Yes! It is that time of the month again...Raspberry Pi on Saturday.

A recap would be good. Also an update on the Linux 'sound' system and it's use for Amateur Radio.

The main items are :-
  • Morse 'transmission' from the Raspberry Pi. Using the sound output for 'side tone'. Program 'cwbeacon'.
  • Using a USB sound adaptor on the Raspberry Pi. Checking it out.
  • The 'xoscope' program to show functionality etc.
Any 'issues' you [the audience] would like to raise. Questions welcome.

See you there at 13:00 at the Club House.

John ZS6WL


Watch out! April the 1st has many NEW applications for the Raspberry Pi.

I am listening to John Robbie on 702. He is dubious about a 'story' that has supermarket trolleys with gps tech to guide you in-store. 

Sounds like an application for 'Raspberry Pi'! My USB GPS works well on my Pi. Using 'gpsd' the daemon and gps client software is a piece of cake to implement.

The last weekends session had 'Troubleshooting' as its main item. Well attended the session went very quickly. I was amazed to find that I was closing up at 17:00!

We [the club] need to encourage the youngsters to visit the Raspberry Pi sessions. So next session, why not bring a youngster to the club?

Every 4th Saturday at the club house in Kroton street at 13:00.

John Brock ZS6WL