor. In the Antarctic summer, the team consists of up to 50 people.
As an electronics engineer, her main task is to keep EDP and radio technology running and to support scientists with technical questions. “I take care of the computers, the servers, the radio and satellite connections. I am the help desk: 'How do I get into the WLAN?', 'My printer does not work!'. But things like lubricating the small wind turbine at the penguin observatory or contacting schools via amateur radio are also part of my job. Then there is everything that we have to do because we are the only ones on site, for example all those who spend the winter in the station fire brigade, ”Theresa explains the content of her area.
In addition, she and the responsible scientists ensure that the scientific equipment in the observatories (geophysics, meteorology, air chemistry) and the greenhouse is operational. She looks after underwater microphones and the WSPR beacon. A large area of responsibility in which you have to be flexible.
The foundation stone for her enthusiasm for technology was laid in one of the almost 1000 DARC local associations. Theresa has been a DARC member since 2006 and an active participant in the craft afternoons in the Fürstenfeldbruck local association. Of the 163 members, 55 are young people who are introduced to the basics of electronics in a playful way. And this is where the spark jumped. Theresa's passion for electronic kits can also be found in her thesis.
For those interested, the entry into the world of amateur radio is often the beginning of a successful professional career in the technical / scientific field. In addition, the fun of building it yourself offers the opportunity to expand practical skills and knowledge in building electronic devices. In schools, too, by engaging with amateur radio, young technical and scientific talent is recruited and promoted - true to the motto “From radio amateur to engineer”
You can find  DARC association on the Internet at www.darc.de/home#c153658 .
https://www.lifepr.de/pressemitteilung/deutscher-amateur-radio-club-ev/Abenteuer-in-der-Antarktis/boxid/829207?fbclid=IwAR21yuXPQtOtaOU   Baunatal , 23.12.2020)

Quartzfest is held in  the last full week of January every year. It is an RV "Boondocking" (dry camping) event which comes to life each year, rising from nothing in a remote area of the Sonoran desert in Arizona (USA).  Hams, their families and friends travel and set up this desert community, and immerse themselves in this week-long one-of-a-kind ham radio, camping, learning and living event. Because of pandemic restrictions on gatherings the 2021 was called Quartz-Pause

Quartz-Pause 2021 February 2021 Recap Newsletter
Quartz-Pause has come and gone and was it ever fun. Lyn and I got to take it easy this year. We spent lots of time sitting under our awning visiting with folks when they dropped by.
The weather wasn’t bad either. It was sunny most days but did rain on us one day and the wind wasn’t really bad during the week. Weather for our off-road trip was beautiful and in the mid 70’s.
What did we do during the week? Well, we had to move our storage shed and had plenty of help with that. A big thanks to Neil for coordinating the move.
Activities during the week included two separate socially distanced and masked VE exam sessions, Cast Iron Cooking, our aforementioned off-road trip of 25 vehicles led again by Frank KB7IQ, talks by ARRL representatives Rick Paquette W7RAP Arizona Section Manager and Dick Norton N6AA Southwestern Division Director and our annual Yard Sale/Swap Meet.
Total attending…we only took attendance over the air of licensed hams…169. If we counted significant others, partners and friends, we probably had 250-270 in attendance.
Next year’s Quartzfest will be our 25th anniversary. Dates for next year will be January 23rd – 29th 2022.
73,   'Kris – KR1SS & Lyn – KJ7DSE (Who Passed her General Exam at Q-Pause)

 CONTACT  US:  https://web.facebook.com/ham.yls?_rdc=1&_rdr ‘HAM YL'
  yl.beam news:  Editor Eda zs6ye.yl@gmail.com    
Earlier newsletters can be found on the website of WEST RAND ARC
 wrarc-anode.blogspot.com     &   https://wrarc-anode.blogspot.co.za/
and:  Italian Radio Amateurs Union: QTC U.R.I.
also @ https://www.darc.de/en/der-club/referate/yl/
Unsubscribe: If you do not wish to receive this newsletter, please  email zs6ye.yl@gmail.com

 St Patrick Day 17 March  
March 2021 Calendar

YL Essex Ham Net 1st  Saturday of the month, starting at 20:00. on the GB3DA Danbury 2 metre repeater.

March 6        SARL YL Sprint; ARRL DX SSB contest;

March 7        SARL HAMNET 40 m contest;   ARRL DX SSB contest

March 8         International Women’s Day  

March 13       Radio Club YL CHILE  Saturday

March 13-14  SARL National Field Day

March 13-14  SARL VHF/UHF Analogue contest

March 14       JLRS YL CQ Day  SUN, 9:00 AM UTC+09 – 4:00 PM UTC+09 (2nd Sunday)

March 16-17  CLARA  Chatter Party 2021,  1700Z to 1700Z

March 20-21  CLARA  Chatter Party 2021 1700Z to 1700Z

March 17 St Patrick’s Day;

March 17 SARL 80 m Club Sprint  

March 27 Passover;

March 27-28  CQ WPX SSB contest



Baluns etc.

The club has over the years collected a lot of information. Both in the Anode magazine and on the web site.

Recently members have been putting these documents on to the WhatsApp group. This takes up space on your device and will be unreadable on the small screen. Especially for the older hams!

So for the RAE Videos:-

RAE Videos

And for the Baluns:-

Baluns etc.



73 John ZS6WL



What to do after the RAE exam?

When you have your licence, maybe a rig, what is next on your list of things to do?

  1. Antenna installation.
  2. S.W.R. measurement (standing wave ratio).
  3. Field strength measurement.
  4. Listening to H.F. beacons to wait for "openings".
  5. Local repeaters - listen before talking.

Maybe all of the above. Or figuring out the source of all your H.F. interference. The constant buzzing on the receiver. The first thing to do - if it is S9+20dB - is to switch off all the chargers etc in the house. Check with the xyl first! Switching off the washing machine or cleaner can be very annoying.

Item 1 - Antenna Installation

[Read all the articles and then discuss with your club for particular installation requirements in SA.]

Item 2 - Standing Wave Ratio Measurement

[Some research needed. Will get back to you as this is 'contentious' to say the least!]

Item 3 - Field Strength Measurement

This is the subject of another blog item... "Am I getting Out?"

Item 4 - H.F. beacons

There are a lot of them. But the International Beacon Project is still going. Also our 'local' one ZS6DN is still running. So check out the ibp program available for your Raspberry Pi or PC running Linux. There is probably a program for the Windows system. But I haven't seen it.

Item 5 - VHF/UHF Repeaters

There are a few, some even on 'EchoLink'. So you can monitor them from your tablet or PC. For the local ones an indoor aerial will usually do. Putting an antenna on the roof has other implications. A short cable run of even quarter inch cable will do. Just don't place the antenna near your HiFi or TV. Or you will find out about XYL EMC!